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Und, wie läufts im Sarkasmusikantenstadl?
Mona Nomura
11 Sexy Photos Totally Ruined by People in the Background http://www.11points.com/Dating-...
WIN! - TheHenry
The last one is the funniest, IMO. :-D - John (bird whisperer)
Scooby and Shaggy LOL - Mona Nomura
and Scooby Doo, if you pull through, you're gonna have yourself some Scooby snatch! - Big Joe Silenced
i got to check if i've ever ruined any sexy pp's lol - K.D.
The floater takes the cake. - Adrian
Ya that picture ALWAYS grosses me out. - Mona Nomura
I think some of these are totally photoshopped. - Mona Nomura
The one with the baby at the door just doesn't look real to me. - Kisha from BuddyFeed
the one with the little toddler locked out on the patio while mommy gives us a crotch shot (and i do believe it's real) really makes me upset. :| - Big Joe Silenced
omg ze floater - sean percival
wait is that hurley in the one on the right? - Sean Reiser
love the one from the right more..lol - Saad Kamal
Good cropping works wonders. - Lindsay
hmmmmmmm...yeahhhhhhh...hawwwwt - sofarsoShawn
the kid in the window....hysterical! - Kevin Pruett
that floater. O_o - Valley
Photobomb site is all about this meme :) - Hasitha from iPod
best ever ever - Luigi Centenaro
The floater one is truly disgusting and some of the ones involving kids are funny/maddening (having sex in the car with your kid in the backseat?! Really?!), but the creepy ginger kid behind Kate Beckinsale takes the cake. - Rebecca Sun
Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada.
Fair trade for them getting the good view of Niagara Falls I'd say. - invariant
frickin sweet! - BEX
LOL - Tibor Holoda
LOL! too funny. - John Blanton from twhirl
Heh. B. Kliban did a cartoon of this with their pants down. Good job on this, tho :-) - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
hahaha, that's funny! - freedom fighter mom from twhirl
What? There's another view? Please post. - Ken Morley
I'm pretty sure it's in the collection "Never Eat Anything Bigger Than Your Head", published back in the early/mid 70s. I know I've got it around here somewhere... - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
ROTFL, "the other side" - Roberto from fftogo
Hahaha. Awesome sight for 'em Canadians! - Santosh
face down and ass in the air! Love it! - John Hillestad
Cool, except anybody who's been to Mount Rushmore knows it faces east! So really this is the view from Wyoming. - Ben Hanten
Ben: Americans have never been known to have a sense of direction. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Hilarious :-D - Ace
Sarah Palin sees this from the other side of her house. - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ
awesome - Nick Humphries
ahahahahahahah - Adriano Mercurio
LMAO! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
lol ... yup that's just what we see from Canada ... a bunch of asses - jay macpherson
*access memory: Braveheart battle scene* - Mo Kargas
Too funny! - Mark Harai
Haha... I LOL'ed for real too. - Barbara
wiping away tears. rofl - Capn' One Eye - adrift
+1 Jay (not really true, but still very funny :o) - Ken Morley
Hay I am Canadian !.....giggle - hollyseven
How did I miss this?! HAHA - Mona Nomura
I think somebody has a wedgie! - That's So CAJ!
that is epic. ;) - Philip "dmouse" Campbell
Awesome! - Timothy Federwitz
hahahaha wtf - tohuko
Teddy has a nice butt =p - Zulkarnain K.
where do you get this stuff from - Frank loves it - Kathi Barrett
That is brilliant. B3TA or somewhere similar? - dannystaple
Hahahah! Mount Rushmore as seen from Canada. - KyNam Doan
haha ace babes xx - abigailashleawhitaker
This is an old pic, but is still always funny to see. :) - John Pyper
ha ha ha - shaquille
Bump. - Kol Tregaskes
woooowwwwww steady, sweet - Dc L Ie
ROFL - denis
wow - renga
Marcel Weiß
Vollbart abrasiert. Schnauzer stehen lassen. Wieder einmal siegt die bedingungslose Hingabe zum Gag vor dem Kopulationsbegehren.
Lettin Lover (Mann mit Faible für osteuropäische Frauen)
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