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Daniel Sims

Daniel Sims I create stuff. The computer is usually my tool of choice.
Tweeting a photo shared to Facebook from Instagram taken of an image on Pinterest pinned from
Interesting what people say they saw/heard on the #Ferguson livestream that didn’t actually happen. #unreliableWitness
Google Now is telling me “Time to Work” on a Saturday. :( Voices-in-my-Head-as-a-Service
.@sanjay startup idea: a device to remotely send paper receipts. I shall call it the "Financial Article Xchange” machine
Ambulance and firetruck arrive across the street and pull out stretcher. Neighbors come out to watch with glass of wine in hand. #dunwoody
The county statute requiring pet license fees references a state statute that was repealed in 1992. Can a county collect fees for whatever?
I guess LinkedIn just added an “invite your contact list” option because now I’m getting invites sent to various email addresses.
Social media seems to really disagree with the police playbook for “what to do when crowds gather in street the night after looting"
Just watched "World's Greatest Dad”, especially morbid considering
RT @rkischuk: Social Vaccine: @dsims made a Chrome extension so you can use Facebook without all the viral post mess. Try it?
RT @codinghorror: It doesn't scale, it's incredibly expensive, and it might be impossible: moderating anonymous messaging apps
coincidence that both ESPN and Netflix APIs used @Mashery? RT @daniel_jacobson: ESPN to retire their public API
Google starts ranking HTTPS higher... right before they start selling domains… which I bet also sells SSL certificates. #extortion
The new @foursquare asks you to list every food you enjoy so it can recommend places. Wouldn’t it be better to say what you *don’t* like?
When I was ten I knew the TMNT would never die, but I didn’t know 23 years later they would have 5 commercials during a Bachelorette show
Added weather forecast to wedding site using the awesome @DarkSkyApp API. Will get more accurate as date gets closer.
TIL: many think it’s bad etiquette to do the state marriage “ceremony” (filling out legal docs) on different day than the religious wedding
Late to the party, but I tried to watch a few episodes of True Blood. Even if the show was good, I can’t get past the fake southern accents.
RT @ColliderATL: We said ice cream, right? What we didn’t say is that we are doing @FrozenPints, with some extra oomph. Join us at Collider 7/31 at 5p.
RT @Oatmeal: ICANN seized and disabled my website because I forgot to open an email and verify my contact info. Yikes.
Atlanta may be “the city in a forest”, but it ranks near the bottom in parks (42/60).
Our beautiful (and only) greenspace will soon be replaced by an apartment complex. @MidtownATL
RT @jazzychad: My iOS Indie-Game Numbers: - inspired by @jaredsinclair's post yesterday. I hope this is informative.
Back in the day, how did they convince people to buy a sheet of like 25 wallet-sized portraits? There are only so many wallets.
Could not think of a more convoluted way to share a Coke than @TweetACoke
Impressed how Google+ keeps slogging through my old photos, generating “stories”. Glad I threw them up on picassa years ago.
Take LOST and strip out everything you liked about it and you have The Leftovers. I’m intrigued, but it better get somewhere quick.
Make a wish @ Villains Wicked Heroes
Let me #TD4W Button that for you.
only in videogames: “$35 preorder of a yet-to-be-determined expansion to a soon-to-be-released game, no refunds."
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