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developer, all web, java/javascript, founder of
Closure Templates for AppJet:
Closure Templates for AppJet
RT @matt_yow: really awesome website abstracts images into triangular forms
RT @MikeChelen: Anyone notice that #Gist links are automatically embedded in Twitter? Nice!
RT @Nodester: Custom domains are now supported on our Node.JS hosting platform!
I have some invites for my followers to spare. Let me know, if you would like one.
Finally #superbowl again in HD on BBC One after years in SD. #excited
CouchDB is up and running. It's time to Relax!
New AppJet And CouchDB Hosting
Appjet Server In A Jar - Now On GitHub
Introducing The New AppJet.jar Version 1.0.4 - Now With a CouchDB Client
Just nominated Janrain for Best Social Media Management Tool #MashableAwards
Details On JGate's New Caching Layer
RT @dalmaer: Bye bye @Bespin. Project renamed "Skywriter"
Testing Twitter for iPad. Wow, this feels great and even tops their Mac app's experience. An update on JavaOne - Google won't participate for the first time due to the Oracle vs. Google lawsuit.
Let's hope Cappuccino stays free and supported in the future.
RT @gerad Countdown to Knockout: Post 4 - Debugging with node-inspector
An Improved Bespin-based IDE for AppJet
RT @tweetmeme kadir pekel » Sample IPhone Application: Drawing Routes onto MKMapView Using Unoffic..
Monitoring and the new Stashboard
The @OpenAppMkt has launched. Nice and clean UI. Good job guys! (via @dalmaer) Native apps will lose importance.
RingoJS vs NodeJS Good that there are more players in the field. And not to forget Appjet.jar!
RT @devongovett A VNC Viewer In JavaScript. Unbelievable what JavaScript can do.
Change from Apache to Nginx:
Interesting startup insight (German) RT @ripanti “Der Markt ist zu schnell” – Interview mit Yiid-CEO Marco Ripanti
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