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April Russo (FForever!)
Alex Schleber - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser - just found this via @lelapin, and it may be just what this project needs to create some clarity on the brainstorming/project management side of things.. thoughts? - - Collaborative mind mapping in your browser - just found this via @lelapin, and it may be just what this project needs to create some clarity on the brainstorming/project management side of things.. thoughts?
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Thomas Hawk
Year's biggest full moon lights up sky - -
Year's biggest full moon lights up sky -
"The moon will rise this evening right around sunset, no matter where you are. That's because of the celestial mechanics that produce a full moon: The moon and the sun are on opposite sides of the planet, so that sunlight hits the full face of the moon and bounces back to our eyes. At moonrise, the moon will appear even larger than it will later in the night when it's higher in the sky. This is an illusion that scientists can't fully explain. Some think it has to do with our perception of things on the horizon vs. stuff overhead." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
I am annoyed... went to take a photo...cant see the dam thing lol! ;o) - Rob Sellen :o)
I noticed it today and thought that something was different. Now I know. Thanks for the info. - Rahul Das
now I've just got to figure out where I'm going to try and shoot it from in San Francisco. - Thomas Hawk
Scientists can explain it. We learned about this in some psychology course I took in college. Basically an object that is high in the sky has no reference. When the moon is on the horizon it is near objects which your brain can comprehend the size of: trees, homes, etc. Without reference the moon looks small despite it taking up the same space on your retina. - Benjamin Golub
The other explanation is that there is some sort of lens-magnification effect because there is more moisture for the moon-light to go through. In photographs, the moon is actually larger closer to the earth - so it's not just our idea that it "looks" larger because we can compare it to other things. It doesn't "get smaller" or "get larger" when a plane passes between you and the moon. Scientists are a bit loony - like moon-struck or something when they try to explain stuff which has no explanation. - Thrive Learning Institute
Alas, it's too overcast to get a mooonrise out of sf tonight. Damn. - Thomas Hawk
Same here, way too overcast in Temecula, I was going to venture off to the ridge to setup for some captures but the clouds are hanging really low. - Brandon
hooray! - Patricia
I've already taken about 30 photos of it. Really wish I had a DSLR and a high powered lens. I'm tearing about the house trying to remember where I put the bracket so I can shoot via the binocs. - Anika
Thomas Hawk
Fed Refuses to Disclose Recipients of $2 Trillion (Update1) -
"The Federal Reserve refused a request by Bloomberg News to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral. Bloomberg filed suit Nov. 7 under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act requesting details about the terms of 11 Fed lending programs, most created during the deepest financial crisis since the Great Depression. The Fed responded Dec. 8, saying it’s allowed to withhold internal memos as well as information about trade secrets and commercial information. The institution confirmed that a records search found 231 pages of documents pertaining to some of the requests." - Thomas Hawk from Bookmarklet
this smells bad - MikeAmundsen
...and by like I mean I like that Bloomberg is going after this. Total BS. - Daniel Shaw
Good on Bloomberg! - Sally Church
would seem that people might have a right to know, no? - Thomas Hawk
so i want the new administration to open this stuff up ASAP. - MikeAmundsen
So much for open government. maybe some new leadership will clear this up. we do have a right to now. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Cool - so essentially it is a $2 trillion slush fund - Brian Sullivan
But there are PLENTY of good reasons that transparency can be a no-no. As the article says, "trade secrets and commercial information" must be treated with confidentiality. - Craig Eddy
Anyone NOT see any of this shit coming? - abacab
@abacab I did. and I find it funny that the beloved dem's are the ones that pushed this through, and tried to push through the auto bailout. - Jason Shultz from twhirl
How can the US taxpayers be loaning out $2 trillion when so many of them are broke, going broke, without jobs, or on their way to losing their job? - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl
@Devlin haven't you heard? we all live on overextended credit here. :) - Jason Shultz from twhirl
@Jason looks like it just got a LOT more overextended then ;) - Devlin Dunsmore from twhirl
I think that if me and my children are going to be put on the line to pay the money back that I ought to be entitled to know where the money specifically is going. If that means people short the hell out of a bank that got a lot of money, so be it. We need more transparency in Govt. $2 Trillion is a lot of money to not know where it's going. - Thomas Hawk
@Thomas when the bank loans you money, they want to know where it's going. shouldn't we know where the money we loaned out (without a choice I might add) went? hell yeah! - Jason Shultz from twhirl
Thus, I think we've found the difference between a true democracy and a republic like America. In this sense, we've trusted our elected leaders to make these decisions for us. This bailout was not on any special election ballots, so there does need to be a certain level of trust here. If there are issues, take it up with your congressperson. - Chris Reichow
Bless Bloomberg for their efforts, but this money is gone. Which financial institutions received it and what crappy paper the Fed accepted in exchange will eventually come out and it will probably be horrifying and everyone will wring their hands and it will be too late to do much about it. Like all the bailout money and most of our national debt, it will never be paid back. - Mark Schulz
Odd as is it may sound, the Federal Reserve isn't really part of the US Government... They don't need to follow the same rules as "real" government agencies... - Bob Wyman
Universal healthcare in the US would cost between $34-64 billion/year. Obviously that's way too expensive to consider... - Nick Lothian
"$34-64 billion/year" is a PIPE DREAM dude. Do you know how much we spent on Social Security and Medicare in 2005? Answer: almost THREE TRILLION DOLLARS (source: Why is no one clamoring for the government to release THESE numbers? - Craig Eddy
Bob is right about that. Most folks don't know that though. - Mathew A. Koeneker
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Must... resist... too... many.. apps... Oh who am I kidding, to the App Store post haste! - Johnny
Sarah Perez
Cooliris Comes To iPhone - Now You Can Surf The Mobile Web in 3D -
Cooliris Comes To iPhone - Now You Can Surf The Mobile Web in 3D
Wow, I love the desktop application. Will be interesting to see it on the iPhone. - Andrew Trinh
Love Cooliris as an application to view flickr groups. Interested to see how well it works on the iPhone. - Damien Franco
@Damien - it's pretty incredible! - Sarah Perez
talk about a match made in heaven... - Chris Hollander
Gah! Three new iPhone apps installed just today! - Phil Glockner
no way. I need to check this out on my Touch. - Alan Le
Perfect, new motivation to finally go out and get an iPhone. - Mike Reynolds
just installed it a little bit ago... as many have suggested, it's perfect for the iphone... - Shawn Duffy from twhirl
beautiful app. You can kill hours with it. (well, until you battery rims out) - Dan Shust
An amazing amazing app. Downloaded it two nights ago and it's fun. - Zach Flauaus
Kol Tregaskes
I think, I think, I think I need more espresso now ;) - Nadine Schaeffer
I don't drink coffee myself, horrible stuff to me, but this 'art' is cool. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
just saw the coolest little espresso machine at sur la table. it looks like a little animal. unfortunately, however, i am allergic to caffeine. - Melissa Janine
OOooh these are cute! melissa I love Sur LaTable - great store / catalog! - Susan Beebe
Mari Smith
@tweetgrid @jazzychad = sheer genius. Thanks a mil!!! Telling my peeps! ;)
Thomas Hawk
Flickr DNA is a pretty cool way to look at someone's flickrstream from an overview standpoint. Here's mine: - Thomas Hawk
Flickr should give me this view natively. I love to see which of my photos have made it to Interesting or Explore. Cool little web app! - Josh Bancroft
Like the "ego surf" part at the bottom. :) Been a while since I checked it, kinda cool to see some of my photos being used by people. - Jason R. Hunter
awesome sunsets Coreburn! - Thomas Hawk
First time seeing this - very cool. (And Thomas - no surprise, your photos rock!) - Kim Mahan
Thanks! My two other favorite toys/tools for Flickr Cooliris/PicLens ( and Flickriver ( - Jason R. Hunter
I have just started using Flickr (despite joining over three years ago): - CJPhoto
Robert Scoble
How to Sync Any Desktop Calendar with Google Calendar -
Science! - Phil Glockner
I'm trying out Mitch Kapor's Chandler. Can't wait untill thay add this. - Roberto Bonini
Wow, not bad. A little freaky for the kids. - jjprojects
Wild :D - Mo Kargas
Can already see the looks on my ferals faces if they were confronted with this! - Penny
Mr 4 took one look at it and went "cooooooooool" - Penny
Excellent! Posted to my blog - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
Kelly Sims
The only print magazine to which I still subscribe - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
I still buy this at the stores. I really need to subscribe. The only subscription I have right now is Wired, and tonight I added GOOD. - Kelly Sims
"Sometimes I want to be for myself what I am for other people." -
I bet this is reblogged at least 20 times before it is done. I think I'm actually quite close to achieving that goal now. Only took 39 yrs. - Michael W. May
If only I could be the person my dog thinks I am... :-) - Lisa L. Seifert, you are? that's amazing. - edythe
oh, another good one, Lisa... that we can never attain - Michael W. May
Yep I am so much better for others than I am for myself. Part of he human condition? Possibly - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
douglas e. welch: definitely think it's part of the human condition... - edythe
With many life changing conditions come life changing attitudes. That adapt or die concept of Leo's thread the other day. - Michael W. May
Steve Spalding
New Babbage - A Steampunk City in Second Life -
New Babbage - A Steampunk City in Second Life
Coordinates? - Cyndy
Great looking build. - Ken Kennedy
Awesome attention to detail. - Hao Chen
Is this another Ordinal Malaprop sim? - Mark Forman
Second Life has come a long way. Nice. - xero
I have to admit, almost makes me want to login again for the first time in a year. - Steve Spalding
Yep, me too, Steve. Been around 6 months or so for me. I don't even think I have the client on this box. - Ken Kennedy
Yea, I might just drop in and see how things are. - Steve Spalding
JD Lasica
Seriously, now, is there a large company website with a more atrocious design and interface than
Nope! :) - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
The business model is Income growth via add ons gained from obfuscation and confusion. (Wait a second. Do I need email? um. How about these other domain names?) - Susan A. Kitchens
Jordan Hofker
You should have seen this live. Amazing. - Robert Scoble
That was really sweet. - Jordan Hofker
I think Ansel Adams would have really enjoyed this. - Andy Roth
I want a surface for myself. Seeing that climber is insane. - Matt Donders from twhirl
I can't help it... everytime I see Microsoft Surface in action I think - Robert Gonzalez
The Seadragon stuff is impressive as usual. I hadn't seen the dial UI before. That was pretty cool, in that it takes us back to a day when things were operated with physical dials. I wonder if people will prefer the tactile dials to the ones that are merely drawn on screen... - Karim
Very cool. Re-posted to blog - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
Karim: I thought those dials were cool. I loved the interaction of the physical with the virtual. - Robert Scoble
when they put the dice on there - reminded me of this: - Cole Orton
nice little vid. the way all the photos were organized looked amazing - Cee Bee
A nice application of Surface. - Daniel Miessler
I just showed this to my wife who thinks this is the coolest thing ever! - Joseph Ferris
Now I have a reason to save up for Surface!! Way cool, @Scoble!! - Nathan Finley
Eric Rice
Daniel Johnson, Jr.
really wish your Twitterfeed didn't spit out all your posts at once.
Tom Merritt
TinyURL finally adds vanity URLs | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET -
Robert Scoble
John McCain: ‘I hate the bloggers’ -
How does he know he hates the bloggers? From what I've heard from his staff he doesn't even know how to use a computer. - Robert Scoble
I guess we can all live with that...right ? - Jassim
jeez, Bush doesn't even use the "hate" word. - Andy Sternberg
So he hates commentators based on their favoured medium? Does he also hate artists who sculture (as opposed to paint) - Craig Thomler
Nice to know that hate is still part of his platform. - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
me not know use computer, me hate computer people. - Amit Morson
The feeling's mutual. - Bryce Roney
I'm sure " - Michael McGimpsey from twhirl
I actually watched the video -- it was obviously a joke. I take anything I read on C&L with a grain of salt anyway. - Shey
The things said in jest are often the most truthful things we utter, Sort of like In Vino Veritas. - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
what a dumbass - Susan Beebe
hmm maybe he cannot find them on Internets? - Fred Grott
After seeing McCain with Jon Stewart 13 or so times, watching him back in 2002 on SNL as a hippie high school teacher, and seeing him on SNL in the last few months making fun of his age, I sorta get the impression he has... well... a sense of humor. He can be a funny guy. Hasn't anybody else noticed? - Ken Sheppardson
The company we keep. - Warner Crocker
A great divide in contemporary American culture: crony capitalists vs. creative capitalists. Crony capitalists hate creative capitalists and feel threatened by them. That's the subtext here if you dig deeply. The Bush 43 administration (of which McCain is a part) is the last angry gasp of a particular class of crony capitalists who want to annihilate everything that they can't understand or control. The Internet is full-throttle creative capitalism -- it drives these people nuts. - Sean McBride
Or maybe he was making a joke. - Ken Sheppardson
I think he is THE joke - Susan Beebe
Ken - How can a guy this deadly serious, with that rictus grin and ever-present rage, ever make a joke? Does he look like he gets the Internet? - Sean McBride
Unfortunately his jokes tend to be about hating people and bombing countries. That bomb Iran song was a hoot. - Kevin Bondelli
This was on December 7, and the clip leaves out a part where he is using a blog as an example, so it is tough to determine whether he was being playful or not. I think the selectiveness of the clip is unfortunate. Anybody know where the whole piece is? - Dennis E. Hamilton from twhirl
Ken: I watched the video. McCain can be charming and likable in spurts. He's also a very angry man who is going to push the same war agenda in the Middle East as Bush/Cheney, at the behest of his neoconservative and crony capitalist puppeteers. If you think "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran" is funny, along with $200 to $400 a barrel oil prices, you'll be impressed by McCain's wit and brilliance. Joseph Lieberman, who knows McCain well, praised him as a "Maccabee" -- an Old Testament holy warrior. - Sean McBride
More evidence that McCain may, in fact, have a sense of humor: - Ken Sheppardson
Sorry, I meant December 2007 (it was the 29th) - Dennis E. Hamilton from twhirl
@Robert Scoble: McCain's hatred of bloggers is evidence of blogger power. If a guy who can't use a computer feels the impact of bloggers, it's a cause for celebration, no? - Michael Markman
@Sean McBride: pedantic nit: Maccabee doesn't appear in the Old Testament. He appears in the Apocrypha. - Michael Markman
There's a massive lack of any kind of a sense of humor going on in this campaign, especially when it comes to McCain. He used a crack about beating his wife when he felt that a reporter asked him a "Have you stopped beating your wife yet, Senator?" question, and he got beat up about it. There have been many similar instances, and maybe this is one, too. I don't particularly like John McCain, but I think everyone needs to stop jumping his shit about trivial crap. - David Worrell
Michael: a man who attends to the details -- I like that. :) Let me rephrase: the Maccabean meme -- the archetype of the ethnic nationalist holy warrior -- is a product of the Old Testament mindset or culture. (And there are many fine things in the OT -- I am not using the term in an exclusively pejorative way.) In any case, Lieberman praising McCain as a Maccabee doesn't inspire confidence in me about McCain; nor is it a tribute to McCain's sense of humor (or even sanity). - Sean McBride
Note: Joseph Lieberman is also a big fan of Christian Armageddonist John Hagee, a fanatic who wants to set the world on fire, starting in the Middle East. Apparently Lieberman sees signficant similarities between Hagee and McCain. - Sean McBride
Sean: wow, that explains a lot! yikes - Susan Beebe
John McCain is definitely aware of the Internet. - Alexander Carlill
November is going to be catastrophic for the GOP, I think. - Alexander Carlill
Susan: Lieberman, Hagee, neoconservatives and Christian Zionists/Armageddonists are counting on John McCain to expand the Iraq War to Iran and the rest of the Middle East -- that is why they are promoting him. Notice how many belligerent and threatening statements McCain has made on the subject. He's a fanatic, not a comedian. This entire political bloc also hates political dissent and... more... - Sean McBride
"I hate the bloggers." So, he hates the ability of people to express themselves without censorship? Seriously, even in jest, this is disconcerting. And remember the adage - never truer words spoken in jest. - AJ Kohn
AJ: One of John McCain's chief promoters, Joseph Lieberman, is also a sponsor of the Homegrown Terrorism Act, a piece of nasty legislation that is moving in the direction of censoring the Internet along neoconservative standards of political correctness. Make no mistake: these people really, really hate the Internet and diversity of opinion. "They hate our freedoms." :) - Sean McBride
And I hate the Interwebs, too! - David Gutelius
Ignore Lieberman. A few Senate victories and the Dems will kick him to the curb, he'll lose his seniority and the GOP won't take him either. He's a religious zealot and a total opportunist. Picking him as VP was possibly Al Gore's worst decision since he stole all of Vint Cerf's ideas and invented the Internet based on his unfinished plans... - Andrew Feinberg
Seriously folks - he was kidding. I'm not going to defend the man as a technology pioneer but I think we can all agree that "bloggers" in the most general sense are not beloved far and wide - I don't know where Yglesias gets off calling the laughter 'tepid' either. There are PLENTY of substantive issues to disagree over - I'm ignoring ridiculous "Obama doesn't wear a flag pin" memes - no need for anyone to grab their e-muskets over this one either... - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
I'd say the Democrats have pretty much kicked Lieberman to the curb already. - Ken Sheppardson
He's still Chairman of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, and the leadership has to kiss his ass lest he go Jim Jeffords on them. With 12 Republican Senate seats open, give the Dems a few victories and Joe gets the boot. - Andrew Feinberg
Hey, just dug up this from his Liberty University commencement address back in 2006. Summary: He really does hate bloggers ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
he also hates puppies, lollipops pigtails and sunlight - I mean ANY sunlight - if elected President he has a secret plan to detonate nuclear devices on the sun so that he may plunge the world into eternal darkness mwahahahahahaha Oh and he met my grandmother once (sweet, sweet lady) and he slapped her because she didn't get up when he entered the room (she was wheelchair bound at the time). - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
LOL at Marco. Need to be able to "Like" comments as well. - Robert Stribley
@ Shey, i think he's serious, but he just let it come across as being a joke - Gordon Swaby
@Gordon he's not despite whatever other problems people may have with him he genuinely enjoys a free and open exchange of ideas (simmer down - no flaming that comment folks) for well over a year now (and long before ANY other candidate followed suit I believe) he has hosted regular conference calls directly with bloggers where every two weeks or so he jumps on a conf call and takes their questions. It is undeniable that he provides journalists far more direct access than Obama - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
He was clearly joking during that clip. Senator McCain gives unprecedented access to bloggers and to all media types unlike Senator Obama. The main benefit of web 2.0 is that it gives us a better view of how people think and what they are really like, but in this election Senator McCain is the only one with an open access policy. Senator Obama is restricting... more... - Michael Beach
Jason: I read your interesting blog entry. Let me clarify a bit: "creative capitalism" -- new successful and profitable businesses based on original intellectual property and fresh ideas, not necessarily restricted to the Internet or information technology. "Crony capitalism" -- businesses based on financial manipulation, no-bid contracts, oligopolies, monopolies and the like. See, for... more... - Sean McBride
John McCain's script is being written by the same neoconservatives at the AEI, JINSA, WINEP and other neocon think tanks who have come close to destroying the Republican Party and the conservative movement. They are urging McCain to expand the Iraq War to Iran, thus McCain's "joke" -- "Bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb Iran" -- a little ditty that was also sung by neocon James Woolsey from the AEI. Is there anything funny about the prospect of $10 or $20 a gallon gas? Chaos in the Mideast? Try nightmare. - Sean McBride
Throughout the nineties I got the strong impression that old school crony and vulture capitalists were utterly baffled and enraged by the smart ass kids from MIT, Stanford and other hotbeds of radical imagineering who created the Internet revolution. They saw the entire cultural shift as mystifying, subversive and threatening. McCain is definitely old school in this kulturkampf. Ancient. - Sean McBride
Kulturkampf: geeks vs. geezers. - Sean McBride
McCain jokes about killing Iranians with cigarettes McCain, the jokester -- quite a sense of humor. - Sean McBride
acomputerpro - gj
Just got yelled at by a client for something that I didn't do. That's why I love being a computer pro. Nothing like being a tech scape goat.
No, sorry, this is a firing offense, as in "If you don't apologize client. I'm firing you." Live is too short for BS like this.Within the bounds of your financial abilities, only work for those who deserve and respect your skills. - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
Even then, though, some effort should be made to insure that it doesn't happen again. Too many of us in IT are conditioned to take abuse that is unwaranted and undeserved. - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
Mark Krynsky
Something useful: A WYSIWYG WordPress theme editor | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET -
Something useful: A WYSIWYG WordPress theme editor | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET
"All you need is a little creativity and some working knowledge of drop-down menus." - Mark Krynsky from Bookmarklet
laura "@pistachio" fitton
2 kinds of ppl in the world: those that pull right over to create space for ambulances & those that scoot along behind in the space created
I so hate that. Then of course, they almost run into you or refuse to let you into traffic again. Special place in hell for people like that - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
Chris Hambly
@JueL I don't know, point is I don't know where the other 17 went
Kreg Steppe
Ok, this is a SIMPLE proof of concept of my twitter/FF importer. I hope to do a better job of having this script search for Unknown users. I am interested in y'alls feedback. (PS I know it is UGLY) -
Seems the API request from twitter is iffy. Sometimes I get a bad request. I may be hitting my API limit. dunno. Works otherwise. - Kreg Steppe
cool toy but didn't work for me. I got this: Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request in /home/steppek/public_html/Spyndle/TwitterFF/index.php on line 54 - Thomas Hawk
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/steppek/public_html/Spyndle/TwitterFF/index.php on line 58 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/steppek/public_html/Spyndle/TwitterFF/index.php on line 80 - Thomas Hawk
I am working on it now. I think it is because of the API Rate Limit. - Kreg Steppe
looking forward to this if you can get it working :) - Thomas Hawk
Ah, the good ol' Twitter API rate limit. Twitter Karma knows it all too well. :-( - Dossy Shiobara
Dude... you rock! Worked like a charm. Like you stated, it's iffy, but iffy-or-not, it saved me a LOT of work! Nice job! - Kevin Devin
Nice, worked. Not fully automatic, but it's a good start. Keep it up, Kreg! - Mark Trapp
hmmm.. still not working for me. Getting the same error code above. Maybe I've got too many contacts. - Thomas Hawk
After I waited a bit, I got it to run again. I had to wait out my API limit. Thomas, try it again in the AM after you haven't used Twitter in a while. - Kreg Steppe
Clarke, the fact that we've all used that tool and it no longer works with the current FF API is why Kreg did this one. - Dave Slusher from twhirl
...and besides...mine is Platform independent. - Kreg Steppe
sounds good. I'll try it again in the a.m. Thanks. - Thomas Hawk
Worked GREAT for me. I've just found dozens of Twitter friends on FF. Yay! - Leo Laporte
Sweet! Glad it worked Leo. - Kreg Steppe
hmmm... still not working for me this morning. Maybe Twitter's still mad about the whole shark eating the fail whale thing. Same error request above and I've posted nothing to Twitter in over 12 hours. - Thomas Hawk
Sorry Thomas... that's the TH filter that Kreg put in place. ;-) - Kevin Devin
Wasn't able to try it last night, but just did. Got five warnings (similar to above) but under that was a nice long list of results. :) - Kevin C. Tofel
Tried it .Liked it. Worked. Added a few new people on FFd (to avoid confusion with Firefox) - Dom Barnes
I'll spend some time working on this I must work. I'll send out a new message when I have some progress. Not sure about your problem Thomas. - Kreg Steppe from twhirl
i think it is hitting an api limit - "Warning: file_get_contents( [function.file-get-contents]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 502 Bad Gateway in /home/steppek/public_html/Spyndle/TwitterFF/index.php on line 54" - Chris Harris
also a cool feature would be a select all and subscribe checkboxes next to each name. i was on page 4 and already had 50+ users on FF not subscribed to hehe. - Chris Harris
cool, working well for me. Thanks. Glad I saw this. - Nathan Rein
Chris: I am looking at the subscribing feature now....I think I need to use something other than the API. I didn't see that in the documentation. - Kreg Steppe
The Ruby thing I looked at was using API for most stuff and reverting to parameters in a post to a form page for actually subscribing to FF people. - Dave Slusher
I was thinking something along those lines Dave. Forming a HTTP Post from a script. - Kreg Steppe
I think I have it figured out. Will see if I can work on it later tonight. - Kreg Steppe
Loic Le Meur try it very cool for adding contex to blog posts - try it very cool for adding contex to blog posts
Mike Wills
Technology News
Creative Block? Try Moodstream -
Added this to my TechnologyIQ blog. Thanks for the great info! I will probably also show this off at my Internt Seminar tomorrow night. - Douglas E. Welch from twhirl
MG Siegler
Google launches Gmail Labs tonight -
I would like to thank FriendFeed for help me find my comment since Twitter, you know, has no search. - MG Siegler
i'm excited to see what they roll out for gmail. there has to be a time they take it out of beta though right? i mean 10 million users and still in beta, really? - Morgan
well i know what the friendfeed is gonna look like tonight - Anthony
snake? really? ok, yes, I will try it :) - Tim Hoeck
They have way more than 10 million users Morgan. - Paul Buchheit
Ooh, this is cool. Google really knows how to cater to their power users. - Eric Florenzano
I think this is huge - not just for users, but I think it'll really inspire Googlers to do a ton of really great stuff. And thus innovation is born! - felix
A bit underwhelming at launch but I could see a lot of potential in this. - Benjamin Golub from fftogo
looks like the 10 million figure was from Techcrunch....."There are currently about 10 million active Gmail users." - Adam Kazwell
still don't see it on my main account, but all lesser accounts now have it - MG Siegler
looks like they're still rolling it out - doesn't show in any of my accounts yet. The official GMail blog has the announcement up now, though: - Frederic
I still don't see it. - Morton Fox
Steve Hodson - the excitement I find in this is Google moving the evolving edge of the engineers' 20% time out to the market while the paint is still wet - to more directly involve the participation of the user-base as to the evolution of the product. It is a more direct-democracy, a more intimate relationship with the evolution of the software.. a decentralization and greater inclusion for the decision making process. - sedgewick
Its already available - See here - - Diana Valerini
Mine has shown up, 11pm pdt - Anthony Citrano
Steven - really? marketing speak? ...perhaps I should apply for a job. ;p - sedgewick
but if you don't like the 'signature' schtick.. perhaps, others wont, it wont gain traction, and wont evolve, fall to the way-side.. better they get feedback regarding it's stupidity now then after they've invested more time and resources to it. the free-market strikes again.. - sedgewick
wish the labs functionality was available in google apps for domains though - Chris Jones
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