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Also how to sell books.
'I'm the best chairman I know': Bob Carr knows how to create a legacy
Feeling a little dirty that my first published @npmjs module ( is a jQuery plugin.
RT @WhitefordPeter: In 2010, Australia still had (by far) the most targeted system of cash benefits in the OECD
"Your time coding is mostly spent thinking, not typing."—a stone cold truth from the requirejs docs.
RT @jdub: What the shit is this darkness?!
I am not in favour of this @brisbanecityqld: "…and a public car park in the order of 450 car spaces."
RT @sebschmoller: Restoring CC attribution to Flickr. Important @doctorow piece. (I've been sourcing CC-BY images for @CitizensMaths)
It's not every day you see the word "cant" used correctly anywhere, let alone in the comments.
For a developer relatively new to the journalism game, this is very interesting (for the old hands too I suspect).
"By mapping out routes that involved 'a series of right-hand loops,' UPS improved profits and safety"
This week's active transport goal: 5/10
RT @HistoryInPix: Life of a Tree (550-1891)
Our family has had and enjoyed a Hobie Cat most of my life. Its creator died this week age 80. /via @lifeasinzy
Who do I hassle to get talking to /cc @piawaugh
RT @lifeasinzy: Better late than never at all! The Dead End - No. 2. A collection of #obituaries in a @storify experiement
There's a lot to like about the @ColesOnline site, but stability isn't one of them. We run into problems all the time
Apple maps: what was I expecting?
RT @gavmorris: The Senate = "a modern pentathlon of prankery". Good morning @annabelcrabb:
RT @jonkudelka: Surely candidates aren't really fighting for the last seat so much as waiting for the votes to be counted.
RT @GreenJ: elsewhere MT @ShafiSharifi: guy's finger was chopped off by #Taliban in 2009 for voting. he's voting again in 2014
RT @stilgherrian: RT @JohnBirmingham: Come ‘ere, WA, you magnificent bastard. Let me get the breakfast beers. [I am with you on that. This is superb*!]
RT @stilgherrian: Bullock. Whatever.
RT @stilgherrian: Labor has actually elected a cow to the Senator. Well, a steer.
"on the site of a former cabbage patch"
"…but as I sit in my goldmine and read of the booming London prices I don't feel smug. I feel afraid. And sad."
IBM and Oracle broke ASCII delimitation. "31 Unit Separator, 30 Record Separator"
And the somewhat brilliant antidote to my last post:
When you can actually find it in amongst the "LOL win omg cute trashy fail wtf" BuzzFeed's long for stuff is getting really good.
This is fascinating: "Navigating photography’s inherited bias against dark skin."
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