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[Slate] How To Buy a Daughter -
Choosing the sex of your baby has become a multimillion-dollar industry - David Swain
[NewStatesman] Your brain on pseudoscience: the rise of popular neurobollocks -
The “neuroscience” shelves in bookshops are groaning. But are the works of authors such as Malcolm Gladwell and Jonah Lehrer just self-help books dressed up in a lab coat? - David Swain
[WSJ] Opting Out of the 'Rug Rat Race' -
For success in the long run, brain power helps, but what our kids really need to learn is grit - David Swain
[Nature News] Soapy taste of coriander linked to genetic variants -
Dislike of herb traced to genes encoding odour and taste receptors - David Swain
[CHE] Risk as We Know It -
The concept has a history that evolved from maritime trade - David Swain
[Newsweek] Who Owns Antiquity? -
Two U.S. museums wrestle with the provenance question - David Swain
[NPR] Poverty Rate Unchanged, But Still Historically High -
The U.S. poverty rate last year was unchanged from the year before, according to new figures Wednesday from the Census Bureau. But that still means almost 1 in 6 Americans was poor - David Swain
[New Sci] A genetic blueprint of your unborn baby -
Sequencing the whole genome of a fetus could provide a medical early warning on a previously unknown scale - but it also brings dilemmas, says Harriet A. Washington - David Swain
[NYT] Vets and Physicians Find Research Parallels -
Researchers are turning their attention to the naturally occurring diseases in dogs, horses, sheep and pigs, whose physiology and anatomy more closely resemble that of humans. - David Swain
[BBC] Lemon sharks 'learn' skills by watching each other -
Lemon sharks have the ability to learn from each other's behaviour, scientists have found - David Swain
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