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RT @ESA_Rosetta: .@philae2014’s first postcard just after separation – it’s of me! #CometLanding Credit: ESA/Rosetta/Philae/CIVA
RT @Philae2014: Hey @ESA_Rosetta, did you get my first postcard? CIVA took the image. Guess who’s in it? #CometLanding
So, who wants to start an e-commerce business with me? "Alibaba sells $9 billion of goods in 24 hours"
RT @AndrewBGreene: If you're worried about an imminent Russian invasion, Lowy Institute wrote about the warships off Australia yesterday
RT @SarcasticRover: Landing on a comet is like training a goldfish to jump on a speeding bullet. It's a weird and possibly criminal way to spend a weekend.
I have seen the future of televisual entertainment; its name is Popcorn Time.
I just feel like this needs another post.
RT @NickEvershed: hey so Rosetta is going to deploy the lander onto the comet pretty soon and it involves SPACE HARPOONS
RT @BernardKeane: With the Coalition ripping a quarter of a billion out of public broadcasting, what is it spending money on instead?
RT @The_Karmelian: So is this the definition of going off half cocked? See pic & reply @BelindaSeeney @Colvinius #auspol"
SVG not being SVG in the iOS Simulator. I wonder if it's the same in the real world.
RT @deptofaustralia: Shittest Bond villain, ever. RT @mearesy: PM Abbott "shirtfronts" President Putin
"We hope this is reassuring rather than confronting for the public," he added.
"Our supervisors at the factory said the paint would give us a glow."
The surrender of William Walker: "He was briefly … the president of the Republic of Nicaragua."
RT @mattliddy: 200 years of US military interventions mapped Super data and code wrangling by @drzax
"Map: 200 years of US military interventions"
Well now that's a strange amount of memory to be using, 'kernel_task'
"I suppose we’ve given in to a vocal minority."
RT @anthonydever: Way to go major Australian brands and publishers. Making space for start-ups because of your digital apathy.
"It's not a lie, if you believe it."—Seinfeld in Parliament
RT @aatpeters: OVP celebrating in style as West End Tower scores the the Nats
RT @MuslimIQ: Truth is stranger than fiction: "A Tale Of Two Standards" via @juliensalingue
Ocrad.js - Optical Character Recognition in Javascript -
"From little things, big things grow": Paul Kelly, Kev Carmody remember Gough in song - YouTube
Applause to Ch 9 for airing women's T20 #cricket international against West Indies today. Tip for the commentators: don't call them girls.
Text Visualization Browser -
It's a school of #architecture, so obviously there are scraps of pasta glued to the benches. -
It's a school of #architecture, so obviously there are scraps of pasta glued to the benches.
Now can everyone agree to turn all the lights off in Brisbane tonight so we can get a decent view of the eclipse?
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