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Paul Buchheit
Chrome OS will help kill Silverlight and other non-open tech, preventing msft and others from recapturing the web. (though I expect that it will support Flash by necessity)
Good point. - Robert Scoble
I hope it doesn't. After all we need good media delivery platforms. - Swaroop
yeah, nobody really needs flash. kill it. - zio bodhisattva
Chrome OS might be a compelling case for SVG/<canvas> + <audio> tag replacements for flash. Dunno what SVG's perf is like on WebKit tho. - Matt M (inactive)
Microsoft will port it. It's all about codecs & DRM. Ogg Theora isn't all that great. - Rodfather
Is that Steve Jobs disguised as Zio ? - Swaroop
@Swaroop Yes, we do. Like HTML5. - Benjamin Dobson
@Swaroop eh eh, I've got flash disabled on all my systems :) - zio bodhisattva
@Benjamin I'd prefer HTML web apps over native apps anyday. But it'll take time for it to mature - Swaroop
Rodfather, I don't think that will be an option for msft :). If Chrome is built the way I would do it, there is no installation per-se -- everything runs in the browser and the config in stored in the cloud (and cached locally). The computer is a pure appliance. - Paul Buchheit
@Zio You're the real Steve Jobs - Swaroop
Microsoft moves much too slow to force new standards these days. - Louis Gray
@Louis: IE8 flunking ACID test :) - Swaroop
What about more standard codecs like h.264? That isn't open and is in hardware already. - Rodfather
h.264 is established and must be in there, but it's not a platform like Silverlight is. - Paul Buchheit
I know some of the guys behind silverlight. It is some great technology. Too bad it's from Microsoft and is closed. - Joe Beda from iPhone
A world with no Flash and Silverlight. I can't wait. - Paul Grav
Yeah, it's too bad they didn't open-source it. This stuff with Mono is silly -- if you want to make a real standard you need to make the real implementation be open. - Paul Buchheit
MS are about 10 years too late with Silverlight. And they'll most likely be dragged kicking and screaming into supporting HTML5. - Paul Grav
Zio sez (hopefully humorously): "yeah, nobody really needs flash. kill it" -- have you ever watched a single YouTube video in your life? Like seventeen gazillion other people across the wired world. yeah, you're right, nobody needs Flash. ha! - .LAG liked that
Remember Dave Clark in 1992, "We reject kings, presidents and voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code." - Guy Vander Heyden
.LAG: most YouTube videos are playable without Flash now. My iPhone plays most of them and it doesn't have Flash. Certainly by the time the Google OS came out YouTube would be converted completely to non-Flash capability. - Robert Scoble
Robert: The youtube flash application helps read the flv files on Youtube's servers and provides a UI (decoder too). - Swaroop
Even Google admits they're not sure I'd bit for bit html5 video is less bandwitj consuming than flash. And flash isn't just media delivery, also interesting games and apps like tonepad, splicemusic.com's online sequencer, etc (I'm musically inclined, so most of my examples will be along that line) and please don't suggest we redo it all in java - Ed F from Nambu
Maybe we'll see commercials encoded in movies if everything is open. - Rodfather
Flash is too established to kill off right now, so I'd be surprised if Chrome didn't include flash support. It will take many years to get rid of that thing. First they need to fix the standard browser to not be so broken (lack of video, multi-file upload, etc), then they need everyone to switch to the new html5 solutions. - Paul Buchheit
Scoble ...that may be true, and YouTube plays on my Pre without Flash (yet)...but that doesn't mean that "nobody needs Flash." really? what would replace it? - .LAG liked that
Use HTML 5 instead! - Minh Bui
Is it just me or does Native Client (NaCl) remind you of the Microsoft Active X approach? - Daniel Chow
But who prevents Google from taking over the net? - Andreas
youtube videos play on iPhone/iPod Touch as they are higher res mp4 files NOT flv files. It was a big deal when Steve negotiated that deal with youtube. - vijay
You have Moonlight to run Silverlight applications in Linux. Not perfect, but then an application made on Silverlight is "not perfect" by definition - Marcos Marado
The point here is that Google has no motivation to include Silverlight on these machines, and installing software likely won't be an option (it's a web appliance), so it will be absent from a lot of netbooks, just as it is absent from iPhones. That cuts into market share, which is a bad thing for a platform that is trying to compete with more universal tech like Flash and HTML.... more... - Paul Buchheit
@DanielChow: NaCl has very little overlap with ActiveX, apart from running native code. It runs in a provably safe way, and explicitly does *not* allow it to access arbitrary host APIs. But it can be quite useful when you need to run code that would be too slow in Javascript (even on v8): e.g., heavy encryption/decryption, possibly codecs, definitely game physics, and so forth. - Joel Webber
There is a time and a place for Flash and Silverlight so I hope it will run it. There are simply some things you can do which aren't possible, or practical in html/css/javascript. - Steve Temple
Paul: why wouldn't Chrome OS come with Moonlight? And if not, why wouldn't you be able to just install it? And third, why the hell would people want Moonlight for? I never installed it and not even once felt the need to! - Marcos Marado from fftogo
because of moonlight http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlig... the potential userbase of silverlight is greatly improved, agree that projects which don't consider compatibility are limiting their potential - Mike Chelen
@mindboosternoori Ryanair site uses silverlight: http://www.ryanair.com/site... that's the only website I know that uses it - for this you would need moonlight :) - Ihar Mahaniok
Flash is needed for the google os to be useful in education. Many education based websites are flash based. - Willowdale
@Paul "Google is probably paying OEMs to ship with this OS, so instead of paying $x/machine to include windows XP, they will get paid $y/machine to include Chrome." - paying present tense, already? Isn't it enough for OEMs not to have to pay hefty licenses to Redmond, etc., while being able to ship with a free, stable OS+browser combo; they need to be paid to do that as well? - ianf ⌘
I sure hope so. I think the wide array of JavaScript libraries have been killing Flash for years. Silverlight was never really a player. The only think keeping Flash afloat is video - Scott Radcliff
I don't know what's under the hood of Silverlight (nobody knows), but Flash is basically a sprite engine controlled by Actionscript, which is basically an adapted version of Javascript anyway. It's nicely packaged though, and has an army of developers, so it won't go away that easily, at least not until there are Flash-to-Canvas/ HTML5 porting tools/ translators and the like. - ianf ⌘
to follow that logic...photoshop is needed as well - Chris Hofmann
somebody call me when http://playboyarchive.com is working in Chrome OS (it's currently implemented in Silverlight) - Karim
If it gains any traction at all, MS will just make Silverlight version that will run on Google OS. Sure google could block it, but they haven't done so with the Chrome browser. - Jeff Weber
Interesting. I doubt the Google OS will get that big anytime soon though. - Scott Radcliff from email
Silverlight doesn't have a chance now...I wonder what would Adobe Air do. - Saad Kamal
not really, if google want to be open then they will need a plugin architecture for it and then MS could just port for it. I really don't see this troubling mainstream users any time soon. - Darren Stuart
Though I agree with the view that MS monopoly may erode as alternative devices get adoption over PC/Notebook, and these devices will mostly run on open source OS, but it may take years to create a significant change in every day usage of normal users. In the end, OS choice is mostly done by manufacturers, and they would be happy to get paid by open source vendors for putting their OS on... more... - Kaan Bingol
People want media. Hulu, Netflix, Kindle, iTunes, etc. They need to address that or they are DOA. - Hayes Haugen
Hayes, what makes you think it will lack media support? - Paul Buchheit
I don't think it will lack licensed media support but what deals they are able to make will be crucial. - Hayes Haugen
Hayes, i thought you were going to say that Netflix was using Silverlight. ;-) - Karim
Yes, they are, what is their deal with MSFT? Can they do non Silverlight distribution? - Hayes Haugen
i believe the Netflix non-Silverlight distribution is a format called "DVD" that works over the "Snail Mail" protocol. ;-) but clearly if Google is paying OEMs to install Chrome OS, they can pay Netflix to go back to Flash which Chrome OS will probably support "by necessity" ;-) - Karim
How can Google make money from Chrome OS? Or does it want to make money from it except through advertisement? I still can not imagine that all software and service are free and sponsored by advertisements. - Derek Wei
All Chrome OS questions are answered by today's Fake Steve Jobs ;) - Hayes Haugen
Is there a need to make money? If more and more people eschew desktop offline applications in favor of online web based apps, it means more pageviews, more eyeballs, more advertising inventory, plus has the side effect of undermining a big competitor's cash cow. - Ray Cromwell
That's the key, Google wants everything online. They figure the more people online, the stronger they become, and the more money they make. At least that what was said at the Chrome launch. - Scott Radcliff from email
I'm amused that the "backwards compatibility" argument against alternative operating systems has slowly turned into "does it support flash", and when you unpack that it really means "does it play YouTube". I suspect Google will make sure ChromeOS cna play YouTube and they don't need Flash to make sure of it. - Nick Lothian
Is it possible that Microsoft will write Office for the Web using Volta instead of Silverlight? Could be a showcase announcement for their attack on GWT - Ray Cromwell
I think Microsoft is going to focus less on the front-end of the web and more on the back-end, middle tier and database sides. Azure is a big deal that consumers aren't talking about because it's not flashy but will be pretty important to developers (and especially enterprise-level applications) when it's finally ready because everything becomes an interface to the cloud. Microsoft is... more... - Lindsay
Azure looks really cool. Hint: so did Blackbird. - Michael R. Bernstein
lol blackbird (scary redmond flashback) - a good example of azure platform utilization can be seen via jon udell's elmcity project - http://blog.jonudell.net/elmcity... - mike "glemak" dunn
Nosense, I want silverlight, flash, html and any other technology in my desktop & mobile phone. Silverlight? yes, there you can develop under Python, Ruby et al, instead of the outdated javascript. - Sebastian Wain
It looks like with Native Client, you should be able to write your Chrome OS app in any language you feel like. So far, they have some examples in C/C++, but one of the things they ported is a Lua interpreter. If Adobe isn't going to invest heavily in fixing the show-stopping bugs on non-Windows versions of Flash, it's inevitably going to die, and there's really nothing either Google or Apple can do even if they wanted to support Flash better. - Victor Ganata
...ActionScript3 is ECMASCript-compliant. I know nothing about standards bodies, and shii like that, but what if Adobe dropped ActionScript and said, "You can now use pure Javascript to build Flash applications..." It wouldn't be a big leap. I'm pretty sure that would shut-up all the Flash haters. And to the folks who say Flash is hanging around just because of video...well, video is... more... - .LAG liked that
Actionscript is just the glue for the more advanced what-iffy graphic functionality of Flash. They can not drop it for Javascript, because it contains additional graphic primitives that JS lacks. But it's not the JS-or-Actionscript that makes it a target for hate, it's other things. Nobody denies that it's pretty capable, but it is also badly written, eats up memory like no other, makes... more... - ianf ⌘
I like this post! - Mohammad Abdurraafay from iPhone
I honestly don't know how necessary Flash is. Apple seems to be doing fine without supporting it. But certainly Gnash and Swfdec should be implementable on Chrome OS. The fact is that without Adobe's full support on a given platform, Flash apps will always be second class citizens on alternate platforms, and so far, there's no indication that Adobe is interested in fully supporting any platform other than Windows. - Victor Ganata
ianf ...you bring up great points about Flash's detriments, as does Victor, but until there's a better way to bring video to the Web, I can't see it disappearing. Adobe seems to keep improving the Flash VM, hopefully they'll address those CPU-hogging issues and make a more efficent runtime. Yeah, I hate hearing the fans kick-in when visiting a Flash-heavy site too. <sigh> - .LAG liked that
alternative to flash video such as ... html5 :) (requires ff3.5) http://www.dailymotion.com/openvid... - Mike Chelen from IM
that only covers video and audio... *sigh* - Ed F from IM
Ed, only??? thats one of the main reasons cited for the continued requirement of flash on popular sites like youtube - Mike Chelen
I know, and it seems I'm the only one who mentions Flash's other uses... :-/ - Ed F from IM
Ed, those other uses can be accomplished through pure Javascript, video was the last remaining stumbling block - Mike Chelen
Still waiting on non-Flash recreations of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch... or this: http://www.youtube.com/watch... Well aware of how someone mentioned higher up how you can combine javascript and svg to get nifty flash-like effects. I want apps like that though ^ Only real alternatives I've seen are Java-based ones, and those runs even slower than Flash. - Ed F
Pardon me, but the OP is a ridiculous conclusion. For that to be the case, Chrome OS would have to kill Windows, OS X, etc altogether. Paul, I understand your viewpoint as being an ex-Google person, but that's just NOT going to happen. Right now the video specification from HTML5 has been dropped because of an impasse, meaning that we may be transitioning from 1 closed-source boss - Flash - to another - H264. Good luck. - LANjackal
But why do these type of apps have to be written in Flash at all? You can easily do the same thing in C, C++, ObjC, Python, Ruby, etc., with the Native Client API that they're building for Chrome. http://code.google.com/p... - Victor Ganata
write them yourself then. until then, I'll stick with desktop apps or Flash equivalents - Ed F from IM
I'm just saying, it's not like Flash is the end-all/be-all. As Apple well demonstrates, some people can live quite well without it. - Victor Ganata
Victor ...i think the answer to the 'why do these have to be written in Flash at all' question is because Flash is installed on such a significant portion of Web browsers. But I recall that Adobe Flex had a competitor, Laszlo/OpenLaszlo, which compiled apps to SWF or to Javascript. Who's to say that Adobe doesn't have the same capability of making SWF apps into JS ones? On one hand, it... more... - .LAG liked that
Ed, such apps are possible with Javascript and HTML5 multimedia features, the question will be how difficult developers find it, and whether the performance is fast enough - Mike Chelen
LANjackal, there is a question of degree in that Flash + H264 uses proprietary software and codec, while HTML5 + H264 requires only the codec. while OGV is no longer part of the spec, it can certainly still be used to have completely open video formats, and recent comparisons have shown it performs well http://people.xiph.org/~maikme... - Mike Chelen
Silverlight's 3 is looking pretty impressive today but tend to agree - Charlie Anzman
still haven't updated yet. Busy with something on Firefox - LANjackal from IM
What everybody seems to be missing about Flash is that it works because there is one implementation which is mostly backwards-compatible and the same across platforms. It beat Java because, among other reasons, Java just didn't work the same across JVMs and platforms. The problem with HTML5 is that it will have a different implementation for every browser, and that means your app/game... more... - Gabe
Yeah the video spec for HTML5 is currently a disaster - LANjackal from IM
Paul, don't you prefer brutal competition SL vs. Flash vs. standards bring to the table by definition? Or are you more into http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki... - 2020 Google Union - type of ideology? - Kari Honkanen
Kari, I don't understand your question. Competition is good, but with open-source we get that -- no need for flash or SL. - Paul Buchheit
Paul, no, we don't get the same level of competition with open-source only. As long as there's an opportunity for big gains (like in this case to bridge the gap before html 5 era...to satisfy demand), there will be innovations driven by that. I believe we all benefit from a free market economy that includes commercial, closed source, innovations. I am more scared of the possible future... more... - Kari Honkanen
I agree that the future is neither open nor closed, but a mixture of the 2. Been preaching that for a while now, but then again there are the fanatics on either side who can't see anything other than a homogenous future - LANjackal from IM
I wouldn't worry too much amount multimedia. By exposing WebGL, (and hopefully OpenCL), you can offload a lot of compute intensive stuff onto the GPU via GPGPU techniques, and NativeClient is there to take up the rest of the slack, but the for the vast majority of iPhone-like games, I'm willing to bet V8 Javascript on a modern processor is more than enough. That leaves licensing issues... more... - Ray Cromwell
Paul, so are you saying that Google will block both Flash and Silverlight from ChromeOS? That's a new take on 'open.' - Cliff Gerrish
MSFT next smart move: get Chrome OS (it's BSD licensed), inject IE9 and Silverlight into it and go benchmark against Chrome :) - Claudio Cicali
MSFT sucks Claudio :) - Orlando Pozo
@caludio: They've already done that, somewhat. Silverlight 4 Beta supports Chrome. However I'm pretty sure it's probably technically impractical to run another browser atop Chrome OS anyway - LANjackal from IM
Something feels contradictory about a system touted to 'kill' competitors being 'open'. Sounds almost predatory to me. - Karoli
If the concept of open source didn't allow for competitive business plans then quite a few companies that depend on it wouldn't exist. The "happy smiley" image most FOSS zealots promote isn't reflective of reality. There will always be competition, even among the free - LANjackal from IM
I'm not opposed to non-open software, but for OS, browser, etc I prefer that it be open. Cliff, Google isn't going to "block" anything, but they can certainly choose what to include, and my guess is that they won't include SL. As Claudio points out, MSFT can make their own version of ChromeOS that includes SL, which is why open source software is nice (it can't be crippled too much or else someone will fork it). - Paul Buchheit
I have heard somewhere that Fash uses it's own port where Silverlight works over the HTTP port. That's why Netflix works so well. To that, Flash costs more on a sever side because providers can charge more for that port traffic. Could it come down to who is cheaper? (I am fully prepared to be wrong). - Johnny
Johnny, they both use HTTP -- there's no difference there. - Paul Buchheit
Is Chrome OS BSD-licensed? I thought it was using a Linux kernel. - Victor Ganata
@Paul - well, Flash can do P2P stuff over non-HTTP posts, but that is very new (Flash 10 I think). The cost isn't affected anyway. - Nick Lothian
My understanding is that netbooks would have to be absurdly popular for Chrome OS to make a dent in the popularity of Flash or SL. - Gabe
not rly, the defeat of Flash & SL depends on the rise of HTML5, which will b supported by multiple browsers. Unfortunately spec disagreements r holding that up. That's another advantage of closed systems : fewer cooks often makes the broth get done faster lol - LANjackal from IM
it is possible to have smaller groups for open source software, such as google's own gears api http://code.google.com/apis... - Mike Chelen
How is HTML 5 going to defeat Flash and SL? I haven't used it, but I don't see anything in the spec that looks like it could compare. - Gabe
@Gabe - what do you think HTML5 is missing? It does video, drawing, local storage, "threading" via WebWorkers. The biggest hole I'm aware of is the lack of access to webcams & microphones. What have I missed? - Nick Lothian
HTML 5's not "missing" much in terms of its ambition. What it's missing is a consensus among its contributors. Flash and SL have gone through several iterations while HTML 5's been sitting there - LANjackal from IM
Nick: When you say HTML 5 has "drawing", are you refering to the Canvas element? I would not consider an immediate-mode procedural raster drawing library to be much of a competitor to retained-mode declarative vector libraries like SVG or Silverlight. Programming with the Canvas tag is sort of the equivalent of programming in assembly language for bitmaps. - Gabe
@Gabe: I think you've got it upside-down. A Canvas-style API is the fundamental basis on which you can build a retained mode structure like SVG, et al. If a platform includes a retained-mode library as a convenience, so be it. You can build SVG on Canvas, but not the other way around (hacks like IECanvas notwithstanding -- they have horrible performance characteristics and are a nasty abstraction inversion). - Joel Webber
So, if Moonlight (Mono) runs on linux -- Will google make sure it doesn't work on Chrome OS? - Cliff Gerrish
No they won't, because it Silverlight already runs on Chrome as of Beta 4 - LANjackal from IM
Joel: I don't think you said anything contrary to what I said. I just don't understand why any programmer would want to waste time writing an app using a low-level library when I could use a high-level library that implements everything for me. - Gabe
@Gabe - I agree, and people are implementing those libraries now. See http://raphaeljs.com/ for example. Also, don't underestimate the convenience factor. I don't own any Flash development tools, but my text editor works pretty well for Canvas+JS based stuff. - Nick Lothian
Nick: Didn't the author of raphael have some massive rant about how bad the Canvas element is? And I don't have any Flash dev tools either, but I use a text editor for most of my Silverlight development. It is incredibly convenient to be able to type something like <DataGrid ItemsSource="{Binding tabledata}"/> into a text editor and not have to create the data grid myself. - Gabe
Why is Flash a "necessity" for an OS? I enjoy what flash can do, but it is like putting pimped out leather Oldsmobile seats in a Ferrari. It would definitely be nice, but certainly not a necessity. - Dan Douglass
Early post goof up. To your original point, I agree. I like how Google is approaching the internet space with web apps that can be run with out a bloated browser. - Dan Douglass
Dan Douglass: Flash is necessary because so many web sites rely on it. How many people would want to get a netbook that couldn't play FaceBook games or watch YouTube videos? Of course Google is in the unique position of being able to make YouTube work on ChromeOS without Flash, but they probably can't do anything about Hulu, Vimeo, or any of the other video sites out there that require Flash. - Gabe
Anyone else think Joy is Spam? - Chris Myles
already reported it yesterday :) - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ from IM
Ben Casnocha
Be wary of the preface "social," especially when it comes before words like "venture," "entrepreneurship," or "business."
Paul Buchheit
William Shatner reads Sarah Palin farewell speech - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
William Shatner reads Sarah Palin farewell speech
Wow, I haven't seen that yet. Thanks for sharing. - no name
Pretty lame that it got taken down. Thanks for the alternative link Aaron - really funny. - David Young
Sean P. Aune
Considering alternate routes to/from San Diego tomorrow so as to avoid Michael Jackson memorial traffic and drama.
MVB, that's going to be my route. How long a drive is that? - Derrick
Good luck that other people don't have the exact same plan avoiding the MJ crazyness... - Holger Eilhard
That's how I get to SD. The only slow down is around the 15/91 interchange. Though I take the 710 to the 60 to the 71 to the 91 to the 15 because it's faster for me than going around. The 210 seems to be always packed when I take it east, though after Claremont it frees up. - Anika
As you pass Clairemont, stop in and say Hi! - Jack&Cleo
OMG, Clairemont? I haven't heard (or seen) Clairemont since I lived there! - Derrick
My alternate route has always been 210-57-71-91-15. You can run into serious slowdowns on the surface street portion of 71, and the stretch of the 91 between the 71 and the 15 is always a disaster, but it's a little shorter than taking the 210 all the way to the 15. It usually takes me about 2-1/2 hours from Eagle Rock to North Park despite the traffic. - Victor Ganata
*writes that all down* What times are you usually traveling, Victor? I want to get to San Diego by about 9:00am. I guess I should be on the road about 6 or so. - Derrick
Derrick, I usually drive it in the afternoon, but I did it once in the morning, leaving around 8 am and making it to S.D. before 11 am. The surface street portion of the 71 is always a crap shoot. Some days I can hit all the green lights. Other days it takes *forever* to get past Mission Blvd. So Mark is probably right, you may not save that much time, but I don't have any experience with the eastbound 210 past the 57, or the southbound 15 between the 210 and the 91. - Victor Ganata
In the early mornings, the 71S can be clogged with trucks, but once you get pass Mission you're golden, usually you're only slowed down for about 5 - 10 min. IME, the 15S between the 210 and the 91 are way worse than the 71, but speeds up a little between the 10 and 60, definitely speeds up after the 91. - Anika
Thanks for all the options, everyone. I'll be on the road at around 6 and should be there about 9 or so at the latest. - Derrick
train from Union Station. :) - amygeek
Why not the 15 to the 60? that is how I get from Whittier 60 to the 215 to the 15 south EDIT oops said it backwards... I have always hated the 91., and about a week ago, the 5 was a mess - The Catz Meow
The 60 doesn't go to SD and it ends in Riverside County where it merges with the 10. - Anika
I used the 210 / 15 route for the first time a few weeks ago and it was great. - Mark Krynsky from iPhone
210 EAST to the 15 SOUTH ||||| That's the best route, don't risk going through Chino Hills, could tack on an extra hour with their crazy stop light highways. - Brandon
The 15 south between the 210 and the 91 can get bad, too, though. I know it's not much, but taking the 71 cuts down about 10 miles :) And for some reason, Google Maps says taking the 71 can cut your trip down by at least 15 minutes, and as much as an entire hour. (How do they get their estimates, I wonder?) - Victor Ganata
i don't suppose anyone else in this thread is old enough to remember Johnny Carson as "Art Fern" with a spaghetti map of southern California roads, wrapping up his confusing directions with "go to the Slauson Cutoff, get out of the car, cut off your Slauson..." http://www.youtube.com/watch... - Karim
Victor, I believe it. Even though I do drive fast, Looking at my driving logs from '07 and last year, I was hitting North Park in 1:50 - 2 hours. Driving 210 to the 15, took me 2 - 2.5 hours. One other thing I see on my log, if I left between 7:30 and 8:30am taking 710S/5S/91W/15S, I still got to SD in a little under 2 hours. - Anika
As always, +10 Karim! :) - Parth Awasthi
The 71 does have five intersections, but even if you get all reds, the wait times really aren't too bad except the one at Mission Blvd, which may actually even be worse now that they're doing all that construction. It's a gamble, but it can be worth it :) - Victor Ganata
Mona Nomura
"Life is all about ass. You're either covering it, laughing it off, kicking it, kissing it, busting it, or trying to get a piece of it." #fb
I've never tried to get a piece of it, I gots enoughs junks in teh trunks :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Well said. :) - Holger Eilhard
I can't take credit for this genius, I read it on a greeting card and it just came back to me! - Mona Nomura from IM
very ass-tute observation. (Sorry, couldn't help myself) - The Fat Oracle
Hahahaha!! ASS-TUTE. Great, now I'm going to be laughing all day at that. - Mona Nomura from IM
True dat - TheHenry
They forgot sitting on it and Friend Feeding out of it! - SAM
Frankly, I find this rather assinine - David
words of wisdom indeed! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Tamar Weinberg
I wrote months ago that FF is self-serving lately. It still feels that way. Surely Feedburner should know that there's no real interaction here and the nearly 2700 subscribers on my account are seeing nothing. :(
I spent 95% of the day on FF talking to a wall. :( - Tamar Weinberg
ouch! sometimes it's easy to feel that way when there's no FF community interaction on one's FF stream! - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
and I'm trying too. But I guess I either follow the wrong people (no reciprocation, or very little at that) or I am putting too much faith in FF... check out how much I was talking to myself in my desperate plea today - http://friendfeed.com/tamar... - Tamar Weinberg
I wonder if anyone else will say anything on the subject! - Tamar Weinberg
Sorry to see this occuring to you Tamar, I find it amazing given your subscriber count. Generally I don't skip over anyones interaction, including yours. But as I follow more, I miss seeing what others post more often. - Mo Kargas
Tamar: I'm noticing the same on all my services that it's very hard to get engagement lately. It looks like a lot of people are engaging with me here, but I have 42,000 followers (adding 1,000 per week, so someone is here) but my items never get the kind of engagement that you might expect. And of my 96,000 followers more than half never do ANYTHING I tell them to do (I've told my... more... - Robert Scoble
By the way, if you think your feedburner stats matter I have another bridge to sell you. :-) - Robert Scoble
Tamar, I'm sorry I missed your post earlier. Like Mo, I find this surprising with your subscriber count. And, like Trish, I think real time has certainly affected my level of engagement. I find myself grouping friends just so that I can keep up with them. - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
Mo, the issue, I believe, is that people subscribing don't really stay on FF. I reviewed my subscriber emails a few days ago and saw that none of them actually had FF activity at all. It's upsetting. That's also why I don't subscribe to many either; I want to follow people adding value to the service. - Tamar Weinberg
I think once this gold rush is over, we'll settle down to talking in interest groups. - Joanne Hay
Trish - yes, that's why I bumped up that GetSatisfaction Apple iPod rant eleventy billion times. It's an issue I'm extremely passionate about but have zero support on, which clearly makes me look ridiculous since I'm so emotionally invested in it (for almost a year now). Take a look - http://friendfeed.com/tamar... - Tamar Weinberg
Besides, Google Wave will certainly make things more interesting, even than FF function - Joanne Hay
Robert, I think the issue is that probably 5% (if even that much) of your followers use FF. The rest do not. They come, subscribe to people in bulk, and leave. I used to reciprocate with my IRL friends but they never returned despite me commenting and Liking their content, and that caused me to unsubscribe. - Tamar Weinberg
@Tamar Perhaps the service is too new, or perhaps not suited for the level of interaction desired. I also have quite a few inactive subs, but I do on Twitter too. - Mo Kargas
I have been on FF for 2-3 weeks now, trying to be engaging and build a quality list of followers. I post items and comments but I get no feedback! - I agree with @tamar, it is like talking to a wall....Twitter is worse - Geer
Is there a group for iPhone people that you're posting these comments too Tamar? - Joanne Hay
Mo, you mean GetSatisfaction? The issue is posted there, sure. I just want people to read it and spread it around. They are not requested to engage on the GS site. (I'd rather people blog it or tell Apple they're annoyed that the company didn't consider this common sense solution. Maybe they saw GS and didn't read it though...) - Tamar Weinberg
Tamar: yeah, but over on Twitter I'd submit that the same problem is happening. I have supposedly 96,000 followers. Only a small fraction engage. But I agree, I only follow participants here on friendfeed except for one folder I bulk imported from Twitter (and they stay seperate). - Robert Scoble
@Tamar: I should clarify - I meant Friendfeed :) - Mo Kargas
How did you separate them Robert? - Joanne Hay
Joanne, nope - and you're right. I should. But given all the iPhone/iPod touch commentary in my home feed, I guess I assume that 90% of users here have one and could at least spread the message. - Tamar Weinberg
Robert, true - then again, I'm one of your followers on Twitter and I'm not *actively* engaged there. I'd contend that I'm more active on FF, if that is actually believable. - Tamar Weinberg
Granted, I'm giving the iPod touch/iPhone rant precedence here. But I still look at my FF stream and see very little interaction there. I guess I post boring stuff. :) Then again, this is an issue that's close to my heart...and sadly, no one else's. - Tamar Weinberg
Joanne: I imported them into their own list. If you've already mixed them, then you have to build a new list and put your high quality people onto their own list. - Robert Scoble
Tamar, there are heaps of groups for apple and iphone, I just checked. Do you know how to share your comments to those groups? - Joanne Hay
Tamar: FriendFeed is a lot easier to be engaged on than Twitter. Plus everything here is bundleable and gets on Google, so there's some value here to me, even if I'm talking to myself. - Robert Scoble
Oh, Thanks Robert. I'll endeavour to do that. - Joanne Hay
Glen, looks pretty dead lately. Realtime may be working against FF here. But I did say I saw this before realtime became a reality. And Joanne, I will reshare there. I do know how to share - just didn't think about posting in those rooms... I've been trying to utilize Apple's official channels and my social media channels (Twitter and my main FF stream) as a last resort. - Tamar Weinberg
The annoying thing is that I have to actually subscribe to these rooms in order to post. I'm obsessive about this stupid issue but am not obsessed with the product. :) (though maybe I would be obsessed if the product worked according to my quite reasonable desire) - Tamar Weinberg
Yup Glen - you're absolutely right. I prefer to share all my FF items via image where possible, but this just doesn't have an appropriate one (or any, really). But I did flash the audience while I was talking to the wall. Too bad nobody saw that ;) - Tamar Weinberg
Glen: I turn real time off. But I think the problem is deeper than that. We're spreading our attention out. We used to have a small, but deep lake of attention. Now we're spreading it thinner and thinner. It's getting harder for everyone to get a drink in this system and it's frustrating to those who aren't as skilled at getting attention. Heck, it even is frustrating to me. - Robert Scoble
Tamar: Heheh. - Robert Scoble
Glen, all you get are text references :P - Tamar Weinberg
Oh Tamar... why doest thou torment us so? :) - Louis Gray
Tamar, I read your stuff. I'm not an iPhoner so skip those, though. I TRY to read EVERYONE and at least 'like' a few of everyone's, even in my Twitter feed group, but it's not easy keeping up. So, you're not 'talking to a wall' so much as to a bunch of lurkers like myself who don't always comment, but do try to at least read what you write. :-) - Molly
Molly, I appreciate the insights. :) - Tamar Weinberg
I'm not gonna be the one to say this is what happens when the mainstream arrives at your favorite service. But someone else might. ;-) - Aviv
I think it's a coupla things: 1) this is the first time I've seen your posts - today at least 2) images always have top billing on FF 3) tech is over-done here, so when you are on here more, and you contribute with comments on other people's posts, they get to know you, then when you post something, they respond. It's tough b/c you're in a really saturated area- perhaps librarians would... more... - anna sauce
Tamar, also none of your posted items from today had cute cat pix attached. - Aviv
What, no cute cat pic? Forget it, Tamar. Unsubscribe. :-P - Molly
Maybe they are gaming the system. Oh wait - they ARE the system! :) - Brian Wallace
I do agree that friendfeed, much of the time, is a one way conversation with a wall. Its can be quite disappointing really. - DGentry
Willo O'Brien
@willotoons Today I'm wearing one of the t-shirts you designed. It says: "eat. sleep. rock. repeat." (via @danegolden) Nice, Dane! Thx! :)
'Wife' School - Would You Send Your Daughter? #parenting - http://www.parentdish.com/2009...
'Wife' School - Would You Send Your Daughter? #parenting
"The goal of the two week class, which is geared to girls ages 10 to 14, is to teach things like table manners, posture, conversation, fashion and make up and hostessing skills. "We see a lot of young ladies who can benefit from a makeover program," says camp co-creator Angela Chan. "They need to develop their presence."" - Shevonne from Bookmarklet
I don't think I would - Shevonne
The description seems more like etiquette school. If that's the case, then I would send both of my children to something like that, but not "Wife" school - Shevonne
Me too Shevonne. It's actually called "Make Over Camp" according to the article, which isn't much better. Why not just call it etiquette? - Jen (SquirrelGirl)
Daughters? Forget that. *I* want to go. - Rochelle
Etiquette school, possibly and regardless of gender (hey, can I sponsor some adults to attend too?!??). Wife school? WTF... And the quote about young ladies who "need to develop their presence" kinda pisses me off. A 12 year old is a kid and chances are has more 'presence' than her parents can possibly deal with already... - FFing Enigma
I could use a makeup tip or two and some of these etiquette skills might be handy, but not when you put it in the context of 1950s housewives and "home economics" texts - Sally - Skyrimmin' It
Okay, serious answer. I went to etiquette school when I was 10 or 12 or so. I loved it. I would definitely send Audrey to something like that. I don't get the "wife school" title, though. Shouldn't all women have these skills, regardless of their marriage status? Just call it etiquette class. - Rochelle
A critic calls it "Wife School." It is open only for girls which is one of the criticism. - RAPatton
I would send my daughter if the makeup and fashion stuff wasn't in there. As most of you have stated, there's nothing wrong with etiquette classes. - Kenton
I hate the concept of "wife school" for all the obvious reasons (seems "husband school" is just as sorely needed, so long as marriage continues to be popular, anyway.) AND the school is not called "wife school" - that's just the commentator's title. BUT as others have said - a lot of these "skills" are extremely rare in the population at large - manners, posture, fashion sense, makeup, and general "presence." So I can see how a young person would benefit from it. - Anthony Citrano
I'd vote for Twitter school and social networking classes... not sure the people requesting me to join their mafia over and over again need to exist. - Fossil Huntress
I'd go, but it seriously needs to be co-ed. - Alix May
Etiquette school is great. My mom sent me there to learn how to walk because I had Scoliosis and wearing these awful braces. She wanted to see if it would help cause they wanted me to get surgery to correct my legs. I loved it and learned so much. =) - Shevonne
I would totally send my daughter to this. It's basically just a form of etiquette school and I think that's super important in this day and age where etiquette is dying a sad, lonely death. I think there also ought to be an etiquette school for boys, because I would make sure any son of mine attended that. I always wanted to attend etiquette school as a young girl, but my parents could... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
I think the title of the article is wrong. - Shevonne
Jason, my gripe is that teaching social etiquette doesn't really teach someone to be a good spouse. Teaching communication, problem solving, and personal finance (and yeah, maybe some sex ed) would make a good spouse school but that doesn't sound like what's going on here. This is a poise school. - FFing Enigma
I was going to write what Tina said, but she said it so eloquently. =D It isn't a school of thought. - Shevonne
Michael McKean
Saturn Rings Cast in Rare Light - http://www.space.com/science...
Saturn Rings Cast in Rare Light
Just so beautiful! - comix aka martha
Wooooooooooow!! - Mona Nomura
wanna know something, twitter & friendfeed? BACARDI EFFING SUCKS. Get bent, you puerile, unimaginative hucksters. http://jezebel.com/5296935... #LAME
*blink* - Michael W. May
wow... that is bad - Michael W. May
Sad and sick. Bacardi sucks regardless, of course. - Parth Awasthi
:/ - Rodfather
UN-believable. - edythe
bacardi shall never knowingly pass my lips again. #LAME #PUERILE #argggggghhhh - edythe
murrr - maidel
*mouth agape* are you flippin' kidding me? - Jim #teamFFrank
You're right that is way way out of order!! I can see why you are so pissed off!! - Kevin J Hatton
OH. EM. EF. GEE!! - Ordinarybug Heather
am I missing something? - Richard Lawler
Richard, click the link and prepare to be disgusted. - Stephen Mack
I did, I'm not disgusted. Seriously, this is "disgusting?" - Richard Lawler
Interesting they used an Ad agency to create this. I know Bacardi's in-house designer (or at least I did before she left) and can't WAIT to get the story from her. - Jess
I lol'ed. Mostly because they had the chutzpa to actually go through with such a campaign. But that doesn't mean I support their campaign! - Zach Landes
Tokyo Dan
Soon we'll be deluged with iPhone 3G S reviews by every US-based geek that has a blog/podcast. I hope we don't have to go through a rerun on the 26th by every English-speaking Japan-based geek with a blog/podcast.
Mona Nomura
Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love, got married. Ceremony wasn't much... but the reception was excellent! -@BobWarren, CP Hahaha #fb
*orders the veal* - Johnny
Very old but very funny. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Check Please! :P - That's So CAJ!
This is totally one of my favourite jokes!! - Nathalie
Two peanuts are walking down the street. One was assaulted. - Nathalie
LOL! - AJ Batac
Groan... LOL - Ian May
LOL again - Johnny
*snort* - Michael McKean
Great for me on Father's Day! Those were my Dad's favorite kind of jokes; he called the 'groaners'. - Robert Hafer
ughhh. Whew! - Charlie Anzman
:: giggle :: - Miss Elle
:D i love corny jokes like this. - edythe
Me too Polly, they make me laugh so much. Have you seen the One Liner website? http://www.onelinerz.net/top-100... - Mona Nomura
Mona! My uncle, who was also our wedding officiant, told that joke (substituting cellphone for antenna) as the opener to our ceremony! Moments later I remembered that I'd forgotten to turn off my phone. - Kevin Fox
No way! Your uncle RULES...I would've been the one laughing the hardest haha! Not only was your phone on but you had it with you during your ceremony? Kevin! LOL!! - Mona Nomura from IM
lol - Jemm
Mona Nomura
Shame on me for waiting this long to regularly use Fluid. Double shame it took a crashy Facebook game to really look into Fluid. #ImLame
Fluid is a site specific browser http://fluidapp.com/ Fluid is to Webkit as Prism is to Gecko. - Victor Ganata
Fluid is pretty dope since my browsers crash A LOT with Flash apps...especially when they're running a super long time. I made instances(?) for several of my frequently used web apps. :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Shame on me for not even knowing what a site-specific browser is until now. This'd help since I use Pandora/Hulu frequently. ty! :D - Brandon
You're totally telling me...I didn't even bother learning what it was until this very very addictive FB game Haha! - Mona Nomura
I love it for blip.fm. Use a user style to cut away some excess whitespace and shrink the interface, and you've got a super-lightweight itunes - David
Check out the Fluid icon Flickr group. - Ⓒⓗⓡⓘⓢ Ⓟⓘⓡⓘⓛⓛⓞ
Fluid FTW! - TheHenry
Yeah, Helen, Fluid is OS X only. You might want to check out Prism if you need something similar for Windows or Linux https://wiki.mozilla.org/WebRunn... - Victor Ganata
Chrome has this built in and calls it "application shortcuts" fwiw. I use it for GMail and iTweet. - Daniel J. Pritchett
It doesn't look like Google has implemented application shortcuts in the developer build of Chrome for OS X yet, though. - Victor Ganata
And you had the nerve to talk about my profile pic??? :P - Amani
Robert Scoble
New Twitter movement: unfollow everyone. Discuss why or why not this is a good thing:
@loic started this with a script he had built. He unfollowed everyone yesterday and now only is following 22 people. - Robert Scoble
@loic told me it feels like he took a bath. - Robert Scoble
@loic says that having a small number of people he intimately follows lets him build real relationships online again. - Robert Scoble
i just think people shouldnt take all of this so seriously. - Terry O'Fee
@loic says that if you try to follow thousands of people there's no way to see all the tweets. That is true. If I refresh Twitter.com as fast as I can I can't see all the Tweets coming into my account. - Robert Scoble
I have been actively unfollowing--not everyone--but anyone that seems not directly relevant or familiar to me on some level. Twitter has become a far richer experience since employing this technique - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Well how will you will you filter than or get to the things you like? A group of people you follow is in my experience one of the best information filters you can have. - rick
I'm now following just over 100 people anyway - VIVANO
there is more than one way to do twitter. both the @loic and @scobleizer way are right. - Peggy Dolane
Oh, I'm sure it's an annoying mess with about 400 items per minute that mean absolutely nothing to you - Dorian Muthig
i have some really good friends i talk to on a regular basis. some i have conversations with. some proper celebrities because i cant help myself. the rest i suss out. if all they can talk about is ff and twitter, i may unfollow myself. - Terry O'Fee
@loic and I see that there's something new happening. First, search like http://search.twitter.com is totally changing our inbound. Second, using services like friendfeed lets you group and manage large numbers of followers, so you'll still have the inbound, especially as more and more people join both friendfeed and Twitter. - Robert Scoble
instead of unfollowing, I use FriendFeed to filter/group the tweeters according to their priority for me - Alexander Benker
I agree Robert- following folks sometimes can be a total waste of time and waste of twitter. Quality over quantity seems to be the new movement of late and I have to agree fro the most part-I am tired of getting spammed and DMed by spam which we all have to delete. But I have always followed quality- and that is why I am responding to your tweet dude. - DougFirebaugh
Sure when you have the amount of followers that you do and they will just listen it makes sense. But not for the average user of twitter. It's not about just being followed. I think you may have lost touch with the whole thing. You two are in the top 2%. Twitter is a completely different user experience than the other 98%. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
So are we calling this Follower Bankruptcy? - Mike Doeff
This one of the reasons to have track, so you can follow your real friends and still discover new people - Christian Burns
Robert, Twitter is a river of 140 char messages. Dive in when you feel like taking a bath. Get out when you had enough. Loic and you should stop whining about the drawbacks after you start following thousands of people ;-) - Alexander van Elsas
let's see robert unfollow everyone in friendfeed too. hah, that'll be the day. - Terry O'Fee
Reuben: I haven't decided to yet, but @loic sure makes a good case for it. - Robert Scoble
IMO, it's not a great idea. People will see this as a negative action toward them and unfollow you. If everybody were to unfollow everybody they know, twitter would become a meaningless array of nothingness. "If it ain't broke, don't unfollow it." - Zerhynn
I have never bought into the mass followers approach and find that I have to find at least 2 or 3 tweets interesting within a page or two, in anybody I would choose to follow. I am interested in connection with people with similar interests and I don't think it makes sense to just build up volume. - Kirti Vashee
There's certainly a buzz around this, we just talked about it on our podcast tonight. What sucks about unfollowing is losing the news-stream of information you're trying to capture--stuff you may not have notice/found. Maybe Twitter should implement groups, a'la tweetdeck? - Paul Salzman
Although I do agree that you do not need to follow thousands of people. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
interesting concept - guess that is what I use tweetdeck, friendfeed and socialmedian for to allow me to focus on issues because I carefully selected the people I follow after reviewing their sites I see merit in unfollowing everyone just as I see in using third party apps - it depends on the individuals preferences - Lionel Spearman
It's both good and bad. For one if your reduce the number of people you follow to a minimalistic amount you can build richer and more vibrant relationships with the select few. The bad however is that your world view is now much smaller than what it would have been. I'm actually thinking about unfollowing a mass of people to get back into a manageable range where I can read all of there tweets and then search for anything else. - OCoG of FF, Jimminy
Why is it a new movement when SM gurus start doing it? I follow those that have similar interest or to learn different point of views. I have no goal to have the most followers or the best twitter grade. Twitter is about the relationships you build. Friends are relationships that I have built over years of trust and loyalty. - Kyle
I would consider it, but I would have trouble shutting out that many. I am following 1000 and being followed by 1500 - Christian Burns
Having just decided to join the follow you movement I think unfollowing everyone is an unfriendly move, why not make a group for the 22 friends you really want to follow:) - Suzie Cheel
Then there are some who follow then unfollow and follow again. lol. - Carolyn Chan
One problem with not following everyone: only people you are following can send you direct messages on Twitter. That's one thing that's keeping me from running @loic's script. @loic points out, though, that most of my DM's are now spam. He's right. - Robert Scoble
I've been speaking about that for a weeks, and applying it, glad it's finally trickling to the a-listers. - Richard A.
So the question is, when will FF get DMs? - Christian Burns
you still have email, robert :P - Terry O'Fee
Not sure I agree. Even with a small "following" I get real nuggets via DMs. Besides - it is rude to mass unfollow :) - Rob La Gesse
I kind of wish I could limit my follows to 150 - Christian Burns
I have been thinking about this a lot. Recently I blogged about how opening up my Facebook to everyone who wanted to connect was not really resulting in meaningful relationships. We don't have the time to be engaged with that many people. We can put content out and discuss when they respond, but to actually use the medium in the way I used to when I had just a couple friends on there is no longer possible with so many people. Likewise, with Twitter. - AV Flox
I won't be sad or hurt if @Scobleizer unfollows me. Frankly, not all my tweets are that relevant to the guy. Just so long as he checks his @replies and answers me every blue moon, that still falls in the category of a good relationship on Twitter. @shelisrael has an unfollow/follow as you go motto described on his blog, it makes sense to me. - Phillip
It was my script. I'm the new guy at seesmic. I wrote it for loic today. if anyone wants it, I've got it. kick this movement into high stream. If you look at the first person in loic's follow list, its me now :-) - Zac Bowling
But Robert, I thought you couldn't check your DM's? I remember seeing quite a few tweets from you saying "DON'T DM ME - EMAIL ME INSTEAD" etc. - Brandon LeBlanc from twhirl
What a load of BS. Do the math. - Stephen Grant-Jones
Since I run much smaller number that Loic & Robert, my systematic subtractive technique works--if I had thousands of spamming DM--I would run Loic's script. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Brandon: I tried getting people to not send me DMs. Doesn't work. People were trying to do business with them (and still are). It's probably the single reason why I won't run the script. - Robert Scoble
I love the spontaneity and surprise of many friends. I would never give it up. I discover things every day that delight me. - John Kremer
Besides, if I really need to send Scoble a DM I can just call his Cell phone - Christian Burns
A lot of the conversations that are still happening are interesting but the relationships built are no longer as close as they were when I had only a couple of followers. It's funny that you tweeted about only having 150 followers on Friendfeed and that's more conducive to quality relationships. Isn't 150 the Dunbar number? Loic's movement is worth reflecting on. I've been making use of Tweetdeck again to scale down the groups. It's helped but Loic's solution is seductive. - AV Flox
This can be very short sighted. A great way to send the message, I don't want your business or money. - Sylvia Webb
it would almost be a good idea except for one thing - @reply can only be seen by followers. It would be great if this were not the case, and I can see the spam potential if it were, but limiting @reply to followers, if you;re not following anyone, means everyone is in a big room shouting over each other instead of conversing. - Brian Benz
New craze for newbies to twitter, following a small number of people and filter the rest for useful conversations. Quantity is not quality! - Carl Plant
i'm far more suspicious of those following me than i'm concerned about who I follow. I'm always looking to prune my Twitter follows and -- what can I say -- it's hard... lots of people in my twitterfeed tend to add value more often than not! - Andy Sternberg
Also, does this approach not create a new A-list in a different place? - Brian Benz
Just goes to prove that Steve Gillmor is always right, eventually you will see it his way :) - Christian Burns
Do what works for you. If it stops working for you then make a change. I don't think there is any reason for debate here. To each his/her own. - Katherine Druckman
@Robert it isn't possbile to say to people not to use DM. And if you feel like you should build up such a large crowd you follow or that follow you then accept the consequences. You get value because it lets you be an information hub and provides you overall sex appeal in the tech community. In return you will have to accept that people try to get access to you to get back some of that value for themselves or their products. - Alexander van Elsas
if it ain't broke. don't fix it. i wouldn't unfollow everyone but i do find myself filtering more. being open and keeping channels 2 way has allowed me to meet some amazing contacts interested in doing business in China. to unfollow people would be to cut off these channels for me. a lot of these contacts are via DM. everyone's got a different way of using twitter. - Christine Lu
Brian: why? Not sure what you're getting at there. - Robert Scoble
It's not necessary to see all the tweets. You can use Tweetdeck and other services to make sure you don't miss your favorites. I still love the nuggets I discover -- like this post -- that I would not discover if I stopped following so many people. - John Kremer
I can make it easy for @loic. Nuke the account and start over following the 22 people. - Christian Anderson
Am I wrong to say that if you use Twitter search @yourusername you can't see @replies from people NOT following you? I tried it and it seems to work for me. - Phillip
Christine: it's all broken, it's just that I have gotten used to routing around the fail whales and the stream flowing through Tweetdeck. I "media snack" and just sample from the stream flowing by. It doesn't bother me too much either way. I do find that friendfeed is a far better place and it's great to see more and more people discovering that. - Robert Scoble
Phillip: bing! Oh, by the way, I'm following everyone on this thread. :-) - Robert Scoble
Geez, Loic is like the drama queen of the web. - Orli Yakuel
Christian: actually that's probably what I would do if I was tired of a high-flow account: just start a new account with only a few friends and lock down the followers. Maybe that's the solution for true addicts like me. :-) - Robert Scoble
I'm unfollowing everyone on twitter and friendfeed who I don't know personally or isn't local. Sorry peeps, Twitter and friendfeed works best like that. Once I get everything clean, feel free to let me know you're still following me and I'll follow back. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Orli: oh, if you can't have some drama what fun is social media? ;-) - Robert Scoble
I have a simple, less radical set of rules: 1) use groups, 2) un-follow anyone who spams you with direct messages and 3) move questions/conversations to friendfeed. - Edwin Khodabakchian
Robert, stay as you are, please. - Orli Yakuel
Orli: don't worry, I'll always follow you. :-) - Robert Scoble
I too use FriendFeed's and TweetDeck's group functions to prioritize the tweets that comes in from my followees. - Vinko
52 pages, 1025 people I follow on twitter. Each one was added by me for a reason. No auto-follow. First person ever followed was Jason Calacanis over two years agao. - Christian Burns
My twitter name is @infoliberation. I find that Twitter is short and sweet and Friendfeed is for a much more robust conversation. I love the marriage of the two. I think Friendfeed is helped greatly by Twitter's jumping off point. What else can you say to that? - Phillip
damn...right when my followership just started taking off. :-( - Jason Salas from IM
I agree with Katherine, to each his own. I've got just a wee 2000 followers, but enjoy popping in to respond to whatever random tweet catches my eye or relevant tweets I've found through saved topic searches. Hey, I even got a new client today - so I'm doing just fine with how things are now. - Cheryl Allin
please people, let's try for tomorrow for a day on this where we dont talk about twitter or friendfeed. there's other stuff to talk about... - Terry O'Fee
Robert, come on... this is not what I'm worried about. I think that you really know most of your friends, or for at least trying to communicate with people you don't know. With Twitter you get to know new friends & content based on the same taste/interests - to follow only people you know, is like taking two steps back. (and thanks for following me!) - Orli Yakuel
Not sure why you would need to unfollow everyone to keep track of what your important people tweet. Just form a group of high-profile folks in TweetDeck and it'll do the same thing, plus you can still follow everyone else for when you want to jump in the stream. - Cory OBrien
i just unfollowed a couple of folks, it's true, we can live without twitter,facebook and friendfeed. How about for lent we give up facebook, twitter and friendfeed? - Dh'ennis Dömingö
Robert - Limiting followers = limiting DMs and replies and tweets you can see from others - In Loic's example 22 invitees (followers) that get to have a seat at the table while the rest of us can watch the action passively. TO me this would be as exciting as C-Span. :) - Brian Benz
I think everyone will find their own Twitter preferences. I'm following 606 right now. In a week or two I may clean out some of the driftwood - people who've gone silent or have switched to topics that aren't interesting, but then I'll add some new folks to make up for it. I don't catch every Tweet, but the stream keeps running. So long as it's populated with interesting folk, the Tweets that I do catch are more likely to be interesting as well. - Heidi Cool
Orli: I've decided that @loic is wrong. But he's also right. Twitter, you see, is really broken for interacting with large numbers of people. Friendfeed is much better. - Robert Scoble
I think Loic let things get out of control. Robert, considering how many followers you have, you seem to be able to manage your account better than anybody. If your truly are looking for a quality experience, you have to decide what works for you. I always thought it was about quality not quantity:-) - Michael Fidler
@loic I think its cool that you rebooted who you follow - Christian Burns
On Pownce I used to try to keep track of all posts (and followed fewer people) but Pownce was more indepth. On Twitter one can glean a lot from just a small percentage of what's there. - Heidi Cool
Robert, with that I agree: FriendFeed is better for long and real conversations. - Orli Yakuel
I agree groups in tweetdeck help you filter very well without missing some occasional random tweets. keeping up with your @replies is more critical than every single tweet. - Alistair (alpinefolk)
Robert - you should unfollow everyone and see what happens. make sure that script stores everyone you are following in a db in case you want to re-follow after the test. - Gerard
While I didn't unfollow everyone, I cut out a lot of who I was following. Might be rude, but it's not meant to be that way. i no longer have the time to follow so many people. - Ⓐ ☠ slayerboy ☠ Ⓐ
Gerard: it would cause too many messages to fly around. People get their feelings hurt if someone unfollows them. - Robert Scoble
If I unfollow people, then I'd be digitally talking to myself. I can do that IRL - Outsanity
My feelings wouldn't be hurt - I'd doubt if I'd even realize it - that's not what I'm using Twitter for - just silly to me. - Cheryl Allin
Outsanity: that's not true. Who you are following is your inbound. You can get inbound other places, like http://search.twitter.com or http://www.twittervision.com - Robert Scoble
Twitter is what you want it to be. That's one of the fascinating things. My own view of it has changed a dozen times since I started. Everyone has their own philosophy about how to use it, and they are all valid. As for me, I'm simply not going to follow anybody who doesn't follow me, and I will follow anybody (as long as they are real) I just unfollowed loic. The World is flat. Will I miss out? Perhaps, but if I want to know what the 'important' people are thinking I can just go to their sites. - Stephen Pickering
Robert: You're currently "following" 69,188 people on Twitter. If one of those people has their feelings hurt because you unfollow them and they no longer have 1/70,000th of your attention, they have a screw loose. - Ken Sheppardson
Twhirl gives you inbound with saved searches, each search a tab stream. I love it. Create a saved search for keyword 'RT' and see what's hot or a saved search like 'chrisbrogan' and follow him and all who @ him. - Cheryl Allin
I say bite the bullet, clear things out, add some searches in Tweetdeck or one of the "track" services, and follow people manually as your real relationships warrant. You can alway run a script to just follow everybody later if you miss the noise. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: I unfollowed according to three criteria 1. Does the person follow more than a thousand 2. Does the person respond 3. does the person tweet links and RT rather than content, the fourth is whether you're unlucky enough to tweet when I'm in unfollow mode. Result: A more social timeline. - Richard A.
Sounds like Loic needs to fix Twhirl to manage his followers better. He doesn't have to pay attention to every single one, but he does need a way to build relationships with those he wants to. Twhirl is horrible at this. - Jesse Stay
@Jesse Stay, I use twhirl and it's fine for what I do, but that's because I culled my follow list removing all those that aren't active conversationalists. - Richard A.
Reuben, My timeline is far more fun now as a result :-). Took a few experiments to find the right method though. - Richard A.
At a certain point if you had autofollow on you have no choice but to start over because a) you can follow the number of tweets and b) you will stress the Twitter servers out. - Jason Calacanis
Reuben. I don't use auto follow, For me to follow someone new I want to see how converstional they are first. That's when I might consider them on twitter. - Richard A.
Robert: Is this the flip side of what Jason and Michael were taking you to task on a few weeks back on GG? Is it time to do more meaningful *listening*? - Ken Sheppardson
Robert: I 'think' I was the first person with over 20k followers to do this. Though in my case, I totally reset my account - zero following / zero followers. http://jimsmarketingblog.com/2009... it has been a universally great experience to me and massively increased the value of Twitter to me. - Jim Connolly
Ken: yes, I think this has a big part to do with addiction too. You keep trying to follow more and more until you snap. - Robert Scoble
An interesting idea, as I have found I have followers but a very select few who actually respond regularly, I wonder if it is matter of depersonalization, losing what it once represented as a means to an end. Certainly it could be a good idea, but many of those who I have found were those who had spoke on something of interest in the wide swath of sea that is twitter. So I will consider it, but am not sure if there will be follow through anytime soon. Though I guess it would depend also on how effective. - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa
As someone has probably already pointed out in a more eloquent fashion, Loic's company makes a Twitter client. Surely he should build tools into that client to make the overload problem more manageable and certainly not try to set a trend of "hey it's cool to unfollow lots of people now". That sort of sends the wrong message to people about your company and it's thinking. - Pete Gilbert
I don’t see how this is even an idea to be considered. If we unfollow everybody and everybody else unfollows the rest, then Twitter will become a very lonely place. Boring place with no use what so ever… I strongly disagree with this. - Spyros Papaspyropoulos
This the Loic Le Meur trend he catch big head, because he is personnal friend of Sarkozy , the small napoleon - Yann from twhirl
agreed @peter, it's nonsense, companywise, to promote that kind of message when you try to spread your twitter tool.Anyway, I think it's more a trend problem, the 2009 fashion is to unfollow everyone and @loic cannot do unfashioned thing because this is how he builds his reputation and his company notoriety.Dommage... - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
There is no point being on twitter if your purpose is to broadcast. For broadcasting blogs and other platforms are more interesting. If you take dialogue away from twitter you undermine the most active members of the community because they will feel people are using the site too passively. Why do you think social networks fail, lack of involvment. At least by reducing the number of people you follow you increase engagement on a per person basis. It becomes personal once more. - Richard A.
@ J-C verde, as you said is dommage, Loic catch the big head , i guess when he will realize that will be too late - Yann from twhirl
It's beginning to feel like the @1938media technique--in reverse--sans personality shift. Loic will now certainly be the topic of many blog posts in the next day or two. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Spyros: totally wrong. We'd still be here at friendfeed and http://search.twitter.com would still show us other people. - Robert Scoble
@Robert and what is the criteria to detect people in such a huge stream? Come on, this is a network thing: you follow someone because someone else you share interest with has followed him, much more than picking up in twitter "all" stream... - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
Jean: I am very adept at scrolling through a huge list of names and telling you something about most of them. Friendfeed is where I spend most of my time, though. - Robert Scoble
GREAT idea Loic, way to prove your software really can't handle the numbers. This is a weird move from a very smart man. - Jim Connolly
Understand, Robert, but I think that setting up filters (like you did) is a better way than unfollowing people, which seems to be a "2009 trend" with no real reason, even more when you promote a twitter tool.You barely say "my tool suck, so I can't do anything but unfollow you'.Bad move, IMO. - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
I think Loic displayed a certain degree of immaturity in handling twitter as a tool. It is as overdone to follow everyone as it is to unfollow radically. Inspired by the debate, I felt a bit like Moses today ( ;-) ), and subsequently assembled bloggi's Ten Commandments of Twitter: http://bit.ly/ten-commandments - Mark Jacobs
Jean: agreed. I like friendfeed as an answer a lot more. Just open up a list and put the people you want to really follow in there and keep everyone else out. - Robert Scoble
for the one devellop a twitter tool like Twhirl , i admit is a strange behavior, maybe is normal he is french - Yann from twhirl
@yann I'm also french and I don't understand too. - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
As Twitter's user numbers have INCREASED it's usability (to me) has DECREASED. Is it just me? - Jim Connolly
I can understand Loic's reasons, but I don't agree with it. I don't personally know 95% of the people I follow on twitter. It is however neither relevant nor important for that to be a pre-requisite to starting an interesting conversation. I don't auto follow people and i only pay attention to whoever I want to irrespective of the number of people i am subscribed to. Moreover, a large number of people have occasional sparks of interestingness. So if one can learn to ignore; the more the better. - Parth Awasthi
@Jim_Connolly It is the old law of decreasing returns when new media trivialize. But usually, I am pretty untouched by it since (having been around since February 2007 in twitter) I only follow some 350 people to this day. So I get a good result from my circle of followees. Also, I try to give by helping out new twitter users who have questions. - Mark Jacobs
@Parth_Awasthi I think, lioc created a big mess by first auto following, and now seeing no other way out than to unfollow. Somehow, it makes me giggle a bit :-) - Mark Jacobs
You guys have way too much free time on your hands with this nonsense. - Wayne Schulz
Too much drama. It's funny how many social networks bemoan lack of users and with Twitter, the opposite problem is the subject of complaints - "there's too many bots and DMs! oh my!" Bleh. - Eric Gonzalez
hey guy don't confuse is only one Guy got the big head this is not a trend - Yann from twhirl
I really don't share opinion about Loic putting this on a personal way. This is a strategy mistake (company-wise), a trend mistake (2009-ish fashion)...But not a big head problem. Loic had thousands reasons to have a huge head issue before and did not, so I don't see why it would be the case now - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
this become a hot topic, maybe to much for that - Yann from twhirl
at always promote himself as rock Star , finally he catch the big head - Yann from twhirl
Robert Scoble: What about the people that are using only Twitter? What about the ones that don't use FriendFeed? Ok, we might be crazy having many many accounts on most of all social platforms, but other only use one or two. By unfollowing everyone, there is no Twitter as Mark Fletcher said. - Spyros Papaspyropoulos
I'd agree with someone earlier Loic wants to keep his followers but follow less bet he wouldn't have started that policy at the beginning otherwise he would have a few k followers at most! If he had real balls then he would delete his account like @jimconnolly did and start fresh but he wont as he still wants to 'use' the big following he has, talk about one way! - roger byrne
don't have to start unfollowing anyone as i didn't start following everyone in the first place.. never really understood the auto-following of twitterers i started following.. you've got twittersearch to find people with common interests.. - Johannan Edelman
@scobleizer @loic So much as issues matter, people also matter. Unfollowing people because there is an alternative way to search for issues or interests is limiting the scope to generate them in the first place. Following more people signals belongingness and interests or issues heard. On the other hand, small followings signals selfishness and is the same as 'greed is good'. - Moses Kpetigo
Interesting: so would @loic also encourage all his followers to stop following him? so he could stick with his few twitter fellows? If I remember, he was the one all about numbers and authority. It seems like, once you've reached enough, you're safe ppl will follow you no matter what, you have good "authority" and then you can unfollow all the mass and become a Twitter snob? It sounds too much like a strategy to me. In which he succeed, no doubt. Will he lose credibility? I wonder. - May
I like Robert's snack analogy: I consider Twitter as a news source roughly tuned to my general interests via who I decided to follow. In this respect I could follow lots of people, since it makes sure that each time I go to Twitter, I will find something interesting to me. I know I won't be able to read everything, but I don't care, it's just like in a book store I know I can't read all the books, but I like to sample in the sci-fi shelves - Antoine Bertier
@loic is becoming way too elitist lately. i didn't hear him complaining when he was following thousands of people to promote seesmic! - Alensa
@antoine Exactly right imho most have never claimed and quite the opposite actually specified they don't/can't read every tweet but when they are on they are on and dip into the party! Loics party just got real small! ;) - roger byrne
while search.twitter.com is useful, twitter puts you on the front of the wave not searching to catch up afterwards - Mark Parssey
i constantly wonder how you keep up with sooooo many followers. doesn't it drive you nuts???? - Francisco Kemeny
My twitterverse contains people I pay attention to, people that I have so I can search and some that I just follow for a moment and then remove. - Josef Finsel from twhirl
Human attention spans (and time) are limited. Twitter and IMing are a large 'experiment' , still a work in progress--the jury is out! - JimmyJet
If you have so many followers that you have to unfollow because you didn't follow based on what the people were saying, but instead followed to up your "network", then Twitter probably isn't the venue for you. Check out MySpace and do that... - Nicki Laycoax
*yawn* what's new here? nothing. @fidlr and others started the twexpire type experiments (look up the script if you care) long ago; not loic or scoble. i specified the #egosphere vs. #cognosphere usage scenarios long ago. @JimmyJet and @DidierLahely sum it up well. In another sense, all of this is IRC and Usenet for dummies. - michael silverton
it's a good exercise to see how much you really miss the tweets of those you unfollow. And also see how many of them will remain followers after you unfollow. - Mihai Secasiu
I'd argue that having 23k followers is 'doing it wrong' & you should unfollow and start over. I follow 329 right now and the signal-to-noise ratio is manageable. It's a mix of people I know intimately, casually and professionally, and that's where I have the conversations and relationship-building. Next is a handful of news and interesting/high # of followers people. Then, a few individuals with similar numbers as me I found interesting, which has allowed for Twitter-specific relationship-building. - Laura Hall
I agree with @Johannan Edelman I have never used the autofollow function and have felt those I do follow provide value to me. - Jill Howard Allen
As an additional note, if I were to increase my activity and wanted to manage those relationships, I'd start doing filtered lists. - Laura Hall
Groups/filteting seems to be a more sensible and positive sltuion to the "too many followers" problem. eh. - Doug Haslam from twhirl
It's nice that people find what works for them, but there is no "doin' it wrong" There is only "doin it with clue" or "doin it clueless" ... if one doesn't know WHY one is doin' it, no life coach, guru, or A-lister can help. Form your own experiments and execute them. You need no approval or permission from any seeming authority figure. Look up #cognosophere and #egosophere if you care. P.S. PeopleBrowsr breaks ALL these assumptions; it's a completely new kind of literacy beyond Twitter and Friendfeed. - michael silverton
Loic forgot how he use Twitter for promte seesmic ...... why not unfollow him too ?? - Yann from twhirl
I guess I just like to see what people are up to. Isn't that what it was all about before the marketing types took over? Now it's about "getting value" and "managing relationships". I joined so I could tell people what I was having for lunch. - Shawn Farner
I like being in your Twitter stream, I like the idea that thought leaders and influential people like yourself occasionally get to read my updates. You know, once in a blue moon I come up with a great idea, and it's cool to know that in turn this might just inspire Scoble, or Fry for that matter, too. - Terje Fjelde
On the other hand I hate reading about strangers "spending the entire day in bed" or "being bored," so I only follow people who add quality updates on my own account - Terje Fjelde
the main issue comes from the fact Twitter does not help users follow and decide efficiently on new followers. Robert if you are interested we have created a new service called Topify.com. if you are interested i ll drop you an invite - Ouriel Ohayon
Twitter has provide me a way to build a network of people and experts very quickly in fields where I previously did not have contacts or experience. To blanket unfollow would be like cutting my nose off in spite of my face. - Stephen Terlizzi
How will this help...what will it do? - John Flynn
ouriel: sure, send it to scobleizer@gmail.com - Robert Scoble
robert: you ll get it in a few days, just after we migrated servers. i am sure you ll love it :) - Ouriel Ohayon
That's not new. Loic didn't start a trend. I've only bee using these services since May and I've done it on several occasions and not just on Twitter. Several people have. - Anika
I did that for a while on my first (now private/personal) account, and found myself going to 5-6 follower's Twitter pages to read the news (ala RSS reader days) a couple of times a day. Now that I have a public account, I creeped up to 75-100 again but am consciously rotating folks in and out of my "Top 50." My Twitterstream is like a living, breathing being, I guess! But by intensely following different people at different times, I learn something new and can move on. It's quality, not quantity. - travelninja
Robert - the idea of reducing who you actively follow and relying more on search notifications is the premise of this post: "2009 Prediction: As Social Connections Reduce, Keyword Tracking Increases" http://bit.ly/hfQq - Hutch Carpenter
Chris: on friendfeed just stick the people you want to rarely follow into a list, or do what I did: put the people you REALLY want to follow into a list and read that everyday. That way you'll still have the massive inflows somewhere else when you want those too. - Robert Scoble
Chris: there is something to that, by the way. But you've only touched the surface of the breakage that happened the past month. Go deeper there and you will find the truth. - Robert Scoble
Chris - Lists have answered this quandary for me. The bacon memes are fun, but I didn't want them filling up my main feed. And during the day, I have a professional need to focus on the world of e2.0. Lists really do serve the purpose Loic set out to accomplish. - Hutch Carpenter
unfollow everyone on twitter, FB and every other social network. UK scientists sez that these SN sites actually rewires the nueural network within the brain and thereby making an individual more selfish and self centered. Thus cause pyschological damage to themselves.. :(- (p.s Link will follow- I just heard it this AM on FM while communting to work !!) - Peter Dawson
Chris: even the petty ones are deeper if you dig beyond the ego damage. - Robert Scoble
Bad thing, and if you do it, you will confirm that you A-listers only exploited social media as your broadcasting tool for your own political agenda and not as a true conversation. - Prokofy Neva
I got over the ego damage quickly cause # of followers never did matter. But what remains? Twitter has harmed its community. This is an easy mistake to make and it's one that comes out of @ev and @biz's arrogance. They rarely use their own tools, by the way. Look at @ev's account and tell me he's really a great Twitterer that talks with tons of people. He does not. - Robert Scoble
What's even funnier is that the guy who actually came up with the idea for Twitter, @noah, is not one of the suggested followers while other people on the team are. I should write a book about how funny this all is. - Robert Scoble
@loic seems to have quit over inane DM spam thanking for following, etc. Is there no way to stop automated use of the tools? - Prokofy Neva
Prokofy: that's not really a good reason to follow everyone. But there are plenty of other good reasons, so I keep doing it. @Ryo you're off the rails. Get back on track. You're close to the track, but not on it. - Robert Scoble
BS meme! the unfollowers just want to blast their mouths off and not listen to what others have to say - DC Crowley
Prokofy: no. Twitter's DM feature really sucks. It always has. I just use it because everyone else wants to. - Robert Scoble
Twitter's DM is a reinvention of a wheel named EMAILS. - directeur
directeur: only done in the most lame way possible. - Robert Scoble
Much like the FF comment system is a reinvention of vBulletin/phpBB, done in the most lame way possible. - Ken Sheppardson
Lame? I like it. - coldbrew
Everything is a reinvention of Usenet or E-mail, or N. Just like everything on the Internet is a repost of a repost. - Sam Levine
Let's play this out...if everyone unfollowed a significant % of those whom they don't care about...then it would INCREASE the ability to communicate with those they do care about without all the noise. I'm sure we would all agree this is a good thing. However, if we were to unfollow EVERYONE...are we little more than individual broadcasters that never allow for a two way dialogue? This would dramatically change the landscape of Twitter because a profound hierarchy would emerge: "follows" and "follow-nots" - Drew Sams
Drew, I've been writing about that topic for a while now, but especially in recent weeks with the influx of new twitter users who don't attempt to converse yet. - Richard A.
Don't you think it has incremental feature improvements each time though, Levine? - coldbrew
Depending on how you use FF, it is much like IRC combined w/ Usenet - coldbrew
Richard: most new twitter accounts I'm seeing lately are bots. Not real users and provably so. Real users display random behavior. The new accounts do not. Humans are never consistent. - Robert Scoble
Maybe they had a falling out and Noah is no longer welcome? - Tony C
Richard, thanks for sharing...this has been a topic I'm really interested in. I'll head over to your blog and check out what you've written. Cheers! - Drew Sams
One way in which the FF comment system is lame: comments on Scoble threads move so fast that in the time I've typed this, there will probably be five other new comments. Yet FF will chose to hide some of them and instead say "20x more comments". When I click on that, the thread expands into 5+ pages of comments, and I have to scroll down and try to remember what I saw last. Lack of read/unread status and/or visible (non-mouseover) timestamps are pretty significant time sinks/inefficiencies. - Ken Sheppardson
Enough off-topic. I think this is ironic on a number of levels: - coldbrew
A way to think about Loic. There are a lot of gamers who follow huge numbers, then unfollow massively to look A-List. Loic is A-List. But even so, ask yourself what *you've* gotten from Loic. If you can't answer that question, your unfollow decision should be clear. - Hutch Carpenter
Matthew: Workin' on it :-) Coldbrew: Who appointed you guy who gets to decide what's off-/on-topic? ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
Sheppardson, not sure. Just using the convention of looking at the post title. Do you have another metric by which to judge objectively?\ - coldbrew
There's the 1st piece of irony, DeVries, " There are tools to filter and refine your communication with Twitter and Friendfeed." Le Meur's company, Seesmic, makes one of them, but it can't do its job ;-) - coldbrew
coldbrew: I'd explain, but that'd be off topic :-P - Ken Sheppardson
2nd piece of irony comes from the fact that Scoble is disseminating it, but he seems to be keeping a very objective stance, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with Le Meur's justifications for his actions. - coldbrew
Scoble, of course, is "well known" for following so many people all over the ecoshpere [edit: and that is ironic to me] - coldbrew
I find the trend puzzling especially (as @Jim Connolly pointed out) when it's someone like Loic who actually built a tool to help bring method to this madness. Robert, you make it seem so easy and I am in awe as to how you manage to respond to thousands of your followers, both here and on Twitter. It's obvious that not everyone can do it, it's probably getting overwhelming for some. - MiaD
Matthew: TOTALLY agree with you. I probably wasn't the clearest in my comment above. While I choose to unfollow bots and spammers, I prefer to use tools like Tweetdeck and others to filter conversations. The second half of my comment is what I think will happen if we go the nuclear route: Social media will just become a marketplace where ideas are broadcasted but never sharpened through the dialogue process...I don't want another place where ideas and products are hawked at me without my ability to dialogue - Drew Sams
Well played, Sheppardson. - coldbrew
Anyway, promiscuity in public isn't good? - coldbrew
Unfollowing enmasse isn't good business. GKawasaki "gets" Twitter. @Loic either doesn't get it or doesn't know what 2 do with it. I unfollowed him back. - Now Voyager
first the morons were all bout braggin bout how many followers they had, now they realize "oh shit, I can't figure out who said what and when" so now they get to un-follow & that is news. Give me a fucking break, follow or don't follow for the right reasons.In reality at the most people can have 300 odd relationships with people and sustain it beyond that it is just Hello and good bye and that's about it. - Baba
"I unfollowed him back" Oh did ya' now? - coldbrew
This is like watching a movie about a young passionate teen as he slogs his way the the world, making mistakes, and learning right before your eyes. - coldbrew
If you can't do the time, don't do the crime. Unfollowing is always an option, but why do it without criteria??? - Jorge Martins Rosa
I could clean up a little, but I like following several hundred. I started in 2006 by following the broadcasters and some of the people that followed them and that they followed. I've slowly increased the number I follow since then. Some days I add about a dozen and unfollow about eight. I like to slowly see what people are saying, participate a little and really meet people. I can manage following hundreds. - Bill
this is you invite people in you're house and studently you kick everybody out without reasons, i remenber when L L M always ask to be followed on twitter . anyway i also kick out from every where and delete my seemsic account .................... some french people when they become famous they got big head - Yann from twhirl
Not sure I agree with @loic but have been thinking the same. The relity is you can only carry relevant conversations with a limited number of people. - RicardoSilva
I think you should do it. Just look at that number. 69,394. It does no good to follow that many people. Wipe the slate clean. - techky
I really think Twitter should have group and thread (at least one level) - Jeremy Chone
I found the original mail on the twitter-dev list:So I have kind of weird request. My boss, who is following 24,386 people (and has 22,752 followers) came to me and wanted me to hack something to wipe out all the people he follows so he can start clean again for various reasons. I'm curious if there is any tools internally at twitter that could help with this maybe because this seems to... more... - Daniel W. Crompton
It's insanely easy to "follow" lots of people. With groups and search in Tweetdeck (sorry @loic) and filters plus tag-focusing services like Twitterfall, I can now focus attention on a "slice" (i.e., a window pane or dialog box). It is very rare that I look at an unfiltered stream. I am almost always looking at a refined view of the entire stream. It kind of reminds me of the Matrix. The "operators" were able to see small nuances in the unadulterated feed. - Lorin Olsen
Nevertheless, I am intrigued by reducing the number of people I follow. I want to have "intimate" conversations and not just blast tones into an echo chamber. In fairness, that is one of the reasons I am doing more in Friendfeed. - Lorin Olsen
@Hutch is quite correct in saying "ask yourself what *you've* gotten from Loic. If you can't answer that question, your unfollow decision should be clear." Exactly!! that should be the criteria for everyone, A-list or not. I've unfollowed some "A-listers" who are focused on things which don't tickle my fancy. Nothing personal of course, the goal is to get focused. - Eric Gonzalez
By the way, I don't mind an unfollow, but what's up with the "tell me why I should follow you back?" business. Doesn't that seem odd? - Eric Gonzalez
what is this twitter of which you speak? - mike "glemak" dunn
Mike, I assume you are not following anybody so you don't need not to take any action. The proposed procedures only concern people who follow somebody else on this thing called Twitter. :-) - Tapio Kulmala
is there an auto unfollow ? - Antoine Bertier
Antoine, No. There was once a rumor that they have tested auto-unfollow in their lab. The performance testing results were alarming. They noticed that they should get rid of 90% of their servers in 2 weeks. The CFO decided that they could not afford that kind of capital losses. - Tapio Kulmala
I just went through my follows on Twitter and removed a bunch of people I'd never heard of before. I forgot I had signed up with socialtoo.com when Scoble mentioned it and it's all turned off now anyway. We'll see later if my own followers suddenly will now go away cause they're using the same type of tools. - Paul Wade
People feel slighted when unfollowed - decidedly unsocial. And with tools like Tweetdeck and peoplebrowsr allowing you to create groups (i.e. 'core people', or 'people I know' etc), there's no reason why you can't continue to follow loads of people and focus in on the ones who matter to you. It's social to follow back, and helps build relationships, but that doesn't mean you can't focus on the people who matter to you - there are tools. - Tom Beardshaw
I even had someone I'd met (and we'd made friends on Facebook) unfollow me then add me to a "<name>monitor" twitter account, saying "this is the account I use to keep track of a wider network" - which pretty much tells you they're not paying any attention to you at all. I promptly unfollowed him. Social is multidirectional relationships - I don't like one way relationships - they're bad for your health! I follow everyone who follows me unless they're trying to sell me something - Tom Beardshaw
loic did a reverse feldman trick http://twitpic.com/1nx2l - henry michel from twhirl
So that's what happened--Loic unfollowed and then refollowed me.;-) Someone constantly keeps doing that on my FB acct., too. I must say, the more followers I get lately who are trying to tell me about how to use social media and internet marketing to get rich, the more this option sounds good. Way too many spammers lately, or just folks who aren't bothering to find out about who you really are and how to have a conversation. Ugh. - Cathryn Hrudicka
Loic method may have been extreme, but I understand where it is coming from, at a certain number, its hard to follow who you are interested in and maybe starting over again is the way to go.. I actually created a second twitter account just for companies and organizations, because I was noticing they were taking over my original account. - Kim Landwehr
Well - Loic simply has one big problem: He doesn´t use Tweetdeck and the Group feature! LOL - Dieter Schwarz
OMG huston we have a problum - Victor Lee Squire
I've already noticed a drop in my followers number. Doesn't matter to me though. - Paul Wade
Drop in follower, but any increase in participation. That's why I unfollowed so many. - Richard A.
With tools such as TweetDeck I can setup groups and searches for those tweets I care about the most. Makes number of following irrelevant. - Robert J Taylor
I give me a chance. follow them for bit see if there interact post anything of value reply to my tweets . If not its just pointless. - John Cusick
That may work for the twitter elite, but for users like me, it defeats the point of twitter, which is to build community by networking. - Kelly
My comment is ...I have no comment :)) - SRivera
I semi regularly prune for my following list for relevance (for multiple values of relevance) - Alec Clews
Terrible idea unless you want to experience true hermit status through the rate of being unfollowed prior to deleting your account. - Roney Smith
Loic Le Merde is a pompous French whiny assehole LooooooooooooooooooooooooL - Yann from twhirl
I have always kept a limited number of people I follow. The noise level has been very manageable. T is only one of the conduits for info. - Dave Ploch
thats retarded - tommy payne from twhirl
Like Dave, I'm careful about who I follow in the first place, and I've only had to unfollow a couple of people who got out of hand. - Julie Barrett from twhirl
I'm a careful user, and this realm showed me how people can react rapidly to certain things. I've been unfollowed more than I did unfollow. Note that I'm a curious type of guy and love discovering things in everyone. I think that can be a good thing for those whose critical to the point of stopping everything second to witness being too much analyzing those to unfollow. Else, why be that critical to the point of massive cleaning? Is digital managing difficult and tiring for some? Reminds me: GReader refresh - Zu from AOD
I got 0 value out of following @loic, so I lost nothing. I also unfollowed. - Mike Lewis
I can do the same thing via a Favorite list in FriendFeed. - Bill Bittner
my god the annoying post that never ends!! :P hahah - Terry O'Fee
Time, there is not enough time to follow everyone. It has to be narrowed at some point to still be productive in your business. I do not mind visiting a stream and subscribing..just like I do not mind unsubscribing. Just doing a total following everyone or not following anyone is absurd. - Brian McClure
At the moment this post has close to 400 likes plus comments. Which provokes the thought: rank Friendfeed posts by likes plus comments (for the total life of Friendfeed). Might be interesting. - Sean McBride
I deleted 700+ people just two weeks ago and it was the most FUN I have had on Twitter in 6 months. - Daniel Zarick
the one unfollow everyone help him to promote is business and push all follower to create a buzz , and decide when he have acheive is target , just take himself as Guru but in fact that will return straight on his face , he will kick out by the community ..... - Yann from twhirl
[∞][twitter needs to make an second time line to US [...] so, we got one to friends and other to network ][ I have 2 accounts to do this] - dbalieiro
Similar to the concept of declaring e-mail bankruptcy. - David Pappas
Then it becomes a broadcast, not an exchange. How about unfollow everyone that doesn't add value to your life. - Martha
Wow, that is interesting timing. Is it spring cleaning time for everyone or what? - Ken Stewart | ChangeForge
At least once a week I go through several pages of twitter stream and take a look at everyone on it. I end up unfollowing at least five or six people. I still have hundreds, but it's much less than I would otherwise. - Sandra Fernandez
as for me, good reasons for unfollowing are ppl following you then unfollowing you immediately, or people not posting in ages, or people where after a while you see having absolutely no exchange on any subject or no common interest. I try to keep my following list clear under these criteria to avoid a bloated following list - Jean-Charles VERDIE from twhirl
i prune my list every few weeks and add and delete, keeps it fresher - susan mernit
I only follow a few people anyway. The "follow everyone you don't know" thing always seemed crazy to me. - TranceMist
I have no plans of unfollowing any of the people I follow. My setup fits my marketing strategy just fine.. Don't need to jump on the bandwagon. That's the beauty of twitter... do what works for you!! - Jim Turner
The best tool I've found for getting the most out of twitter is Tweetdeck. Set up groups to stay on top of the conversations generated by the folks you're the closest to. - Jim Turner
I do a combination of things. I've always been selective about who I follow; if anyone gets to noisy I unfollow them; I filter it through my FriendFeed; I have specific lists set-up in Friend-Feed (even one for "chatter"); I grab the rss feeds for the Friend-Feed lists I want to focus on and have those directly imported into the RSS feed section of my email client (Thunderbird at the moment.) My email feeds have folders and message filtering rules set-up to move everything to the appropriate sub-folders. - Gail Guy
... I can then quickly identify and scan my favorites, but best of all, I can use my email client functions to "tag" a message a certain color or "star" it as a favorite -- making it easy to find and review at a later time. - Gail Guy
I think this is brilliant. Curbs the spammers, takes away some incentive from the fakes and keeps Twitter honest. More of my thoughts http://tr.im/gMZ8 - Chris Leonard
As soon as I got Tweetdeck I started following by subject instead of by the person. - Carl Pruitt
Keiki Ichikawa
Interview with Seki-san(Six Apart) - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Interview with Seki-san(Six Apart)
Mona Nomura
What is this OpenID Everyone Speaks Of? - http://pixelbits.wordpress.com/2008...
Maybe I'm stupid. But I just don't get it. - Mona Nomura from IM
It's meant to make life easier but all it does is make life harder, not to mention limiting some of our accounts on services. - Andrew Trinh
Limiting? Explain, please. - Mona Nomura from IM
I get it...but I don't. - Adriana
Ok. I see Open ID everywhere. I know what it is, but I never use it. - Ian May
Adoption of consumers? Tell me WHY consumers should care? It's not like the project is partnered with merchants (ebay, paypal, banks, etc.). HOW is this relevant to us? Everyday people - consumers? - Mona Nomura from IM
Logging in without passwords doesn't sound good to you? - Nathan Howell
Password managers? My browsers already come with it and there are tons of free programs. Why should I take the time to figure out how to claim my OpenID? - Mona Nomura from IM
My password manager on Firefox (sxipper) is pretty sweet but it doesn't help me when I'm not in Firefox or not on my primary computer. - Daniel J. Pritchett
This is the most rational discussion of OpenID I've ever seen. - Dave Winer
Links put in blog comments which are supposed to point back to other blogs which cite / quote the current blog. The spam is when the links lead to something which is completely non-relevant and "Spammy". - Robert Miller
Daniel et al, thank you. I'm deleting the comments pertaining to trackback spam so we can get back to the OpenID discussion. I see a lot of advocates on FF - where are they? - Mona Nomura from IM
Not having another copy of your password on every site's database is one good reason. - Rodfather
Here's a great video that explains OpenId, with music and animation. http://bit.ly/fljz - Dave Winer
Good point by Rob - if you use the same password for everything (come on, who doesn't?) then you're wide open the first time someone cracks the user database at any one site you visit. - Daniel J. Pritchett
And that is a very, very good thing. - Robert Miller
Google account logins are almost as useful as OpenID, just less idealistic. Zoho gets brilliance points for accepting both Google and Yahoo logins. That's only like 99% of the internet! - Daniel J. Pritchett
Yes, there are definitely too many providers and not enough consumers right now. It is still early for OpenID... it's just getting started. - Nathan Howell
I have used my OpenID account several places; just not all over. Then again, not using the same access all over seems like a good thing; in a twisted way. - Robert Miller
IMO the implementation of OID has been pretty clunky. It's a great idea in principle but when it's implemented it seems heavy and out of place. - Threepwood
Everyone's talking about info stored in respective databases but what about Amazon? PayPal? Ebay? etc., etc. Why should we start caring NOW? - Mona Nomura from IM
Toss in Bank accounts and Utility accounts. - Robert Miller
I haven't bothered to find about OpenID either. So, if OpenID gets hacked, what happens? - James Rishabh Mishra
People have always died of diseases. Why should we start caring NOW? ;-) Progress has to start sometime. - Nathan Howell
Eventually, we'll end up with an embedded chip that will replace all logins, passport, driver's license, social security number, credit/debit cards, door locks, and ya.. - Rodfather
What was wrong with Microsoft's Passport? - Andrew Smith
Where will the chip be embedded -- in your ass? - Dave Winer
The idea is supposed to be that a higher-level of security surrounds the OID account. I get a verification phone call each time a login is done against my account. - Robert Miller
Passport was controlled by one company. OpenId is distributed among many. - Nathan Howell
I think I will pass on the embedded chip. - Robert Miller
MSFT's Pass FAIL was due to timing and their popularity, imho. Dave: LOL!! @Nathan: Point taken. - Mona Nomura
Very true. No one company owns the OpenId data. - Robert Miller
You have to have something between the ears; though I imagine it would be toss-up between that and the ass. - Robert Miller
Well it's unintuitive for one. We (end users) are already becoming lazy and spoiled. The hunting and pecking just to claim your OpenID is tedious. - Mona Nomura
http://MyOpenId.com? No hunting, no pecking. - Robert Miller
So it seems a lot are in agreement that in theory, OpenID is "good" but in practice, it's like a chip getting stuck in our ass? - Mona Nomura
I do not completely agree with that as you can choose to use an OpenId or not, generally. - Robert Miller
I agree that OpenID needs some work, but I think unintuitive is probably the wrong word for it. My grandparents sure don't find the name/password mechanism intuitive. - Nathan Howell
Matthew: I agree, wholeheartedly, with your last sentence, "USING your OpenID is what is hard and what needs to be made better." - Robert Miller
matthew: Then I must be stupid, since I can not figure out HOW to claim it for the life of me. I click, then jump to another site, click again, get taken back to another site, click again... where is the end to the madness? And why would it benefit me *now*? - Mona Nomura from IM
Believe it or not, that is part of the claiming process; sort of like using PayPal to purchase something. - Robert Miller
So I keep clicking until I reach the end...? How would I explain this to real life friends of mine who are not technologically savvy and only use, say - Facebook and or Myspace? - Mona Nomura from IM
I don't mean to sound so difficult, I'm just trying to figure out a way to correlate relevance to every day people. Trust me, the more I learn about information, privacy, and various partnerships, I *want* to back OpenID. - Mona Nomura from IM
Mona, this is a pretty cool article about OpenId's pros and cons: http://blogs.atlassian.com/develop... - Shevonne
That is the clunkiness. It sucks right now. This will change as more companies who joined OpenId in the last year start to incorporate it as part of their offering. It will get better, evolve, or go away. Based on the member companies in the organization, I think it will have to evolve -- Something about having MS and Google involved tends to cause that. - Robert Miller
OpenID probably isn't useful to most people at this point. Most everybody already has at least one, but there aren't enough places to use it. - Nathan Howell
But will it be too late before Salesforce and Facebook roll out their enterprise partnership plans? As retarded as this may sound, my sudden interest is 90% due to them... I want to make sure all my non tech friends on Facebook understand teh stipulations and I need to find a way to explain it to them so they will understand. @Shevonne - thanks for the article, dude! - Mona Nomura from IM
I like Robert's PayPal analogy. Instead of buying something with the "Pay with your PayPal account" process, you sign up and log in to a site with the "Join using your Yahoo account" process. (Replace Yahoo with other OpenID providers as desired.) - Daniel J. Pritchett
Nice article Shevonne. - Robert Miller
@Robert Thanks! I thought so too. - Shevonne
Good point Matthew - using weak password practices is really easy. Too bad we can't outlaw passwords, forcing everyone to use OpenID or something ;) - Daniel J. Pritchett
Mathews other part of that point was not just the bad password practices, but the password manager is only on the one computer. It takes a manual effort to load the password(s) on another computer and that just increases your exposure. Then again, I do not allow my browsers to hold my passwords. - Robert Miller
I use OpenID on my Laconica accounts, my Zooomr account, and my Slicehost. I wish I could use it everywhere, there is no reason to not support OpenID, just laziness and that excuse is wearing thin. - Bjorn Stromberg
Considering Facebook's propensity to ban accounts, I would have an issue with them serving OpenId accounts, but, obviously, not using as a client. - Robert Miller
Bjorn: Laconica is already over my head. I don't have an army like Leo to set up my own server on a micro-blogging site LOL - Mona Nomura from IM
Laconica is similar to OpenID in that you only need an account on one service to participate on all the other services. You just pick the server you like (for whatever reason) and away you go. - Bjorn Stromberg
When I first built Cullect.com - it only used OpenID. Now it supports 10 additional authentication services - and OpenID is the biggest challenge to support. - Garrick Van Buren
And that is the hurdle OpenId has to overcome. - Robert Miller
Garrick: I looked at Cullect and there's only three authentication services you have that don't ask for a username and password: OpenID, FriendFeed, and BackPack. Impersonation is not an acceptable alternative. Users shouldn't have to give away the keys to their kingdom to use your service. - Bjorn Stromberg
Here's an interesting article on making OpenID more usable: http://radar.oreilly.com/2008... - Nathan Howell
Nathan - thank you. THIS is why I love FriendFeed so much. Good, insightful discussions from all views. Will definitely be doing a follow-up post. Thanks, everyone! - Mona Nomura
"Relevance to every-day people"? Yawn. That old thing again. I stopped caring about that a long time ago. OpenID makes my life easier. If you are happy doing things inefficiently, feel free. I'll be able to put my feet up while you are doing all the stuff that takes me no time at all. I use OpenID for the same reason I use a command line rather than Windows, vim rather than Word - a bit of extra geekiness means a lot less work later on. - Tom Morris
Clickpass FTW! Sign up for my site using Clickpass and tell me the benefits aren't obvious. Look for the "Alternative registration/login" button below the regular login form: https://ourdoings.com/person... - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
I just DO NOT like OpenID. Good idea, poor implementation. - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
I use OpenID whenever I can. This meme of it's too hard and not understanding what problem it solves is kinda funny to me, especially coming from early adopters types. OpenID also shouldn't be looked at as a solution all by itself; if you think about it as part of a suite of solutions (with OAuth and Portable Contacts)--that helps. - Albert Willis
OpenID is a way to prove you own a URL. On it's own, that is not much of an improvement over entering your email and password on a site (except that they then can't spam you). However, URLs are places that sites can get more information - they can discover a feed, discover a profile that you want to share, discover an API to your contacts list and so on, saving you from having to re-enter all that stuff in every new site that can be made more useful by having them. That is the promise of OpenID. - Kevin Marks
OpenID has only two reasons for being 1. To control what you buy, or 2. to determine what you will buy so they can guide you to it. Same old users tracking these companies have been doing from the conception of the internet as we know it today. - John D Reasor
What does that mean? (control what you buy) - Mona Nomura from IM
I have to admit I was wondering that myself and figured I had just plain missed something. - Robert Miller
Maybe John is saying that many companies want to be OpenID providers so that they can track your usage of other sites, thus gathering data for targeted marketing. - Bruce Lewis
On the three or four sites I use that support OpenID, it has been awesome. From an end-user's point of view, the primary advantage of OpenID is that you've got one place for your avatar, your signatures, your contact info, and your user profile. Change it there, and it gets updated on all your website memberships. It solves a major password security problem, and the problem of managing your identity online in one punch. - Eric Hamilton
I don't even know why I'm posting in this, nobody'll read down this far. But people keep mentioning they want to CLAIM their OpenID. You do know you can claim them with claimid.com, and you can put ALL of them (flickr, yahoo, wordpress, etc) into that one claim? It might help you claim them, but I don't know if it'll help you use them. - Tom
So how does the authentication process work? Thanks for the info btw, good to know. (and yes, I read this far... IM notifications ftw!) - Mona Nomura from IM
type yahoo.com into the box. That's all I know ;-) - Duncan Riley
Tom, I don't think that's what ClaimID does. They give you an OpenID and a page that you can build a profile on. Part of that profile could be listing other OpenIDs you have, but it's not combining them. I don't know where the stuff about "claiming" OpenIDs is coming from. It's not really part of the process. - Nathan Howell
There's a video on this page that might help with understanding OpenID: http://openidexplained.com/use It's a couple of years old, but stlll good. The first few minutes show the process of using an OpenId in different situations. - Nathan Howell
@JohnDReasor: You know that they can track you based on your email address too, right? So, what's your point? - Chris Messina
OpenID provides a protocol between app providers and authenticators so that users have freedom in picking an authenticator. This means users can pick one based on their need for security. This would avoid scenarios like the recent Twitter debacle. BHO would have picked a secure provider. - Aswath
So if Twitter was an OpenID provider, that would've prevented this phising debacle? - Mona Nomura from IM
No, it would not. It just means it's a insecure password hosted elsewhere. - jho
Nathan, good video! I've been accepting OpenID on billso.com, and it's working well so far. Still waiting to see what Facebook and Google each have planned for federated IDs. - Bill Sodeman
I was asking Aswath, Jauder :) - Mona Nomura from IM
Mona, :P . In any case, having a weak password still means that it can still be easily attacked, regardless of where it is hosted. That is until we get rid of the username/password pattern which I do not see happening anytime soon. The "promise" of OpenID being able to transfer profile information has only been used on a very limited basis, partly due to the problem of data mapping (does name on A mean fullname on B?). Mostly, I have just seen OpenID used just for auth with the prior problems mentioned. - jho
I find FriendFeed harder to explain than OpenID - Bwana ☠
OpenID allows users to select their own provider.So we do not have to go with Twitter's OID. One can go with another provider that uses a different auth scheme. For example Vidoop does not use the traditional password scheme. - Aswath
I really like OpenID. Especially in combination with the Firefox addon "Verisign's OpenID SeatBelt". - Peter
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Memo to OpenID: Keep it simple, please | The Social - CNET News - http://news.cnet.com/8301-13...
"OpenID and its brethren could use a good, simplified marketing pitch, not to mention some announcements and partnerships that are more prominent than an extension for a niche Web browser. They need to use the resources that the likes of MySpace and Yahoo can provide to get more deals going and start making headlines outside of ReadWriteWeb and TechCrunch." HA! - Marshall Kirkpatrick from Bookmarklet
time to turn OpenID from a technology to a branded solution - Marc Canter
true story - David
Lance Shields
Describe your worst client EVER!!! - Japan Social Media Marketers - http://japansocialmediamarkete...
Robert Scoble
PeopleBrowsr launches http://m.kyte.tv/ch...
PeopleBrowsr launches http://www.kyte.tv/ch/6118/280023
FRIENDFEED ALTERT! THIS THING IS AWESOME!!! http://www.peoplebrowsr.com Watch the video, then try it out. I am already hooked. Competes with TweetDeck. Wonder what you think. - Robert Scoble
Adds groups to Twitter. Plus much better cross-social-network contact management. Plus more. - Robert Scoble
haha...i was thinking "don't share your password with the world!!" :) - Zee.
Why am I not seeing a button for Friendfeed at the top? - Mitch
Lol friend feed alert - where is the flashy lights and whooping sound? :-) - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
eh - you have to log in, they want your id and password for your accounts skip and punt - Dan owns Comicsforge.com
Checking it out now...thanks Robert... if you're hooked, I will be too! LOL Yeah, Contact Mgmt!! - Susan Beebe
1st impressions were "far too messy", but i think that's mainly the text. After watching on and trying it out - it's actually pretty impressive. Love the sharing of groups - Zee.
Look Robert, it loaded that much pics! http://friendfeed.com/e... - directeur
*hesitantly enters password* I'm trusting you here Robert :) - Mo Kargas
It would be FAR better if it was an AIR client - Dennis Howlett
Mo: Jodee is a standup guy. He'll be here soon to answer questions. Directeur: it's an operating system for your social network. :-) - Robert Scoble
Robert - this looks EXACTLY like what we talked about a few months back when you and I met up with Tim and Brian to talk about mioNews. Pretty cool, just wish it worked in Safari :P - Patrick Lightbody
Dennis, it would be FAR^34 better if it was a "normal" desktop app - directeur
Dennis: gotta start somewhere. They respond to feature requests VERY fast. Patrick, yeah, very similar to what we were talking about, isn't it? A lot of what I asked Jodee for showed up here. Lots of little touches. - Robert Scoble
top notch stuff. Unfortunately I have to agree with Dennis re: AIR client. Even so, a remarkable interface. - phil baumann
I'm just hoping it withstands the load. - Robert Scoble
At first pass, the interface seems pretty weak. Slow, kludgy. - Aldon Hynes
OK, after the obligatory 30 second look, my findings are: this thing is buggy. I can't really talk - I'm sure many of my projects give that same first impression! - Patrick Lightbody
Aldon: yeah, it's slowing down already on my system. It's doing a LOT of work behind scenes. - Robert Scoble
It's a little slow from here in Aus, I assume it's just my connection or Scoble-effect load. Interface is very nice - Mo Kargas
Mo: I think it's the Scoble effect. It loaded fine for me 30 minutes ago, now it's crawling. - Robert Scoble
I have no idea how to sign in to this crap. I think it's cuz I'm too busy watching Criminal minds...LOL - Rahsheen
Blame Scoble - it's sloooow as molasses! LOL :) - Susan Beebe
Rahsheen: I love Criminal Minds. I clicked on the Twitter icon, signed in with my Twitter name and password. - Robert Scoble
Slow... - Dave "Freedom 35"
yeah, pretty slow.. idea looks good tho - Bruno Panara
Just a reminder, they are calling this an "Alpha." - Robert Scoble
Rahsheen - click the twitter icon in the center to get started... then you'll see - Susan Beebe
This app looks really great, thanks for sharing Robert! - Susan Beebe
definitely on the blink...but that's to be expected - Zee.
Glubbish - Bob Sonin
Robert you've GOT to stop doing this, it's 3:32 in the morning here and I actually unpacked my MBA to check this out now...lol - Gaby K. Slezák
Made it to email confirmation screen. Now seeing the main screen. - Dave "Freedom 35"
Bob Blunk: yeah, I will back off of hyping it for now cause it can't deal with the extra traffic. Very slow here. I'll get Jodee to show up here as well. Probably shouldn't have launched the day before Thanksgiving. - Robert Scoble
looks promising...i'll have to check back later when everyone and their dog aren't trying to get on... - Trent Olson
If there's one feature I would like Twitter (or third-party) to have, it would be the abiity to see which tweet you sent that someone is replying to. I had someone reply to me about something I said a week ago. I did not remember what tweet she was replying to. - Dave "Freedom 35"
Guy Kawasaki told me this afternoon that he would rather have his Twitter account than his cell phone (and is betting Mike Arrington $1,000 that he can do without his cell phone for a week to back it up). Now you see why. No blog required. Oh, and this will never even get on TechMeme because it's too lame to look at hot FriendFeed items for tech news. - Robert Scoble
I think we broke it. - Jim Williams
Jim: I'm going to upload my Broadcom videos. Maybe that'll help it regain some footing. :-) - Robert Scoble
What day do you think is best to launch a software product? Aside from yesterday, of course... - Prolific Programmer
Hello! Thanks Robert for this post. Thanks everybody for using PeopleBrowsr. We are delighted to have you all on board and we must confess that we were not expecting all this traffic today. We know what is slowing down the system and we are working to fix it. Thanks for your patience. The correct link to PeopleBrowsr is www.peoplebrowsr.com. The PeopleBrowsr Team. - SHHHE
Hiya, SHHHE. Is there a such thing as a Scoble Effect already? You know, similar to being SlashDotted? - MiniMage
Scobleized? - Rahsheen
home page does not load. Scobleized™ - Karim
SHHHE (Priscilla) - Love your PeopleBrowsr app ... nice job!! :) YES there is definitely a "Scoble Effect" and this is NOT the first time! LOL - Susan Beebe
Karim: Blame Scoble™ - Robert Scoble
Video is good. Thanks, Robert. - Dave "Freedom 35"
doesn't work for me, even "obama" search.. - Justinas Šaltys
If you like this video you should watch the one with Matt Mullenweg at http://www.fastcompany.tv -- first part is up and he was awesome. Talked about the future of blogging (he is the guy who did Wordpress). - Robert Scoble
They just wrote me and said that they won't do a beta launch until next week and are working on some performance issues (obviously). So, this is a cool very early sneak peak. See you next week when they push out a new code base. - Robert Scoble
Hey, just noticed that they have a Facebook app for PeopleBrowsr too! http://www.facebook.com/apps... - Susan Beebe
Hi again. We just fixed the performance bug and the system should be faster now. Thanks again for your support, Everyone. - SHHHE
Oooh, shiny. - Chris Charabaruk
Ehi Everyone. Our Facebook App has not being released yet. Wip: will keep you all posted. - SHHHE
Connection to YouTube is insecure. YT whines about it, but lets it go through if you allow it. Still, c'mon, if there's a secure way to do it, as YT suggests, why not do it that way? ... Also, Upcoming support doesn't seem to work. Won't link up with my user name, nor the ID number. - Chris Charabaruk
Chris, very good point about the YouTube connection. It's something we are working on and it will be released next week. - SHHHE
@SHHHE Good, sooner the better. Likewise, whatever's got Upcoming all bugged out. I'd complain about the slow speed too, but given what I'm using it's 70% likely to be this computer that's causing it to be slow for me. - Chris Charabaruk
Looks like crap on IE. - Paul Whitaker
PeopleBrowsr has been built to be used on FF3 and Safari 3.1 and it needs broadband. - SHHHE
IE is crap! - Prolific Programmer
Not the best of choices. After all, IE is still tops for browsers, whether we like it or not. - Chris Charabaruk
Not according to my analytics...LOL - Rahsheen
At last a web app that actually likes Safari. Ha! - Tom Landini
@Rahsheen Unfortunately, there are more mouth-breathing IE users than intelligent folks like us. I'd like to change that, but I can't think of any legal ways of going about and doing so... :p - Chris Charabaruk
Thanx Scoble...I'm curious, why did you choose Kyte instead of qik? - Anthony Farrior
Anthony: Kyte lets me record on a FlipCam and upload later (I can use cell phone, webcam, FlipCam, our HD cams, etc, Qik only lets me use cell phone). Also Kyte has better distribution/better player. Also Kyte has a better chat room. - Robert Scoble
I've been using this for a couple of hours and stumbled on some very useful features. A few seconds ago I finished watching your video, and I'm blow away by the potential of this app. It reminds me of a semantic Firefox addon called Headup, that has been inserted into a browser and spiced up with added communication features. Time to put this to use. Thanks again Robert! - Michael Fidler
hi robert, twitter had some database problems a while ago. What is the effect of peoplebrowsr on the loadavg of the twitter databases? I guess peoplebrowsr is going to increase server requests dramaticly. - Corné Wielemaker
Is it working? (not for me anyway, though it looks very interesting - Orli Yakuel
Orli, it's working now :) - SHHHE
Still not working. Is it crushing just for me? :-\ - Orli Yakuel
looks interesting, although what I dream of is contact synchronisation protocols - Iphigenie
Orli, it might be the browser you're using. I've just had to update Safari to the latest version. Gonna install and try again. - Nicola Quinn
Thanx Robert for the feedback. Kyte seems to understand how to edge itself out of the mobile video pack...Peoplebrowsr is cool, but I still need a reason to leave the friendfeed page. These apps are just trees whereas FF gives me the whole forest, imho - Anthony Farrior
I am all about the Real-Time FriendFeed sidebar in Firefox. http://bit.ly/mZLT Always open so I can see what's going on in FriendFeed while I use Google Reader and browse. All I need now is full Twitter integration (see my follows) in FriendFeed and an import box at the bottom of this sidebar and I'll be set. - Rolf Schewe
I just can't believe it, I remember from where I know this guy! He was hunting just about everyone in TC50 to give him the red chip! (I didn't even know it's worth it, heh!) - Orli Yakuel
Rolf: thanks for that link. Too bad you can't do sidebars in Safari. That might just be enough to bring me back to Firefox... - Costa Walcott
Indeed very cool, I just get Invalid Source when linking my Facebook account. :) - Daniel W. Crompton
Pretty cool - looks Scoblized though. But another tool for doing what FriendFeed is already doing? - Sean
Looks awesome but I wonder how they are going to keep service online. Yes, there are donations but is that enough to have things running? - Daniel Schildt
So far I don't see anything that'll move me away from TweetDeck, but I'll keep at it and see if something catches my eye - Bwana ☠
Looks cool, but I don't see it adding enough to move me away from TweetDeck - Don Campbell
I wanted to love this. But I didn't: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17... - Rafe Needleman
@Sean very Scobilized, indeed. But that doesn't mean it's not cool. - David
I agree with Rafe. I wanted to like it as well but I found it to be the equivalent of a social media bloomberg terminal. Too much happening, having multiple streams update with the same post, etc. Found it not usable. I rarely just sit in front of one UI and just watch scrolling updates like that where it is my sole focus. - Lou Paglia
Lou, thanks for your feedback. We are still in Alpha, working on the UI. You can do many things on PeopleBrowsr. Did you try the Search or the Groups functions? Very welcome your ideas: http://groups.google.com/group... Thanks - SHHHE
Is this service still available? I went to the URL but got a blank page. - B2B Specialist
The new version released today is even more awesome! - Svartling
Steve Cornelius
Here come the 'Facebook to buy Twitter' rumors | Webware : Cool Web apps for everyone - CNET - http://news.cnet.com/8301-17...
Paul Buchheit
Fox News: Palin didn't know Africa was a continent - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Fox News: Palin didn't know Africa was a continent
Holy crap! LOL - Susan Beebe
O! M! G! - Dror Shimshowitz
Don't worry scro! There are plenty of 'tards out there living really kick ass lives. My first wife was 'tarded. She's a pilot now. - bob
i wonder if some factions are hoping to bury her now (releasing stories and such) so as to avoid her coming back in later elections - bob
@bob i know *I* would want her buried, for sure. Can you imagine Palin for President, 2012? *shudder* EDIT: oops, i guess I meant @bob, not @shodan. enjit shows usernames, not nicknames, which kind of makes replying to someone kind of difficult... - David Adam
@bob, yeah, I'm guessing that's what Fox wants now, and that's why they're reporting it. - j1m
I think they're running this stuff because A) it's juicy gossip, and B) the election is over and they need something to talk about. - Gabe
I think this comes from the Newsweek reporting, which was embargoed until after the election. This sort of "how it's made" stuff is very interesting to me. - Paul Buchheit
I don't like talking zombies, neither do i like their assistants... But i CANNOT believe that it's possible not to know that africa is a continent. - Kirill Bolgarov
and of course this never came out during the campaign because? And any answer of "because it would damage the campaign" are null and void when you're faced with choices that are flawed and those flaws should be pointed out before it's over to stop a turkey winning. Such corruption in the press *shakes head* - alphaxion
we were how close to this woman being a heartbeat away? unbelievable. - Jamie
You can't say there is no continuation in the republican party, if not of policy at least of intelligence level. - Amit Morson
this reminds me of this one time, where we had (have) this president, who was like "oh, India and Pakistan fighting, testing nukes, blahblahblah" and then the reporter was like "who are the leaders of those countries mr. president?" and he was like ".................." this was after he was elected and in office, mind you. now at least we'll have 4 years of a president that can get past the $100 level of "who wants to be a millionaire." - grant fox
You cannot be serious. This is the stupidest thing I've heard. Seriously? - Richard
My estimation of McCain has gone down even further. Sarah Palin is a rube who didn't belong in the veep slot but it's not like she forced her way into that role. It looks like the McCain campaign is trying to blame the entire loss on her - and that is supremely sh***y. Did the fact that she not know simple geography not come up in their vetting? She may be an idiot but that makes them even bigger idiots for choosing her in the first place. - Carla Thompson
I understand she went to public school, but you cannot seriously believe she didn't know this stuff. On the other hand maybe you all do since you believed everything "the one" told you. - Richard
*shakes head* - Shey
Hey! 4000 years ago when a bearded white angry god made the continents (burying all those dinosaur bones for us to find), he made Africa as a whole. He did not put the countries there.... - Thaths
Igor The Troll יִצְחָק
Obama picks Hollywood sock-puppet for running mate - The INQUIRER - http://www.theinquirer.net/gb...
"Biden has been one of Hollywood and the recording industry's biggest fans and has been working to expand copyright laws. In 2002 he tried to make it a felony to trick certain types of devices into playing unauthorized music or executing unapproved computer programs. The law was caned by almost every technology outfit in the land and was quietly dropped. Later he wrote to the Justice Department demanding that it use taxpayer money to do the work of the RIAA and MPAA to drag P2P users into court. Fortunately this was ignored by the DoJ. Last year, Biden sponsored an RIAA-backed bill aimed at restricting Americans' ability to record and play back individual songs from satellite and Internet radio services. This was in support of his chums at the RIAA who were suing satellite radio companies at the time." - Igor The Troll יִצְחָק from Bookmarklet
Sean McBride
The Future Of The Conservative Movement : NPR - http://www.npr.org/templat...
"Former Republican Congressman Mickey Edwards argues that the conservative movement has strayed from its founding principles. His book, Reclaiming Conservatism, offers a critique of the movement's current incarnation — and a blueprint for its future success. Edwards is a lecturer at Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and a founding trustee of the Heritage Foundation." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
A must-listen-to interview with Mickey Edwards, who is one of the most important conservatives in America. Edwards concludes that anti-intellectualism has severely damaged the Republican Party and the conservative movement. Indeed. - Sean McBride
Terry Gross, of NPR's Fresh Air, is one of the five best interviewers on the planet -- head and shoulders above the crap on cable television news. - Sean McBride
Sean McBride
sPaste is a tool to help you quickly and securely send small snippets of data around the web. We give you options and advice, you decide how much security you need. Simply give us the text you wish to send, some info to secure it, and we'll give you a secure URL which you can provide who ever you wish to send the data to. - Sean McBride
Marshall Kirkpatrick
Sean McBride
Sarah Palin: The Xena of the War Party- by Justin Raimondo - http://www.antiwar.com/justin...
"McCain and his top advisors are ideologues who care about one thing and one thing only: war. The glory of it, the utility of it, the necessity of it. It's the McCain panacea, like "free silver" was to William Jennings Bryan and socialism was to Eugene Debs. It's his answer to everything: it solves all problems, and, more importantly, stifles all criticism. If you doubt his veracity, question his good intentions, or point out his inconsistencies, you're attacking a war hero, doubting the divine wisdom suffering is supposed to impart. Religion also played an important role in the choice of Palin: she's a member of a dispensationalist sect, within the Pentecostalist tradition, a "born again" Christian who believes in the Rapture and the centrality of Israel in world affairs." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Sarah, who looks – and acts – an awful lot like Xena, the Warrior Princess, is the perfect messenger for the GOP's credo of unmitigated militarism. Her speech to the Republican convention was, in large part, a continuation of the theme of the previous night: aggressive nationalism rationalized by religious fervor. The references to God were interspersed with worshipful references to... more... - Sean McBride
James Marsh!
Michael Bay's Rejected "The Dark Knight" Script - The Spill.com Movie Community - http://my.spill.com/profile...
I think I saw this before, but it's fucking amazing. - David
Sean McBride
Conservative Credit Card King Says Iraq War Wrecking American Economy - http://www.thewashingtonnote.com/archive...
"Richard Vague states that the Iraq War is the primary driver of high oil prices. He's got an interesting paper and set of power points that I'll soon be releasing to shore up his argument -- but no amount of offshore drilling is going to change the fact that America's fear-mongering in the world and its convoluted brinskmanship with some countries is driving up energy costs, driving up inflation, and knocking the country's finances into the gutter." - Sean McBride
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