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"There's nothing better than selling apples you're proud of selling."
"in an attempt to contain the story" From afar, this feels a lot like civilisation in the US jumping the shark.
RT @passantino: Unreal MT @CassFM: Police fire tear gas near Al Jazeera crew, then disassemble the gear after they flee. #Ferguson
RT @mikexmoynihan: Cops in #ferguson are quite literally rolling up to reporters and tear gassing them to keep reports from getting out
#IfTheyGunnedMeDown is a truly excellent use of social media. Bravo. /via @abcnews
"burdened by their own oversized ambitions"
"Local officials handed out water to the new arrivals."
Of course they're no longer available. @rdioau—fix this increasingly unbearable collection erosion problem. Now.
RT @leighsales: Outstanding “@RitaPanahi: Fantastic sex advice from the first minister of Scotland.”
"Standardized packaging’ is a euphemism for government-mandated destruction of property."
"But anger is a perfectly normal response to your unarmed teenage neighbor being gunned down in the street by police"
RT @malbooth: Today I will speak to the authorities to get these walls straightened. #UTSreveal #FrankGehry
"the poorest people either don't have cars or actually don't drive very far"
"It's like it is being made up on the run by the Attorney-General's office."
"Mr Costello believes the Prime Minister has missed the point."
RT @em_wynne: How the @abcnews account looks when ABC America (@ABC) really upsets people
“@creogg: Wow Julie Bishop is actually wearing her Slytherin brooch openly now #halfpastseven” /cc @lauraelvery
"We didn't expect the loans to go through if we weren't able to afford them."
"The sooner Turnbull stops contesting the 2013 election … the sooner everyone can begin to benefit."
"It is done one family at at time, one house at a time, and it's systematic and relentless."
Not the one in eight murder but still pretty bad: "A man, believed to be her 78-year-old husband."
RT @DamienCWalker: A rare Wilcox selfie RT @cathywilcox1: (Sorry, very tardy with today’s cartoon.) Warning: creepy content.
"He’s just another prime minister working within the normal constraints of everyday politics."
"Everybody hates sex offenders. They're the lowest form, not even worthy of breathing. I know that."
"and then put back in the sand where it was found."
And again: “one in eight murders”
"It's difficult to see how that could make us safer."
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