GOD places seeds inside us, so we can pollinate others with our spirit! #speakurfaith #prosperityawaits Trust. Believe. Achieve.
RT @TheAPJournalist: Thank you, Robin Williams, for helping others feel joy. It is of great sadness that we could not do the same for you. https://twitter.com/TheAPJo...
U can't predict the outcome, but u can predict the in-come! In other words, what u put IN ur mind and soul, depicts what and who u beCOME!
FAITH allows you 2 see the miracles GOD has in store for you, not the distractions (hu)man has devised 2 destroy u! Trust. Believe. Achieve.
#speakurfaith #prosperityawaits Your dreams are GOD's vision for your life. You can either run toward it or away from it, it's ur free will!
#HOPE is having FAITH that GOD is Honoring Our Prayers Everyday! Trust. Believe. Achieve.
We think about our passions and dreams, but how often do we claim them out loud as if they already exist...#speakurfaith #prosperityawaits
Take a deep breath, if your chest moves...you're blessed today! #LifeisGood #youmaynotseeaway #butGODwillmakeaway #trustbelieveachieve
#GetWellSager Father GOD, i ask that your healing hands be placed on Mr. Sager...that he shall be made whole in the name of Jesus! Amen
Being an entrepreneur is time consuming, highly challenging and often scary as hell, yet FANTASTICALLY REWARDING! #witness4yourself
A: Anger is a pain we'll do anything 2 alleviate...if we use that same passion 2 obtain our goals...success is imminent! #witness4yourself
F.A.I.L.S.-Frequently Applying Initiative Leads 2 Success! Never let failure destroy CONFIDENCE,use it 2 Build CHARACTER! #witness4yourself
When putting ur best effort forward doesn't seem 2 b working...pray, dig deeper and watch ur dreams come 2 pass! #witness4yourself #believe
If u want 2 be an entrepreneur and the venture ur about 2 embark on doesn't scare the hell out of u...think bigger! #witness4yourself
When life's obstacle's seem insurmountable, ur losing sight on how big ur GOD is! Let go! #witness4yourself
If u shoot for the stars, ur still thinking small, cause u can see stars...activate ur FAITH & shoot 4 what u can't see! #witness4yourself
If u shoot for the stars, ur still thinking small...cause u can see stars...activate ur FAITH and shoot 4 what u can't see! #witness
Simple tasks seem impossible, until u achieve them! Subtract complexity, apply tenacity & defeat obstacles between u & ur destiny! #witness
A wise wealthy man once said to me, Drew, in order to become rich, u have to make someone else richer. Think about it! #witness #success
Check out this tie knot! Let me know what u think? #Witness #bespoketailoring http://twitter.com/dreamwe...
Some people doubt ur abilities and multiplicities because they can't match ur complexity! #witness #success
True Strength is not measured by witnesses, but by the bearer of said strength. My point, Never let others define u! #witness4yourself
Are u dressed for the career u want or the job u have? You never get a 2nd chance at a 1st impression! #witness4yourself #success
Inner Strength is much like Inner Beauty...you can't witness either unless u get to know the person! #witness4yourself #success
Only the weak see a struggle before them as a roadblock! I see it as a means to demonstrate what i'm made of! #witness #healing #success
Fear of Failure! = Fear of Success! U must learn to fail in order to achieve any form of success!! #Witness #4yourself #Success
If ur the smartest person u know, u need new friends! Knowledge is "A" key to success, but growth is "THE" means to sustaining it! #Witness
If ur heart isn't in it, money is ur only reward! #Witness #success
To sustain life you must feed it! Feed ur mind and soul and your goals will follow! #Witness #success D's Book Club http://twitter.com/dreamwe...
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