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"And they had no idea there was such a thing as a VPN."
"He said the analysis … was 'obviously insensitive'." (No word on accuracy or completeness?)
"Prime Minister's Business Advisory Council (BAC) should be condemned for claiming the Earth is cooling"
"A fair measure impacts equally in percentage terms, not dollar terms."
Is there any valid way the env. impact of coal industry could be described as 'favourable'?
Still amazing: Dumb Ways to Die The best public service announcement I ever expect to see.
"He fundamentally misunderstands the impact of his budget, his own budget, on the Australian people."
“Designed for ladies”
"There's nothing better than selling apples you're proud of selling."
"in an attempt to contain the story" From afar, this feels a lot like civilisation in the US jumping the shark.
RT @passantino: Unreal MT @CassFM: Police fire tear gas near Al Jazeera crew, then disassemble the gear after they flee. #Ferguson
RT @mikexmoynihan: Cops in #ferguson are quite literally rolling up to reporters and tear gassing them to keep reports from getting out
#IfTheyGunnedMeDown is a truly excellent use of social media. Bravo. /via @abcnews
"burdened by their own oversized ambitions"
"Local officials handed out water to the new arrivals."
Of course they're no longer available. @rdioau—fix this increasingly unbearable collection erosion problem. Now.
RT @leighsales: Outstanding “@RitaPanahi: Fantastic sex advice from the first minister of Scotland.”
"Standardized packaging’ is a euphemism for government-mandated destruction of property."
"But anger is a perfectly normal response to your unarmed teenage neighbor being gunned down in the street by police"
RT @malbooth: Today I will speak to the authorities to get these walls straightened. #UTSreveal #FrankGehry
"the poorest people either don't have cars or actually don't drive very far"
"It's like it is being made up on the run by the Attorney-General's office."
"Mr Costello believes the Prime Minister has missed the point."
RT @em_wynne: How the @abcnews account looks when ABC America (@ABC) really upsets people
“@creogg: Wow Julie Bishop is actually wearing her Slytherin brooch openly now #halfpastseven” /cc @lauraelvery
"We didn't expect the loans to go through if we weren't able to afford them."
"The sooner Turnbull stops contesting the 2013 election … the sooner everyone can begin to benefit."
"It is done one family at at time, one house at a time, and it's systematic and relentless."
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