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Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 12:30PM PT. Participate at
who are the guest's today? - Chris Jackson
Me and Chris Messina and others - Brett Slatkin
Chris Messina talking OpenId?? - Chris Jackson
Has Steve ordered his iPad yet? - Karoli
I;ve ordered 2 - Steve Gillmor
We will be up shortly. - Robert Scoble
Gillmor Gang live recording session now w/ Scoble, Marks, Slatkin and Messina at - Cliff Gerrish
Fillmore? West or East? - Cliff Gerrish
the latest Foursquare update (3-11) is much better than the prev. Im liking foursquare more and more - Chris Jackson
not that hard. just put a "hide" link on the thing. - Karoli
Only bump stuff when somebody I follow comments. - Ken Sheppardson
Then you need to let me pull in somebody elses app/view into Gmail. - Ken Sheppardson
Buzz just doesn't scale if people actually use it. - Ken Sheppardson
Z listers? - Cliff Gerrish
Wait.... if somebody I follow comments to someone I *don't*, I don't see the item in my stream. Buzz doesn't have friend-of-a-friend... or am I missing something? - Ken Sheppardson
Let us all shout from the mountains: Robert Scoble is insane. - Karoli
Giving power users control over their experience isn't incompatible with making the system more usable to non-power users. It's a strawman. - Ken Sheppardson
Kevin, Cliqset does that. All of that. Cliqset stream filtering gives you much more flexibility than FriendFeed or Buzz. - Darren
Yes, exactly Darren, cliqset does this nicely. - Kevin Marks from Android
Ostatus. - exador23
We need *many* different systems, each optimized for one or another kind of interaction, yet all working together... - Bob Wyman
shouting in foursquare is kinda cool - Chris Jackson
Hey, Kevin: Is anybody from Twitter active in the Activitystreams process? - Ken Sheppardson
No, Ken, twitter us sadly missing from activity streams discussion - Kevin Marks from Android
All services should be sharing the same information but competing based on what they do with the data. - Bob Wyman
Absolutely. It levels the playing field and becomes less about having critical mass. - Darren
Using one versus the other will not mean sacrificing connectivity or conversation with those on other systems. - Darren
Sharing the data means that new and innovative services can launch with a small user base and then grow. Today, a new service is forced to isolate its users from the rest of the conversation. - Bob Wyman
with items like Activity Streams and Salmon Protocol - then sites can compete on how they expose/manage the UI/X experience. This allows users to pick the site based on how it allows them to interact with the stream. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Use the Source! - Bob Wyman
Changing the Topic: Are those iPhone or Nexus One headphones on Chris and Brett? - Alex de Soto
In nature when a channel is that narrow it gets routed around - same will happen with Twitter soon - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Thanks Kevin. Yes, as Chris Messina says, we "up convert" to Activity Streams. :) - Darren
We should all read legacy formats like RSS, but we should only write Atom... - Bob Wyman
Virtually nobody uses rssCloud. Vastly more people use PSHB. Should we implement *all* protocols no matter how good they are or how few people use them? - Bob Wyman
Postels law applied to feeds, Bob? - Kevin Marks from Android
Absolutely, Postel was a smart guy! Read RSS, Write Atom. - Bob Wyman
Ostatus puts it all together - exador23
Why don't we just move PSHB spec into an IETF working group and then do all the normal patent disclosures? - Bob Wyman
Leo Laporte makes a cameo on the Gillmor Gang. - Cliff Gerrish
Leo :-) - Jamie
Great, first time on Friendfeed in a long time. Slow down is because of changing servers? - Tom Landini
Would Facebook want everyone to use their API? If they really wanted everyone using the same API, wouldn't Facebook be using open standards or putting their API through open review? - Bob Wyman
It's like Brett just mentioned - is Facebook ready internally to allow their use of a protocol to be dictated by an outside agency. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Standards are like sausage... They taste good, but don't ask too many questions about how they are made. - Bob Wyman
Great question, Steve. - r Macdonald
Track! If we standardize on *existing* API's, we'll never be able to implement TRACK! - Bob Wyman
Track MUST come back one day... - Bob Wyman
Bob, yes. it must. - Karoli
Standards are actually a conservative element in the overall progress of the stream. - Cliff Gerrish
status net + identispy when there's one statusnet stream, and one buzz stream and one facebook stream, etc that something like identispy can access brings track back. - exador23
Cliff, standards are "conservative" once adopted. But, often, the process of defining the standard is progressive since folk seek to anticipate and identify future needs. The nature of the standard depends on where you are in its life cycle. - Bob Wyman
Google shouldn't be "releasing APIs" -- Google should be *using* openly defined APIs defined by the community. There should be NO "Buzz API" -- there should only be "APIs that Buzz uses." - Bob Wyman
ostatus piggybacks on Atom, Activity Streams, PubSubHubbub and such. Right now, I can subscribe from, or any website running to any Buzz profile, thanks to the magic of Atom, PubSubHubbub, Activity Streams and whathaveyou. Interoperability. It's getting there. Interestingly enough, I can't subscribe to cliqset users. Must be something about their Atom implementation. - Ed F
Bob Wyman makes an excellent point - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
But, we haven't started defining the "track" extensions to these protocols.... That will come soon! - Bob Wyman
or the geo query extension, Bob - Robert Scoble
Errr.. The "geo guery" thing might be hard to do in a "standard" since we've still got a good bit of uncertainty in terms of what people need. But, yes, we've got to work on it. - Bob Wyman
simplegeoinc's example is a good one, bob. documenting the buzz geo api the mobile client uses would be good too - Robert Scoble
Kevin, are you playing the role of Scoble? - Cliff Gerrish
Note: There's geo stuff in HTML5 as well. Much to be considered here. - Bob Wyman
I have scoble's gadgets bag here.... - Robert Scoble
Please compete with Buzz! Please! - Bob Wyman
Great show Steve - thanks! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Thanks for another good show - r Macdonald
Great show,thanks Steve - Alex
thanks all! - Brett Slatkin
If we had to wait for open community standards based APIs before doing anything, nothing would ever get done. Software is released in months, standards are released in years, and standards not based on field experience are useless anyway. Push forward now. Organize and consolidate later. - Todd Hoff
standards are not released in years: - exador23
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang, Live Recording Session at 1PM. Participate at
who are the speakers on the show today? - Chris Jackson
We never know until they show.... - Cliff Gerrish
let me know if you can hear me typing and i'll hit the mute button - Kevin Marks
It's been a while since I was available for a live show. - Matt Terenzio
I put off going to Buy Sega Racing or whatever its called to watch this show live - David Lloyd
The sega Mario Kart rip off - David Lloyd
Is Friday better than Thursday for catching Gillmor Gang live - Kevin Marks
It's at the same time as Jason Calacanis' TWiST show. - Vezquex
Gillmor Gang recording session live now w/ Saul Hansel, Andrew Keen, Danny Sullivan and Kevin Marks: - Cliff Gerrish
i didnt like Jason Calacanis show - too money oriented for my taste. - Chris Jackson
Andrew, I recommend a haircut in the nicest way possible. - beersage
Windows chime. Sweet. - Kent
I can hear you typing. - Vezquex
Anyone else get prompted from Twitter to "opt in" to "being found on twitter by others"? - Matt Terenzio
Matt, yeah that happened to me. Didn't like the 'find by phone number' feature? - Cliff Gerrish
Yes, Matt. - beersage
Me neither. Thought it was interesting given the impending ads coming. - Matt Terenzio
Is Ustream borked? - David Lloyd
Streaming ok here. - Cliff Gerrish
With all the noise getting stuffed into search results, Search may actually be dead- unlike RSS. - Kent
I'm streaming it fine - Matt Terenzio
It's the world's largest network of stringers - Matt Terenzio
I tend not to randomly link drop, but have you all check in as FriendFeed users? :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, you can put me down as a ff user. - Cliff Gerrish
What's active Ken. I come here when links get to twitter or the Gillmor Gang is on. ; ) - Matt Terenzio
in through the newsgang interface - Aron Michalski
, FF user - Aron Michalski
I'm a FF user, too... - Karoli
Active means likes or commented on that particular entry, Matt. Very narrow definition ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
I hope doesnt start polluting search results. - Jamie
That's four sentences - Matt Terenzio
Jamie, like they're not already. Couldn't believe a set of results I got last night. pages and pages of rw spam. - Karoli
@ajkeen edits Saul Hansell. Hmmm. - Karoli
more than 2 sentences, dude - Vezquex
demand media - Matt Terenzio
Demand Media - Ken Sheppardson
What is that mic andrew is using. It looks pretty phallic. - Karoli
I haven't noticed it yet Karoli, but it doesnt surprise me that that is the case. and Mahalo are fucking annoying - Jamie
Okay Karoli, you set the tone. : ) - Matt Terenzio
How does Sturgeon's Law fit into this thing? - Cliff Gerrish
it's been a long week, Matt. :) - Karoli
I wish Google would de-list Mahalo. - Vezquex
So is it the organization and the pagerank of AOL that is going to make this content rise above the din? - Matt Terenzio
politicsdaily is improving. was pretty slanted at first, seems to be more balanced now. - Karoli
Matt Cutts was on This Week in Google on Saturday... said that rather than trying to turn down results like Demand Media, they want to do a better job at promoting content over it. Amplify the signal rather than trying to filter the noise (I'm paraphrasing) - Ken Sheppardson
Karoli it's not Andrew, its me and the mic is the Yeti: - I had to put it between me and the keyboard so it didn't hear me typing - Kevin Marks
No I like my info from all the AOL brands - Matt Terenzio
AOLServer was /is a great webserver that kind of faded due to Apache popularity - Matt Terenzio
Ah.. yes, brings back reading Philip Greenspun... - Cliff Gerrish
sorry Kevin. :) - Karoli
It's POP media since everything can't get funded and presumably they will fund the stories that have the best chance of monetizing themselves - Matt Terenzio
"The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to encouraging the growth, development and distribution of free, multilingual content, and to providing the full content of these wiki-based projects to the public free of charge. The Wikimedia Foundation operates some of the largest collaboratively edited reference projects in the world, including Wikipedia, the fourth most visited website in the world." - Ken Sheppardson
^-- business model - Ken Sheppardson
I sort of like that image of 'stories monetizing themselves' -- perhaps they don't need a container. - Cliff Gerrish
Dissing 99% of the information because 1% maybe faulty is kinda silly - Johnny
Seed's just an engine for stuff like on-demand microstock photography. - Ken Sheppardson
Why does Saul sound so nervous? - Vezquex
Here's a q: Do people care who reports something first? Someone reports a hot story & everyone else jumps on board sometimes not even citing the "seeder" - beersage
Because he's getting ganged up on, Raphael ;-) - Ken Sheppardson is a way of commissioning filler articles on spec work at the moment - Kevin Marks
Well Ken, now it's sounding cool and VRMish. "Hey what do you want a story on. . . okay . . .generating it now. . . here you go!" - Matt Terenzio
It could go either way depending on the execution. SEO spam or nice service for the people - Matt Terenzio
The problem I see is that we don't need more coverage on popular topics but UNpopular ones like investigating the police department. - Matt Terenzio
Mahalo started off as a nice service but quickly went the way of SEO spam - Jamie
Well, before mahalo launched Jason made every effort to distance himself from SEO folks, so you could see the writing on the wall on what they were trying to accomplish - Matt Terenzio
Andrew AOL bring in quite a lot of revenue through advertising - Jamie
It's true, I find it amazing that Microsoft makes and has been making 4-10x as much money than Apple for years and yet as Steve says they have almost as much cash on hand and equity - Stephen Pickering
It's strange to think of people still dialing in to AOL. - Cliff Gerrish
How is doing, speaking of Jason? - Matt Terenzio
Ms have had some large acquisitions and stock buybacks - Jamie
Still trying to connect that last mile Cliff - Matt Terenzio
Do they still send out those AOL CDs? - Cliff Gerrish
I wanted to get 10,000 AOL cds and create a bar from it . - Matt Terenzio
The model provided by AOL -- aggregation -- was offered by Yahoo! in 1995 and then replaced by Google search which offers unrestricted aggregation AND prioritization (both weaknesses of AOL/Yahoo!) which explains much of their success - Paul Sherer
The model provided by AOL -- aggregation -- was offered by Yahoo! in 1995 and then replaced by Google search which offers unrestricted aggregation AND prioritization (both weaknesses of AOL/Yahoo!) which explains much of their success - Paul Sherer
and there will be two comapnies left in the end - Matt Terenzio
I think I'd be most inclined to bet on companies whose core competencies are sort of obvious. Apple's got a great design aesthetic for electronic devices. Google's great at managing and filtering large repositories of data. NYT's core comp is journalism. What's AOL's? - Ken Sheppardson
AOL sold their dial up business in the UK. I'm pretty sure they see their future as content/advertising - Jamie
Yahoo is floundering due to the same lack of obvious core comp. - Ken Sheppardson
and to a degree that can work (see the engadget model). that said its not a hugely profitable business. - Jamie
Ken has it right - Paul Sherer
Both Google and Microsoft have started building integrated software/hardware devices. Here they're chasing after Apple. - Cliff Gerrish
Rings true Ken. - Matt Terenzio
Nothing wrong with aggregation if you do it well. Remains to be seen if AOL can do that in a breakout way. - Ian McGee
Yes Ian, can Saul answer what they're adding? - Paul Sherer
demand media is a link farm - Jamie
Just checked, redirects to, which is just with a theme. - Vezquex
Good job drawing Danny out -- I think he's spot on - Ian McGee
Content must be really exceptional to compete with all the free exceptional content out there already. - Matt Terenzio
free as in created for love, not pay - Matt Terenzio
congress? whoah now your'e losing me legislation to pay writers? which ones? - Matt Terenzio
Yeah, the SXSW band coverage is an interesting example... I seriously doubt anybody who wasn't already going to blog/tweet/self-publish about some random band at SXSW is going to do so because of Seed, and those self-publishing folks are probably more interested/motivated. This content-on-demand strategy sort of inverts search/discovery. If you can't beat Google/Bing at indexing, try to make an end run. - Ken Sheppardson
rackspace Steve, rackspace! - Matt Terenzio
Content is only marginally an efficiency product -- its mostly a creative product -- three good paragraphs that capture a situation, event or bio are significantly more valuable (in all seneses) than 3 pages of standard writing. - Paul Sherer
So does Seed and Demand just become a farm system for independent blogs, or other forms of professional media? - Cliff Gerrish
like the Kansas City A's - Matt Terenzio
So if you don't have enough traffic to earn $20 from adsense, you get $20 from seed, then they turn around and put $30 worth of ads around it. - Ken Sheppardson
^-- business model - Ken Sheppardson
where in London are BT based Kevin? - Jamie
Cross-subsidy is the new business model. - Cliff Gerrish
I think they better figure on 100,000 page views (ugh) per article to make the system work. The economics aren't there for commodity content - Matt Terenzio
BT are based primarily near St Pauls, but have offices all over the place in the UK - Kevin Marks
the weekly dave winer reference :-) - Jamie
cool.. im at MS over in Victoria. - Jamie
Information isn't like cars. We don't want two distribution channels for information. - Matt Terenzio
We have more options than ever, true, but channels are constricting. - Matt Terenzio
In certain areas. Expanding in others. - Matt Terenzio
Two newspapers in the U.S.S.R - Matt Terenzio
Both state run - Matt Terenzio
for over 40 years - Matt Terenzio
Still, the ability to route around has never been greater - Matt Terenzio
But information doesn't flow strictly through newspapers any longer... - Cliff Gerrish
I didn't mean that Cliff. It's just a warning, but as I said the ability to route around channels has never been greater and I'd like to keep it that way. - Matt Terenzio
I think you can use tools from these big companies to route around them. - Cliff Gerrish
yes, if you can get an app in the store. . .just kidding, but that is a trend toward control of a sort. It's normal business practice - Matt Terenzio
just noticed there is now a Buzz tab in Gmail preferences... with an option to totally delete the service (& your google profile) - Jamie
to show good spirit it'd be nice if another browser ran on the apple platforms, and not Chrome - Matt Terenzio
Google so far is willing to compete with their own products. That's a huge advantage over most companies which get tied up in themselves over internal turf battles. Look at what happened to Sony in the 90's because the divisions were at war. - Ian McGee
Thanks guys - Matt Terenzio
Good stuff. - Ian McGee
until next time. - Jamie
Finally. A working Silverlight box. LOL. - michael silverton
Maybe next time. For those interested, you can ring in with your Buzz product ideas at - michael silverton
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang recording session live 1PM Pacific -
are we going to be blessed with a gillmor show today? - Chris Jackson
Let's hope so! Lots of stuff to talk about on this episode I'm sure. I'm looking forward to it. - Kevin Costain
Yes! I'm online. In Gillmor's family room. - Robert Scoble
Andrew Keen "let me plug my thing in." Sounds obscene. :-) Behind the scenes banter. - Robert Scoble
To watch this or Calacanis? That is the question. - Stephen Pickering
Stephen - url for Calacanis ? - Chris Jackson
thnx - Chris Jackson
its on! - Kevin Costain
Danny Sullivan - Robert Scoble
sounds good to me - Brian Hendrickson
danny - audio fine here - Chris Jackson
We will be right back. - Robert Scoble
Third time's the charm ;) - Denise Howell
lol... don't get frustrated Steve.. live is better!! - Kevin Costain
I'm hoping Robert will talk about iPhone personal assistant, SIRI - r Macdonald
GillmorGang now recording session now live: Danny Sullivan, Scoble, Marks, Keen, Edo Segal - Cliff Gerrish
I hope Steve doesn't pre-record it. It is on and called "Real Time with The Gillmor Gang" :( - David Lloyd
"Use Flash like you would cilantro—sparingly and for a single high-impact effect. Nobody wants to eat a whole bowl of cilantro..." -- Merlin Mann - Ken Sheppardson
well thats bullshit (not @ you ken :-) ) - Jamie
flash is dead folks - Jamie
Trouble is - what is there to replace the ubiquity of flash? It's in more places than Java and I just don't see that HTML5 can replace that. Flash is the cheesy splash screen, the ad the fancy movie site, and movies. Flash is like the cockroach of the web - Kevin Costain
It's interesting that Flash owes it's ubiquity to Microsoft. - Cliff Gerrish
as smartphones sans flash start getting traction please believe that the ad networks, exchanges and servers will quickly fix that - Jamie
Flash never was the write-once-run-everywhere environment. - Tom Morris
Flash was the write once run lots of places environment - more than other video/vector/animation tech - Kevin Marks
I've owned a fair few mobile devices. Never had one that had Flash. Had lots that did JavaME or native code (C, ObjC etc.) - Tom Morris
Leo's live streaming site is built on Flash, but he has today made it work on iphone. - David Lloyd
60% of adobes revenue is from authoring tools - Jamie
People are still gonna buy Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and so on. - Tom Morris
seems there's an early death notice here for Flash since Apple released an iPad - what about the over 90% of the real people that won't care about iPad - there's a huge amount of the web to convert - won't happen overnight - Don Bonaddio
*Flash* authoring tools? Yeah... what Tom said. - Ken Sheppardson
Tom: the leverage on getting them to do that is a lot less in a post Flash world. - Robert Scoble
Don, you think people care about flash? - Jamie
"Silverlight: MS rebooting Windows as web OS", cool observation - r Macdonald
They'll still need to make designer-friendly tools for building HTML+JavaScript. Designers aren't suddenly going to go from the Flash Authoring tools to Emacs and Vim. - Tom Morris
folks wont even notice when they switch out the video for html5 - Jamie
Adobe needs to become innovative again, and build authoring tools for HTML5 - Stephen Pickering
most people have no idea that flash is even being used on the site - they'll notice it's broken however when they try to browse to their favorite sites and see it broken Jamie - Don Bonaddio
Had an iPod touch for 6 months. Barely noticed lack of Flash. - Tom Morris
The only sites I've used today with Flash are video sites - ustream, YouTube, Vimeo. - Tom Morris
Ah Future Splash, we hardly knew ye.... - Cliff Gerrish
Avatar was created with Abode tools...they still do innovative tool dev. but not so much for the web. - Jim Posner
Tom: Ustream is available on iPhone without Flash. - Robert Scoble
What about the learning curve a hardcore flash developer would have to go through to use another tool? Especially for the highly interactive flash websites? - Kevin Costain
Flash ain't dead. It's undead. - Tom Morris
Robert how do they do that? What is Ustream on iPhone running on? - Stephen Pickering
That's the question, how do you compete against the cross-subsidy move into your market? - Cliff Gerrish
Kevin, it was ever thus. - Frank Paynter
Andrew Keen's comment == WTF? - Tom Morris
What about them, Kevin? Same thing would happen to them that happened to all the Cobol and FORTRAN developers. - Ken Sheppardson
Don I know how widespread flash is used, but most site developers built in a way for them to degrade gracefully when the plugin isnt present. even the porn sites are getting on board. - Jamie
Stephen: Apple SDK and built in video streaming APIs. - Robert Scoble
Ken ++ - Frank Paynter
Stephen: They're doing h.264 via http. You can see it in action, actually... if you go to - Ken Sheppardson
i think iPads demo it not primarily for techies , use cases are much different for iPad than iPhone, conversion to HTML5 will happen but not in 60 days... more like a couple years - Don Bonaddio
I hear you Jamie, but that's more dev time - Don Bonaddio
Ken: I agree, the trouble is there isn't even something to compete with what already exits. Flash is a whole lot more than video.. Im mot aware of anything or any type of development tool that can make some of the more highly interactive flash sites I see.. - Kevin Costain
Hate restaurant sites that use Flash. Can't find a way to make a reservation w/o Flash. - Alex de Soto
i still use it - some too Steve.... FF For Ever.... - Chris Jackson
It's really simple: you test your site in Lynx. If you've built it right, it'll work. - Tom Morris
That kind of "I'm just looking for this piece of information" things are going to be handled by services and aggregators. - Cliff Gerrish
im not saying flash will die out in a few months, or even a few years. but technology has a way of building momentum against certain technologies or services. (webkits a good example). we're at a point where the most important uses of flash 5 years ago finally have open equivalents that are much more efficient. - Jamie
Tom: so true.. :) - Kevin Costain
HTML5 video rollout enhanced by MPEG LA's announcement this week that they will continue not to charge royalties for h264 Internet Video that is "free to end users" - r Macdonald
I hope the plug-in era of the web is near it's end - Jim Posner
IMO, this is a power move by appl to force developers to create apps to buy through their app store instead of using open standards in a browser - Don Bonaddio
we're thinking about this a lot. rev3's mobile site pushes to youtube. - michael sean wright
don, flash isn't really an open standard. HTML5 is - Kevin Marks
and flash hasn't been on the iphone since day one. way before apple ever envisioned the app store being such a huge success - Jamie
so I dont buy the "it competes with the app store" argument. - Jamie
A 'power move'. It's a technical move. Seriously. Run some Flash videos with Activity Monitor open and watch your CPU usage. - Tom Morris
understood Kevin, I think devs need to move there but there is a move for sites to create apps instead of making their sites HTML5, imo - Don Bonaddio
I think Vimeo has an HTML5 player now. Check out their blog. - Alex de Soto
I thought that the adoption of web standards was suppose to slow the balkinization of the web. - Jim Posner
Graceful degradation is at the heart of web front end development done right, Jim - Kevin Marks
agree Tom that flash is bad, but not supporting a defacto standard ? - Don Bonaddio
Point being that the companies are looking out for themselves and not the user? - Kevin Sablan
Kevin, I thought graceful degradation was deprecated in favor of progressive enhancement. - Cliff Gerrish
was talking with with some espn folks last week, they said that 85% of their web traffic during the weekends come via mobile. made us re-think approach. must be multiple output. - michael sean wright
He who has the best Skype connection wins. - Ken Sheppardson
Cliff: graceful degradation/progressive enhancement are two sides of the same coin. - Tom Morris
so that's fine Robert, so I'll wait 5 years - Don Bonaddio
lol - Moobie
This is the real story: it's the rise of the mobile platform. The big money is going to (or already is) invested in mobile experiences and moved away from web-based experiences.. - Kevin Costain
has "best on any browser" morphed to "best on any platform," or will developers just write around the proprietary stuff? - Frank Paynter
Band sites, restaurant sites, airline sites, car rental sites... - Ken Sheppardson
Cliff: Sorry, I was referring to the conversation on between the video participants. The idea that these companies are looking out for themselves, instead of _____? There isn't anything wrong with a company not looking out for competitors, but they must look out for customers. - Kevin Sablan
IIRC the SFO site uses flash. Can't actually navigate it from my Pre - Ken Sheppardson
The Flash->HTML 'compiler'. Where is it, then? - Tom Morris
Google's tablet will be totally hooked into (and connected to) their suite of tools. - Kevin Costain
lmao - Jamie
no ------- i missed so much..... - Chris Jackson
haha - Kevin Costain
was anyone else recording this? - Moobie
what was taht all about.. haha - Kevin Costain
doesnt ustream save the recording automatically? - Jamie
If he had ustream set up it would auotmatically record each show but he doesnt - David Lloyd
love the live experience! - r Macdonald
You have to set an option in the admin panel - David Lloyd
I'm on the Youtube HTML5 beta and the videos look like shit. Why is that? - Stephen Pickering
my wife doesn't understand Flash or how computers work but she likes to relax playing some simple games online in her browser, guess what, they're all flash - I thought a big demographic for the iPad was everyday people - Don Bonaddio
youtube is almost 70% of all video consumed on the web. so we are talking long tail here. - Jamie
You are seeing the mp4 video not converted, so that makes no sense Stephen - David Lloyd
The same file the user uploaded - David Lloyd
don, i'm sure she'll find no end of free simple games through iphone / ipad apps - dannysullivan
don there are 40,000 simple games in the app store. - Jamie
mp4 with h264 is the new mp3 - Kevin Marks
Google Chrome. - David Lloyd
chrome is cannibalising FF share - Jamie
flash is so damn pervasive that I've seen small children's games shipped that ar just a win32 app wrapped around a flash experience. - Kevin Costain
understood dannysullivan, but that's a transition and most likely an extra cost per app - Don Bonaddio
Also have you guys noticed that quicktime movies play like shit on Chrome, at least on the Mac? - Stephen Pickering
I love Chrome, been using it two weeks, and I'm a long time Firefox hater. Really impressed with Chrome. - Moobie
Kevin! already does that for its videos - David Lloyd
It detects if you have a html5 browser and asks you if you want to use it. - David Lloyd
<video> - David Lloyd
Chrome is okay. Lacks all the plugins of Firefox though. - Tom Morris
I agree, Chrome is my favorite, but if I want to listen or watch a quicktime movie I've got to boot up Safari to have a decent experience - Stephen Pickering
@stephen chrome on the mac suffers badly for any kind of video for me. both flash & html5 is unwatchable. - Jamie
When quicktime things play in my Chrome window I get no playback contorls, just a black bar. - David Lloyd
@tom they have 2,000 plugins already and support greasemonkey. - Jamie
Jamie: they have 2,000 plugins. The plugins I actually use though aren't there. Also, it is *horrible* on Linux. - Tom Morris
Well I'm watching this on Chrome and the Flash is fine, but my quicktime experience terrible, right the controls don't even work, can't pause it or anything - Stephen Pickering
Good episode of GG and only a few hundred of us actually will see it. - David Lloyd
Chrome is still very beta yet. Give it time. - Moobie
@tom 2,000 plugins in just a few months is excellent progress. as it picks up market share momentum will increase - Jamie
Chrome on the Mac doesn't handle the QT plugin well, true - Kevin Marks
Firefox is also horrible on Linux compared to it's windows and mac counterparts. - Moobie
linux is irrelevant - Jamie
Chrome on windows doesn't handle it well either. I play an mp3 on a website and I get a black bar and no contorls - David Lloyd
oodles - Frank Paynter
iPad is not a computer.. :) - Kevin Costain
Ipad jailbreak :) - David Lloyd
Linux is irrelevant. Except for all the developers that build all the shit for all your gadgets. ;) - Tom Morris
Ipad is a post-PC device. - Cliff Gerrish
@tom akin to the sweat shops in india - Jamie
iPad should come jailbroken right out of the box. in fact, connect the ipad to the free wireless just outside the Apple Store, download a jailbreak and THEN start using your iPad.. that's the future of this device.. - Kevin Costain
Jaiku - Ken Sheppardson
I checked my social circle on google the other day. wow. - Jamie
What ever happened to Jaiku? - David Lloyd
Nitpick: s/social graph/social network/g. Seriously. Robert. Stop it please. - Tom Morris
David: It's still running... and they've open sourced it - - Ken Sheppardson
Nice - David Lloyd
Jaiku was dumped into the open source bucket... - Cliff Gerrish
I think social search is the *least* interesting part about these developments - Jamie
Smile scoble. - David Lloyd
I wonder how many people have built their own Jaiku engine or site... - Ken Sheppardson
BINGO, Danny! Social + real-time results + BEHAVIOUR =Nirvana - Kevin Sablan
The social search thing is actually pretty cool for developers. I get content from people I trust. And the people I trust aren't stupid like most people on the Internet are. ;) - Tom Morris
Yay. Flashfail. - Tom Morris
Robert: What will be the source of this feed? Twitter/Facebook or something Google is making? - Kevin Costain
I can see google subsidising their gpads built by OEMs - Jamie
with the cheap reference hardware perhaps they could give them away for free as a loss leader for the advertising - Jamie
Gpad with a Gdisk account means no onboard flash needed :D - David Lloyd
No flash disk needed - until you get into an aeroplane, a railway tunnel or a mobile blackspot. - Tom Morris
Costain: that was for you. - Robert Scoble
Google Labs has offline modes for some apps - David Lloyd
There's Google Checkout - Alex de Soto
Yeah, and that SQLite store in HTML 5 - where does that go? - Tom Morris
...and they're dumping Gears for HTML5 - Ken Sheppardson
Gears is basically HTML 5 beta. - Tom Morris
Tom - sqlite stores a file on your local machine containing the data for future use. - Chris Jackson
the book format for iPad is ePub, which is HTML inside - Kevin Marks
yeah its just a file container - David Lloyd
DRM'able of course :D - David Lloyd
I have an ebook reader. It's called a laptop with a folder full of PDF files. - Tom Morris
I agree with Robert, I'm fine with the $16 price point for eBooks for latest books, for which I buy in hard copy for $30 - r Macdonald
I just buy books and put em on my shelf when I have read them so my friends think I am clever. Screw ebooks. - David Lloyd
Kevin is correct. McMillan are worried that long term amazon controls the reader and the book price and has them over a barrel - Jamie from iPhone
I got ya Robert, I just don't see how Google can reliably pull all that feed information into one place when they want user lock-in (just like anyone else). I see them more likely making a Twitter or Facebook or whatever .clone - Kevin Costain
kinda like appl controlled the price of the 99cents music - Don Bonaddio
@tommorris you prefer PDF to ePub? Really? - Kevin Marks
Imagine reading a book on the ipad, youll be distracted every 2 minutes with new emails, and other things beeping and booping. - David Lloyd
Kevin C: a Google clone of Facebook would be very interesting. - Robert Scoble
No. But I've got thousands and thousands of papers in PDF. I've never downloaded an ePub file in my life. - Tom Morris
@david airplane mode - Jamie
Kevin and Andrew are right, it is about the quality web-connected user experience. - r Macdonald
Of course its going to be DRM'ed with FairPlay :D - David Lloyd
iBooks is ePub but with fairplay DRM. we're back to square one - Jamie
Well in 5 years time the 1 dollar pulp paperback should be out ;) - David Lloyd
I use this thing called a university library. It works pretty well. - Tom Morris
me too. Leeds University has 2 greta libraries. NOTHING beats holding real books. Screw ebooks. - David Lloyd
I don't want to own music. I don't want to own content, in general. I pay ~$15/mo to listen to whatever I want on Zune. - Ken Sheppardson
People are just reading alot less or NOT reading paper at all anymore.. - Kevin Costain
honestly i prefer ebooks. - Jamie
@tommorris iPad will handle PDF too, sure, just like iPhone does now. - Kevin Marks
Holding something 100 years old; the smell. - David Lloyd Google's Social Circles. Check out your social graph! - Robert Scoble
you play songs more than once too - Don Bonaddio
I might buy an ebook reader. For reference books. 900 page XML specs that kinda crap. For anything I actually need to read, paper. - Tom Morris
Google's Social Circles - I like it - I see that turning into something very useful.. Right now.. not so much.. :) - Kevin Costain
Yup. Look at all the distractions around us. We cant read books on an Ipad without checking emails, Friendfeed, twitter, bidding on ebay. Downloading music. - David Lloyd
Watching Daily Show clips, not reading. - David Lloyd
Kevin C: a foundation of a building isn't very useful either. - Robert Scoble
when I was at google and testing Social Circle, m'colleagues complained that all they saw was stuff from me (they didn't blog) - Kevin Marks
I think iPad is a killer form factor for magazines and newspapers. - Jamie
I prefer the actual newspaper :) - David Lloyd
the NYT app looked glorious - Jamie
And i like flicking through the magazines on the news stand and picking one. - David Lloyd
save the trees david, save the trees - Jamie
Robert: I agree with you - often the importance of the foundation is lost on people too. i think you're right about Google planning something big in that space. . - Kevin Costain
hehe - David Lloyd
I mean, what the hell - you want to make books suck as much as iTunes DRM? DVD CSS region restriction? What a load of crap. - Tom Morris
Google ePub files available here: - Kevin Marks
The thing is, people will not stop reading paper. There is a backlash brewing (or already here) about how DUMB everyone is getting because they dont read. Check out the PBS doc.. - Kevin Costain
We can go buy our DRM apple books, then in a few years pay for "ibooks pro" with no DRM :) - David Lloyd
I'll just buy the hardback and "rip-it" to all my devices :-) - Don Bonaddio
iPod ==> iPad ==> and coming soon the iPud! - Frank Paynter
The fact that Amazon can remove books remotely from your Kindle is ridiculous. - Tom Morris
Is the public library dead yet? - Ken Sheppardson
Thankfully not. - Tom Morris
I think the public library (and the private library) are more powerful than ever. - Cliff Gerrish
proprietary vs open - Don Bonaddio
I'm surprised Andrew Keen hasn't ranted about the libertarian tech geeks wanting to burn down our libraries. ;) - Tom Morris
The public libraries are not hurting here in Toronto. I think we Canucks see this as an essential service.. :) - Kevin Costain
I guess Andrew cares more about making money than the freedom to read. - Tom Morris
libraries are moving into providing digital books anyway - Hilary Talbot
I wonder if any libraries let you check out Kindles yet. - Ken Sheppardson
the move to digital libraries is proving to be quite painful because of copyright issues :( - David Lloyd
They don't need to. If everything is online, you don't need a library anymore. The Pirate Bay/Rapidshare/BitTorrent is the online digital library. - Tom Morris
You have unlimited copies digitally versus a few in the library physiclally. Its difficult - David Lloyd
Neither. - David Lloyd
You go onto BitTorrent and search for "10000 psychology ebooks collection" and you download a folder full of PDFs... - Tom Morris
Neither will be on the iPad.. ! - Kevin Costain
Yeah I am sure i'll steal a bunch of crap and buy some too. - David Lloyd
Silverlight will be on the iPad the day after you can install Safari on your ChromeOS tablet. - Ken Sheppardson
Apple will come out with their own "standard" for video on the web. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Stranger things have happened. I refer to Apple 1997. - David Lloyd
The standard is a mp4 file with h264 accelerators :D - David Lloyd
Did anyone read Seth Godin's bullshit about libraries? What a load of nonsense. - Tom Morris
it actually cant record video well. very low fps rate on the 3g - Jamie
no, link it - David Lloyd
@manielse Apple went with h264 in mp4, and drove the licensing debate so that it was viable - Kevin Marks
True Kevin... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
it almost is a web interface - Jamie
Youtube becoming music search engine - - michael sean wright
the entire itunes store is now in html - Jamie
Apple + Lala = web-based iTunes. Distribution of the sales interface. - Cliff Gerrish
lol Robert - Moobie
Gillmor Gang uses Flash! - David Lloyd
Scoble nano vs. ScoblePad - Tom Morris
I am buying - David Lloyd
I'm buying one. - Robert Scoble
I'm down for the iPad! - r Macdonald
I have my money set aside already Steve - Jamie
Yes, i'll buy the iPad.. i will buy two or more! - Kevin Costain
wait for rev2 - Don Bonaddio
Fuck no. iPad is APple's move from computer company to ridiculous bullshit toy company. - Tom Morris
I'm buying an iPad for sure, can't wait - Stephen Pickering
will buy iPad because i enjoy the iPod touch. - michael sean wright
waiting for the competition, JooJoo, Google, HP Slate etc - Moobie
Thanks everyone! - Kevin Costain
I'll be getting an iPad so Ribbit can turn it into a phone - Kevin Marks
Fini - David Lloyd
My Eee gets 10 hours battery life. I can write whatever the fuck I want for it. All open source. And it has a keyboard. - Tom Morris
As soon as I can find a good old flip phone that'll let me tether over WiFi, I'lll dump my smartphone and get an iPad. - Ken Sheppardson
...provided a WiFi hotspot, that is - Ken Sheppardson
the transition will happen. some folks will need to be dragged kicking and screaming, but it will happen... and very quickly for the key things (video). the peripheral stuff, designer label websites and so on are fine as they are. I dont think people are dying for that kind of content to be accessible on a phone anyway. - Jamie
@JC Companies will move if it means survival of keeping their audience. Apple has huge influence to that, especially in the consumer space. - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
Ken, a MiFi + iPad seems to be a big play right now, just as a MiFi + iPhone is a great solution too -- of course the MiFi monthly charge is probably a bit too much for the average person, like myself - Chris Heath
Depending on your need (mostly near Wifi), the MiFi PrePaid plans may be worth it for those 'occasional' roaming needs. Or I'm sure tethering to phone options will surface..., - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
it wasn't the buzz messages. it was the automatic follows via GMail contacts that was the problem anyway. - Karoli
I don't want to know what Kevin is having for lunch. I want to know whose lunch Google is eating. - Michael Markman
HUH? Hasn't Twitter had geolocation for awhile? - Karoli
I just want to hide it once. Not every single time someone replies. - Karoli
Yes, I am going to buy 2. One for my stepdad and one for me. - Karoli
Yes to iPad... (by when? still unknown) - Michael Markman
@karoli Buzz has geolocation integrated into a mobile map product. - Michael Markman
@mickeleh the reason I'm unimpressed is because a) I hate geolocation; and b) it makes me use the stupid map to upload a pic. - Karoli
Om had a great post today about why he wants one. I totally agree. - Karoli
Siri is amazing. - Karoli
Siri is Alan Kay's decades-old vision of agents negotiating on your behalf over the Net. - Michael Markman
If you twits are wondering if I'm talking to myself...I'm not. I'm watching GillmorGang here... - Karoli
Twitter borks so often I can't imagine it doing such a thing. LOL. It has difficulty doing what it does. - Karoli
Hey kids, what I miss? - Aron Michalski
Scobuster? - Aron Michalski
Aron +1 - Karoli
Robert, I love ya but the angle you're at right now is awful. - Karoli
LOL....Robert caught gaping like a fish... - Karoli
...wondering when Gillmor Gang will come to my Roku. - Karoli
disruptive in different ways. iPad is a consumption product; Buzz is a creation/aggregation product. - Karoli
the item in my hand is far more disruptive than the item I don't have. - Aron Michalski
I agree w/ Gillmor. It' not either or.. The disruption is multiplied with iPad x Buzz. - Michael Markman
Excellent show. Thanks to all those who participated and especially those who didn't. - Michael Markman
really good show. bye bye - Karoli
Steve Gillmor
I can smell the fresh paint in here. Looks nice. - Amyloo
if you say so - Chris Heath
We're coming on in a minute or two. Doing sound checks now. Looks like things are going well. - Robert Scoble
That I don't understand at all - Mark
Thanks, Amyloo! :) - Rob La Gesse
Keen's going to get a cup of tea. Those brits. - Cliff Gerrish
We're waiting on the British guy again. Heheh. - Robert Scoble
I think it was 1-2 people complaining. Most of us appreciate these videos... - beersage
Well it is "Real-time with the Gillmor Gang" on so It's not unreasonable to want to watch in real-time. - Mark
Gillmor Gang recording live w/ Doc Searls, Dan Farber, Sam Whitmore, Kevin Marks, Andrew Keen & Scoble - - Cliff Gerrish
Why do I see multiple FF feeds next to the video? Are they different? - Kenny
And like what Jobs said about apps before apps. "It's called 'Safari.'" - Amyloo
Good, now I don't have to watch #TWiSt. - Vezquex
hah! - Robert Scoble
Kenny - the top feed is the show, the next one down the prior show, etc. - Rob La Gesse
There's something different about being able to hold a device like you hold a book. - Cliff Gerrish
You've just added millions of dollars to the cost to developr the National Geogrpahic product though Rob and doubled its retail price - Mark
Agree, Cliff. Like in bed. Could be called "curlupwithableness." - Amyloo
what's the hash tag for this show? - Vezquex
Low cost content for iTablets will be the big story. - Cliff Gerrish
The Tablet is a real-time device. real-time web, interactions, experiences. - Rob La Gesse
raphael, we normally don't do hash tags -- feel free to make one up. - Cliff Gerrish
To add all that interactivity to one issue of the hundreds of issues of the magazine is going to cost just a fortune. - Mark
raphael - i have done a twitter search using #gillmor, #gillmorgang - Chris Jackson
Make the interactive content a "wiki" and crowd source the content. - Rob La Gesse
Rob - Thanks for the clarification - Kenny
Interactivity will come through mashing up existing streams. - Cliff Gerrish
wow - friendfeed seems really sluggish at the moment. - Chris Jackson
but hash tags are dead anyway, right? - Vezquex
Problem with the Wiki is National Geographic are not going to want potentially false tables and charts poppping up on their products - Mark
raphael, mostly they're just spam magnets. - Cliff Gerrish
The real question is how many subscription fees are consumers going to be able handle? - Cliff Gerrish
Thats what scares me about news sites charging, I visit dozens of news sites a day, imagine if they all charged? We are talking hundreds of bucks a month. - Mark
Scoble wants a laptop? - Vezquex
Everyone is talking about a OLED screen for this device. - Jim Posner
uh ok ;) - Kenny
It was a nice, cool breeze. - Vezquex
Iphone screen is simply too small to read for long periods of itme. - Mark
Apple seems to be negotiating with a wide variety of publishers. - Cliff Gerrish
that's why devices like the kindle are popular, for their convenience. they are NOT a better reading experience - Kenny
More use spaces, than cases? - Amyloo
Look at the size of it; its a freaking joke. - Mark
The multimedia content business (the old CD-ROM) has become the game business. - Cliff Gerrish
Keen's right, we haven't fully understood how to write hypertext yet. - Cliff Gerrish
yes, HTML must kill PDF once and for all. - Vezquex
it's not 'smallness' in size thats wrong with iPod screen, it's pixel count. very high pixel density wins - Kevin Marks
Keen is hyper :P - Susan Beebe
When hardware sells lots, people announce numbers of sales. When they are not good enough, they are reluctant. - Mark
Fully agree that Android and Kindle are forcing Apple to innovate - Kenny
my digital camera has a higher resolution lcd screen than my iphone. - Mark
You can put links in PDFs, and the Kindle has native support for PDFs now, doesn't it? - Amyloo
and it cost me £100. - Mark
Kevin - I don't care how many pixels you squeeze onto an iPhone or any phone's screen these devices are too small for a good reading experience - Kenny
wow, guess cameras have gotten a lot better in the last year - Vezquex
Pixels are a must for high quality video - huge use case for iTablet - Susan Beebe
Will there be yet another telecom subscription fee associated with the apple device? - Jim Posner
Another thing then which extra pixels wont help with the iphone. Bending your neck down to read the book because you hold it withotu extending your arms and tiring them. I hold books at a different angle. - Mark
There was e-readers before kindle. - Mark
The Kindle is like the original GameBoy. A mass-market classic. - Vezquex
Jim, word is that the bandwidth will be built into the download price of the products. - Cliff Gerrish
Sony had 3 or 4 models out 2 years before Amazon launched. - Mark
Mark - But those e-readers didn't make it easy to get a book - it's soo easy on a kindle - Kenny
Time Warner is promoting 4G in Hawaii. Is 4G being deployed now for the Tablet? - Arnie Klaus
You just dragged a book you bought at the Sony site onto the memory card. Its not rocket science. - Mark
a new Apple TV would be very smart right now - Susan Beebe
scoble's talk just then reminds me of what the Xerox Parc people were demoing in the 70's - a personal tag that allowed you to move from office to office and the screen that was local changed to be your desktop - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Why? because the APple TV has been super successful the first two times they tried it ? - Mark
Mark - True, but I can buy a book without having to drag anything - The kindle just made it easier and the next devices will just get better and better - kindles, tablets whatever they may be - Kenny
how about a double-hinged laptop so it's easier to hold and read? - Vezquex
How about just buying a book and reading it? I still like that. Reading books ftw. - Mark
Whatever's next from from Apple will be a descendant of the iPhone, not the laptop. - Cliff Gerrish
lol - Kenny
Wonʻt gestures on the tablet create the differentiation of what is cool and what is keyboard. - Arnie Klaus
Just seems crazy to spend a fortune on a reading device before you can read a page of a book. Just go to the damn store and buy some books and read em. - Mark
Virtualization of the keyboard is one of the problems will have to be solved. - Cliff Gerrish
Audio-Visual will carry the day...reading will be for quick snippets. Content will be multimedia - Arnie Klaus
Steve, how does Google control the music industry? - Vezquex
Gilmor can be a cranky old man sometimes :) - Kenny
cranky old man all the time ;) - Tyler Gillies
Yup. Old Git. - Mark
whats comcast? - Tyler Gillies
Buying will be a background function for the utility of our desires. - Arnie Klaus
spotify is going to piss off the american internet pipes - so much traffic now that they are being blocked like Napster was - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
i like grooveshark - Tyler Gillies
lala - Kenny
yup - lala will be used to stream your music to the tablet - Kenny
Spotify is a p2p service: not a lot of people know that - Mark
Haha, that will be interesting, bear. And doubly so, since the US generally has slower connections (especially upload) than Europe. - Vezquex
The new beta of Boxee is awesome - Kenny
Comcast and Time Warner wll buy 4g from verision and keep their subscribers - Arnie Klaus
you're forgetting the concert revenue, artist producerswill always have these revenues - Frédérick 2 Baro
When you think about it, the kindle looks like crap. - Mark
ahh the feel of media - Arnie Klaus
theres no normal people on this call - Tyler Gillies
Scoble, the Kindle's advantage is battery life. - Vezquex
Nope, we're all freaks and monsters. - Mark
Haha, "you're a geek!" - beersage
Robert is right. "Normal" people aren't doing the stuff that geeks are. - Matt M (inactive)
I practice normalcy! - Arnie Klaus
i forgot how epic friendfeed was for realtime video comentary - Tyler Gillies
haha steve said penetration - Tyler Gillies
I think microsft is rising with a lot of touchscreens and apps.. - Frédérick 2 Baro
Friendfeed is a bit slow today. The pipes are clogged. - Mark
Agree with Steve. Geek normal will be normal normal before long. - Amyloo
Who is showing that video of a table? What is that? - Matt M (inactive)
Comcast and Clear are competing in Philadephia area for 4G coverage - along with the new Sprint and soon TMobile - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
yeah geek just means normal trailblazer - Tyler Gillies
MS Surface Technology is awesome - Susan Beebe
go robert, go robert, go robert! - Tyler Gillies
I'm more impressed by the 5-screen studio. This is pretty much like any chat room. - Vezquex
Unfortunately, Steve Ballmer has lost sense of how to wow customers - Susan Beebe
I don't think there will be that much "magic" for this tablet. Not much more then we can do now - especially if the thing will cost $800 - Kenny
Robert do you think video will be on the Tablet front or back or both ? - Frédérick 2 Baro
The air was the precursor waiting for other new technologies. - Arnie Klaus
I need more toys!!! - Paul Sherer
Generation moves accross less than two generation you can have gap between two generations with 2years distance - Frédérick 2 Baro
Kevin's right. That'll keep the geeks happy to have their keyboard, but the rest will use the surface. - Ian McGee
Steve will give it to select schools to seed the rave that scoble is talking. - Arnie Klaus
Frederick; I don't know. That's why we'll have to wait until Wednesday. - Robert Scoble
Wonder how long it is before asus comes out with the poor man's version of the apple device. - Jim Posner
have you seen star wars crawl for html5? - Tyler Gillies
Asus might beat Apple to market if the tablet isn't coming out for a few months. - Vezquex
I'd care a lot more about not having Flash on a tablet than I care about not having it on a phone - Amyloo
tablet must have flash or it's an iFAIL - Susan Beebe
Flash will compile to Obj-C in the new Flash studio, so it won't matter. - Vezquex is Flash implemented in javascript + SVG - Kevin Marks
All you need is PDF -- can have links, audio, right in it. - Amyloo
it doesn't matter that Asus will beat it to market. I was selling 1/4-inch thick NEC tablets in 2002. - Robert Scoble
The other advantage of PDF, back to the magazines discussion, is that's the standand output to give to printers. - Amyloo
"A year head start." Imagine what that actually means given the speed of innovation. - Cliff Gerrish
@amyloo PDF is less than HTML - paginated, inflexible, proprietary - Kevin Marks
ASUS CEO-Shih thinks it would be premature to release a tablet today and predicts the devices will not be successful until there are easily accessible online stores of books, music, videos, games and other content tailored to the form factor. "Content is still not attractive enough today to the customer," he said. "We have those kind of devices in our labs but we are watching to see... more... - Jim Posner
sweet. apps. - Tyler Gillies
Families producing content for each other really plays to the strength of the iLife suite. - Cliff Gerrish
Kevin, agree. But I work for a magazine and we already have PDFs. It would be not very time consuming to add the interactivity. - Amyloo - Paul Sherer
Right Kevin do you think we will have video calling on it - Frédérick 2 Baro
The facial recognition stuff built in to iPhoto will probably be used to identify users - multi-user devices. Camera on the front. - Cliff Gerrish
@amyloo does your magazine not have a website? - Kevin Marks
what do you think the price point will be - Tyler Gillies
google never shares a part of his market , he will never share with amazon - Frédérick 2 Baro
This silverlight on the iphone thing is getting tired. Microsoft has an h264 streaming platform - big deal. It's not the same as shipping .NET on the phone. - Matt M (inactive)
they don't need too put silverlight on iphone, it already works very well - Frédérick 2 Baro
aaaand Gillmor plays the CoCo card. - Vezquex
fred: how? - Tyler Gillies
yup, we do, but not full articles online yet for the magazine, just for our 10 newsletters -- no true integration of print-web process (non-profit) - Amyloo
I don't watch TV either - I use ONLY demand based media products - screw old media - Susan Beebe
i don't even own a "TV" - Tyler Gillies
ok with steve the next is real time chatting plus video - Frédérick 2 Baro
Do people care about liner notes anymore? Does anyone have a close connection to their music at all? - Matt M (inactive)
people are very dedicated to music listening. - Vezquex
Have people abandoned the the lowly PC. I just bought a new PC to do HD video editing..something I will never do on all the devices discussed today. - Jim Posner
@tyler the iphone seems to work very very well without any flash or sylverlight why bother - Frédérick 2 Baro
Listening, yeah, but what about extras like liner notes? - Matt M (inactive)
jim, what kind of video do you do? - Amyloo
tap tap revenge is wicked smart use case - Susan Beebe
liner notes? haha i haven't bought a cd in years - Tyler Gillies
We need virtual goods portability! So you can buy an item and use it within multiple apps. - Vezquex
looking to do documentary video..long tail stuff..Austin specific initiially. - Jim Posner
The internet is no longer the 'content reuse' medium -- it's flipped, now it's the primary medium, every other medium is a re-release platform. - Cliff Gerrish
good point, Cliff - Vezquex
wow, good one cliff - Tyler Gillies
Steve i don't think black and white applications can succed ... - Frédérick 2 Baro
clliff - the internet is the guttenburg press :) pumping out content!! - Susan Beebe
really interesting work going on with Red Camera..I think more technically interesting than Apple..Pushing extremely expensive video tech down to individuals rather than large production companies. - Jim Posner
what is going to be the youtube for audio content or news or mixed-media? i.e. the place for everyone to post and be found that isn't controlled by the corporations. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
There has not been a definitive documentary on SXSW. Maybe I can work with Robert on getting it done. :-) - Jim Posner
bear: why not youtube? - Tyler Gillies
Oddly, YouTube one of the best for audio. Usually the poster slaps on a static image or a short slide show for the video. Many sites offer hosting with a built-in player, including Soundcloud, The Sixty One, and Last.FM. - Vezquex pro song recorded on iPHone. - Robert Scoble was my son Andrew's recording lat night - Kevin Marks
There are supposed to be a number of iLife announcements -- those are the family/professional production tools. - Cliff Gerrish
robert: friendfeed ftw ;) - Tyler Gillies
yes, steve, it won't be wisdom of the crowd, it will be wisdom of the talented (not necessarily connected)...ask AJK - Paul Sherer
yes, steve, it won't be wisdom of the crowd, it will be wisdom of the talented (not necessarily connected)...ask AJK - Paul Sherer
Gilmortopianism :-) - Jim Posner
Robert & Kevin - cool :) - Susan Beebe
this show is sublime geekery - Vezquex
Talent will continue to get paid. This may give them a path within the real-time Network. - Cliff Gerrish
love the discussion on ideas rather than product details. - Jim Posner
the intersection of the horizontal and the vertical will be 1) a cool mess to work in and 2) dominated by curation sites to help people navigate that mess - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
like cut-paste on iPhone - Vezquex
"Cause" based efforts will embrace mobile technologies like iTablet for sure!! - Susan Beebe
Thanks guys for another fabulous GG show :) - Susan Beebe
Great stuff everyone !! - Paul Sherer
although, not really ;) - Tyler Gillies
What's Silverlight? - Ken Sheppardson
"curation will save us all" was @hchamp's conclusion on last night - Kevin Marks
yes silverlight forget what version - Tyler Gillies
I have no idea! I'll install Silverlight if needed for this show. - Vezquex
Silverlight 3-4 (latest) - Paul Sherer
silverlight 3 on a VM'd Windows 7 install on my Mac Pro - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
No Silverlight on my mac. - Matt M (inactive)
FriendFeed has been buggy all day - Susan Beebe
Good show. Glad I had a chance to watch live. Seems to make a difference though can't think why. I think I still have Silverlight 2. - Amyloo
Yes, I have latest silverlight. - Robert Scoble
bye. excellent show today. - Vezquex
Silverlight 3.04 ver (on Win7 64bit) - Susan Beebe
That was a fun show, thanks for joining! - Robert Scoble
Thank you Robert - YOU made it fun :) - Susan Beebe
Good Show - C ya - Kenny
Not gonna install silverlight like my quixotic quest to not install air. - Paul E. Ester
Good show, production always getting better - Paul E. Ester
Great show! Silverlight 2 on my MacBookPro... updating to latest version now :) - Robert J Taylor
Enjoyed the show thanks. I was using Silverlight 3. - Hilary Talbot
What are Kindle media options beyond books? - Paul Sherer
Steve Gillmor
Will be live in a few minutes! - Robert Scoble
and just as i speak - there is video..... - Chris Jackson
I'm standing by waiting for call. - Robert Scoble
Brett Slatkin is our special guest, software engineer at Google on AppEngine. - Robert Scoble
cool, welcome Brett :) - Susan Beebe
waiting for a call here too B-) - Brett Slatkin
follow for correct b43 url - Steve Gillmor
Awesome, Go Brett! GAE and PubSubHubbub FTW! - Julien
Brett - will there be any mention of django in this segment? - Chris Jackson
There can be! Whatcha want to talk about with Django specifically? - Brett Slatkin
Any minute now. I just joined in. - Robert Scoble
Do test patterns still make sense in this "modern" world? - Bob Wyman
Hey Bob - Brett Slatkin
well - im new to django and the main reason to use django was so i can get femiliar with python so later on move to GAE. - Chris Jackson
It's on! Echo from @scobleizer :) - Julien
Brett Slatkin, Robert Scoble and Kevin Marks now on GillmorGang Live at: - Cliff Gerrish
Dave Winer :) - Susan Beebe
Are you still hearing an echo? I'm not. - Robert Scoble
No echo here. - Ken Sheppardson
audio is great here in philly - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Light pinging causes "thundering herds" - Bob Wyman
No more... - Julien
has he posted the fact that he's changed his mind? ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
@bear : he did :) - Julien
You don't. - Darren
Bear, it was on his blog. - Bob Wyman
oh poo - everytime I think I can make a fun/somewhat-snarky joke I get bit - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
PSHB is a great protocol... we've got some exciting real-time stuff coming out next week that uses it. - Matt M (inactive)
Hi Brett, Julien. - Darren
bear -- "It's often mentioned as the reason people prefer PubSubHubBub over rssCloud. By providing for a fat ping, we erase that advantage. Now the two methods are at least at parity, with an edge to rssCloud because, once CloudPipe is done, it will work for clients that are behind firewalls and NAT, and PSHB does not." -- - Ken Sheppardson
I want to know if there's going to be a cheesy RSSCloud video. - Cliff Gerrish
Who isn't blocked by him? Welcome to the crowd... - Bob Wyman
:D - Julien
I'm not, *ducks* :) - Susan Beebe
Yay! A lot of companies... and much more to come! - Julien
I like where he's going with this. :) - Darren
Cliff - is there a video for PubSub?? - Chris Jackson
Chris, this one is the best: - Matt M (inactive)
Julien :) - Susan Beebe
Brett : we're just starting to see Netvibes hooks at Superfeedr for Tumblr and Posterous's hubs :) - Julien
rssCloud is still *different* in that it addresses pumping data through firewalls. However, there are many (including myself) that consider that a "bug" not a feature. PSHB is server to server protocol and leaves that server to client protocol as a distinct question. Thus, PSHB systems can integrate with long-polls, XMPP, WebSocket, etc. -- whatever is best for the specific application.... more... - Bob Wyman
yea - suprfeeder! - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Julien - coool ;) - Susan Beebe
Nice. - Darren
yup... I wonder what Greader is doing now :) - Julien
I use XMPP to consume PSHB pings with AppEngine, behind my firewall. It's about 10 lines of code on GAE. - Matt M (inactive)
Yes! mistakes : undifferentiated callback url ! - Julien
agreed - having the same callback url for multiple streams is the worst - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Matt - is the xmpp support included in GAE? and do you have a url with the 10 lines of code?? - Chris Jackson
Diff'ing is atcually the hardest thing I think - Julien
We tell them :) - Julien is the basic client I've set up.. I should zip up the source and put it up there. - Matt M (inactive)
thnx - Chris Jackson
yes, please - Ward Mundy
Chris, xmpp on AppEngine is amazingly simple. I've worked with xmpp for many years and still can't get over how easy the GAE made it to use. - Bob Wyman is another example, source on github - Julien
RSS + PubSubHubbub should be _hidden_ from the end user... - Julien
@Julien absolutely! User shouldn't even know the stuff is there. - Bob Wyman
Does the NY Times use PSHB for their feeds? - Cliff Gerrish
No but I'm Julien would be happy to help them out. - Darren
I'm sure happy to help :) - Julien
Do they want to be helped out? - Cliff Gerrish
We haven't even begun to see what the real-time applications are. This is like the web was back in 1993... You ain't seen nothing yet. - Bob Wyman is putting PubSubHubbub at the core of its new redesign. I think it's an interesting usecase - Julien
Absolutely. We generally see ~90% reduction in polling infrastructure costs. - Darren
@Darren ; can I reuse that number? - Julien
Definitely. - Darren
I put that source up for the PSHB<->XMPP gateway on GAE: - Matt M (inactive)
We're working on some great prototype for PBP on sports sites. - Julien
It's just a minimal gateway example.. Julien's example or push-bot is more appropriate if you want a more pleasant experience. - Matt M (inactive)
I'm on Skype now, sorry for the lateness, traffic hosed me - Kevin Marks
Think of all the "mobile" apps on phones that are basically just "alerting" apps of one kind or another. Once we have a general infrastructure we'll see a tremendous number of specialized feeds being generated at vastly lower cost than what it takes to build this stuff today. - Bob Wyman
Kevin :) - Susan Beebe
Is Apple's notification platform built on Jabber? - Matt M (inactive)
nothing prevents PSHB from being another endpoint on an xmpp/amqp messaging backend - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
OMB + Salmon + WebFinger + Activity Streams = A Beautiful Thing - Darren
@Matt --yes, it uses xmpp (modern name for jabber) - Bob Wyman
video can be done in the same was as jingle is done - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
@Matt : nope... it's webhooks based - Julien
@Bob... oh, maybe I'm wrong - Julien
Julien, now if were intelligible re: installation, setup for geeky, but not ubertechie, users. - Karoli
Would love to see YouTube PUSH. - Darren
@Bob - oops.. I keep slipping back to the Jabber name. :) - Matt M (inactive)
RT @Darren : Would love to see YouTube PUSH :) - Julien
Robert - Google profile idea is awesome :) - Susan Beebe
@Robert : feed readers could already indicated that, because they know what feed is hubbub-enabled - Julien
If Google Reader implemented PubSubHubbub, they could show that! - Julien
Today, we have the "web browser" which is a general tool for polling data resources. It seems reasonable to assume that in the future, we'll end up with yet-another-app which is the general tool for handling push data. Some startup will have great fun inventing that general push-client application. Today, most push apps require custom code. In the future, we'll use common apps to handle *all* feeds. - Bob Wyman
Bob - isn't that kinda what google wants to do with Wave? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Yes, Cliqset does that as well. - Darren
Bob Wyman : isn't it what Seesmic/Tweetdeck will eventually build? - Julien
It's a shame that email is so fragmented and busted... IMAP already does all this stuff reasonably well. :) - Matt M (inactive)
Mike, Julien, etc. Yes, just like there were many hypertext readers before TBL's took over the world. (I even had one....) Many people are trying to figure out what the push thing will look like. Somebody is going to figure it out, but I don't think they've done it yet. - Bob Wyman
Bob - I remember the days before Mosaic and all of the protocol soup that was required to navigate the 'net back then - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Louis is a smart cookie :) - Susan Beebe
@Mark : TwitterFeed is a PubSubHubbub subscriber so that works too - Julien
I think real-time push is going to be blocked on WebSocket adoption. Long-polling HTTP is hard to do right. - Matt M (inactive)
YELL LOUDER :) - Susan Beebe
Matt, what on earth would the benefit be of blocking real-time push? that makes no sense - Karoli
@Brett : send them real-time pings every 10 seconds :) - Julien
Karoli, I meant blocked from a software-development point of view, waiting for browsers to support this universally. - Matt M (inactive)
Matt, not really. They'll work together. Server-to-Server PUSH, Server to UserAgent Websockets, Long polling, etc. - Darren
@Matt, Long polling has been surprisingly hard. I think it really became widely known back in '98 or '99 and there has even been the mod-pubsub module for Apache since about that time -- but, it was still too hard. WebSocket will definitely make all this vastly easier! - Bob Wyman
I've wanted to work with long-polling for a while, but it's so finicky and hard to get right. Jetty and Apache support that stuff with a bit of configuration, but it's never hit a critical mass and become as easy as bog-standard HTTP. - Matt M (inactive)
Brett : stop moving from left to right, you're making me sea sick :: - Julien
matt - switch to nginx ;) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Sorry my chair was being weirdo - Brett Slatkin
:D - Julien
@bear - I've been eyeing Node.js a bit lately for that one ;) But it's definitely hard to find infrastructure that supports push over HTTP well - and each one has its own way of doing things. - Matt M (inactive)
Julien & Brett LOL :D - Susan Beebe
matt - node.js? you may have the same browser issues as you would if you went to websockets now - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Check out the first version of Nexus One's logo! (correct link) - Miguel
PSHB + Salmon + WebFinger - Bob Wyman
agree completely - WebFinger + xrds and then PSHB + Salmon - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Push is hard in the browser right now, but I hope that with one canonical push-capable websocket standard we'll start to see better support across the board for proxies to pass it through, as well as some standard patterns for dealing with it on the server side. - Matt M (inactive)
Google Profile - could be master social profile ...hmmm - Susan Beebe
@Susan... "Google Profile" will only be *one* of many profile services. The cool thing about WebFinger is that it allows users to choose between many different "profile" providers that are all discoverable in the same way. - Bob Wyman
Yes! - Darren
Evan doesn't use FriendFeed :-) - Ken Sheppardson FTW! - Julien
Love that Scoble idea. WOW! - David Damore
Bob - cool :) - Susan Beebe
We need these to be broadcast for us right coasters :( - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Julien - what is FTW ? - Chris Jackson
Chris - For The Win (YAY!) - Susan Beebe
:) - oh - im getting old... - Chris Jackson
hehe - Susan Beebe
Mobile will be a big driver for "real-time" data. Is it raining? Is my bus late? Is there a traffic jam ahead? Do I have new email? Is there news since I left the office? Has the meeting started? Is Gilmore on live? This is all stuff you want to know when you're walking around. - Bob Wyman
Palm Pre - LOL ... what's that?! :) - Susan Beebe
Palm CEO is a dork - I've never used an iPhone - FAIL ... no wonder Palm is dying DOH! - Susan Beebe
Google Contact sync on the iPhone/Android is a huge win for me. Mail, Calendar and Contacts are the big things I need on the phone all the time - they are always up to date. - Matt M (inactive)
Use Google contacts EVERY day... would love a nexus one phone. I use the 'exchange' feature on iPhone for push with my gContacts - Susan Beebe
We already use Twitter to make phone calls through Google Voice. Works great. - Ward Mundy
Oh yea, I don't get google voice on my iPhone either Grrr - Susan Beebe
@Susan, ditto. I started using the Facebook contact picture sync too. - Matt M (inactive)
What's funny is that all my facebook friend's pictures ended up getting pushed back into google contacts. :) - Matt M (inactive)
Matt - same here FB sync is cool - Susan Beebe
Somebody's going to have to break up the Google monopoly of open source social networking developers... - Ken Sheppardson
Ken, working on that... - Kevin Marks
Hah... nice, Kevin :-) - Ken Sheppardson
LOL --> "way above my paygrade" :) nice - Susan Beebe
Is heavily used? After Twitter and Facebook integration, it seems like a good idea for a third-place 3rd-party integration bit for startups - Matt M (inactive)
/me hides his Seesmic badge - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Google should buy Seesmic / ... great idea - Susan Beebe
That is, Facebook has a head start. - Ken Sheppardson
@bear : I can't be the only advocate for PubSubHubbub at Seesmic :) - Julien
We MUST have open protocols to ensure that no one can "own" your data. Where you put your data should be based on who gives you the best service, not just who you accidently gave it to first -- and you should be able to move your data whenever you want. The key is open protocols. - Bob Wyman
Julien - oh, trust me - i've been bending some ears on that :) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Errrr.... WebFinger doesn't actually require an "email address." Its just that that is what people will normally use. - Bob Wyman
Is Cliqset building their system on a Google-acquisition-target-friendly platform? - Ken Sheppardson
you should be able to use a JID for webfinger - right? - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Bob webfinger wants an email-like identifier; facebook doesn't have one. FB, twitter have url-like IDs - Kevin Marks
@Kevin Right. It is "email-like" but not necessarily actually an email identifier. - Bob Wyman
How has this conversation gone on for nearly an hour without any Apple tablet speculation? Y'all call yourself tech experts? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
It's old news Ken - Brett Slatkin
one of the reasons I like this show - it's not a mirror of "mainstream" tech news - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
The code name for tablet is 'phone.' - Cliff Gerrish
BTW, is there any bubblegum left, Brett? - Ken Sheppardson
Should eBay it. - Ken Sheppardson
Feature creep - love that :) -- Not sure about homogeneous app platform either - Susan Beebe
Best part about having Robert on the show is the random holding up of stuff. - Ken Sheppardson
The future of app development for mobile is Appcelerator and Phonegap and other stuff that paves over the differences. - Matt M (inactive)
Ken: :-) - Robert Scoble
web apps is the answer? - Tim Jones
My Apple mouse has no buttons. :-) - Robert Scoble
Yeah, HTML5 - Ken Sheppardson
i agree with matt on that. appcelerator, phonegap & rhomobile should win because they're built on the open web. - Josh Fraser
Web apps is a very good answer, Tim. HTML5 et al - Kevin Marks
This is like the effect the Apple Human Interface Guidelines had on GUI / HCI for personal computing. - Cliff Gerrish
Developing different apps for iPhone, Android, Palm webOS, et al is like having to develop different apps for Firefox, Chrome, IE, etc - Ken Sheppardson
Yea, I have 200 bucks in iPhone apps...ouch, plus the 500 bucks for the 3GS and the contract - Susan Beebe
We'll see more of "apps" that run in the cloud which have their interfaces running on devices. Apps will be independent of interfaces. iPhone, Android, Palm, etc. "apps" will be just interfaces to common back-end apps. - Bob Wyman
17% smartphone penetration only, more users coming online not tied down yet - Tim Jones
@Josh - yeah, exactly.. it's like a web app+ (the plus being access to optional per-platform features) - Matt M (inactive)
this has been a great show...gotta run. - Karoli
Bob: Sure, but the interface should to some extent be a function of the app, not the platform. I want gmail to look like gmail... the same interface... independent of which 3" touch-screen device I'm using. - Ken Sheppardson
writing web apps for different browsers is now becoming trivial, but it's also taken us 10 years to get here. i wonder how much faster that will happen on the mobile web. - Josh Fraser
iPhone developers tell me that Android is easier to build apps for - Susan Beebe
Native iPhone and Android apps both require learning a platform first, which kind of sucks. - Matt M (inactive)
Josh - I think it will be MUCH faster - cell phone adoption has grown faster than computer adoption ever did - and it has also made drastic advances on a faster timeline. - Rob La Gesse
Would be slick if there were cross-platform standards for the device APIs, so my HTML5 app could just access GPS functionality, for example, and not care whether I'm on android or iphone or something else. - Ken Sheppardson
IMHO: in 10 years, phones will ship with pico projectors and virtual keyboards/mice. - Matt M (inactive)
Ken, your HTML5 app can do that - see geo.js - Kevin Marks
@rob, i agree. it largely depends on how long it takes for apple to open up.... which probably depends on how well the nexus does on sales. - Josh Fraser
was UI a part in selling baziilion RAZRs? - Tim Jones
@matt 10 years??? how about 2-5? - Josh Fraser
Keyboards and mice may not be a primary interaction model in 10 years. - Cliff Gerrish
GREAT SHOW :) - Susan Beebe
Ok that's amazing! got roughly 20 emails from people listening to the show! - Julien
Cliff, maybe - but there are always times where you can't interact verbally with your phone (classroom, meeting setting, bathroom ;)). - Matt M (inactive)
Come along to on tonight - Kevin Marks
Best of luck Julien ;) - Susan Beebe
I'm thinking Natal. - Cliff Gerrish
that was fun. nice job guys. - Josh Fraser
Natal for mobile? - Matt M (inactive)
Kevin: Now if they could just shove contacts, calendars, camera, etc into HTML5, we'd be set (ala - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks for watching everyone! - Brett Slatkin
Thanks for the great show, all... interesting as usual. - Matt M (inactive)
I think Palm made the best initial choice for a mobile platform overall betting on web-style apps. You can't do everything in HTML/JS, but you can do a *lot*. - Matt M (inactive)
Brett - Thank YOU - great show :) - Susan Beebe
Missed it again. One of these days I'll set this show straight on RSSCloud!! ; ) - Matt Terenzio
I remember when everyone would complain because it would take Steve 2 weeks to post a show to the RSS feed. Now I just sit back and wait 10 days till it hits the bootleg feed and am grateful for what I can get :) - Christian Burns
★ Soner Gönül
Robert Scoble
A better Web dev tool for Corporate Apps, Part I -
A better Web dev tool for Corporate Apps, Part I
Robert Scoble
Pearltrees introduces cool new UI to web -
Pearltrees introduces cool new UI to web
Hacker News
Create HTML Form in Seconds -
AJ Batac
Volume up! - AJ Batac
that's really cool - Chris Heath
This is brilliant! - Son of Groucho
That... was... AWESOME! - Jeremy˚H
Very Creative! - Don Bonaddio
john otjen
Autotune Andy from Catalyst Enjoy!
Autotune Andy from Catalyst Enjoy!
WOW: 4.1 Billion SMS Messages Are Sent Daily -
Google Developers
RT @jasonsalas: RT @bear: Fwd: Best explanation of Google Wave I've seen so far: (I love these animated breakdowns!)
RT @jasonsalas: RT @bear: Fwd: Best explanation of Google Wave I've seen so far: (I love these animated breakdowns!)
Hacker News
Create and share diagrams by writing sentences -
interesting. - Chris Jackson
Robert Scoble
Cool use of Microsoft Surface table at Gnomedex -
Cool use of Microsoft Surface table at Gnomedex
this will bring back the "table" gaming experience. It'll be cool to play Monopoly on steroids with this, or RPG games, omg. - Gubatron
This is what we call "Card Sex." - Robert Scoble
When I see so much people gathered around a demo, it reminds me of how people gathered around Steve & Steve with their first Apple computer (at least as in Pirates of Sillicon Valley). This technology let's hope it'll one day have a price like that of a TV and that everyone can have one of these in the living room. Good bye coffee tables. - Gubatron
Instead of having tea.. I will spend my whole evening playing with the table.. :) - Hameedullah Khan
Card sex :) - The Comic Project
It's a great pickup line. Well, at least it worked at Gnomedex. :-) - Robert Scoble
I've look at those and it seems like you could replace 95% of the apps they run on them with a random iPhone game you would have more fun on it. - Sam Pullara
Tim Hoeck
Announcing the Glass Platform:
Who would possibly want this? - Vezquex
Not me, but I don't even have a desk phone at work, haven't for years, nor do I want one. - Andy Bakun
I think at home, if it is hooked up to a media center, or other home controls, it would be nice! - Tim Hoeck
Robert Scoble
scottkarp: I'm sorry Twitter search is a joke. Can't search further back then a few weeks. It's not just about real-time, it's a permanent record. -
could not agree more...why I have never actually used their search. - Braden Douglass
Twitter needs to technically fix the search instead of decorating it. - Ashish from iPhone
Maybe they could acquire a third party search service... - Ken Sheppardson
Maybe they could just start taking this shit seriously? - Andy Bakun
my tweets have disappeared off the public search timeline since the DoS attacks. Twitter's a free service and customer service reflects it... - Sherrie Rose
Twitter has been a joke for two years. Problem is too many people enjoy using it. It's a shame people didn't move away from twitter. Pity for those people. - Richard A.
Totally agreed. I had a personal hash-tag for so many tweets just so that I could maintain some records.All are gone now :( - Sujay
Despite all the problems I do like that I can narrow my search geographically. That is something I wish I could do with FriendFeed. I would also like to search for new friends geographically. - Skyler Call
Otto wins! If it's something worth saving, blog it, or put it somewhere that's yours, not Twitter's, or Tumblr's or anyone else's. Oye... - Mike Lewis
Why are you sorry that a product you're not responsible for is a joke? - Trent Hamm
What Twitter did to their search earlier in the Spring was a huge surprise to me as I used it regularly. The changes they made did not raise much of a huff then, so my read was that few people understand and make use of these search capabilities. While the friendfeed search has room for growth which we may not see now with the buyout, it is clearly one of the main reasons I decided to make this my social media home. - Richard Reeve
Once in a while I think to myself how much data does the Internet want to keep, and why does it matter. Wouldn't it be better if there was a national library online that wasn't putting a load on the Internet from keeping so much useless data (which Twitter mostly has, BTW...) - David Libby
My sense is that the dross is an inevitable by product, and what one might consider dross might be valuable to another for very different reasons, some of which we might not even recognize yet. Regardless of the system, I'm for archiving the entire unfolding transcript... - Richard Reeve
Is FF search really much better? Trying to find things older than a few days or weeks is damn near impossible. - Brian Sullivan
Brian, while FF only returns about 630 or items back, once you apply searches by keyword, that is more than enough to get you back all the way to the beginning of your Twitter, etc. record kept within FF. And that is the value, Otto, that before you could use Twitter as a very handy, "self-tagging" (by way of your tweet context) bookmark repository, etc. Sometimes you do want to find out what (specific) people said during a given conference, during a major event, sentiment trends over time, etc. etc. - Alex Schleber
@Otto42, agreed that you should be able to opt out for privacy reasons, then again, you already sort of can by protecting your updates (granted that won't get your old tweets out of Twitter Search & FF, etc. databases). - Alex Schleber
Amazing iPhone app lets you measure distance using echoes (and it works too)
It's amazing... - Yunus YAMANER (CITRIL)
Well I just bought it :) I love experimental apps like this! - CannonGod
its very cool but its not working on my iPhone 3G :-( - FullSite
strange, it worked for me alex - Zee.
This is one I would like. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Things like this and the audio spectrum analyzer make the iPhone look like such a cool tech toy. - Kevin L
WFM, need low background noise, didn't work in noisy starbucks - mjc
maybe in the future blind people will take advantage of this technology? - FullSite
There is a similar app called PocketMeter. Does anybody know which one is better? - Barışnikov from iPhone
Kevin Fox
Social Media Revolution -
Social Media Revolution
I liked the video so I took a look at his site. Also interesting so I check out his book. Looks good (& I've got an Amazon gift certificate), so I go to order... and it's not available for Kindle. Huh. - Karen
MG Siegler
Facebook 3.0 May Be The Most Useful App On The iPhone Yet -
Facebook 3.0 May Be The Most Useful App On The iPhone Yet
Facebook 3.0 May Be The Most Useful App On The iPhone Yet
I'm waiting for the FaceBook app for the Android phone. I thought I heard it was in the works. - Chris Jackson
This thing makes me think how much mobile app dev of soc net tools will drive (and, actually for someb is already driving) smartphone sales. It's obvious, but this makes it so clear. Thnx - Alberto D'Ottavi from fftogo
Yes, but when will we *get it*? - Brett Kelly
I hope Spotify release their app on Cydia if Apple rejects it. What a great reason for millions of people to jailbreak their phones. :) - Jamie Cansdale
Those admins from hell kicked me off of facebook. - James Michael Mike DuPont
Looking forward to this, three weeks until available? - Joe Dawson
Taking ages isn't it! I've been refreshing the app store a couple of times a day hoping for it to arrive. Dont even use Facebook that much, just wanna play with the update :) - Simon Wicks
The current app is just dreadful. - Derrick
Dead serious…If this robot’s speed and accuracy doesn’t scare you just a little. Maybe you’re not human…?
Picture 36.png
Dan Hsiao
YouTube - The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web -
YouTube - The Secret Behind The Real-Time Web
Happy to finally share Ross and my secret project for the summer! :D - Dan Hsiao from Bookmarklet
this is super cool. i love all the amazing little details like the lego man raising his arms before they first hoist the FF logo! and many more. - Christopher Chung
Your summer project was to make a two-minute stop-action Lego video? - Rebecca Sun
That said, it was RAD! - Rebecca Sun
Cool! - Anne Bouey
Rebecca, that was just the secret project, on top of Ross's other work. :-) - Kevin Fox
Rebecca, yes, that's all I did all summer. Ross did some other work (as Kevin mentioned). ;) - Dan Hsiao
SOOO AWESOME!!! - Rachel Lea Fox
the awesomeness of this project is beyond words! - Alice Liu
aahh ahhhh awwwwesome - Christopher Chung
hey dan, think u guys can do an extended version? i was thinking something more along the lines of 15-20 minutes? - Christopher Chung
I had to watch it again! You both did a fantastic job on this. I had been wondering about the Lego table in the FF office. - Anne Bouey
TOO Cool! :) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Pretty neat. That probably took a lot of work - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Chris, if you ever come up with a good story and want to take a week off of work to do a longer one, let me know. ;) Just be prepared for much tediousness... (but it's well worth it!) - Dan Hsiao
finally! I'm impressed. it's amazing - Franc, a rememberer
Sam Soffes
Design Trends: 25 Of The Coolest iPhone APP Website Designs | Spyre Studios -
Scott Beale
All Natural Hot Dog, No Artificial Fillings -
All Natural Hot Dog, No Artificial Fillings
Martin Bryant
How to remove ads from Gmail with a few magic words – The Next Web -
How to remove ads from Gmail with a few magic words – The Next Web
"Annoyed by ads in Gmail? Here’s how to get rid of them. It has been discovered that by simply adding two sentences to the end of an email you can trick Gmail into hiding all ads." - Martin Bryant from Bookmarklet
Just curious, will quoting "I enjoy the massacre of ads. This sentence will slaughter ads without a messy bloodbath." fool AdSense too, or at least force it to display public service ads? - Sebastian
It's certainly worth a try, Sebastian! - Martin Bryant
this worked for me.... cool. - Chris Jackson
That's awesome! Now I don't have to see ads whenever I email myself. :) - Kevin Arth
LMAO Kevin! - Edward Zwart
Ryo - that's not as fun though! :) - Martin Bryant from iPhone
You know, this isn't working for me. I was joking above, but it only works for me if I email me. I put the phrase in my signature line thinking that if someone replies to me, gmail would still recognize it in my reply and continue to block, but that doesn't appear to be the case. - Kevin Arth
Toshiba to launch world's largest and fastest SD card -
Toshiba to launch world's largest and fastest SD card
"Toshiba has announced it will be launching a 64GB SDXC card, which they claim will be the world's fastest and largest SD card. The card boasts write speeds of 32MB per second and read speeds of 60MB per second, and is compliant with the latest SD memory standard. In addition to the 64GB SDXC, Toshiba also announced they would be releasing two more storage cards: a 32GB SDHC card and a 16GB SDHC card – and importantly, both offer the same speeds as the 64GB SDXC." - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Un;less i start taking 100meg shots , 64Gb is Waaayyyyyy too much - Roberto Bonini
What about HD video cameras that record to SD? :P - LANjackal from IM
Absolutely amazing! - David Cook
Mike Koehler
God of this City @ People's Church OKC -
God of this City @ People's Church OKC
wow this came from an OKC church..... Incredible.. God has plans for this city. - Chris Jackson
Robert Scoble
Demo of My6sense, personalized content for iPhones -
Demo of My6sense, personalized content for iPhones
Get my vote for worlds worst captcha when trying to create an account - Wayne Schulz
Wayne: The good news - In the nativeapp there is no captcha :-) - Barak Hachamov
Told you Scoble, its truly an amazing app! - Blonde 2.0
They named a feature after you. Nice compliment. Who's tried it and what do you think? - Michael Fidler
Michael - I've been on it for about 5 months and love it. It took a week or two of use to start seeing the really interesting stuff bubble up and it’s only gotten better since. The thing for new users is you’ve really got use it to see the magic. But if you’re interested I can highly recommend it, especially if you’re already using a feed aggregator then this is that on steroids.... more... - Richard Zaragoza
New AdWords Interface Walkthrough - Recorded Webinar -
New AdWords Interface Walkthrough - Recorded Webinar
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