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RT @swrightwestoz: This week in 2007, PM John Howard announced his plan for a cap and trade emissions scheme, to be in place by 2011 or 2012.
"Ms Bishop has condemned the Gaza militants who are firing rockets into Israel, calling their action 'inexcusable'."
"138 rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defence system" 138/663—weak iron.
Wow: "North Korea brings us the 'real' World Cup"
RT @cliener: @drzax I’m sure they have another couple of fees that await before you’re done
RT @SBSNews: Stopping the boats is 'compassionate', PM Abbott says
"This thing looks just as good at Starbucks as it does on the trail."
"not part of the invited script of these discussions"
"God is great"—the only logical conclusion here.
If you watch #TDF for the crashes, last night's highlights are for you!
Labor: "Trapped in the contradictions of its own brutal policies"
"The Archie is nothing if not a minor celebrity checklist and always has been." #Archibald
In case you were wondering, these are the folks who judge the #Archibald.
Remember how there was bi-partisan support for an ETS way back in 2007? "Timeline: A brief history of the carbon tax"
RT @rosieryan: very cool video of morphing faces showing how the archibald has evolved, by @Tim_Leslie
Oops. "Barring any more sudden Ricky Muir-like surprises"
Mike Barnard: 'You beautiful fighter' is my personal choice in this year's Archibald Prize
"The conditions women are having to survive are so grotesque that they obviously can’t bear it any more"
Ben Quilty at the Satchi Gallery, and just in time for the #Archibald. Handy little cross promotion.
Take a look at our latest interactive: One hundred years of temperatures in Australia.
RT @StanSteam2: Give me your tired, your poor... Michael Leunig via @theage #auspol #asylumseekers #refugees #Tamils #SriLanka
"You’re damn right I’m ashamed." /via @mtothehart
"Brazilian fans traumatised" I guess trauma is a subjective term.
"As at 1 April 2014, Australia’s ranking had further declined to 48th position"
RT @domknight: Now we know why the #WorldCup logo is a green and gold facepalm.
RT @GetUp: .@JoeHockey has got to be kidding #4corners
RT @senatormilne: Only one person in entire Senate Gallery tonight as abolition of carbon price debated. So critical for our future.Greens will never give up.
Image analysis running noticeably slower on the Air than my work computer.
‘Morrison said that any claims the turnback operation was in violation of international law was “offensive”.’
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