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It's not every day you see the word "cant" used correctly anywhere, let alone in the comments.
For a developer relatively new to the journalism game, this is very interesting (for the old hands too I suspect).
"By mapping out routes that involved 'a series of right-hand loops,' UPS improved profits and safety"
This week's active transport goal: 5/10
RT @HistoryInPix: Life of a Tree (550-1891)
Our family has had and enjoyed a Hobie Cat most of my life. Its creator died this week age 80. /via @lifeasinzy
Who do I hassle to get talking to /cc @piawaugh
RT @lifeasinzy: Better late than never at all! The Dead End - No. 2. A collection of #obituaries in a @storify experiement
There's a lot to like about the @ColesOnline site, but stability isn't one of them. We run into problems all the time
Apple maps: what was I expecting?
RT @gavmorris: The Senate = "a modern pentathlon of prankery". Good morning @annabelcrabb:
RT @jonkudelka: Surely candidates aren't really fighting for the last seat so much as waiting for the votes to be counted.
RT @GreenJ: elsewhere MT @ShafiSharifi: guy's finger was chopped off by #Taliban in 2009 for voting. he's voting again in 2014
RT @stilgherrian: RT @JohnBirmingham: Come ‘ere, WA, you magnificent bastard. Let me get the breakfast beers. [I am with you on that. This is superb*!]
RT @stilgherrian: Bullock. Whatever.
RT @stilgherrian: Labor has actually elected a cow to the Senator. Well, a steer.
"on the site of a former cabbage patch"
"…but as I sit in my goldmine and read of the booming London prices I don't feel smug. I feel afraid. And sad."
IBM and Oracle broke ASCII delimitation. "31 Unit Separator, 30 Record Separator"
And the somewhat brilliant antidote to my last post:
When you can actually find it in amongst the "LOL win omg cute trashy fail wtf" BuzzFeed's long for stuff is getting really good.
This is fascinating: "Navigating photography’s inherited bias against dark skin."
RT @CanberraInsider: #OnThisDay 1911: The Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics began Australia's first national census @ABSStats
"This is a solution in search of a problem." A frightening solution.
RT @ABSStats: Latest stats show that 3 out of 4 Australians make up 75% of the population.
"Lee Yu Chun, co-owner with her husband of a family-run candy-making business" /cc @lauraelvery
RT @Pollytics: Ashgrove tracking. DPM is how Ashgrove would look if it was voting like its most identical cohorts elsewhere #qldpol
"Read the prohibition together with the exception, and almost anything goes."
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