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Being an entrepreneur is time consuming, highly challenging and often scary as hell, yet FANTASTICALLY REWARDING! #witness4yourself
A: Anger is a pain we'll do anything 2 alleviate...if we use that same passion 2 obtain our goals...success is imminent! #witness4yourself
F.A.I.L.S.-Frequently Applying Initiative Leads 2 Success! Never let failure destroy CONFIDENCE,use it 2 Build CHARACTER! #witness4yourself
When putting ur best effort forward doesn't seem 2 b working...pray, dig deeper and watch ur dreams come 2 pass! #witness4yourself #believe
If u want 2 be an entrepreneur and the venture ur about 2 embark on doesn't scare the hell out of u...think bigger! #witness4yourself
When life's obstacle's seem insurmountable, ur losing sight on how big ur GOD is! Let go! #witness4yourself
If u shoot for the stars, ur still thinking small, cause u can see stars...activate ur FAITH & shoot 4 what u can't see! #witness4yourself
If u shoot for the stars, ur still thinking small...cause u can see stars...activate ur FAITH and shoot 4 what u can't see! #witness
Simple tasks seem impossible, until u achieve them! Subtract complexity, apply tenacity & defeat obstacles between u & ur destiny! #witness
A wise wealthy man once said to me, Drew, in order to become rich, u have to make someone else richer. Think about it! #witness #success
Check out this tie knot! Let me know what u think? #Witness #bespoketailoring
Some people doubt ur abilities and multiplicities because they can't match ur complexity! #witness #success
True Strength is not measured by witnesses, but by the bearer of said strength. My point, Never let others define u! #witness4yourself
Are u dressed for the career u want or the job u have? You never get a 2nd chance at a 1st impression! #witness4yourself #success
Inner Strength is much like Inner can't witness either unless u get to know the person! #witness4yourself #success
Only the weak see a struggle before them as a roadblock! I see it as a means to demonstrate what i'm made of! #witness #healing #success
Fear of Failure! = Fear of Success! U must learn to fail in order to achieve any form of success!! #Witness #4yourself #Success
If ur the smartest person u know, u need new friends! Knowledge is "A" key to success, but growth is "THE" means to sustaining it! #Witness
If ur heart isn't in it, money is ur only reward! #Witness #success
To sustain life you must feed it! Feed ur mind and soul and your goals will follow! #Witness #success D's Book Club
What's life without Dreams? I pose the question, but truthfully i don't want to know!!! #dreamweaver #passion #love
If you up working while everyone is asleep, you're dedicated! If you're tired, yet loving're an Entrepreneur! #passion #Witness
The Entrepreneurial Spirit Drives Us to New Heights! Conceive, Create and Conquer! #entrepreneur #creativity #success
Your fashion depicts your status! Don't believe, witness 4 yourself! New Era website coming soon! #bespoketailoring #highsociety
Your fashion depicts your status! Don't believe me, witness 4 yourself! Stay tuned for a new fashion website coming soon!
define ur passion, unlock ur destiny!
Being Positive is a lifestyle, not just a state of mind. Practice daily and your life will transform into your thoughts!
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