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Soowon Galbi KBBQ Restaurant (5/5) -
"Awesome galbi" - Duk
Lexura Service Center (5/5) -
"When I took my old lexus for timing belt replacement, Lexus in Pleasanton quoted me around $2,500 (including "recommended" services) for 90,000 miles service. When I saw that number printed on a…" - Duk
Jungle James Animal Adventures, LLC (5/5) -
"Jungle James came to our house for my son's birthday party and I was amazed how professional he and his staff were. And the kids had great fun with all the animals he brought in. The show was fun and…" - Duk
Google Galaxy with Android Jelly Bean Review -
Clear Blue Test Only Smog Station (1/5) -
"Got a coupon and it said they opened at 8 am on weekdays. Drove there just to find out that they opened at 9 am." - Duk
이상한생각이 든다면. -
한글로 불로그를 할려고 합니다. -
Cafe Gabriela (5/5) -
"super friendly folks and great coffee." - Duk
Ruby King Bakery (4/5) -
"My wife and I still like Golden gate bakery's better, but their egg tarts are darn close. And it costs $.50. (smaller though) You can't beat that." - Duk
Washington Bakery & Restaurant (4/5) -
"Some of their dishes are cheap and yummy. Sometimes I wish I could read Chinese so that I can order things on their whiteboard. I always see people eating weird dish that I would love to try. I like…" - Duk
CuriOdyssey (2/5) -
"Definitely a nice museum, but I had issue with a lady who works at its store. Whenever my kids touched a toy, she went "um. sir. you should buy them before playing with them" Seriously? I will go…" - Duk
Coyote Point Park (5/5) -
"What an awesome place to take kids. This park has a museum in it and it's got great view of the bay as well. Can't wait to go back there." - Duk
Hung's Kitchen (5/5) -
"Their jajangmyun is by far the best one I've ever had in U.S. Other dishes are great as well, but just for their jajangmyun alone they deserve my 5 stars." - Duk
Cello Kebob & Pizza (3/5) -
"Had a lamb curry to go and it was pretty good." - Duk
American Swim Academy (4/5) -
"My son likes his teacher a lot and all the staff that I've encountered were friendly and nice." - Duk
Lawrence Hall of Science (5/5) -
"Awesome place for kids. And I think I can spend hours in their bookstore." - Duk
Sausalito Espresso (4/5) -
"Their gyro is yummy. Messy but yummy." - Duk
John's Snack and Deli (4/5) -
"Usually get their pre-packaged kimbap and it tastes great." - Duk
Apple’s Strength in the College Market -
I rarely see a younger with PC laptop. - Duk
Paris, France (28/06 - 01/07, 2010) -
Paris, France (28/06 - 01/07, 2010)
Why jazz is more interesting than bowling -
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