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RT @stlcountypd: @TheAnonMessage We already have. You may have missed the message. Bryan P. Willman is not even an officer with St. Louis County or Ferguson.
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: So there's video of police hitting AJA crew with tear gas and then taking down their camera...and yeah it's bad.
RT @TheAnonMessage: BREAKING NEWS: The name of the officer who shot #MikeBrown - NAME: OFFICER WILLMAN, BRYAN P. , Respondent - #Ferguson #Anonymous
RT @lpolgreen: Why do Ferguson police look like US troops in Iraq? Handy graphic from @nytgraphics tells the story best.
RT @ksdknews: #BREAKING St. Louis Alderman @AntonioFrench has been released from jail. Says was not given any reason for arrest. #Ferguson.
RT @passantino: Unreal MT @CassFM: Police fire tear gas near Al Jazeera crew, then disassemble the gear after they flee. #Ferguson
RT @vpostrel: Have no special insight on #Ferguson except that my very politically diverse Twitter feed is full & seems uniformly appalled by the police.
RT @brianefallon: DOJ is lucky to have a gutsy reporter like @Ryanjreilly on our beat. We knew that even before tonight. Glad he and @WesleyLowery are ok.
RT @blackink12: St. Louis alderman @AntonioFrench has apparently been arrested tonight during the protests in #Ferguson, according to his wife and friends
RT @jackfrombkln: The Civil Rights Act is 50 years old. These two pictures were taken 50 years apart. Behold our progress. #Ferguson
RT @Schultz44: The President was briefed tonight by Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett and Attorney General Eric Holder on the situation in Ferguson.
RT @Mudflats: How America’s Police Became an Army: The 1033 Program
RT @occupythemob: What the wife of the #ferguson chief of police has to say on her Facebook
RT @WesleyLowery: 6 hours ago Ryan Reilly introduced himself to me in a McDonalds. Then we ended up in jail. Wonder what he's got planned for our second date
RT @mattyglesias: It’s long past time to take the Ferguson situation out of the local cops’ hands:
RT @DaveLozo: .@CNN I've been told the missing Malaysian plane was seen in Ferguson. Send reporters.
RT @Max_Fisher: In the past few months, Washington Post reporters have been arrested in two cities: Tehran, Iran + Ferguson, MO, USA
RT @thefarmerjones: Ferguson PD got some incredible toys. Wonder what their school budget looks like.
RT @GovJayNixon: Canceling all appearances at the @MoStateFair to visit North #STL County tomorrow. Statement to follow.
RT @crissles: What... RT @__Dutch: I want y'all to take this Vine in for a sec.
RT @chrislhayes: I interviewed the key witness to the Michael Brown shooting last night. The police haven't. Think about that.
RT @mattdpearce: Ferguson chief tells me @WesleyLowery and @ryanjreilly's arresters were "probably somebody who didn't know better."
RT @davidfolkenflik: WaPost reporter offers account of his arrest in Ferguson Mo
Watching the tweets and live streams about #Ferguson has been a sickening experience. Who do you call when the police are the terrorists?
RT @ryanjreilly: @ryanjreilly and @wesleyLowery have been arrested for "not packing their bags quick enough" at McD's #Ferguson
RT @mviser: MT @PhilipRucker: Gov. Jay Nixon had been itching to expand national profile, even eyeing 2016 run. His being AWOL tonight prob won't help.
RT @washingtonpost: "That behavior was wholly unwarranted and an assault on the freedom of the press to cover the news" -@PostBaron on arrests in Ferguson
RT @whpresscorps: RT @katiejmbaker: Reminder: anyone can record cops under the first amendment
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