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Five Brilliant Ubuntu-based Distros You Never Knew Existed | Linux Magazine - http://www.linux-mag.com/cache...
Five Brilliant Ubuntu-based Distros You Never Knew Existed | Linux Magazine
Five Brilliant Ubuntu-based Distros You Never Knew Existed | Linux Magazine
"It turns out, there are quite a number of simply fantastic distributions based on Ubuntu that you probably never even knew existed. Generally these are geared towards a specific niche, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful - quite the contrary!" - ovigia from Bookmarklet
Steven Perez
10 fake Simpsons words that belong in the dictionary | Guyism - http://guyism.com/2010...
10 fake Simpsons words that belong in the dictionary | Guyism
"Way back in 2001, Homer Simpson’s most popular catchphrase – Doh! – successfully transcended beyond the status of pop culture catchphrase and entered the pantheon of legitimate English word. This momentous occasion was the direct result of the Oxford English Dictionary deciding to include the word in their 2001 edition. However, doh is just one of many Simpsons neologisms (fake words) that have entered into both American and British mainstream vocabulary. Looking back over the years, one could argue that a number of these fake words also deserve the prestige of sitting alongside “doh” as a proper term in the American lexicon. And if any of those eggheads at Oxford are reading this article, I would like to suggest the following ten words for inclusion in their next dictionary edition:" - Steven Perez from Bookmarklet
I'm laughing upon reading that list. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I believe "embiggen" is a perfectly cromulent word. - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
I think that only a kwyjibo would suggest that ALL of these words are dictionary-worthy. :) - Kristin of Two Everything
What? "Cromulent" isn't in there? - Victor Ganata
Lenovo launches Linux based Skylight Smartbook and Hybrid - The H Open Source: News and Features - http://www.h-online.com/open...
Lenovo launches Linux based Skylight Smartbook and Hybrid - The H Open Source: News and Features
Lenovo launches Linux based Skylight Smartbook and Hybrid - The H Open Source: News and Features
"Lenovo has launched its Skylight smartbook, a mobile device with 10 inch screen and integrated 3G in a clamshell laptop format. Powered by a 1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, the Skylight uses Lenovo's own "web-optimised" interface. Users are presented with six "web gadgets" in the simplified, gadget-based user interface displayed on the 1280 by 720 resolution display. Underneath the gadget based UI is a Lenovo customised version of Linux." - ovigia from Bookmarklet
25 Linux tips for Windows switchers | News | TechRadar UK - http://www.techradar.com/news...
25 Linux tips for Windows switchers | News | TechRadar UK
25 Linux tips for Windows switchers | News | TechRadar UK
"Don't see what all the Windows 7 fuss is about and thinking of jumping ship to Linux? The experience of switching to Linux needn't be a traumatic one. Here are 25 things you need to know that will make your transition to an open source OS easy." - ovigia from Bookmarklet
VLC Media Player To Get Extensions Starting With Version 1.1 ~ Web Upd8 - http://www.webupd8.org/2010...
VLC Media Player To Get Extensions Starting With Version 1.1 ~ Web Upd8
VLC Media Player To Get Extensions Starting With Version 1.1 ~ Web Upd8
"Starting with version 1.1, VideoLan Media Player (VLC) will get extensions support, and anyone will be able to write their own - like it is with Firefox extensions:" - ovigia from Bookmarklet
" * IMDb: read the plot summary, learn about the cast of a movie and get a direct link to the Internet Movie Database. * Last.fm: Read useful information fetched from the artist's page on Last.fm. * Lyrics: Automatically get the lyrics of the current song. * Subtitles: Find and insert subtitles on top of the video in two clicks." - ovigia
Chris Myles
Trying Google Reader?.. Share your friendfeed feed WITHIN Reader. (groups work too)!!
Use the FF Tools Embed > Feed Widget http://friendfeed.com/embed (Image version) and paste the HTML into Reader using the "Your Stuff" > "Shared Items" -> "Have some thoughts to share?" textbox. Let them know where you came from!! Check out http://www.google.com/reader... to see the results (I used the Note on Reader bookmarklet on my FF homepage and THEN added the HTML). - Chris Myles
Interesting idea. I have a 'lifestream' bundle and share some of my posts that way. Unfortunately you have to delete them once FF imports them back, but not too much of a pain. - Kol Tregaskes
Chris, what embeds would you share from there? I imagine sharing individual entries would be good but not sure what could be shared from the embed page? - Kol Tregaskes
Kol.. It's more of a hack to show people where you came from, and gives you (and those you share with) a quick place to check your FF updates within reader. Since the image auto-updates, it's perfect!! - Chris Myles
GROUPS: You can also embed groups but not directly. Just change your username to the group name.. width is a cool option as well!! http://friendfeed.com/embed.... - Chris Myles
BTW: this is ONE of the MANY reasons I think FriendFeed kicks ass.. Most products aren't even thinking about embedded versions of their content, let alone dynamic images for sites that don't support iframes (or when javascript is disabled). It just adds to the flexibility and power of the platform.. (Facebook.. hint hint)!! - Chris Myles
No worries Polly. I saw yours in Reader.. You might want to make it wider to get more goodies in the same height. I set my width to 600!! BTW Where are you getting feedback from the Reader team? I've got a some stuff logged into their help site.. haven't heard a peep from anyone (some stuff has been sitting there since last November). http://friendfeed.com/akiva... - Chris Myles
Ok thanks Polly, glad to know the width looks better, I'd have a look but I can't .. http://ff.im/7JFoG - Chris Myles
Jannifer @wordsforliving
ex TwitterFox - In-Browser Twitter Echofon for Firefox is an extension that adds a tiny icon to the status bar. It notifies you when friends post tweets and has a text entry field for posting your own tweets. Easiest Way to Post Links Find a great site that you’d like to share with your friends on Twitter? Just click the the link button to post a link to the current page in Firefox. Unread Syncing Echofon for Firefox syncs unread tweets with your iPhone when you use Echofon Pro for iPhone. - Stefano from Bookmarklet
"The purpose of KontrolPack is to improve interoperability between systems by connecting remote computers, regardless of their operating system. It can be used to: Handle remote shell command execution.Share files between remote computers.Manage your network: LAN (Local Area Network).Get an overview of the workstations on your LAN.Lightweight XML based message exchange between client and server.Handle each client with a personalized tab panel.Send commands simultaneously to all computers on your LAN.Cross-platform (GNU/Linux, Mac OSX, MS Windows)." - Iphigenie from Bookmarklet
sounds interesting... - alphaxion
network management wise, have you tried out spiceworks? also some interesting software as long as your network doesn't consist of more than say 10 or 15 machines - tried it when I still worked at my old job and it quickly ground to a halt with about 300 machines. - alphaxion
what i am looking for right now is a quick remote access - because i am never on the right machine and with multi boot it is never on the right OS either... i have radmin on windows but thats no linux or bsd friendly - and the VNCs dont do what i want - Iphigenie
have you tried tight vnc? it's prolly one of the better server/clients out there. - alphaxion
What Do Dinosaurs And The Maya Have In Common? - http://www.sciencedaily.com/release...
What Do Dinosaurs And The Maya Have In Common?
" One of the world's most famous asteroid craters, the Chicxulub crater, has been the subject of research for about twenty years. The asteroid impact that formed it probably put an end to the dinosaurs and helped mammals to flourish. Together with an Anglo-American team, an ETH Zurich researcher has studied the most recent deposits that filled the crater. The results provide accurate dating of the limestones and a valuable basis for archaeologists to research the Maya. The discovery of the Chicxulub asteroid crater was detective work: in 1980, based on iridium anomalies in clay sediments – which could only be formed extraterrestrially – the American physicist Walter Alvarez postulated a devastating asteroid impact (see box) at the transition from the Cretaceous to the Paleogene around 65 million years ago. Another ten years passed before the associated crater was discovered on the Yucatan peninsula. Research work since then has focused mainly on the structure of the crater, which has... more... - RAPatton from Bookmarklet
"Gilli explains, “We really wanted to carry out a purely geo-archaeological study in which, initially, the crater played no part at all.” The aim was to refine an earlier strontium isotopes study of the rocks around the former Maya sites by adding 72 new samples to enable the identification of small-scale variations in the isotope ratio. This is because the transitions between regions... more... - RAPatton
Richard Walker
Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America' - Telegraph - http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news...
Charles Darwin film 'too controversial for religious America' - Telegraph
"Creation, starring Paul Bettany, details Darwin's "struggle between faith and reason" as he wrote On The Origin of Species. It depicts him as a man who loses faith in God following the death of his beloved 10-year-old daughter, Annie. The film was chosen to open the Toronto Film Festival and has its British premiere on Sunday. It has been sold in almost every territory around the world, from Australia to Scandinavia. However, US distributors have resolutely passed on a film which will prove hugely divisive in a country where, according to a Gallup poll conducted in February, only 39 per cent of Americans believe in the theory of evolution. Movieguide.org, an influential site which reviews films from a Christian perspective, described Darwin as the father of eugenics and denounced him as "a racist, a bigot and an 1800s naturalist whose legacy is mass murder". His "half-baked theory" directly influenced Adolf Hitler and led to "atrocities, crimes against humanity, cloning and genetic... more... - Richard Walker from Bookmarklet
*facepalm* and *headdesk* - Richard Walker
Pretty messed up that the would dismiss a movie just like that. - Jeremy˚H
You've got to be kidding me. This is terrible. - Lucas Parker
This kind of shit is embarrassing :P - comix aka martha
So Expelled is ok, but a reasonable film about Darwin isn't? Those people are seriously screwed in the head. But we knew that already. - Mark
This just makes me want to see it. - April Buchheit
I guess the US distributors aren't interested in marketing to that 39%. Good to know. - John (bird whisperer)
By contrast, MGM released a film about Martin Luther in 2003 even though roughly 5% of the U.S. population identifies as Lutheran. - John (bird whisperer)
We are a bunch of conservative morons here in the states. Damn, and I was hoping to see this flick too. - Jonathan Hardesty from Android
Debates about Darwin look like they will never be outdated. - Durukan Duru
Solutions evolve too. I guess we'll just have to pirate it. - Andy Bakun
I wonder where they get their statistics. Nobody ever asked *me* if I believe in Evolution. Have "they" asked any of you? - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
That 39% figure is depressing. 50% or even 70% is still disappointing. Looking forward to finding a way to see this movie. - Kurt Starnes
@Kittyburgers: It's a business decision based on the expected response of those who are ideologically committed to an anti-Darwin stance (you could say they are faithful to hating Darwin and everything associated with him). The ideology is religious so it clearly has a lot to do with religion. - Mark
I would be really pissed off if I was an American. So many things to be proud of, but this just ain't one of them... - Edward Zwart
@Kittyburgers: I don't buy the argument that this was solely a business decision. There are plenty of films that get produced and released even though they will appeal to relatively small audiences. Historical biopics generally aren't blockbusters, but they still get made. So why refuse to show a Darwin film? - John (bird whisperer)
@Kittyburgers: The other thing about the "business decision" excuse is that business decisions are always shaped by the beliefs and prejudices of the people making the decisions. - John (bird whisperer)
What the hell happened to this country? We've been more conservative than most of Europe for most of the 20th century, that I can accept. But we used to be into science and separation of Church & State. Once upon a time... I'm tired of being surrounded by flat earther theocrats. - Spidra Webster
I will add one thing: that's a crazy-looking Charles Darwin! - John (bird whisperer)
I think we need another cold war. Science and math seemed to be pretty popular then. You know with the whole "Oh crap, they're way smarter then us, we better do some catching up." And lol teabag... - Heather
Good idea, heather... How about the notion that China is beating the U.S. in graduating engineers or what have you.... it gives me some comfort that this item got so much attention, regardless :-) - Richard Walker
Of course it's a national travesty. But then a decent health care system and the metric system still evades this beacon of light, so maybe it's to be expected. But I've still got my money on the smart people winning the day and knocking down a bit of all this fear of change... - Edward Zwart
Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Opera 10 Browser Review – 6 Stand Out Features vs. Firefox and Safari - http://www.makeuseof.com/tag...
AJ Batac
The Official Star Wars Blog » Animals with Lightsabers! - http://starwarsblog.starwars.com/index...
The Official Star Wars Blog » Animals with Lightsabers!
"What makes adorable critters even cuter? When you give them lightsabers to take their battles to the next level, that’s what! See kittens, prairie dogs, puppies, bats, squirrels, and more on the blog Animals With Lightsabers!" - AJ Batac from Bookmarklet
Kurt Starnes
Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how? - http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog...
Who took the picture of Joe Wilson? And how?
"If Joe Wilson's outburst during Obama's speech Wednesday night was truly "spontaneous," as Wilson claims, and no one (including Wilson himself) could have anticipated it, how come there is a sharply focused and neatly centered picture of Wilson right at the moment he shouted "You lie!" when the outburst lasted less than a second?" - LANjackal from Bookmarklet
Well who is sitting to his right, it looks like Treasury Secretary Geithner to me, I could be wrong, but I'd think having a camera on him through the speech would be smart. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Your Jedi mind is as sharp as ever. Nice point. :) - jan geronimo
That would make sense if the picture weren't focused on Wilson. Which it is. - LANjackal
Could just be a tight crop of a bigger image. Focus looks consistent across the frame, IMO, but my eyes aren't as sharp as they used to be. - Kurt Starnes
Also, that outburst wasn't the first during the speech... and I'm sure that that Joe had already marked himself as one to watch as it got more heated. - Lindsay
Or they could have shifted it just a little bit, I mean the guy is 2 feet away, I don't know the distance on this but you slide the camera maybe an inch and it would be pretty much centered on Joe W. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Joe, Mr. Wilson was who I was referring to. Also I would have stuck with J. Deakins as all Joe's are getting in trouble thesed days. So, what trouble have you caused. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
my name is also Joe! OH SHIT! - Big Joe Silenced
...but then, WHAT IF this whole dust-up really is staged? we've spent more media time and analysis, in the last 24 hours, talking about Joe Wilson, and the various reactions for or against Joe Wilson, and scant time, in comparison, actually breaking down the finer points of the healthcare plan. He could be a foil. I'm just sayin'... - .LAG liked that
Who took it? Chip Somodevilla http://www.gettyimages.com/detail... How? Probably by having his camera pointed in that general direction, and reacting quickly when he saw movement or heard Wilson. - Ken Sheppardson
Joe Wilson seems to be sat between two clones. Just me? - Toby Graham
You guys may also be underestimating the cameras that photojournalists have now... They are SUPER high resolution... so even a big crop can still render a nice picture... The photographer could have taken a pic of that side of the room and possibly got the shot. - Lindsay
He said that twice, so maybe the picture was taken the second time Wilson shouted "You Lie!": http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Andrea Privitera
Kurt Starnes
Tesla Returns: A Future for Wireless Electricity | via The Global Technology - http://theglobaltechnology.blogspot.com/2009...
Tesla Returns: A Future for Wireless Electricity | via The Global Technology
"WiTricity's version of wireless electricity -- which converts power into a magnetic field and sends it sailing through the air at a particular frequency -- still needs to be refined a bit, he said, but should be commercially available soon. Giler, whose company is a spinoff of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology research group, says wireless electricity has the potential to cut the need for power cords and throw-away batteries. "Five years from now, this will seem completely normal," he said." - Kurt Starnes from Bookmarklet
I have wanted this for years. Can't wait. - Louis Gray
No more cords, no more cables? How heavenly! - Anne Bouey
No more cords, just powerful magnetic fields coursing through every corner of your home and office ... any thoughts on long term effects of that on human bodies and minds? I mean, I know people who swear by magnets for healing, but ... - Joel Bennett
Oh, and as a bonus, if they're anything like the "touchstone" style chargers, they operate around 80% of the efficiency of a corded charger -- consider the EcoFriendly seal of approval permanently denied ;-) - Joel Bennett
Don't rain on this parade, Joel. :) This is very new tech, although Tesla demonstrated it with a light bulb in 1891. Lower initial efficiencies will be a trade-off for convenience in the beginning, IMO. And, humans are currently (pardon the pun) exposed to a significant amount of electromagnetic radiation from so many sources it's difficult to fathom. Perhaps one day we'll explain to our kids or grandkids what a power cord was. :-> - Kurt Starnes
Kol Tregaskes
…quizas, quizas, quizas… es una canción del compositor cubano Osvaldo Farrés interpretada en español por el cantante estadounidense Nat King Cole y utilizada por el director hongkonés Wong Kar-wai en su película: Fa yeung nin wa (2000) …perhaps, perhaps, perhaps… is a song by the Cuban composer Osvaldo Farrés interpreted in spanish by American... - http://eldifusor.tumblr.com/post...
…quizas, quizas, quizas…
es una canción del compositor cubano Osvaldo Farrés interpretada en español por el cantante estadounidense Nat King Cole y utilizada por el director hongkonés Wong Kar-wai en su película: Fa yeung nin wa (2000)
…perhaps, perhaps, perhaps…
is a song by the Cuban composer Osvaldo Farrés interpreted in spanish by American singer Nat King Cole used by Honkonger director Wong Kar-wai in his movie: In the Mood for Love (2000)
Intriguing... CorneliOS virtual WebOS & WebOS application framework - Home - http://www.cornelios.org/
Intriguing... CorneliOS virtual WebOS & WebOS application framework - Home
"CorneliOS is a virtual web based multi-user OS that runs in your web browser. All applications and files are stored on the CorneliOS server and are accessible all the time and anywhere. CorneliOS is platform and browser independent and offers a web application development framework. CorneliOS 0.9.8r28 includes a fully implemented gallery SQL application handler, new icons and images as part of the system resources, various new options for the extended HTML parser as well as multiple CMS enhancements. This release also fixes an installer bug which prevented access to the /login directory after installing a new system core." - Iphigenie from Bookmarklet
All the online demos are broken but something to keep an eye on... - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
They might get somewhere if they'd build on Cappuccino. http://cappuccino.org/ - Meryn Stol
i dont think it's quite the same aim, but since I've not tried this one and not looked at cappuccino since the last hype storm, I am just guessing - Iphigenie
Well if you watch a video of Francisco Tolmasky presenting you know it's the next big thing, *just* because of him. If the software market would allow for only one other empire, he'd be the next Steve Jobs. The guy is a total genius. - Meryn Stol
What I mean is that the software market does not allow for new empires (the empires which are still there are crumbling), so he'll never get that status... But I think Cappuccino is THE framework of the future. I really can't see how it can fail. Where else would all the ex-Cocoa developers go? Suddenly go try to make themselves comfortable on the "three-legged stool" of web development? - Meryn Stol
The framework of the future? I haven't noticed it taking over some of the current incumbents or making a blip, or am I just not noticing? I only know one thing about the framework of the future: there isnt one, or it's certainly not been started yet. I think you are more spot on with the "no new empire", I think everyone has to learn to live with a market where there is no "big winner"... more... - Iphigenie
What I mean with "the" framework, is that if you consider the wealth of Cappuccino (which is basically Cocoa within a web browser) you see that there's no serious competition... On the other hand, there are indeed people trying to build apps with GWT, but with the totally "free for all" competition on the web, people will choose the pretty and smooth apps over the ugly and awkward ones. So yes, I'm making a quite bold statement. Still I really do not see how anything can come between Cappuccino and success. - Meryn Stol
If there's any serious competition for Cappuccino, it comes from Air and Silverlight. But then, Cappuccino represents both the "open source" and the "mac-like" alternative (not to mention that it does not require any separate runtime to download), with hoards of excellent developers knowing exactly what to do with the API, because it's virtually the same as Cocoa. - Meryn Stol
So in this brave new world, will we commit to Microsoft or Adobe, or do we go open source? - with actually the most pretty UI, starkly opposed to how it has been for a long time with desktop Linux. - Meryn Stol
Netbooks may be the thin clients that push development of the cloud. - Jack&Cleo
Please do not poop on the sidewalk. http://twitpic.com/ewofk
Please do not poop on the sidewalk. http://twitpic.com/ewofk
Rules to live by! - Fee501st
LOL wtf - Kevin Nunez
My co-worker has a bum that poops in front of her driveway every week, i just sent her this pic - Long Vo
What kind of neighborhood is that where such a sign is needed? - George Brickner
Obviously, this neighborhood has a chronic problem with thugs lying in wait. While they wait to commit some crime, they gotta snack a bit...then the poopie thing happens. Aardvarks. - Andrew Skretvedt
I thought poop on the sidewalk was the new San Francisco treat! - Jason Wong from iPod
I live in a country with socialized health care... anyone wanna ask me a question about it?
Not really :D How do you feel about socialized shaving? ;) - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
It takes at least 2 blades for me to shave normally... - Johnny
The reason I ask is because it seems to be demonized so heavily and I don't hear a lot of stories FROM countries that have it. - Johnny
Johnny, thanks for offering to answer questions. There's so much mis- and disinformation in the American press that we can't gain any clarity on the actual issues at hand. *grumble* - Ayşe E.
Major surgery like cancer removal etc.... Straight away. My mothers best friend found a lump on her breast and it was removed within 3 days. Elective surgery or those non critical usually go on a prioritized list. - Johnny
Also, another thing to note... When Georgia was born, cost me $0 - Johnny
We also have a pretty strong Private health care sector here too. The government gives you a 30% rebate on your premium back off your tax return. We have it and that ensures a private hospital with own room and choice of doctor but about 80% of our medial stuff like doctors appointments are through the public system The doctors Bulk Bill. That is they bill the government for the... more... - Johnny
Funny you should say that Matthew, some of the biggest problems we have is when those types of utilities were privatized. - Johnny
Without getting to deep into the politics (just wanted to answer the questions etcs) but it is a lot easier to ring up your local member and yell at them for the bins not being collected than sitting on hold for 3 hours with the corporation :P - Johnny
The current battle in the USA over healthcare is being waged by special interest groups whose only concern is protecting thier bottom line. Its really pretty pitiful to watch some of the older folks raise hell about government health care then get a dazed look when you ask them who runs Medicare. - Tony C (Unrated) from fftogo
Why haven't you died yet? Have you come to the US for truly great health care? Do you really have kids just so they can wait for you in line? - Todd Hoff
Todd :P... 1) Cause I don't think twice about seeking medical assistance if there is an issue 2) No, I'm coming to meet all the FriendFeeders 3) We have kids because we love them and can look after them. The cost of squeezing them out is not a limiting factor - Johnny
this may seem silly to some, but it is a real question on my part: how well are the doctors compensated? how does the government decide what a doctor is worth? - Marco
Marco: Let's just say the doctors here still have flash cars and fancy houses. The government determines a set amount. That amount will be payed for by the government. The doctor then has the right to charge over that and they receive the 'gap'. Since all the doctors work from the same level, competition comes into it :) Also, some private health insurance companies cover any gap in there plans. - Johnny
And some doctors will "bulk bill" (becoming rarer, a lot will now only do it for conession groups i.e low income earners and pensioners) whereby they accept the government's payment as full payment for their services i.e the net cost to the client is $0 (sorry for jumping in Johhny) - Bryce Roney
how often do you have to appear before your country's Murder Board so that they can decide how much longer they will allow you to live? (in case anyone thinks its a serious questions - it is not) - Marco(aureliusmaximus)
Also, all kids under 18 (maybe 16?) are bulk Billed I believe - Johnny
Marco, depends on how many kangaroos they have to clear of the roads on the day... more than 200 and we call it off :P - Johnny
Lies all lies Johnny :-) - Todd Hoff
Did you watch the movie Sicko? Was social medicine accurately portrayed? When you get Strep Throat do you have to wait for a diagnosis (and treatment) or do they test in 15 minutes and give you a shot before you leave? - Trish Haley from iPhone
Never having strep throat myself I'm not sure but I would say you get the test and you're out the door. Quite often, the shot or medication is subsidized so our medicine costs considerably lower. Sicko was pretty accurate. The UK is slightly different from us but essentially socialized health care forms the base and the private sector value-adds on top of that. - Johnny
Ooh, thanks for reminding me, I got Sicko out to watch, have to take it out of my bag - Bryce Roney
I should also say, for disclosure, that I am in one of the top tax brackets so I pay quite a bit in taxes to Medicare. I have never had a problem with it because I have always been in the mindset that I pay for it out of my wages so I don't have to pay for it on the day. - Johnny
The Medicare Levy is currently at 1.5% and an additional 1% for those who earn >$75000. The surcharge level was introduced at a lower level (~$40000 if I recall) under Howard to pressure people into getting private cover - and the Lifetime Healthcare Loading (basically if you join private cover after age 30 you have to pay additional insurance levies). I know my parents only signed up for private health not to pay the extra tax - Bryce Roney
I also live in a country with socialized medicine, Denmark. Having come from the US, the difference is shocking, and I have no idea why people argue so hard for the system of reform they're trying to push through now, since it doesn't appear to look too much like anything here, or in Australia. Here, in spite of having a pre-existing condition, I still get the care I need, and meds for... more... - Bette Cooper
*cheers for Bette's rant* - Ayşe E.
Sorry about that, the DH told me I should have left the tirade out, since Johnny was just being kind enough to answer questions. Feel free to delete if you like, Johnny, or I can. My bad. - Bette Cooper
Bette... I don't delete :) - Johnny
Matthew... Who is better to pay for the bio-genetic robot reanimation than a overlord government? - Johnny
Very soon thereafter? are we talking some kind of time travel here? :-P - Rasmus Lauridsen
I applaud those people who are trying to have an intelligent discussion about something that has become so ludicrous in the media. Death panels? Socialism? "Discussion" of health care reform is becoming inane - no wonder people outside of the country are saying "WTF"! It's annoying to continue to hear the "oh I have a friend that lived in [Canada/France/UK/insert 36 other country names... more... - Allan Besselink
Well, here in Scotland. Our healthcare is fine. I pay my National Insurance which is my pension later in life and for the NHS too. Like one of the first comments. If they find a lump, its cut out immediately. Didnt cost a thing. Even the Ambulance journey is free. My younger cousin who has downs and ceberal palsy, the healthcare he receives is second to none and its all free. The UK... more... - Alan (Giraffes)
"The UK looks after itself". I wonder how many people in the US really believe (in their gut) that they really want to have health care available to all, and truly believe in the benefits for the group as a whole? I think that is one primary element that sets the US apart from all of the other countries discussed here. In Canada, I grew up thinking that that was just the way it was... more... - Allan Besselink
Wait -- the Medicare levy is 1.5% (2.5% for those who make over $75k)? In the US, every employee has a mandatory 7.65% withholding for Social Security (6.4%) and Medicare (1.45%), which is *doubled* by a matching contribution by the employer. So we are already paying 1.45% for health care coverage we don't even get to receive until we're retired, with 2.90% of our salary being paid in total for this. But no, the US system isn't broken at ALL. - Ordinarybug Heather
[And yes, that means that if you're self-employed or work on a contract basis, you're responsible for the entire 15.30% contribution.] - Ordinarybug Heather
I would like to add that my friend is waiting at the hospital right now to get a kidney transplant, on Medicaid, at no cost to him, in the US. - Robert Hafer from iPhone
I say 'no cost to him' because no health care anywhere is free. - Robert Hafer from iPhone
Johnny, what would you change about the system if you could? - Kevin (aka ThreadKilla)
Just also another thing to consider, those who advocate that the medical system should be user pays etc, that also goes up, not just down. The tax dollars we pay here in Australia, and I suspect in America, go towards government funded medical research and large tax relief for medical insurers. If one was to state 'Why is money taken out of my pay check to pay for other people's... more... - Johnny
I am lucky that I pay zero for health care in the US. I selfishly want my helath care not to get screwed over and at the same time see it get better for those not as lucky as I. - Jeff (Team マクダジ ) from iPhone
Every dollar of every health care procedure is paid by someone, in every country. For every person that spends $1000 more in care than they paid in (taxes, fees, co-pays, etc), someone else must use $1000 less then they paid in. Which group do you expect to be in? This year? 5 years from now? Every dollar must be accounted for. There is no magical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. How much do you trust bureaucrats to balance the "pot" every year? - Robert Kenney
That assumes the $1000 I pay in taxes buys $1000 worth of care. The $1000 I pay in taxes gets pooled with every other person's $1000 which allows for bulk purchasing and infrastructure. Just say a hospital costs $1000. That hospital may be able to service 10,000. Now if only 1000 of you pay your $1000, it costs you $1. If 10,000 people pay, it costs you $0.10 - Johnny from IM
So far. most of Johnny's answers apply to the Canadian System as well. For a medical doctor, I have personally never had to pay at the office and be reimbursed - things like massage therapists and chiropractors would be covered under personal plans (ie. the one I get through work) - Nathalie
Also, the questions about "Which group do you expect to be in", the point is I don't have to worry about that. I don't have to think before I go to the hospital if I have used up all my 'credits' - Johnny from IM
That's true Johnny. I wouldn't want to have to think about "omg! can I afford this?!" if I had a situation that really did require attention. - Nathalie
Johnny, forcing millions into paying into the pool will not change the equation. A $5000 hospital bill still costs $5000. The overall population will still need as many people paying more then they use in care to cover those who use more than they pay. The size of the pool does not effect that equation. - Robert Kenney
Johnny, if you pay $1000 how do you figure that you're only paying $1.00? - pitlord
Because is 1000 people pay $1000 in medical fees for a hospital that costs $1000... That hospital cost me $1. If 10,000 people do it, it costs me $0.10 *The numbers are way wrong but done for simplicity) - Johnny from IM
Your math doesn't work. If 1000 people pay $1000 then you have a total of $1,000,000 and the hospital has been paid to service 1000 people. That means it cost those 1000 people $1000 each, not $1.00 - pitlord
Mark: aside from missed wages, were all costs taken care of? - Nathalie
The challenge the US faces is our diverse population as compared to most of the countries with socialized types of medicine. Our large urban areas with low-income populations, our rural areas with difficult to support medical facilities, our various social-economic strata among different ethnic groups that effects education, life-expectancy, preventive care, and taxable incomes.... more... - Robert Kenney
Work it out again... I pay $1000 in medical taxes. The hospital costs $1,000. Then in my pool of 1 the hospital costs me $1000. If 1000 people pay into the pool, the pool then has $1,000,000 but the hospital only still costs $1,000, meaning my share is only $1. The other $999 can be spent elsewhere - Johnny from IM
There really should be no debate about national healthcare in the US as our Constitution does not provide a mechanism for the federal government an entry to the issue. What is being bandied about is most certainly unconstitutional. - Robert Owens
"Our large urban areas with low-income populations, our rural areas with difficult to support medical facilities, our various social-economic strata among different ethic groups that effects education, life-expectancy, preventive care, and taxable incomes" = Australia - Johnny from IM
Jonny, the $999 gets spent to cover the other 999 people for $1000 each you don't get a rebate. There is no magic way to make a $1000 hospital bill cost $1.00. - pitlord
Robert Kenney what you described is also Canada (and Australia. and I'm sure every larger developed country) - Nathalie
Johnny, are your elected officials covered by the same health care or do they get better coverage? - pitlord
They get private health cover, of which I have - Johnny from IM
Why don't you all pay for the poor to have the same level of care as everyone else? - pitlord
We do, it's called Medicare (what this thread is about). Private cover is add-ons. Choice of doctor, hospital etc - Johnny from IM
Private cover also covers elective surgery. You can have elective surgery done here in the public system, but you're going to wait a fair while (usually), generally private cover will mean elective is done faster. Also private cover covers dental, which Medicare doesn't (yet) - Glenn Slaven
It's a pretty good system IMHO - Glenn Slaven
Why should you get private coverage? Doesn't everyone deserve the same level of care? - pitlord
Nice try at a red herring :P See, that is the type of question designed to dissolve the debate into chaos. The point of sociaized healthcare is EVERYONE has the same level of base care. Then those who can afford it can pay EXTRA to get better services etc. - Johnny from IM
Robert Kenney: If you're right, then Medicare (from FDR's New Deal) and Medicaid (from LBJ's Fair Deal) are both unconstitutional and should be struck down by the Supreme Court or otherwise repealed. The proposed national health care reform is simply a further extension of this. - Dennis Jernberg
I didn't raise the constitutional issue. But as matter of point, FDR stacked the bench to avoid that sticky issue. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - Robert Kenney
Johnny, look up the definition of red-herring. What you're saying is that your health care is no better than ours but your taxes are a lot higher. Gee where do I sign up for that? -_- - pitlord
Define 'level of care'? Everyone here gets free healthcare if they want to. If they can afford to pay, they can speed things up a bit & get some optional extras (private room, etc). What are you going to do, make private care illegal? Why would you do that? The private patients are paying to be seen in a private hospital which reduces load on the public system. If they are willing to pay extra for that, why not? - Glenn Slaven
"Red herring (logical fallacy), a deliberate attempt to change a subject or divert an argument" - Johnny from IM
@pitlord What happens for you if you *need* surgery & don't have insurance? 'cause here I can go to the hospital & have it done for free with a doctors referral (which I can get for free with Bulk Bulling) - Glenn Slaven
Yes, FDR stacked the bench . . . he actually wanted to expand SCOTUS to 15. Anyhow, Medicare and Medicaid have been found to be a bastardization of the Commerce Clause. SCOTUS has restricted that in more recent times. I suspect it would quite a lawsuit if healthcare were challenged. Clearly according to the Tenth Amendment, the founding fathers had no expectation the federal government would manipulate the Constitution to take over industries. - Robert Owens
Or I could just go straight to the emergency dept of the hospital & get admitted there (I'd probably have to wait there a fair while, but I'd get seen, all for free) - Glenn Slaven
Actually, my healthcare ssystem IS better than yours but in fact I pay lower taxes than the same people in the equivialnt tax bracket in the States. When my daughter was born, it cost me $0... How much does it cost to have a baby there? - Johnny from IM
It cost us $15 per child. In our plan we had to pay the co-pay on the initial doctor's visit. - Robert Owens
In all of those examples, how much did it cost your fellow citizens? - Robert Kenney
pitlord, most countries with a developed health care system have settled on a balanced solution which is means essential health care is covered equally for all and coverage beyond that is supplied by individuals or employers or a combination. You are free to support an extreme position on either side of that though. - Micah
The same amount as when I didn;t have a baby but they had stuff to get done - Johnny from IM
Are you kidding, in the U.S. you don't even have to be a citizen to get free healthcare. Illegal immigrants can walk into any hospital in America and it's illegal to deny them medical care. - pitlord
Look up Australia... - Johnny from IM
@pitlord So why do HMOs exist then? - Glenn Slaven
And to say your health care doesn't cost "you" anything is false. If you didn't pay for it with your taxes then you pay for it by living in poverty. - pitlord
Of course it costs, like all taxes it's a distributed cost, like the upkeep of roads & the like - Glenn Slaven
pitlord - my understanding is it is illegal to non provide emergency care. - Micah
HMO's are part of the reason costs are so high, we should go back to the system that allowed us to become the scientific envy of the world before Nixon signed the bill that allowed for HMOs. - pitlord
Putting the word "distributed" in front of it doesn't make it magically cheaper. - pitlord
Actually, it does. - Johnny from IM
Dining room table is dining. >< - pitlord
No 'Economies of scale' makes it cheaper - Glenn Slaven
In the US, many citizens pay no taxes, so the burden will fall on a smaller group than the population as a whole. In '06 43M citizens paid no taxes. http://www.taxfoundation.org/news... Will the poorer have to contribute to the health care "pool" equally with the tax-paying citizens? No. We know this. So it is a welfare program paid by a smaller segment of the population.... more... - Robert Kenney
Same as every other tax in the country, the poor don't pay as much to keeps the roads intact, but they still use them the same, what's the difference? - Glenn Slaven
I guess even the Canadian press thinks their health care is falling apart even if the AP won't report it. http://newsbusters.org/blogs... - pitlord
Having health insurance is not a right to be protected by the federal government. - Robert Owens
The thing that makes me laugh about this debate is that people pay money HMO but the value they pay doesn't always equal the amount you take. Robert's argument works for private HMOs the same for the public system. Why should I have to pay mone to a corporation that will just give it to someone who gets sick. How much is my $20,000 operation costing the 'fund' when I have only paid in a total of $3,000 into the fund over the life of your plan. - Johnny from IM
Because healthy and sick use the roads equally. - Robert Kenney
Toll-free roads don't "cost" at time of usage. Of course money was invested and that money comes from the population. It's in that sense that "it didn't cost me anything" is being used. I don't think anyone here is confused by this point at all. - Micah
Nobody is supporting HMOs we just don't want our government to have control of our health care. We don't want an Orwellian society. - pitlord
So if not HMOs what? - Glenn Slaven
A fully privatised system? What happens to people who can't afford healthcare, they get to die? - Glenn Slaven
Nice buzz word. Now tell me how Australia is an Orwellian society... - Johnny from IM
We all get to die - Robert Owens
The "imploding" quote is from the head of an advocacy group. Advocacy groups have a special interest and craft their communications accordingly. - Micah
Har har, "they get to die prematurely" then - Glenn Slaven
What's premature? - Robert Owens
Dieing is a constitutional right. - Robert Kenney
People who can't afford it already get Medicaid. Speaking of Medicare and Medicaid, why don't we fix those, along with Social Security before we start giving the feds even MORE power? - pitlord
Let me understand you please, you're saying you believe that people who can't afford essential health care should be left to die? Leave aside elective surgery here, I'm talking about life-saving operations/medication? - Glenn Slaven
Are the US Feds suggesting banning private health care? - Glenn Slaven
The question is: Is it fair to force your neighbors to pay for your operation? - Robert Kenney
Glenn, yes. Barack Obama supports a single payer system run by him. - pitlord
I am saying that I don't know what dying prematurely is, unless we are discussing the Lockerbie (sp?), Scotland victims. - Robert Owens
Yeah.. when are we going to get it? During our extended sailing trip (http://ff.im/4gfo2) we only had catastrophic protection and it was still over $7K a year for two. Our first doctors visit in the states for a pre-natal exam $1800.. including $1100 in blood tests for things we didn't ask for (like STD tests). Before we left my wife was a surrogate for her sister's twins, the hospital bill was over $25,000.. negotiated down to under $5000 by the insurance company. SOMETHING has to change!! - Chris Myles
"It's not constitutional!" all too often gets thrown around like "Well *I* heard Dad say you can't do that!" - Micah
@pitlord Have you got a link for that, I hadn't heard that - Glenn Slaven
@Micah read the Tenth Amendment. It clearly says those rights not specifically delegated to the feds are reserved to the states and the people. Show me where healthcare is specifically delegated. - Robert Owens
Robert, is it fair for one neighbour to pay for the fire department to come put out the fire of the other neighbour? - Micah
Sorry youtube is blocked, I'll have to watch that later, haven't got a text link have you? - Glenn Slaven
When it's abused, cities are now charging the homeowner. - Robert Owens
thank Robert - Glenn Slaven
Yes, it is fair. We all want a fire department. - Robert Kenney
"We all want a fire department." because it's a public health concern. - Micah
It's a property thing. Your house catches on fire, my property is at risk. - Robert Owens
Any system can be abused. And it should be dealt with in each one. - Micah
You get a hernia, I am not at risk. - Robert Kenney
Your communicable decease is my risk too (does FriendFeed pass germs, hmm? ;) - Micah
No Felica Day tells us, in cyberspace there's no disease :) - Glenn Slaven
Spam is an infection. - Micah
@Micah I agree; all the more reason to minimize the number of systems the federal government runs. - Robert Owens
A federal gov't is not a bogeyman. It's not my friend either. I like to have a respectful, negotiated relationship, that's all. - Micah
The federal government was designed to be limited. Exploiting the Commerce Clause is not limited. Frankly, doing so means there is no limit to the government. - Robert Owens
The socialized healthcare argument is founded on emotion. The motivation is "fairness" and "compassion". Like so many social policies today, it is necessary to appeal to those touchpoints to make the case for it. These motivations run contrary to the founding of our country. Personal responsibility, individual liberty, freedom, and self-determination. - Robert Kenney
Yes, the private insurance industry is unfair to those that do not have it. - Robert Kenney
The private insurance industry is often unfair to those who *do* have it...edit: health insurance industry - Bren
How Australia is an Orwellian society again, don't think that was answered... - Johnny from IM
There are several companies that offer it. Be a good customer and change companies. - Robert Kenney
We do that too, we change the governement - Johnny from IM
@Robert isn't it usually picked by your employer? - Glenn Slaven
Unfortunate for us , our state governments regulate and limit the options customers have for private insurance. - Robert Kenney
We are all free to purchase anywhere. Complain to your employer or change jobs. - Robert Kenney
@Johnny Ha! *pictures Trump talking to PM 'Your Fired!'"* - Glenn Slaven
I have many options of health plans through my employer. I can opt out as well, as my wife does with her employer. - Robert Owens
ER's will treat anyone. - Robert Kenney
@Robert, but won't they then bill you? - Glenn Slaven
Yes, pay the bill. Or don't, like many chose to. - Robert Kenney
@Robert I imagine that that debt would be interest bearing if you can't pay it straight away? - Glenn Slaven
Funny thing is, I have already pre-paid - Johnny from IM
Yes, it is still America. - Robert Kenney
Robert, I don't see emotion spewed in this thread, though I see it across the internet, tv and other media plenty on all sides of the debate, and I do see reasoned arguments. So "The socialized healthcare argument is founded on emotion" seems a weak argument among all those present here. - Micah
Should the governement fund medical research? Should they provide tax breaks for HMOs? - Johnny from IM
Which would cripple most non-high income earning people, where as my annual Medicare tax is income based, and so everyone can afford it. That is what I see as the difference - Glenn Slaven
My unemployed friend was hit by a car on his bicycle by an uninsured motorist. He was in a coma for weeks and the first 10 minutes (the life-flight) cost $85k. His total emergency bill was over a million!! Do you pay or go bankrupt? - Chris Myles
I'm not referring emotional posts, but emotional motivations. - Robert Kenney
Aren't most motivations even below emotional, and are actually instinctual. But that applies across the board. - Micah
@Mark Why does the solution have to be the federal government? - Robert Owens
Robert, what is your solution then? - Glenn Slaven
I agree Mark, the trends do not look promising. But my concern is that the 80%-90% will look to the 10% to pay for it. My concern is that the Government has zero track record running any service that interacts with the public on a daily basis. My concern is that we end up with a Russian style system, that spreads the misery equally. - Robert Kenney
Predictable misery is better than unpredictable misery - the later is what you have when strictly for profit insurer X wiggles out giving you back the value you put in with your premiums. - Micah
Insurance should be for catastrophic care. Your stubbed toe is not a reason to go to the doctor. Once you do, the doctor is required by malpractice concerns to run lots of tests, and see you 3 more times over the next month. If you only pay $10 for that, then you will naturally have no concern about the costs. MSA's, tort reforms, competition, personal responsibility to keeps costs down. - Robert Kenney
Hands off. I am thoroughly convinced the medical industry is on a path of self destruction. The more costly it becomes, the more doctors who will opt out of it. I can easily imagine a new wave of doctors who work for cash. Even if you don't like that, looking to the feds as salvation when it is prohibited by the Constitution is not the answer. Apply pressure on your state government to make changes. - Robert Owens
The thing about the 80-20 thing is the 20% rely on the 80% to make them the 20%. Customers that are sick, saddled with debt or better still, dead, don't have a lot of disposable income. - Johnny from IM
Health insurance is one of the most regulated industries we have. Open it up to competition. Let them compete for customers, deliver great customer service, provide value for your premiums, and lose you as a customer if they screw you over. This is a capitalistic country and plenty of companies would love to compete for our health premiums. We should be able to buy from anyone we want, at the best prices. - Robert Kenney
Robert, we have that here. The only difference is it works ontop of the social system. Everyone is assured the same level of basic care and then people are free to 'upgrade' to the high packages (of which I have done). No one is saying HMO should go, just change their business model - Johnny from IM
"love to compete for health premiums" hmm. It's working that way now, and there are tons of uninsured that go to the ER, costing tons of money. Also, they unsinsure you when you start to age. - anna sauce
We have a social system for the poor and they do have coverage already, called Medicaid. I and all of us pay into it every month. I will never collect on it, at least with your system you can collect on what you pay. - Robert Kenney
We have plenty of healthcare systems currently in place. Medicaid, SCHIP, CHIP Dental, and lots of others. All with large bureaucracies, overhead, ongoing fraud, and inefficiencies. Is this the model we are going to be forced to sign up for? - Robert Kenney
I haven't drawn from Medicare what I have paid into it with taxes but I know Rachael has drawn more than she has paid. My sister too. Doesn't bother me cause I know if I get into trouble, my first thought is "Closest hospital", not "cheapest" - Johnny from IM
Medicaid and Medicare, as currently implemented, are sick jokes. my parents, both degreed former professionals, are past retirement, without insurance and rely on this system which is severely broken. we need a new system. - Big Joe Silenced
Robert: where is the evidence that anyone is going to be 'forced' to sign up for anything? - Bren
I mean, could that be the issue here. Socialized health care works... but maybe the current system (government and health) is to broken to make it work? - Johnny from IM
Page 16 of the House Bill. This had been discussed all over the web. Google it. - Robert Kenney
I'd much prefer a system where I get to keep all of the money I earn and I also get to negotiate directly with my dealers and service providers for my care allowing me to keep any money I save in my own pocket. - pitlord
Johnny: An ideal system could work. Yours is well done for reasons that would not work as well in the US. Social, etc. - Robert Kenney
So socialized health care isn't evil? - Johnny from IM
Pitlord, good luck hiring that catscan machine. Does your doctor have weekend rates? Hope your company doesn't rely on customers paying money, cause you know, they'll be sick and dead. Nice try getting that $100,000 life saving operation. - Johnny from IM
Why Robert? What do you think is so different between Australia & US that it couldn't work here? - anna sauce
Pittlord... I also look forward to your negotiation skills when you are on the ER table... - Johnny from IM
I'm curious, Robert. Have you read pg 16 of the bill? I just did and it doesn't "outlaw" private health insurance that I can see. - Bren
@anna The US is not designed to be a socialized anything state. The federal government is supposed to be limited. That is why socialized healthcare will not work well here. - Robert Owens
Australia is a country that has a high level of education, a socially healthy lifestyle, stable incomes, non-diverse ethnic backgrounds (lifestyle and genetic health issues), low crime levels, lower incarceration rates, etc. - Robert Kenney
Again ER tables are free in the US. - Robert Kenney
free for whom, Robert? everything costs somebody. - Bren
I agree, it's going to be hard. The reason I started this thread though was to answer some of the flat out bulllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllshit that has been thrown around in this debate about socialized health care.... Orwellian society *snickers* - Johnny from IM
For the user. The cost is borne by the rest of us, everyone gets treated in an ER. - Robert Kenney
What happens after they are transferred from the ER? - Johnny from IM
Personal responsibility starts. - Robert Kenney
So I get hit by a car, not my fault. I go to the ER and get stablised... then it's my responsibility? - Johnny from IM
The person who hit you can be held responsible. - Robert Kenney
You're such a communist, Johnny. - Zackatoustra
What ever happened to family resources, your friends, and your church stepping up in an emergency? That's what used to occur when tragedy struck someone. Now it's expecting the federal government to serve that role. - Robert Owens
Maybe Robert... maybe. I have to take that person to court, they may have no money. What happens then? - Johnny from IM
Or in the case of a hit and run? It's just not as simple as it seems. - Bren
@Mark If you don't pay your mortgage, your credit is ruined too. Sometimes folks are stricken with a rawer deal than others. - Robert Owens
If I may, Mark : Why would you have to loose your standards, just because the community would help people who can't afford any kind of standards, healtcare-wise? - Zackatoustra
In your scenario, the other person has no insurance or money, then you will be responsible for yourself. In the states we have Uninsured Motorist coverage available as part of our auto coverage, to pay if the other person cannot. - Robert Kenney
I now live in Australia, where the healthcare is semi-socialized, coming from Canada, where it's MORE socialized, I have to say I prefer Canada. - Will Higgins™
I understand your point Mark, it would be better to offer catastrophic coverage for the uninsured. But remember the poor have Medicaid that we all pay into. - Robert Kenney
The same reason that people would become destitute if they insisted on purchasing Rolls Royces and cavier daily. If you want to purchase something that is costly, you have to find a way to fund the transaction. Just like the car and the food, health insurance is a commodity to be purchased, not a right to be bestowed. - Robert Owens
It's not only poor people who are uninsured. - Bren
So it's my responsibility to pay for something becuase others can't? - Johnny from IM
If you are not poor, but are still uninsured, then why should your neighbors buy you insurance? - Robert Kenney
Because they might hit you - Johnny from IM
nobody is advocating that, any universal healthcare system would have this hypothetical nonpoor person pay - Patrick
Johnny, sorry, was talking to Bren. - Robert Kenney
If they hit you, should they not be responsible for their actions? - Robert Kenney
It comes down to this: the whole purpose of insurance is to spread risk around so that no one person shoulders too much of the risk burden. The larger the pool of insureds, the smaller the risk for each individual insured. The largest possible pool would be everyone. In which case each of us would have the smallest possible risk. Each of us would also pay into that system (just like with any insurance) to cover the costs of those who need to access that insurance. - Bren
@Bren Then pressure state governments to open up their restrictions to allow its citizens to purchase policies from out of state. - Robert Owens
Mark. If you are productive, then should you not use that productivity to provide for you and your family? - Robert Kenney
If the government offered a public insurance option that worked in the same way that private insurance does, but without the profit motive that has seen private insurance company profits increase 1000% in the last 6 years while the number of uninsured Americans has risen by nearly 50%, I don't see why that would be such an issue. - Bren
@Bren Except the little piece of paper called the Constitution doesn't provide for that to happen. You can't just disregard the Constitution because it's inconvenient. - Robert Owens
Bren: The problem is that many will not pay into it, only a smaller percentage will pay for everyone. And taking all of the profits from insurance companies will only pay for several days of operating costs for this system. - Robert Kenney
Thanks for creating this thread Johnny, nice civil discussion. - Robert Kenney
"health insurance is a commodity to be purchased, not a right to be bestowed." or do you mean health care, not insurance? Insurance is a commodity? That's what got us into the mortgage crisis, lol. I think commoditizing health care may be at issue, but more important to me is the motive of a corporation that needs, or requires a profit, based on providing care to sick people. Those are... more... - anna sauce
@anna Are you willing to bank an insurance program out of your own pocket without hope of profit? Profits are not evil, it is what makes our country work. - Robert Owens
Why would I need to back an insurance program? - anna sauce
bank, not back. My apologies. - Robert Owens
Actually, I think the preamble actually provides for this: "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, *promote the general Welfare*, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." - Bren
@Bren Promote the general welfare is not to pay for the general welfare. - Robert Owens
so you say, Robert. - Bren
@Bren, actually so says the Constitution. It's a wonderful read, isn't it? - Robert Owens
Why would the hospitals/doctors/etc. industry necessarily have to be on the traded market? If it's not for profit, for example, the profits are only to maintain the system not to benefit from it. And there are some fields in this world where you are not striving for profit, you are working for other reasons, like, to help people. - anna sauce
I was just reading it, looking for that part :) - Bren
as I read it, Section 8 says the following: "The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States" - Bren
"provide for the general welfare" - Bren
It just keeps popping up, doesn't it? - Bren
You mean like keeping the citizens alive? - Johnny
and common defence could be construed to mean against bacteria and viruses - Patrick
Something like that, Johnny. - Bren
@anna Except for those who are in the medical and insurance fields have determined there is money to be made. It may go against your desires, but they are the ones exposing their capital and they are fixated on profits. - Robert Owens
*hands Bren an extra vodka, fluffy hat and a mustache* :P - Johnny
And for the record, I don't think profits are evil. I love our capitalist democracy and I hope it thrives and makes many rags-to-riches stories for many Americans. I think there are a lot of other industries that work great in that field. Technology, for one. But basic health care has a sadly inescapable fact: we will all get old and die. Care will be needed. The current system... more... - anna sauce
And looking at the limits on Congress, (section 9) I don't see anything that prohibits the formation of a national health system. - Bren
So where does the Constitution prohibit the formation of such a system? - Bren
@Bren No, it doesn't. Get to the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. Perhaps the Federalist Papers would help to explain the motivation of the Constitution. It replaced the Articles of Confederation, which were inadequate since the feds had no power. The COnstitution permited the feds to defend the country, mint money, and make decisions about interstate commerce. It is that last issue that FDR... more... - Robert Owens
What's wrong with running things at the state level, but providing strong guidance, support, communication, and cost control at the national level? - Gus
I am actually okay with growing old and dying. - Robert Owens
Gus: That's how we roll in Oz... Not perfect system but it's ok - Johnny
Robert you haven't addressed my response to the profit comment. - anna sauce
Robert: I see what you are saying, and can see why you would read it that way, but I still think the power to provide for the general welfare is specifically granted to the United States by Article I Section 8, so the 9th and 10th amendments really are not applicable. - Bren
Can we just control costs through taxes on corporations that make a profit from health care and use that to pay for the national agency which provides support to the states? - Gus
So, here is what I have gathered from the thread: Socialized health care isn't evil and for that matter, neither is the user pays system. The issue of healthcare reform is sooooooo complex, both in terms of systemic reform in the health system and government incompetence, that sometimes it gets to the point of blaming political leanings of each plan then tackling the issues that need to be solved first... - Johnny
@Bren The Constitution isn't written that way ("anything that prohibits the formation of a national health system"). It is written as the federal government can do this and this and this. If we didn't say the federal government could do it, it can't. Those issues are left to the states and the people. Think education. San Anotnion v. Rodriguez rules that education is not a fundamental... more... - Robert Owens
But Robert, I've already shown you where the Constitution says the US *can* do this one. - Bren
The interstate highway system is a form of national socialism, isn't it? - Gus
It didn't say it could . . . it said to "promote" the general welfare, not "provide" - Robert Owens
@Gus Yes, it is. And it is used to thump states to comply with the federal government. You'll either go along with this or we'll hold up your highway money. - Robert Owens
Article I, Section 8 says "provide for the general welfare" - Bren
I have it up in another tab right now. I'm pretty sure I'm not misreading it. - Bren
We'd better plow up the interstate system or we're violating the Constitution. - Gus
Wow, Robert just took away education too, lol. Johnny- I completely agree that partisan politics is playing a huge part in why the US is having such an agonizingly long journey to something the rest of the world has figured out. A basic national health care system is a good idea. - anna sauce
GO here and click on welfare for a definition http://www.usconstitution.net/const... - Robert Owens
Hm. no thanks. - anna sauce
1. *health*, happiness or well-being? that one? that's the site I am reading. - Bren
You actually just made my point for me, thanks! - Bren
The good thing about each state creating their own system is we can see which one works best. Maybe the states that do the best can get more highway funds or something... - Gus
There is no limit if you accept that broad definiition. But you're misrteading Article !, section 8. The enumerated powers is the list. - Robert Owens
I like your ideas, Gus. More important, they're constructive ideas with the common welfare in mind. More and more of these debates I feel like everyone is fearing for themsleves. It's this pervasive selfishness. - anna sauce
I'm misreading? I don't think so. edit: like I said, I can see how you are reading it, Robert. I just don't agree with your interpretation. As I read it, the Constitution specifically says that the Congress can levy taxes to pay to provide for the health of the citizenry. - Bren
I too have enjoyed this discussion, but it is late/early and I need to turn in. Thank you everyone. Have a sound slumber or a happy day, depending on your time. - Robert Owens
Johnny, what do you pay for, say, new glasses? - anna sauce
Good night, Robert. Oh, and one last thing: I may disagree with what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. :) - Bren
I found this thread to be enlightening, actually. Thanks for starting it. - Gus
Anna. The eye exam is free. There are government issued glasses but they aren't nice (EDIT:Stylish) so most people pay for a good set. Most health insurance plans (like mine) pay for a large part of them. - Johnny
I think I paid $200 for an eye exam the other day. How much do you pay for contacts? - anna sauce
Depends on your health plan. Not to sure about government issued contacts as they are more likely to make you go with the glasses. - Johnny
@anna One last thing b4 I turn in. Doing away with education only applies to the federal level. Education is a state right. Education would be in better shape, imo, if the feds stayed clear. Finally, just so you know, I am a veteran public school teacher. G'night. - Robert Owens
Nobody "likes" taxes. But you know what? I don't mind paying the Medicare levy. We have private health insurance and only use Medicare for occasional doctors visits. We likely pay more out than we use. But I am more than happy to do that if it means that somebody who can't afford private insurance can still get the care they need. - Melly
Johnny: what was the vodka and fluffy hat about? - Bren
Joke about joining us communists over here :P - Johnny
heh! I'm a bit slow on the uptake, I suppose! I've got love for my Socialist brethren. :) - Bren
About 2/3 of the way through the comments and I've gotten so sick of "it's not in the Constitution" I could punch someone in the face. Constitution? does it mention Federal punishment for interstate crime? No, but you can't flee NY for NC! Is the FDA in the Constitution? What right does the government have to regulate food safety! That's just ludicrous! Anyhow, thanks for doing this Johnny, I think I had semi-legit questions but I've forgotten them. - Heather
Heather: that's what you'll get from the strict constructionist crowd "it's not in the Constitution." Apparently, you get that from them even when it *is* in the Constitution. - Bren
Bren - so true. - Andrew C (✔)
Wow... forget the States, the next place we're moving is Australia. Johnny, can you please have all the big hairy spiders and poisonous snakes please sent away beforehand... spiders scare me almost as much as the idea of having to live in the States with no healthcare. :D - Bette Cooper
Bette. try NZ, same benefits, better scenery with none of the stuff that will Kill Ya!! - Chris Myles
No giant hairy spiders that snatch up babies? *whew* - Bette Cooper
Spiders don't snatch babies in Australia, dingoes do. - Melly
Those 8 legged dingoes are scary looking though ;) - Tony C (Unrated)
8-legged dingoes? umm... yeah. We won't be going there, if anything other than spiders has 8 legs... not happening, wouldn't be prudent... - Bette Cooper
Its all cool Bette, they take forever to tie their shoes before they can chase you ;) - Tony C (Unrated)
hahahahaha... I feel so much better now! :D - Bette Cooper
People having different values won't ever ever agree on the question : Equity or Equality?.. - Zackatoustra
out of curiosity Johnny: are any dental needs covered over there? - Nathalie
Yes - Johnny from IM
jlt-Janet - as American Medicare pays for the majority of hip replacements in the US, surely any superiority of hip replacement in the US should be credited to single-payer systems? - Andrew C (✔)
jlt-Janet - I live in a city with a population of just over 100,000. We have one public hospital and two private hospitals. Many people from smaller outlying towns use our hospitals too. We do have some ER abuse, but Medicare means most people can go to see a GP for little or no cost. People who do present at the ER for non-urgent conditions are often told to go and see their GP the next day. - Melly
jlt-Janet - I have no idea where to get the figures from with regards to wait times. It would differ from State to State and city to city. Personally, I have private health insurance, which means I could have my surgery in the hospital of my choice with the doctor of my choice, most likely within a couple of days. - Melly
What country are you in Johnny? I apologize I'm late to this conversation. Your Mom got faster service than I. Kaiser took a month schedule the removal of my Kidney. It was containing a 4cm cancrous tumor. I would have preferred it have been removed a little quicker. - Dario Gomez
jlt-Janet - I have no idea about the malpractice rate. It's not something I hear a lot about in the media though. - Melly
Is this real? Queeky - online drawing community. If these images were all done fully in that tool, I am in awe :D - http://www.queeky.com/
Is this real? Queeky - online drawing community. If these images were all done fully in that tool, I am in awe :D
Is this real? Queeky - online drawing community. If these images were all done fully in that tool, I am in awe :D
Is this real? Queeky - online drawing community. If these images were all done fully in that tool, I am in awe :D
"Queeky - draw online! Queeky is an online drawing community with unique drawing tools and creative users from all around the world. On Queeky you can Create Speedpaint Drawings Get feedback on your art Collaborate on drawings Create creative GroupsNEW Send drawings as Ecard NEW" - Iphigenie from Bookmarklet
Wow, if it is real; I am in awe as well. Those drawings are incredible. I'll have to check this out further. Thanks for sharing this. - Naomi Williams
They look real, and I am very impressed. Wow! - Michael Fidler
if you like stuff like this, check out Aviary, from the guys behind worth1000.com - vijay
They look nice, but for some reason, I still prefer Corel Painter and Photoshop. I blame the Wacom Tablets for that though. - John Wang
Well it has a different angle - some of it is collaborative, some of it is parallel (start on the same background, see the graffity walls). The last "real media" drawing tool I have used was fauve matisse/macromedia xres (remember that? what a great product vanished in history) - I have some programs that have the option, but they are not aimed at it - Iphigenie
Manuel Mas
Study shows bilinguals are unable to 'turn off' a language completely - http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_rel...
PSP Minis, Digital Comics get their own promo videos - http://www.engadget.com/2009...
The PS3 Slim might be getting all the attention today, but the new PSP Minis bite-sized games and PSP Digital Comics service are actually potentially game-changers as well -- so of course they get their own promo videos. Minis are 100MB or smaller games that will launch on the PlayStation Store the same day the PSP Go arrives, and while the launch lineup doesn't have any standout must-haves, we think they'll be quite popular. The real sleeper might be the Digital Comics service, though, which will launch with Marvel titles and eventually add more publishers -- although pricing and other details haven't been announced, we've got a feeling quite a few PSP owners will be into the idea of getting comics on the go. Innovative new ideas or clever reaction to games and ereaders on the iPhone? Hit the break, watch the videos, and sound off. Continue reading PSP Minis, Digital Comics get their own promo videos Filed under: Gaming PSP Minis, Digital Comics get their own promo videos originally... - Bill
Diana Campo
7 Awesome Acts of Nature (That Science Can't Explain) | Cracked.com - http://www.cracked.com/article...
Aline Ohannessian
programmer needs help to translate shape collage in french, i'am helping a bit but no much (kids+wife) if you can help in #french please drop a line here - FullSite
Paul Buchheit
Tweeting :)
Funny! - Robert Scoble
too true - James Miao
Hey, I can tell those Mark Zuckerberg prongs haven't started working yet. ;-) - Robert Scoble
A good reminder that it could have been a lot worse. - Christopher Galtenberg
Hey! I resemble that remark! - Chris Messina
funny and true :) - Ali
LOL - Steve Chou from fftogo
apparently you can trade some symbols and numbers for letters and it's FFing - Katy Barrilleaux
I love that!! :D - Susan Beebe from iPhone
ReTweet what the middle one said 4/5 WooHoos - Steve Ram
LOL :D - zsafwan 
That is *exactly* why FF will become more mainstream than twitter.. try explaining how to tweet to your parents (who are finally comfortable with email)! - Chris Myles
Go Chris! - Charlie Anzman
Haha! I have this on my facebook :) - Joe Dawson from iPhone
Awesome! - Ordinarybug Heather
Haha! - muratt
ahahha! brilliant - Jacque
That's about right. - Josh Haley
thats funny lol.. where did u find it - Nicholas Skinner
that's *agent_x* cartoonist from sunny queensland, aus ~ http://twitter.com/agent_x :) - Peter Renshaw
I just noticed you posted my comic. Thanks. I keep them all here if you are interested - http://www.agent-x.com.au/ - agent x
agent x, I like you. Bookmarked. - Dennis Jernberg
Kol Tregaskes
*Loads* of you seem to be on Streamy, so just in case I've missed anyone, post your Streamy URL here. Mine is http://streamy.com/koltreg...
Thanks guys! - Kol Tregaskes
Wow, nice find on that old profile shot :) http://streamy.com/don - Don Mosites
Hehe, Don. It was one of the first pics I found on Google Images. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Totally signing up now! Posting URL soonish :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from BuddyFeed
I think we're already connected but just in case I'm http://vrsj.streamy.com/ - Vaughn
http://streamy.com/stu - been checking it out - Stuart Miniman
what are its advantages? any better than friendfeed? better than posterous? - Dusty Edenfield
Dusty, not really. FF stands alone. - Kol Tregaskes
I'm disliking Streamy more and more, it really struggles to open up your profiles pages. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Abby, yeah I've had lots of problems with it. - Kol Tregaskes
No thumbnails? No filters? BAH! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
The service is a MESS - Matt Ruiz
I'll get an account to reserve my name and wait for the service to mature a little. - BRҰANSAҰS
Liking just in case. Not on there yet. Doesn't sound so great =/ - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
I think I'm http://streamy.com/jezlyn . The site never shows a friendly URL for me. :P Also, every time I try to load my FriendFeed stream, it hangs. Still very buggy, it seems. - Cheryl Jones
http://streamy.com/browneyes - maybe? just got an account. wow! - browneyes
I joined in March, but I can't figure out my username, and I can't find anything in my Email. I think I used Facebook connect to sign up. I have the app in my Facebook settings, so I know I'm not crazy (not completely anyways). Can someone find my username there for me? I've tried three times and I can't find it. Thanks - Michael Fidler
I can't find my URL on there. * Exasperated* I'm there, though. - Kimber Scott
http://streamy.com/digital.... So sad I cannot access it from work. - Naomi Williams
http://streamy.com/penguin But I have no idea how to do anything there. - Lola Bean (Penguin)
I can't figure out how to find my URL either; but I'm following everyone from FriendFeed (according to Streamy), and you can probably find me by searching. If all else fails, DM me! (not that I'm using Streamy much at the moment, still playing around...) - Tristan Seligmann
http://streamy.com/barbarars - @Kol thx for friendship - i can import my contacts from twitter but not from friendfeed - Barbara R. S.
Penguin, you're not alone. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
barbarars, can you? That would be useful. How do I do that? - Kol Tregaskes
okay, jumped in, not sure if ill use it or not, but here you go: http://streamy.com/justinkorn - Justin Korn
@Kol - to import the contacts from twitter/a service? service icon (top) > friends on streamy (left) - Barbara R. S.
barbarars, is there no way to bulk follow? - Kol Tregaskes
Wow, Streamy really struggles when you open more than two or three windows. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
this is the only way to follow people you know from other social networks i found so far - Barbara R. S.
OK, thanks though. - Kol Tregaskes
you're welcome - i am not very impressed by streamy... - Barbara R. S.
Live4Emma (L4S)
NASA captures vivid shot of sand dune at the bottom of a Martian crater - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/science...
NASA captures vivid shot of sand dune at the bottom of a Martian crater
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"It is one of the most dramatic images to ever emerge from Mars. In fact, this extraordinary photograph is so clear that even the sand dunes at the base of the half-mile wide canyon are visible. Experts even believe that they can see the tracks of a Mars lander on the left-hand corner of the Victoria Crater." - Live4Emma (L4S) from Bookmarklet
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