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Daniel Sims

Daniel Sims I create stuff. The computer is usually my tool of choice.
Let me #TD4W Button that for you.
only in videogames: “$35 preorder of a yet-to-be-determined expansion to a soon-to-be-released game, no refunds."
In the future you’ll walk/hover to a store and checkout with your phone via Google, Apple (@Square), or Facebook
searched for MH17 and #GoogleNow just alerted me that it’s status is on time. #GooglePast :(
I wonder how many millions of people inadvertently googled for “goatse” instead of “Götze” yesterday
Thank goodness for monthly "Your account statement is available” emails, or I might forget that time passes.
Nothing takes down a web server like a free video game giveaway. Poor @woobox
Why does @googlemaps assume I want to search the entire planet instead of just the area I’m looking at? A simple “no results” is fine.
TIL: only 12% of all speeding-related fatalities happen on interstate highways. I wonder what % of speeding tickets are given there.
UGA football player made a Star Wars fan-film. How did @georgiatech not recruit this kid?
RT @DanTGilbert: People prefer electric shock to thinking. Our new Science paper here and a quick summary here
With all the extra miles of cattle herding, they should rename the @ajcprr Peachtree Road Race to be the "MARTA Half-Marathon"
Facebook is the DVR for social you never wanted. It reshuffles and shows all the World Cup posts you missed 16 hrs ago.
RT @scottyhendo: Good night, @hypepotamus (the space)! It was a good two years of impact for the Atlanta startup scene.
RT @sunjournal: ‘Go out and really adventure’: Blind, deaf Winthrop native completes Appalachian Trail hike
Not a bad setup for watching World Cup. (apartment media room)
Not a bad setup for watching World Cup. (apartment media room) -
Not a bad setup for watching World Cup. (apartment media room)
I was excited about Android Wear until I realized it was only useful when I’m NEAR my phone/computer but not AT them, which for me is never.
Discovering the world of DIY VR headsets. #cardboard
Discovering the world of DIY VR headsets
How is a touch-screen an “interface built for driving”? #androidauto
goes to show that Facebook itself doesn’t fully understand the intricacies of the @PerfectPost (and they don’t trust their own click counts)
Strange that Facebook would use bitly in a post to themselves, taking users out of the app to the mobile web.
Please kickstart my exciting new take on the procedurally-generated crafting survival open-world sandbox genre! #nope
Amazon's "Dynamic Perspective” thing is basically Johnny Lee’s wii hack but with face detection
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