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DrupalEasy is the collective expertise of Ryan Price and Michael Anello, who joined forces to provide training and consulting services worldwide.
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"Getting Your Stuff Into Drupal" online workshop starts tomorrow - only $99 for 8-hours of training!
Learn the basics of #drupal in two half-day live online sessions for $149 (early-bird) on June 18-19.
New Post: DrupalEasy Podcast 129: Fear Eggs (Holly Ross, Drupal Association)
Impress your boss - learn to bulk migrate content on to your Drupal site with our 8-hour workshop for $99:
Pantheon Raises $21.5M Series B | Pantheon -
Learn to get your organization's content into Drupal with Feeds and Migration modules - only $99!
Drupal Association Board Meeting Summary: 14 May 2014 -
8 hours of live online data migration training + PDF eBook + screencast + sample code for only $99!
Add the Drupal Project to your professional experience on LinkedIn | Drupal Association -
Save $$$ on DrupalEasy training events with discount codes only available in our newsletter. Subscribe today:
Propeople | 23 Acquia Certified Drupal Developers (and Counting) -
The DrupalEasy newsletter provides advanced notice for upcoming training events. Subscribe today:
Join us on May 27-28 for live, online training on the Feeds and Migrate module - only $99!
Learn Drupal from the best by making it better at sprints | Gábor Hojtsy on Drupal -
Energize Your Web Project at Drupalcon | Mediacurrent Blog Post -
Looking for discount codes for upcoming DrupalEasy training events? Sign up for our newsletter:
The case for a small Drupal shop contributing to Drupal -
Live, webinar training at a great price! $99 for 8-hours of the Feeds and Migrate modules:
Have a question for the @DrupalAssoc Executive Director, @drupalhross? Let us know and we'll ask it on today's podcast.
Recording podcast 129 tomorrow with @drupalhross - what should we grill (politely ask) her about (other than 80s music, of course)?
We're kicking off our public online training schedule with an 8-hour data migration webinar for only $99!
Upgrade your modules to Drupal 8 now! - Bram Goffings | Acquia -
Data Importing Workshop Kicks off DrupalEasy’s New Online Training | DrupalEasy -
The investment case for employing a Drupal core contributor | Dries Buytaert -
Sustainable Drupal Core development? Drupal Core Gittip Team, a new funding effort. -
Drupal 8 developer Alex Pott joins Chapter Three -
Looking for coupon codes for upcoming DrupalEasy training events? Sign up for our newsletter for exclusive discounts!
Learn #drupal's Feeds and Migrate module during an 8-hour webinar for only $99!
New Post: Data Importing Workshop Kicks off DrupalEasy’s New Online Training
[META] - Fix Ownership of Omega Project [#2259035] | -
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