Dr Alun Salt
I've caught up on this week's topic for #BS1010, IP. It helps to know about it *now* because if you don't it'll come back and bite you in the future.
I say this from bitter experience. I was working on a project releasing various university educational resources for the Higher Education Academy earlier this year. The biggest problem was what we called IP hygiene. Basically you have a module pack for a university course with text, images and maybe some video. If it turns out that you have, for example, built the module around the ecology of one particular site, and all the images of that site are under copyright you're stuffed. You can't just pull one set of photos out and replace them with another, because you'll need to re-write the whole text to go with it, and then you'll find the exam questions need doing etc... Some modules were pulled from the scheme because there was no time or budget to replace images with safe alternatives. If unlicenced material gets into your work it has a habit of worming it's way into your work and having a surprisingly large effect on what you can and can't do with your own efforts. - Dr Alun Salt