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RT @twitmesh: THE HEALTH DAILY is out! Stories via @Medgadget @DrShock
If being sad is “bad”, then why is there sad music? | Loony Labs
Study sheds light on how surgeons use mobile technology
How Quitting Email Made My Team Communicate Better
RT @DapperHistorian: 8000 lights are currently marking the historic path of the Berlin wall, it's such a powerful reminder.
Questioning Answers: Treating depression: exercise or anti-inflammatory meds?
Ballet dance traces Electronic Traces capturing dance movements and transforming them into visual sensations video
The Psychology of Music: Why Mood and Memory Matter likeability of music is so subjective
Interns and their smartphones: use for clinical practice. - PubMed advice on credibility of medical apps and websites
Living With Schizophrenia: The Importance of Routine, via @nytimes #goodread
Your Brain and Video Games -
RT @paulus4: Kabinet gaat zich met zo'n "hei-dag" steeds meer als een management-team gedragen #nieuwsuur #kabinet
Mom Creates Android App That Bricks A Kid's Phone Until They Call You Back | Geekologie lol
Brain scanning the deceased « Mind Hacks
I Prefer The Originals: Edible Chocolate LEGO Blocks (via @geekologie)
JMIR--Massive Open Online Courses on Health and Medicine: Review Journal of Medical Internet Research
The Science Behind Suicide Contagion, via @nytimes
Shrink Rap: Suicide: A permanent answer to a temporary problem. Rest in peace, Robin Williams.
4 Traits All Lucky People Have in Common - 99U
Beyond Classic Brain Illustrations That Make Us Drool | SA Visual, Scientific American Blog Network
Top Doctors, Dead or Alive, via @nytimes listings of top doctors #goodread
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