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RT @Cryptarcadian: iOS really needs to copy the Windows in being able to indicate any network is a metered connection, and then avoid unnecessary data usage.
RT @mmechomski: Oh man. Perfect. Again. #auspol RT @cathywilcox1: Scott Morrison's experiment.
"every stormwater drain a miniature victory arch" /via @TrisD
Peter Greste's imprisonment is just one example of the dangers faced by journalists. Great work by @collypops & co.
Gah! The riveting @612brisbane pool showdown feed has just switched to @ABCmediawatch. It was so captivating—where did it go?
I'm going to have to hang back at work one day soon and catch one of these @reblev/@rfidler/@612brisbane live events:
"Just having a passion for anything really helps to make life worthwhile."
Hey #lazyweb—where should I go to watch #Glasgow2014 highlights?
These aren't toy guns. What a horrifying image.
"Omsy was a rapist and thief, but left the gang few years ago to become a bass guitarist."
"it's simply not okay and it's time that that was said"
"scarves to make the trees look colourful at the least colourful time of the year"
"100 forests and 100 gardens "
"WA's first attorney-general, Septimus Burt"—a spectacular name.
"You obliterate, annihilate, whole families, and then you come and say that this is self defence?"
RT @StanSteam2: The militarisation of everyday life Michael Leunig
The @OvercastFM app is draining my battery pretty effectively. Mobile downloads turned off. Is there some other setting I should check?
"This a grievous blow."
"It is fair to assume they would show similar levels given their footwork and technique." This has a bad smell.
"The Ravens have aggressively supported Rice throughout the case."
"I discharged a couple of rounds in his direction; I was hoping it would calm the situation."
Tour tracker is being a flaky piece of crap this year.
Comment for a broader context: "what happened that caused this unfortunate human tragedy"
This bus is the wrong bus.
"incidents over the years in which both Russian and US forces have mistakenly shot down civilian airliners"
"But France has decided to go ahead with the delivery of a warship to Russia." Gotta make a buck somehow, eh?
"no obligation to afford them procedural fairness"
"All five men are African-American."
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