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Palin-worthy. - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
ACES! - Iain Baker
Now, that is a BIG nasty gun - Thomas Chai
It's a brunette Six ala BSG, only the more power version... - Jude
Let me show you them. - Great Scott!
You should get the Qore game programmers to put you into one of those mini-games! - Jason Wong
Dang!!! That's a big gun for such a small lady(LOL) - YoYo_P
That makes me emotionally errect - RAPatton
lol. Your job owns. :) - Amy
Sweet... - Dan Krivolavek from twhirl
BFG!!!!1 - Mike Lewis
Where did the gun come from? - Barry Biddlecomb from twhirl
Hours in the gym, Barry. *OH!* you mean the plastic gun?? Sony :) - Veronica
Woah talk about a gun show :D - Fee501st
great pic veronica - (jeff)isageek
That pic is very cool!!! - Joey
God Bless America. *Salute* - ax0n
Not sure what I think about that - Kevin J Hatton
i like u - DWAYNE REGAN
cool picture!!!!! lolxxxzzzz & tc bye!!!!!!!!! - meerab solomon
cool picture !!!!! lolz - leo rensius
Yikes! Veronica with a very BIG gun... - doc normal
could you send me that gun - onwuzurike myke
alright that's hot and does get me in the mood for star trek! - Freddie Benjamin
Mario Sundar
I'm sensing @friendfeed's renaissance coming soon. It's probably the most underrated, innovative & copied "XEROX-PARC of our time"!
Rick Turoczy
@drnormal What's that? Sorry? I can't hear you unless you like my tweet first. #getoffmylawn
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