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DYSP: The FF MMO Group

DYSP: The FF MMO Group

For FriendFeed MMO players. WoW, DCUO, LOTRO, SWKOTORO, etc.
Victor Ganata
At least Volley lives on in Demon Hunters in Diablo 3. :D
Arlan K.
After reading down into the Class changes, WTF!? The hell they doing to Hunters? No Hunter's Mark or Distracting Shot? Removing Kill Shot from Survival is like removing Execute for Arms Warriors. *checks to see they didn't do that*
No glowy hands for (Ret) Paladins or wings for Prot. Holy shit, I think this is the first time I'm disgusted with what Blizz is looking to do. I hated the change to Fury making it RNG-y, but just rolled with it (and went Arms). If these changes last to WoD, I don't think even Garrisons is going to get me to resub. - Arlan K.
The Ret changes don't seem too bad. I'm going to miss running into Vann's or Wyrmbane's room and blinding the whole Horde raid before getting focus-fired to death, but I never liked GoAK (I think it looks ugly :D) and Inquisition made ret feel like playing a rogue. - Victor Ganata
Majority of the Warrior changes makes sense. They fucked up Berserker Stance a long time ago and while I'm sad they're removing it, it's better than having it there reminding me of the good old times back in Vanilla. No Thunder Clap for Fury is a bit sad, but whatever. - Arlan K.
I guess Marks just has to use Aiming Shot instead or Arcane Shot to dump focus? I guess that's one way to change up the rotation. Removing Lock and Load for SV seems kind of rough, though. - Victor Ganata
Admittedly the only reason I like Inquisition is the glowy hands. They removed it from Enrage for Warriors and it was nice seeing something like that on at least one of my melee characters. But no wings for Prot, man. NO WINGS FOR PROT. - Arlan K.
No ghoul and no Army of the Dead for my frost DK does kind of make me sad, though. I always thought it was hilarious when Hordies would get surprised mobbed by six superbuffed ghouls after a shammy popped hero. - Victor Ganata
I like GoAK and it was fun busting it out with the DPS CD, but don't really care that they're making it prot only. You know the GoAK flies with you? I think Mac would agree with you about Inquisition. Aside from Warrior, Paladin and Hunter, the only other class I'm familiar with is Shaman and those changes don't seem so bad. - Arlan K.
No instant cast heals for healers does make me nervous about trying to play with my healers. Guess I'll just respec them as DPS for now :D - Victor Ganata
Since they built a DPS quasi-spec for mistweavers (and a tank quasi-spec for demo locks), I really don't understand why they can't make shockadins a real thing. :D - Victor Ganata
If Black Arrow is still dispellable in PvP that's going to really hurt Surv. Blizz moved LnL to Black Arrow. In PvE it's no big deal, but in PvP... well. - Arlan K.
RE: Shockadins. Probably still traumatized from Vanilla. :P - Arlan K.
I suppose Glyph of Harsh Words is to shockadins as Glyph of Demon Hunting is to demo lock tanks but killing things as holy is still ridiculously painfully slow :D - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
WoD alpha begins. — I guess we really are gonna have to wait until December, huh?
WoD Alpha patch notes — some of these changes are pretty wild. - Victor Ganata
You mean sexy. :D - Hookuh Tinypants
Admittedly there are some changes they're making that I think is just too much easymode, but that's just me clinging to notions gained through decades of RPG play. In general I can appreciate how having to balance hit can be annoying for people who just want to be able to slap on gear and kill shit. - Hookuh Tinypants
I do wonder how the healing changes will affect raiding. There are a lot of healers out there who clearly operate on smart heals, and forcing healers to go back and actually BE healers is going to drop a lot of folks out of the running as useful healers until they learn to actually play their class. - Hookuh Tinypants
The removal of all instant cast heals is probably going to be traumatic. Although I guess they're also going to make it so bosses can't just two-shot tanks in 3 seconds, so maybe it's only going to affect PvP, and with the mass nerfing of silences and interrupts, even that might not be as bad as it sounds. - Victor Ganata
Removing massive unavoidable damage spikes is probably going to make smart healing less necessary, too. - Victor Ganata
They'd have a lot of bosses to revamp in that case. All the way back to vanilla. I don't think removing smart heals is a bad thing. They haven't been around all that long, but it's been clear the impact they've had on growing quality healers. I would be quite pleased to go back to having good trained healers that I can trust to keep my tanks up. - Hookuh Tinypants
It'll also raise the bar a bit for tanks too. If they don't already, they'll have to learn to watch their HP and know when to use high mitigation skills more proactively to be more in sync with their healer(s). - Arlan K.
My sub runs out next month and I don't think I'll resub until the pre-patch content comes in. I enjoyed my time on the Timeless Isle, but I don't want to do that for the next potentially 8 months. Not interested in PvP right now either. Thankfully, Reaper of Souls and Loot 2.0 has made Diablo 3 pretty fun. That and I have my New Game+ to do on Bravely Default. - Arlan K.
Yup, that's another thing that's been a perverse incentive of smart healing - tanks (and party members in general) have been allowed to get lazy with watching their own HP and being careful. Now granted, I appreciate smart healing in LFG and LFR because, y'know...LFG and LFR. No control over morons. But in non-LFG/LFR parties, it's nice to have a healer that can think on their feet, and tanks and DPS who pay attention to standing in shit or dmg mitigation. - Hookuh Tinypants
The removal of vengeance and the addition of resolve does seem to suggest that tanks are going to need to rely more on active mitigation and self-heals than on healers saving their asses. - Victor Ganata
It sounds like they might revamp SoO bosses in the pre-patch, but I think everything else is going to remain the same. I guess even with the stat squish, they're expecting people are still going to massively outgear older MoP content. Stuff that's even older might be more difficult to run at level but unless they nerf looms or the OP MoP and Cata BoE low level gear, it probably won't be noticeable. - Victor Ganata
I figured the stat squish wouldn't do anything to change how your recent gear and level will make you OP in the older raids. Everything is being squished so it'll just be shifting everything down. - Arlan K.
Victor Ganata
I can't believe how long it took to kill 50 hordies in Vann's room and how long it took to win AV 100 times.
Has it gotten significantly harder since the change in AV? I thought all they did was modify the terrain around FW entrance by FWGY? Oh and lulz to proof that Blizz favors Horde since they made that change and no other changes to the smaller BGs to help Ally. /trollface - Arlan K.
Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if the Loyal Defender achieve is cumulative, or if I literally got 50 HKs in Vann's room in one fight. They just kept running in one by one for a handful of defenders and Vann to massacre :D - Victor Ganata
Given how many times we've run AV, I'm surprised it took this many years to win 100 matches, though :D - Victor Ganata
Alliance still seems to dominate AV, although I did lose a couple of times this CTA because people kept letting the Horde take IBT and TP back. - Victor Ganata
Oh! Achieves. I get it now. Yeah, I'm surprised you didn't get 100 earlier. - Arlan K.
Victor Ganata
I was flagged on Timeless Isle from doing AV and some Hordie pally started dropping hammers on my head. I thought it was an accident, and I was trying to be nice and I tried to run away, but he stunned and dismounted me, so I had to open up a can of whoopass and pound him repeatedly in the face with my own hammers. Silly Hordie.
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I really want to pre-order WoD but... money, :( I MISS HURLING GNOMES
Victor Ganata
We actually won this AV by defending noob hill :D Won by reinforcements 303-0.
Victor Ganata
LOL. Guild on Silvermoon-Mok'Nathal: <IT HURTS WHEN I PVP>
Victor Ganata
The Alliance's total inability to adapt to the Horde's new strategy in IoC is quite astounding.
New strategy? - Chris Topher
Right now, the Horde is rushing hangar, sending a big enough force to docks to delay the Alliance from capping it, and sending a token force to WS. Then Horde rezzers stay on D and wipeout anyone using catas to jump the gate and/or they take WS so we can't run bombs. This works really well because the standard Alliance strategy is to rush docks and WS. The glaives blow up even before we... more... - Victor Ganata from iPhone
And if you suggest going to hangar to delay the Horde from capping it, no one ever goes and they'll just verbally abuse you :D - Victor Ganata from iPhone
That's not really new, though. It's usually what happens toward the end of the expansion because glaive HP don't scale as well as gear. It'll take a long time before Alliance gets their head out of their butts and start going Docks/Hangar or WS/Hangar. Then, expansion hits and glaive HP gets buffed and with the entry ilvl glaives become relevant again and then it'll take a long time before Alliance starts going back to Docks. - Arlan K.
I miss the group suicide runs to hangar :D - Victor Ganata
It's crazy how a few seconds of delay at hangar or docks is what determines who wins. - Victor Ganata
Yeah, I kinda miss those days. - Arlan K.
Victor Ganata
To LFR or not to LFR. That is the question.
Victor Ganata
Warlords of Draenor pre-purchase (plus boost to 90) available now -
December 20th, 2014?! Sheesh. - Victor Ganata
I'd be interested to see how they manage to limp MoP along until then. I'm going to assume that is an incredibly soft date at this point. They can't afford to hemorrhage players between now and then. - Hookuh Tinypants
Yeah, I think they'd try to release as soon as possible, but probably don't have enough done right now to give a better estimate. Would they have anybody available to release new content within the 8 months if they do take until December? - Arlan K.
Price increase of $10 to boot. But yeah, its a soft date, the goal is September I hear. - Chris Topher
I get the impression it's going to be out much earlier than that, but they're just putting a "safe" date by specifying December. - Stephen Mack
All the discussions they had at BC regarding WoD indicated a 3rd qtr release. Amused that they'd put such a ridiculous soft date on there. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
don't like the price hike much... grr - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Victor Ganata
LOL, apparently newly boosted 90s spawn on the Timeless Isle, and they're getting camped by people trying to farm Bloody Coins
ahaha Well, that's what they should expect for being on a PvP server. - Arlan K.
On the Timeless Isle, there's an option that lets you gank anybody, even players in your own faction :D - Victor Ganata
The other player still has to be flagged first before you can gank them on a PvE realm. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
True, but sometimes you can count on the "if it's red (well, technically, if it's yellow), it's dead" mentality to get them to accidentally flag. Sadly, many a griefer has tricked me in this way :D Although it doesn't happen as much now that there aren't huge crowds for the world bosses. Basically, I should know better than to tab-target by now. - Victor Ganata
I remember once a griefer got me good. Did right in a quest NPC waiting for an accidental click. Imagine his surprise when I almost immediately had about 10 level 70s (whether when that was the cap? Or even worse... 60) pop in to help fight back. That was back in the hay day it the giant guild I was in. We had fun - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce from Android
This reminds me, I still haven't glyphed any of my pallies for bubblehearthing. - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
If I boost a Hordie to 90, I wonder if I'll get the "Double Agent" achieve?
Hookuh Tinypants
Remember back in the day when it was customary to chat with someone before extending a guild invite to them? Yeah.
I swear, every time I log into my orc, which is unguilded, I get an invite every 3-5 minutes. Just random invites from both of our linked realms. Though yesterday I did seriously consider accepting the invite from Hordecore Pwnography. Because y'know... - Hookuh Tinypants
I got invited to a guild way back (pre-Cata) without a chat. But I was farming the guy's skins for an hour in Ashenvale. I always thought it was funny because I ended up in For The Horde's Alliance alt guild. There were some really cool people in that group. - NOT THE CRICKET
Apparently there's an addon that automatically finds unguilded people and autoinvites them — I'm surprised Blizzard has let it live. Because of this addon, most of my alts are guildless and have guild invites disabled - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Yeah, one of our former officers wanted us to start using that to recruit a couple years ago. I refused because I didn't want to be a nuisance. Also didn't want to inadvertently end up with a trove of twits. - Hookuh Tinypants
One time I was on an unguilded toon and got about 6 invites in 5 minutes, half were from the same guild. >.< - Heather
Victor Ganata
Warlords of Draenor: Wish You Were Here (re: boost to 90)
Victor Ganata
Seriously, why is auto-loot not the default setting on new toons?
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
I just want to say that I miss WoW VERY much. I wish I could join you all RIGHT NAO
Victor Ganata
Arlan K.
So, is it safe to say WoD won't come out until Late October or November? Or is it not coming out in 2014? I haven't kept up with its development.
I also heard there were changes to the BGs and apparently AV is now Horde-favored? - Arlan K.
I didn't even know about that hill that used to let you jump the fence on the way to Drek. The first AV CTA after the patch, it didn't really seem any different. If we defended the towers, we won. If we defended noob hill or got wiped by Horde defending RH, we lost. - Victor Ganata
They also made changes so that you get more experience and honor from WSG, AB, EotS, and few others. - Victor Ganata
Given the length of the average PvP season, and given that Season 15 is the last season before WoD, I'm expecting 20-30 weeks until the prepatch, probably, so about September/October? - Victor Ganata
A fall release is the earliest I would say. They haven't even announced beta yet. I think Blizzard likes fall releases because it allows them to have the game out for a little before the holiday rush. - Chris Topher
Victor Ganata
So: SotA CTA. On one hand, the pain is time limited. On the other hand, it's SotA and hot player vs. wall action. Maybe I'll just wait for IoC or the next AV.
I always liked SotA. IoC on the other hand, of course I never played much after they fixed the pink box and dirigible spawn. - NOT THE CRICKET
Do the thing! Might win? - Stephen Mack from iPhone
I swear the worst players end up in SotA, though. The worst. - Victor Ganata
Prejudices confirmed. Also: I can't wait until healers get massively nerfed in WoD. - Victor Ganata
I guess they aren't kidding when they say running heroic 5-player dungeons is the fastest way to get honor. - Victor Ganata
Chris Topher
I've been leveling a prot Paladin using the DPS plate heirlooms and agility mace heirloom I have. I picked up the "healing" shield from Stockades which was much better than what I had. I then ran Gnomer...
The hallway before the last boss, the hunter pet managed to pull an entire pits worth of guys and we managed to get through it. The DPS warrior, while we were killing the pack, decided to start calling me out on my gear as if I either somehow caused the pull or I was a terrible tank, which I wasn't. He kept telling me that I couldn't be an efficient tank without the tanking heirlooms and decided to just be an overall as to me for the rest of the run...I just don't understand people. - Chris Topher
It's probably because he had Recount and saw you were blowing him away in DPS. - Arlan K.
Gnomer really seems to bring out the worst in people. It's the dungeon that made me stop leveling my priest as a healer because I got kicked because the tank didn't know where to go and the DPS pulled the whole dungeon. - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
Watch Vin Diesel Playing World of Warcraft With Paul Walker - Kotaku
Victor Ganata
I am amused by the Varian Wrynn hate on Tumblr. — Not that I think they're wrong. It's just that contemplating the massive lore breakage in WoD has made me completely numb to all of Metzen's shitty writing.
Liked for "Metzen's shitty writing". - Arlan K.
Arlan! Did you unsub from WoW? It's season 15 and AV CTA this weekend! - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Sorry. Yes, I did. Playtime ends this month or next month or something. I haven't touched an MMO in a long time. - Arlan K.
You thinking of checking out WoD at all, even for a little while? - Victor Ganata
Yeah, I'll probably come back for WoD for a bit. I am interested in the whole Garrison thing. - Arlan K.
Victor Ganata
My druid is a skinner. I'm a monster.
That's funny. :D - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Victor Ganata
I'm not sure how I feel about the fact that the fastest way to gear up for random BGs is by chain-running heroic dungeons and converting JP to HP. And since honor gear is ilvl 522, it's also the fastest way to gear up for raiding.
I guess it's time to make some poor unsuspecting tanks and healers unhappy with my unfamiliarity with MoP dungeons. - Victor Ganata
Chris Topher
$60 for the level 90 character boost....WOW.... #moneygrab
Or clever marketing ploy to get people to buy the xpac since it comes with a free lvl 90 character boost. - Hookuh Tinypants
Yeah, that's crazy but at least it's not pay-to-win. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
Frankly I'm OK with it because I've leveled up several 90's and my time that I put into those characters is valuable. I appreciate that it's not cheap for others to skip past all that. And it's still far cheaper than the leveling services out there. - Hookuh Tinypants
I've tried to play my 85 pally (since we left off a bit into Cata) and it's just so confusing. I couldn't imagine skipping to 90 unless it was to play on a different server. I appreciate the learning time of leveling. - Heather
Same here. It's why I get fussy every time they make it easier to level a toon. I think there's a lot to be said for having to spend quality time learning your class. It shows in many of the players these days who lack things like dungeon/raid awareness, skills like CCing and kiting, and even a good rotation. - Hookuh Tinypants
Tonight we did a flex 4 with a hunter that didn't know his quillen could brez... Anyhow, while leveling my healy Druid I learned a ton about my spells (even though there was level at which everything changed) and I have no idea how I could have learned from scratch at 90. I like slow leveling, where the actual leveling process is a fun part of the game, not just a means to an end. - Heather
I never thought of the " dungeon/raid awareness, skills like CCing and kiting, and even a good rotation" aspect of it. But to be fair, even if you leveled exclusively through dungeons today, you still won't know what CC is, what LoS means, what focused DPS means, etc. Every dungeon nowadays is just lazy AOE ALL THE THINGS!!! Even in LFR @ 90, if you try to talk about ANY strategy for... more... - Chris Topher
Not all dungeons are that way. They haven't touched most of the dungeon content prior to Cataclysm. Cata gave us a handful of easymode dungeons that required minimal forethought, and MoP worked to kind of correct that. If everyone in your group is playing at level and not being towed by a 90 or twinked out to hell, dungeons are still challenging to the base skills of a class. And LFR... more... - Hookuh Tinypants
I've been leveling a stable of alts through LFD, and it seems like heirlooms have made the 1-85 dungeons really trivial, to be honest. Most tanks can blow up dungeons on their own at level. It's pretty much AoE all the things, and if you don't have a runspeed buff, you're gonna get left behind while the tank aggros the entire dungeon. The flipside is that no one cares if you have the... more... - Victor Ganata
I stopped using heirlooms to level a long time ago. I'm not a fan of the game on easymode. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
Yeah, but the four other players decked out in looms don't give you much of a choice. And leveling by questing is still a lot easier even without looms compared to before Cata. - Victor Ganata from iPhone
Nobody in my guild uses heirlooms anymore, and that's usually who I'm leveling with. /shrug I realize Blizzard had to give into the sandy vaginas that couldn't stand the slog of getting your toon from 1 to 90, but I heavily dislike how easy it is to level these days. I was grateful to find a PS that contained nothing but classic WoW in its original form. I escape to there more often than I like to admit. - Hookuh Tinypants
Well, probably the slowest most painful way to level (short of just picking herbs and mining ore) is running random BGs without looms :D I just capped my third warlock without looms the other day. I realize everyone has their own play styles (which I'm happy that Blizzard recognizes), and I think telling people how to play WoW is akin to telling people how to use social media, but I also think there are only so many times you can quest through HFP and BT before it starts getting really, really, really old. - Victor Ganata
Victor Ganata
LOL, I finally got a Brawler's Guild invite to drop.
Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
is the new expansion going to bring me back?
Depends. What drove you away? - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
money, time, and all of my friends having level 90 alliance characters when I can't seem to play one past 20 - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Well you do get to bump one character to level 90 instantly with the new xpac, so you can start with your friends. - Hookuh Tinypants
Hookuh Tinypants
I thought I'd seen it all in WoW, but last night was the first time in years that I was surprised by something in game. During an LFR run (farming legendary mats) one of the players demanded that we report or kick another player...because he needed a green drop. o.O
Like, this player was vehement about it. We HAD to report or kick this guy because he needed to learn courtesy to other players! He/she threw a massive fit and eventually was typing in all caps because ALL CAPS IS SRS BIZNESS. We had to vote to kick her because she wouldn't let it go. Good effing lord. - Hookuh Tinypants
A green drop...isn't that like...the least good kind of drop? Wouldn't it be more of an issue if you needed a blue or a purple? - Laura
Dang. - Victor Ganata
Someone who cries over green drops may as well be crying over grays. By the time you're in LFR, the only drops you should care about are the ones the system automatically rolls to you. Even the purple trash drops really aren't much to be busting a spleen for. Clearly a grip needed to be gotten. - Hookuh Tinypants
Oh that is very common in the runs that I have done. People screaming NINJA! and wanting to vote kick. I've also seen people vote kick others for THINKING they were someone they actually werent.... - Chris Topher
Ninja is common. Ninja over a green in lfr? No. - Hookuh Tinypants from FreshFeed
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