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David Damore
@DrMommy It is a great way to aggregate content and distribute it from a single point. Search is super powerful and very fast. Re:Friendfeed
thank you .... will play with it some more:) - DrMommy/DrDaisy
Jennifer James
Is Twitter getting on anyone else's nerves?
You mean because it apparently breaks every twenty seconds now? - Michelle Potter
Yes. Why does it keep breaking? Thank goodness for FriendFeed. So far, so good. - Jennifer James
I don't know what's wrong with Twitter. I just joined FriendFeed, and it seems ok, but I blogged like 30 minutes ago and it's still not showing up here. - Michelle Potter
Hmm, Usually my posts show up right away -- maybe about a 15-30 min lag time. - Jennifer James
Yes, it is totally getting on my nerves, is it ever getting fixed? - DrMommy/DrDaisy
Yeah, twitter is getting on my nerves by acting flaky. - Sandra Williams
I've just signed up. I've only been on Twitter about a month and it always seems to be down. Very frustrating. - Debbie Yost
Yes but i can't help lovin' it anyway. I don't think FriendFeed can REPLACE Twitter, it's just keeping me company while Twitter (hopefully) gets fixed... - Sarah Parker
A concern, esp. since I use it as a teaching tool and plan to toot its horn at a conference in the fall. Argh. - Kimberly J
Ouch. Twitter needs some tools of their own:) By the way, I read somewhere that Google may be buying Twitter to fix it, even though they just bought Jaiku. - Jennifer James
Google buys everything else, why not? ;) They're like everybody's rich uncle. - Rachael E.C. Acklin
I know, right? All I know is Twitter needs to do something. Hire more people. Sell. Whatever they need to do to work properly. - Jennifer James
Alyssa Avant
back from church, still no twitter fixes
way cool Alyssa:) - DrMommy/DrDaisy
Debbie Yost
I'm stuck on my Down syndrome awareness post for today. Do you have any questions?
I usually make a mind map when I get stuck on an article, topic, then what it is, who it affects, etc... or you can start your post with a question then answer it in your post:) - DrMommy/DrDaisy
Thanks Daisy, I'll give that a try - Debbie Yost
How cool! I'm the "mystery blog" on MomBloggersClub.com. Thought it was a glitch at first, taking me to my own page.
Congratulations!! I visited your blog and it's great:) - DrMommy/DrDaisy
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