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RT @Darktire: DayZ w/Darktire! - Time to Survive!:
RT @xSmaK: We have new additions to The Blacklist stream team. Make sure you guys go follow and show them a ton of love!
RT @Darktire: Going live in about an hour! Be there!
RT @TehJamJar: Now live on twitch ... Those of you that turn up in the next 5 minutes get a special treat ...
RT @TehJamJar: Going live in around 30 minutes! DayZ!
RT @HALO_Rocker: ArmA III Epoch, Arma 2 with subs/viewers later:
RT @xSmaK: Absolutely amazing Bandit Day today with @Calindel! Thanks for the fun guys!
Congratz on 15k follows @TehJamJar !!!!
In case anyone forgets what tomorrow is.... It's... Bandit Day!!! with @xSmaK and @Calindel !!!
RT @HamCarlWinslow: (US) Destiny! There will a Giveaway @ 100 Followers!:
RT @Calindel: Calindel - Trying out some COD:AW action ^_^ (Short Stream Probably) :
RT @Calindel: Battle Royale Mod - ARMA 3 - w/ Calindel [ 81 Wins ]:
RT @Darktire: DayZ w/ Darktire! - Survivin' Time:
RT @SmaKills: Thanks to all of the incredible generosity today I was able to make a St. Jude donation in the name of The Blacklist!
#comcast fail. It must be evening, I have no internet access. Waiting on hold...
#comcast fails again. Another service outtage.
#comcast outage right before #GameOfThrones... No TV or internet make Homer something something. ..
Chloe & Joshua at Rogers Park -
Picnic & Hike at Huntington State Park -
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