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Daniel Sims

Daniel Sims I create stuff. The computer is usually my tool of choice.
Atlanta may be “the city in a forest”, but it ranks near the bottom in parks (42/60).
Our beautiful (and only) greenspace will soon be replaced by an apartment complex. @MidtownATL
RT @jazzychad: My iOS Indie-Game Numbers: - inspired by @jaredsinclair's post yesterday. I hope this is informative.
Back in the day, how did they convince people to buy a sheet of like 25 wallet-sized portraits? There are only so many wallets.
Could not think of a more convoluted way to share a Coke than @TweetACoke
Impressed how Google+ keeps slogging through my old photos, generating “stories”. Glad I threw them up on picassa years ago.
Take LOST and strip out everything you liked about it and you have The Leftovers. I’m intrigued, but it better get somewhere quick.
Make a wish @ Villains Wicked Heroes
Let me #TD4W Button that for you.
only in videogames: “$35 preorder of a yet-to-be-determined expansion to a soon-to-be-released game, no refunds."
In the future you’ll walk/hover to a store and checkout with your phone via Google, Apple (@Square), or Facebook
searched for MH17 and #GoogleNow just alerted me that it’s status is on time. #GooglePast :(
I wonder how many millions of people inadvertently googled for “goatse” instead of “Götze” yesterday
Thank goodness for monthly "Your account statement is available” emails, or I might forget that time passes.
Nothing takes down a web server like a free video game giveaway. Poor @woobox
Why does @googlemaps assume I want to search the entire planet instead of just the area I’m looking at? A simple “no results” is fine.
TIL: only 12% of all speeding-related fatalities happen on interstate highways. I wonder what % of speeding tickets are given there.
UGA football player made a Star Wars fan-film. How did @georgiatech not recruit this kid?
RT @DanTGilbert: People prefer electric shock to thinking. Our new Science paper here and a quick summary here
With all the extra miles of cattle herding, they should rename the @ajcprr Peachtree Road Race to be the "MARTA Half-Marathon"
Facebook is the DVR for social you never wanted. It reshuffles and shows all the World Cup posts you missed 16 hrs ago.
RT @scottyhendo: Good night, @hypepotamus (the space)! It was a good two years of impact for the Atlanta startup scene.
RT @sunjournal: ‘Go out and really adventure’: Blind, deaf Winthrop native completes Appalachian Trail hike
Not a bad setup for watching World Cup. (apartment media room)
Not a bad setup for watching World Cup. (apartment media room) -
Not a bad setup for watching World Cup. (apartment media room)
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