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The Best And Worst Design Of The 2014 World Cup | Co.Design |
Vijf North Sea Jazz-tips voor een muzikale wereldreis @f_linde
CasesBlog: How to prevent and detect melanoma - DocMikeEvans video
RT @DrEvDuijn: Gerlach Cerfontaine van @vvaa in #FD: "Het lijkt alsof niets meer gebaseerd is op vertrouwen, maar alles met regels moet worden opgevangen."
BBC News - Who, what, why: What is 'raw' chocolate?
Film vs. Digital: Exploring the Balance in an Abandoned Asylum
Op tijd naar bed vanavond gelukkig #bradui
RT @talkingtherapy: The Psychotherapy Daily is out! Stories via @DrShock @Steve_JKPbooks @dawnpugh
Dat wordt een harde dobber voor ons zondag tegen de Duitsers #bradui
How Birth Year Influences Political Views - #goodread
Myocardial Infarction and World Cup Football
Myocardial Infarction and World Cup Football -
What the Therapist Thinks About You, via @nytimes pilot project raised questions in the mental health community.
Expensive Internet and Other Hotel Peeves, via @nytimes and hard-to-reach guest-room power outlets
Advice on Ramadan and Health
Advice on Ramadan and Health -
RT @DrWaiSun: The medical career path #meded
RT @DrVes: A Facebook teaching forum was set up in a London Hospital for undergraduate medical students: 92% approved
RT @sciencebase: Promoting your music in a world of short attention spans
Image Quotes Get More Shares on Social Media. 9 Tools To Help You create them | Write to Done
RT @KLM: ♫ En we gaan nog niet naar huis…♫ #NEDCOS #Krul
Hurricane Arthur The Big Picture widespread flooding and power outages a category 2 level wind strength of 100 mph.
RT @BegumPekbay: New Blog Post | Ramadan – Biochemistry of fasting, nutrion and diseases
RT @aghoury79: Dr Aghoury Psychiatry is out! Stories via @psychiatry_md @DrShock @sanaquijadamd
Social Media’s Vampires: They Text by Night, via @nytimes as kids we read books at night
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