This press conference looks like it's going well.
My biggest social networking pet peeve is people posting collages to Instagram. Isn't the picture small enough to begin with on there?
RT @washingtonpost: Ferguson police say Brown was suspect in robbery, but that was unconnected to shooting
RT @RobertDEdwards: Michael Brown's attorney, when asked if that's #MikeBrown in the surveillance video: "It appears to look like him." #Ferguson
So basically the #Ferguson PD released the info about the robbery purely as character assassination. Someone needs fired.
RT @AP: BREAKING: Police chief: Officer who shot Michael Brown did not know he was a robbery suspect at the time.
I'm convinced the New Black Panther Party is about as real as the monsters that live under my bed.
CNN says #Ferguson PD will name shooter on Friday.
I think Fitzgerald's best hope is that people get so sick of seeing the RGA ad that they vote for him out of spite.
RT @ryanjreilly: Fellow reporter takes a lesson from my arrest, writes phone numbers on her arm #Ferguson
RT @JRehling: The new head of the Ferguson response is marching WITH the protesters and suddenly military weapons aren't needed.
RT @AP: Mo. Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson walking with protesters in Ferguson, Mo.:
RT @abumuqawama: If I've got this right, Nouri al-Maliki is now hosting Meet the Press, David Gregory is mayor of Ferguson, and we're sending MO HWP to Iraq?
USA Today and Politico reporting David Gregory is out at Meet the Press. About time.
Also hearing that David Gregory is leaving NBC.
RT @nielslesniewski: BREAKING: @GovJayNixon puts the Highway Patrol in charge of security in #Ferguson, Mo.
Comments I RT'd earlier attributed to the police chief of Ferguson's wife are real, but they aren't from his wife.
RT @AdamSerwer: Civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis on Ferguson:
RT @politico: .@clairecmc on Ferguson: 'We need to de-militarize'
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: Rand Paul writes op-ed in Times: We Must Demilitarize the Police
RT @CBSAndrew: Breaking: @ACLU files first lawsuit in Michael Brown case, under Missouri's Sunshine Law, seeking police records.
RT @TheWire: BREAKING: Twitter suspends @TheAnonMessage handle that released name of suspected #MikeBrown shooter
RT @bobhill: @joshtpm How is it they have armored vehicles, Call of Duty equipment...but no dash cams? Who does their purchasing, Blackwater?
RT @HuffPostPol: Report: St. Louis County police to be withdrawn from duty after Ferguson protests
RT @JoyceCarolOates: Sobering to realize that if local police departments had been "militarized" in the 1960s there could have been no civil rights movement.
RT @stlcountypd: @TheAnonMessage We already have. You may have missed the message. Bryan P. Willman is not even an officer with St. Louis County or Ferguson.
RT @BuzzFeedAndrew: So there's video of police hitting AJA crew with tear gas and then taking down their camera...and yeah it's bad.
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