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A non-threatening social network - http://blog.vezquex.com/a-non-t...
Your thoughts on FB, so true. MixNote is going to be awesome. Are you using server-side JavaScript on appengine? - dvbportal
Just Python for now. - Vezquex
SproutCore @ JSConf: SeedJS, great features, amazing demos - http://ajaxian.com/archive...
SproutCore @ JSConf: SeedJS, great features, amazing demos
SproutCore @ JSConf: SeedJS, great features, amazing demos
"Mike Ball & Evin Grano of Eloqua gave a fun talk this morning at JSConf, and they had great stuff to show. SeedJS SproutCore is supporting CommonJS, but a lot of code was written by folks before CommonJS….. so they created SeedJS a package management tool that groks CommonJS and packages everything up for you. seed is built on top of git and lets you do things like: seed fork markdown seed install js-beautify Greenhouse Greenhouse is an interface builder for SproutCore (in the Atlas, Ares, vein). SproutCore was actually written with tooling in mind. For example, the tool can load up your SproutCore app and suppress the main loop, and get access to your custom views." - dvbportal from Bookmarklet
How to Make a Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb - http://thehipsterho.me/2010...
How to Make a Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb
"Let’s get started! We’re going to go through the steps to create your very own little terrarium. I like building terrariums inside of lightbulbs because of the inherent challenge of working in such a small space as well as how the simple, industrial beauty of a light bulb complements the intricacy of natural elements." - dvbportal from Bookmarklet
Daring Fireball: Why Apple Changed Section 3.3.1 - http://daringfireball.net/2010...
"Why Apple Changed Section 3.3.1 Thursday, 8 April 2010 We’re still in the early days of the transition from the PC era to the mobile era. Right now, Apple is winning. There are other winners right now too — RIM is still growing, and Android has grown a ton in the past year. The App Store platform could turn into a long-term de facto standard platform. That’s how Microsoft became Microsoft. At a certain point developers wrote apps for Windows because so many users were on Windows and users bought Windows PCs because all the software was being written for Windows. That’s the sort of situation that creates a license to print money." - dvbportal from Bookmarklet
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