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Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Tip: I use Google Reader a lot, and I'm lazy to select, copy and then paste on Evernote. So I just click on Email link in GReader and send the entire article/item to my Evernote email, then the article is pasted on my Evernote. It add two extra blue boxes, but no big deal. You can edit it later.
Excellent tip! WIN! - Bill Sodeman
This is almost how I use "like" on FF now, but I have it automated. Every day I have a feed that pulls my daily posts and comments/likes into Evernote. Then if I ever need to remember that thing I liked I can just look it up in Evernote search. Easier than trying to find it again on FF, especially with the 8-page limit. - Lindsay
@Lin-ZAY how do you do that? - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Leandro, I created a FeedBurner feed out of my post feed and another one out of my comments/likes feed. I set up the FeedBurner account to offer the email subscription option and then I subscribed to it with my personal email account (GMail). Then I set up filters in GMail to forward the emails to my Evernote email account. Wish I could skip that step but you have to confirm the FeedBurner email subscription. Works fine. I get two new notes every day with 24 hours worth of my activity. - Lindsay
awesome, thank you :) - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Lindsay, you can skip that step. If you subscribe with your Evernote email address, FeedBurner should send the confirmation email straight to Evernote. You can then follow the confirmation link in your new note. Thats how I've done it. Hope that helps :-) - David Adam
Oh, awesome, David! I never thought of that! - Lindsay
Cool, I just set it up your way, David. That actually opens up a lot of other interesting possibilities... I'm going to redirect some of the news letters and notifications I get to that address and also have my subscriptions sent there. I'm excited! - Lindsay
Glad I could help :-) - David Adam
Brilliant! - Mitch Wagner
Despite being a newbie Evernote-ster (I spent time during a holiday adapting my info-collecting habits to it), I had started doing this. Works great. - Rex Hammock
Many people, even Google Reader users, do not appreciate the full power of Google Reader. It is my central command post for managing a wide variety of information -- anything that can be channeled as feeds. - Sean McBride
I've found that GR doesn't handle feeds for comments on individual blog entries too well -- it skips some and displays them out of order. - Mitch Wagner
I've been doing this for a few weeks - it works fine! Great tip! - Bill Sodeman
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