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Daniel Sims

Daniel Sims I create stuff. The computer is usually my tool of choice.
On my weekly drive down Piedmont I see people cross the street (not in a crosswalk) from the MARTA station to the bill-pay/check-cashing place. And my biggest complaint is paying 50 cents to mobile-deposit a check from the comfort of my sofa, and remembering to redeem my credit-card points for free money. -
Bird Witch Allie on Twitter: "well uhh... that certainly, uhh, raises some fascinating questions... " -
Birthday tailgate for Kooper. #gojackets -
Birthday tailgate for Kooper. #gojackets
After you open a can opener with a can opener can you can the can opener? #canopener -
After you open a can opener with a can opener can you can the can opener? #canopener
Students Reprogram Powerful Math Aids to Play Games -
I considered starting a Christian Skeptic blog, but then I found I can just read +Alex Bersin's -
Out for a stroll by the Outkast concert. #ATLast #Outkoop -
Out for a stroll by the Outkast concert. #ATLast #Outkoop
Alliance for a Healthier Generation and America’s Beverage Companies Announce Landmark CGI Commitment to Reduce Beverage Calories Consumed Across the Nation -
A balcony built for Instagram. #square -
A balcony built for Instagram. #square
Call me maybe? Introducing free voice calls from Hangouts -
Closest I'll get to an 8-bit wedding. #lasims -
Closest I'll get to an 8-bit wedding. #lasims
Who decides how consumers should shop? | Federal Trade Commission -
Earl Shaffer's Appalachian Trail Hike Diary, 1948 | Smithsonian Digital Volunteers -
Turns any website into an Android app. Good for using multiple logins, or if you are concerned about ad-tracking. In some cases it's identical to the native app but without all the unnecessary permissions. Full research paper: -
So they probably won't find a cure, so you should instead donate your money to "make the world a better place"? #bullshit -
I guess Walter White is allergic to puppies? -
Happy Birthday Laura Beth! -
Happy Birthday Laura Beth!
Tweeting a photo shared to Facebook from Instagram taken of an image on Pinterest pinned from
+Kooper is a morning dog, but this one isn't -
Interesting what people say they saw/heard on the #Ferguson livestream that didn’t actually happen. #unreliableWitness
Google Now is telling me “Time to Work” on a Saturday. :( Voices-in-my-Head-as-a-Service
.@sanjay startup idea: a device to remotely send paper receipts. I shall call it the "Financial Article Xchange” machine
Ambulance and firetruck arrive across the street and pull out stretcher. Neighbors come out to watch with glass of wine in hand. #dunwoody
The county statute requiring pet license fees references a state statute that was repealed in 1992. Can a county collect fees for whatever?
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