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Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
Old FF UI vs New FF UI
ROFLMAO! - vijay
Posterized. Awesome - Bwana ☠
that was fast! - Rahul Das
LOL! Pegged it! - Lindsay
this is so funny yet so true! - Gerald Neo
fast :))))) fast and furious :)))) - Viva Vida
too much vavavooooom :) - Myriam
MEGA LOL - Olivier
Thanks for making me laugh so hard that people at work now know I use FF at work! LOL! - Dean "Karnatos" Michaud
hhahahaha! - Susan Beebe
ROFLMAO - Dobromir Hadzhiev
I still have the old UI. - Richard A.
@Richard just go to beta.friendfeed.com - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
It is posts like this that require a favorite function. - Rob Diana
Rob - so true! - Susan Beebe
that was great :) - Alp
LMAO. Awesome illustration!! - Praveen Vasudev
PMSL - Tatty Gibson
LOL! - JazJaz
rofl. - Alp
lmao! :) - Mathew A. Koeneker
Is FriendFeed Beta Too Fast? - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
This made our office laugh out loud :) - Bret Taylor
Wear it proudly :) The future will be going at Wall-E pace... - Christopher Galtenberg
the picture might be construed as being somewhat ambiguous ... I mean, where is the pleasure of it all ? - pb:
is friendfeed still fast for you? i want it to keep up with me :) - Alfredo 亜瑠布れっど
yup..that's how it's been.... :) - Rohit
@GeoffLiving Not everyone one Twitter wants to be some kind of star. Some just want to have a conversation.
I always say that I came for the conversation (and to learn), but I'm staying for the party. - Denise
Creating a Science of the Web | Web Science Research Initiative - http://webscience.org/
The Web Science Research Initiative brings together academics, scientists, sociologists, entrepreneurs and decision makers from around the world. These people will create the first multidisciplinary research body to examine the World Wide Web and offer the practical solutions needed to help guide its future use and design. - joneilortiz
The ECCnirvana – All Your Base Are Belong To Us - http://www.last.fm/music...
everytime i see your icon i know its gonna be cool links :) - Mich D.
Bridget Ayers
MiniAjax.com / A showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scripts - http://www.miniajax.com/
MiniAjax.com / A showroom of nice looking simple downloadable DHTML and AJAX scripts
Steven Bradley
Applications: One Day in the Life of a Web Designer - http://css-tricks.com/applica...
Top 10 Windows Applications! - http://www.thehenry.net/2009...
Top 10 Windows Applications!
Top 10 Windows Applications!
Top 10 Windows Applications!
A list of Great Windows Apps! - TheHenry from Bookmarklet
Some great programs on this list. I would have included Chrome instead of Safari, though. I think Safari for Windows isn't quite ready for prime time yet, neither version 3 nor 4 beta. - Ray Metzen
the fact that you have safari on this list means you have never actually used it for windows - Zach Scott
If you're a blogger, Windows Live Writer is a great free app and one that I'd have on my list - it's a rare gem from Microsoft ... - Patrick Jordan
@Patrick, I have used Live writer, I also agree it is a rare gem from Microsoft. I honestly don't like it though. - TheHenry
You must be smoking if you think Safari's a Top 10 Windows app - LANjackal
Not smoking. BTW I took what all you said, and I changed it to google Chrome. :) - TheHenry
Thanks for the info! - Mike Andric
@Ethan, wavepad is very easy to use, but not free. I agree though, Audacity is great - Techno Todd
Huh, I'd never heard of Update Checker before... Sounds pretty sweet... We'll see how it goes I guess - LarchOye
Looks FOSS heavy. I agree with Chrome and VLC as must haves. What's with the Fruity Safari logo? - Arawak
FileZilla, Notepad too - Vivek Puri
I find the Safari 3 to be a bit more better than the chrome, I didn't like the beta layout of the four though. Something was very un-safariish like. - Faraz Mullick
Faraz, it's probably because they appropriated Google's layout. TBH I actually like Chrome more than Safari, personally. - Chieze Okoye
Didn't like the list, and I don't use most of them. A bit lame. - Özkan Altuner
Hey, its one man's opinion. Don't hate. He amended the Safari recommendation which should give him some breathing room ;). - Arawak
Notice that, of the applications listed, 4 are available as native Linux apps (VLC, Thunderbird, Gimp, Picasa), one is due to be available on Linux (Google Chrome), and 2 address Windows' shortcomings compared to Linux (CCleaner, FileHippo). - Ghodmode from twhirl
that's because you have continuously thanked people or added bullshit comments everytime others have commented. And your alter-ego Techno Todd seems to do the same. Were really not stupid TheHenry - whatever you might think. - Zee.
You missed the best windows app, the logoff button :-) - Keith Bennett from Nambu
Chrome should be there rather than Safari. And Thunderbird is the ugliest mail app I've ever used. Functional for sure, but really, really needs a UI re-write. - Sparky, lurking
David Harry
[..for those that missed it] - SEO Geeks library LIVE - looking for search patents and IR papers? http://www.huomah.com/dojo...
I read too many books with dragons in them, but this one was free on Kindle (and it's good!) http://www.amazon.com/His-Maj... #temeraire
What's your favourite dragon-related book/series though? - Mo Kargas
Yeah this was definitely not bad. Still contemplating whether or not to buy the rest of the series... - rønin
@Steven Yes yes yes! Anne McCaffrey (and to some extent, Todd) is an awesome fantasy writer - Mo Kargas
Yeah, I read all the Dragonriders! Years ago, though... maybe I should give it another go! - Veronica
@Veronica I re-read them every few years, definitely worthwhile. It's quite an extensive universe - Mo Kargas
Both of them have churned out a fair few novels over the past decade, I haven't read the latest ones though. Todd was releasing one in Nov 2008 but haven't checked on it's status - Mo Kargas
I picked up the audiobook due to your mention on S&L. Really enjoyed it. - Quasar
Not read much fantasy stuff in aaaaages but I was forced to read some of McCaffrey's dragonriders books by a friend and totally loved them (not read all of them tho - keep meaning to). - Amy
Are you sure you are not just saying that cause it has dragons in it - Angel Alvarado
Deborah Cole
"Before a "brilliant" person looks that way to the masses, she must first look foolish to the crowd that's nearby."
Joshua Denney
BIGGEST TWITTER USER MYTH: Twitter Success is based on the # of followers!~@AlFerrietti
imho its based more on the quality of cross communication combined with information distribution effectiveness - Mich D.
Mark Fulton
Twitter Directory - Twitter Apps - Twitter Job Search - http://tweetsocial.com/directo...
Added Twitter Job Search to @TweetSocial twitter apps directory: http://bit.ly/THt2O - Mark Fulton
Gwen Sutton
5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day | Green Living Ideas - http://greenlivingideas.com/simple-...
5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day | Green Living Ideas
Robert Scoble
not my cup of tea - Capn' One Eye - adrift
I didn't understand a word of that - Bwana ☠
scoble is a ride or die dude - Cee Bee
He Bailed Me Out of Jail & Won't Leave His Wife for Me- WTF? - http://www.askmoses.com/en...
Alex Badalic
Iraq Terrorist Funny Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Iraq Terrorist Funny Video
Barry Schwartz
2am bonding time with kid. Got work in 4 hours.
A Genetic Clue to Why Autism Affects Boys More - TIME - http://www.time.com/time...
A Genetic Clue to Why Autism Affects Boys More - TIME
Among the many mysteries that befuddle autism researchers: why the disorder affects boys four times more often than girls. But in new findings reported online today by the journal Molecular Psychiatry, researchers say they have found a genetic clue that may help explain the disparity. - adam
Mark Fulton
Added new Website Tools category to the @TweetSocial App Directory: http://www.tweetsocial.com/directo....
Tim O'Reilly
RT @newtgingrich: Learning IS the most important civil right in the 21st century; it should apply to every american of all ages to compete..
That is pure Newt Gingrich manipulation of facts into a politically useful LIE. Learning is not a RIGHT, it is a NEED (like food and clean air) and RESPONSIBILITY (like parenting). Treating Learning as a RIGHT means that IGNORANCE is supported by Freedom of Choice. WRONG. - The Web's Wendell Wittler
The last comment is silly. Gingrich is simply and forcefully supporting education. Even the left wing should support him on this - Jeff
Wendell that's an incorrect statement. Education (i.e. formal learning) is a fundamental right any way you dice it, independent of what any politician thinks about it. It's perhaps one of the most important rights out there. - Deepak Singh
You have a RIGHT to be ignorant. you have a RESPONSIBILITY to learn. - The Web's Wendell Wittler
You have a responsibility to make the most of that right to learn. The world goes beyond one country and political opinions on everything. - Deepak Singh
Who decides what Americans should learn? Who sets the curriculum and who determines if someone meets the level of competency required to "pass" someone to another level? - LPH™ and his dog P™
Or is Newt calling Education an ENTITLEMENT? And when he says "it should apply to every american of all ages to compete.." he's saying we NEED it to compete... we can't opt out. That sounds nothing like a Right. - The Web's Wendell Wittler
Reflexively reminds me of John Adams (in McCullough's book) and makes me think more highly of Gingrich, but a bit more reflection (thanks to my liberal arts education) leads me to conclude that Gingrich is saying a politically safe and popular thing as a means to his political end. He's right, in a way (even nodding to Wittler's comments). It should be regarded as a civil right and the civic obligation of all Americans. - Jason Miller
Learning is a civil right?? Perhaps "access to education" would be consider a "right", but learning? More political fodder, I'd say. Spin and agenda ... spin and agenda ... - Allan Besselink
Now pretend Obama had written that instead of Gingrich. Would any of you, even the most anal parsers of language, have had even the mildest criticism for the comment??? - Jeff
I'm still gaining my composure after learning that The Newt is tweeting. - coldbrew
Wendell is a fucking idiot. learn that. - Morgan Warstler
Regardless of past sins, Newt has had the guts to suggest some "outside the box" ideas to improve education - like paying inner city students who get good grades. Probably not popular with the base but interesting. - Ryan Underdown from fftogo
Shana Albert
Genetically Engineered Pups Glow Red - http://www.weirdasianews.com/2009...
Genetically Engineered Pups Glow Red
Bots vs. Smugglers: Drug Tunnel Smackdown - http://www.wired.com/wiredsc...
The science of voodoo: When mind attacks body - http://www.newscientist.com/article...
Frederiek Pascal
The top 12 trends of the video game industry http://ow.ly/7dkl
next week on wolfram alpha ... will google detonate the bomb? were past 3 years a dream? did Marissa really die on the ride to LAX?
Deborah Cole
RT @michellem LOL I know, when I read you were moving I thought, "She's totally doing it for the iHop access!" (Me: U R SO righton Sistah!)
Dominic Foster
Nature Gives Notice: Environmental Evictions Underway [Uhoh] - http://www.ecosalon.com/evictio...
RT @onlineresume Top 10 Companies for Executive Women 2009 http://www.resumebear.com/blog... (Retweet to all our Twitter Women)
Bacteria Vs. Saharan Desertification - http://www.environmentalgraffiti.com/feature...
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