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Kol Tregaskes
List your pages here: #whatsyoururl - Kol Tregaskes
I like SU much more than Digg or Delicious. - Flavio
+Flavio mine is ... SU could be more - Franc, a rememberer
Thanks guys. I would add you but because of SU's stupid restrictions (do they still have these!?) I cannot add any more people, tsch. :-( I'm remembering why I got put off SU. - Kol Tregaskes
haven't used it for quite a while, still ... ... didn't really use it for more than channel surfing, though - immaterial
I don't use it as much as I used to, but here it is: - Seth Greenblatt but like others here i don't use it much these days - Nathan Rein - do not use it much any longer. - Kevin Mohr don't really use it anymore. And yes, it has stupid restrictions... - diego morelli
Let's see if SU allows me to add people today. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Kim and everyone. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I just friended you on StumbleUpon. - Kimber Scott
Never used it. - Michael Fidler from BuddyFeed - k00pa
I have also got about 130k visitors to my site. Using this page - k00pa
"Stumbleupon has been temporarily disabled, because you have used it too much." on that link, k00pa. - Kol Tregaskes I really like stumbleupon, but pretty sporadic - Alistair (alpinefolk) Use it, primarily for Kind of fun, useful. - Jason Nunnelley
I still use it, but not as often as I used to - Kate
Thanks, everyone. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I'd join up again, but I used it on firefox, I now use chrome.. so I would.. IF I knew it worked out ok.. seems it never works out..also had a few post stumbled and got hardly anything from it. - Rob Sellen :o)
I'm still using Stumbleupon although not daily, I noticed that Facebook removed the service from profile Settings yesterday, when did that occur? - Joe Dawson but I use it more for these days - Keith - @tsudo - I definitely still use it! Are we adding each other as contacts then? I was also thinking of creating a FF room for Stumbleupon users. - Jannifer @wordsforliving - I may add you guys, maybe with a network it could be more useful - Marcos
Added as many as it let me today... I never used it much, but I'd like to if there is some interaction. - Kimber Scott
Keep 'em coming, I'll add you all later today. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you everyone! - Kol Tregaskes
had to sneak in there - andy brudtkuhl
Kol - what's yours? - andy brudtkuhl
Andy, see the title. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you you two. - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Tyson. - Kol Tregaskes
No problem, Kol. - Tyson Key
I started stumbling back in 2003, is my main profile. It used to be small and friendly and fun. Started to like it less when they sold the service. Then Soup came around. Still using it, but mostly to keep in touch with fellow Stumblers. - Morgaine LeFaye
I would like you follow you all wherever you are moving to or are right now. Can you please add your profile here and share to others so we can gather everyone's URLs in one place above? - Kol Tregaskes
Guy Kawasaki
Can anyone send me a Google Voice invite?
Pretty sure you've received like 20 invites by now. LOL. - Rahsheen
he's gotta be kidding, no way! \ - sofarsoShawn
Srsly? - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
LOL! :-) - Ludwik C. Siadlak
Guy Kawasaki
Top 10 worst management fads
Jason Wehmhoener
We got the house! Soon it will be home! :-D Here we come Santa Cruz... -
We got the house! Soon it will be home! :-D Here we come Santa Cruz...
We got the house! Soon it will be home! :-D Here we come Santa Cruz...
We got the house! Soon it will be home! :-D Here we come Santa Cruz...
Congrats! - rønin
Home Sweet Home .........what a nice house.........good luck!! and welcome home.... - VALZONE#SCREWED
Congrats! It looks beautiful. - AJ Batac
Looks like a great place. Congrats. - James Leard
Congrats! - Spidra Webster
con'grats.. home is where the heart is !! - Peter Dawson
We'll be able to walk to the harbor, the beach, the farmer's market, and groceries will be a short bike ride away. After 12 years of living deep in the redwood forest, I am sooo ready to return to civilization, I can't tell you how exciting this is! - Jason Wehmhoener
Congratulations! We just bought our nice house, too, so I can totally relate to how you're feeling :) - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Awesome! Congratulations! - Ruchira S. Datta
Phil Gerbyshak
STUDY: Most Fortune 100 Companies Don’t Get Twitter -
Guy Kawasaki
Guy Kawasaki
Phil Gerbyshak
The Most Important Skill In Legal Marketing Is … -
Guy Kawasaki
How to go on the offensive with Facebook:
Guy Kawasaki
85 comedians on Twitter NC
Mari Smith
HarmonicThought: Good Energy Day #999 is a day to celebrate everyday folks (us) creating a wonderful world. Go here: #thenines -
Guy Kawasaki
The science of retweets: IMHO, retweets are the sincerest form of flattery these days
I knew it had be Dan Zarella the first second I've seen "Science" and "Tweet" in the same sentence. - Ludwik C. Siadlak
Guy Kawasaki
Perry Belcher
Chicken Shit Bingo makes the big time <--Cool Video
Perry Belcher
Phil Gerbyshak
Affiliate Summit East Keynote: Chris Brogan -
Guy Kawasaki
Query writing tips from agent Michelle Andelman: GR
Guy Kawasaki
I don't know if this is a real photo, but I was told it's a picture of a Smart car.
I don't know if this is a real photo, but I was told it's a picture of a Smart car.
Any car is probably not going to do very well when crushed between two trucks, though. - Victor Ganata
Didn't Mythbusters do this already? Twice? - CannonGod
How's the "Smart" doing in US Guy? We're looking forward for the Fiat 500 debut at end of august. :) - Marco Massarotto from iPhone
Bret Taylor
FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request - FriendFeed Blog -
FriendFeed accepts Facebook friend request - FriendFeed Blog
We've been acquired by Facebook! We are really excited about joining the Facebook team. (Note: FriendFeed will continue to operate - see the blog post for details) - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Boom. - Louis Gray
Grr! - directeur
Woah... - Brandon Titus
Uh. Well, that's the end of that. - Akiva
Argh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Roberto Bonini
What does this mean for FriendFeed, Bret? - Kol Tregaskes
Lame. - Mark Trapp
great title bret. well played. - MG Siegler
Congrat! So, what does this mean to your team and to FF in general? - Dilip Dand
wahhhhhhhhhh - Myrna
maaaan - Jamie
wowow - Harry Wolff
congrats - brainno722 (Peter)
Nooooooooooooo - Mushin
Wait... seriously? - Ken Sheppardson
Congratulations to the friendfeed team. I know this is huge for y'all. Please don't let us spoil your parade as we weep. - Ordinarybug Heather
Seriously?!? ..... - sebastian☆rocket brother
oh boy. - Carlos Ayala
it was good while it lasted, Friendfeed. :( - holly #ravingfangirl
" will continue to operate normally for the time being. We're still figuring out our longer-term plans for the product with the Facebook team." Those are NOT encouraging things to read as a FF user. - Kristin of Two Everything
gratz - Ali
My heart is sinking as I type this. Please tell me that it isn't a late April Fool's joke. :( - Tyson Key
Big news! I second Kol & dilip's request for what this means for the team and FF's future. - Brandon Titus
So it IS true. - Hector
Nicely done Bret - Jennifer Van Grove
Congratulations btw, guys! - Kol Tregaskes
Sniff... not sure if I'm excited about this. But I have enormous respect for the FriendFeed team... so, I assume they believe in the move as more than an exit strategy. - Michael Leggett
Congrats, Bret. - Jordan Hofker
Congratulations, I suppose. A bit worried Facebook is going to ruin everything though. I'm not fond of Facebook, to say the least. - Morgaine LeFaye
Oh my... Hopefully FriendFeed won't vanish and good luck :) - Tarmo Aidantausta
Do we call it FaceFeed? FriendBook? - Tyson Key
Oh no.... - Ben Hanten
What does mean for us? - Rich from iPod
damn here it is... :( - Edgar Rodríguez
*waits for wall-to-wall ads and constant spambots* - Big Joe Silenced
Congrats - Zoltan Szendro
I dont want FF to end - Fee501st
Wow - Shevonne
Ostregheta. - reloj
Congrats guys, in a bittersweet sort of way. - Hutch Carpenter
Oh no! - Erdinc YILMAZEL
I like Friendfeed and I do not like Facebook. Gratz to you guys though, I think. - Mark Sorrell
"Oh shit..." came to mind immediately. :( - Tyson Key
Scott, yep not encouraged by that comment. :-( - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats on the deal, best wishes to the FF'ers in helping facebook get it together! - Sean O'Connor
This could get exciting, especially concerning twitter :-P - Malte Steckmeister
Congrats for Friendfeed team, but I'm seriously worried for us :((((((((((( - Roberto
Congratulations... I'm sure this is pretty exciting for everyone at FriendFeed... We're all looking forward to where it takes you! - Nathan Chase
Wow - Rodfather
*Sobs* - Tyson Key
come on. Bret, facebook is so closed. so different from Friendfeed. besides that. Congrats to the team - Edgar Rodríguez
VERY disappointed. - Big Joe Silenced
Booo. But, you know, congrats. - Chris Nixon
OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SH*T - Alp
Congrats for u guys... probably too bad for us ;-( - Laurent
God, I can see FB shutting down FF just like Six Apart shut down Pownce. - DarknessFalls
Good for you, don't know for all of us - Cristian Conti
Congrats! - Alix May
Coolest web 2.0 site I've ever seen & used. I hope things don't derail. Ads will be coming soon, which is fine, but.... then what 's next? Please no quizzes! - Ben Hanten
Who would have thought that after Facebook were shamelessly being "inspired" by FriendFeed, the inevitable would have happened? - Tyson Key
Congrats! - Moushumi Kabir
Congrats guys. :) - Meryn Stol
Congratulations. This is awesome for you and for Facebook. - Mike Sego
mommy? - Josh Haley
Hey guys, keep in mind that Facebook is blocked in workplaces across the nation. 250 million casual users commenting about last night's party does not intelligent conversation make. - Hector
Tragic. - Shannon
I really can't see how FB would buy FF only to shut it down. There are way too many innovations and features FF has that FB honestly needs. I'm looking forward. - Harry Wolff
congrats! - Jay from Cadmus
Congrats? Everybody who's saying Congrats doesn't know what he's saying. Go to hell. - zio bodhisattva
Yeah, quizzes are EVIL! - Tarmo Aidantausta
Oh, this does not make me happy. Not at all! I've stayed off of Facebook intentionally and FriendFeed is my favorite social network. This is like when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees. :>( - Larry Hawes
i have stopped using FB for the most part and liked FF alot more. now FF will go the way of FB. screwed again. - Big Joe Silenced
Berge Gazen beat your score in Mafia Wars - Berge Gazen
Feedface or Facefeed? - Fee501st
FUCK THAT ! [Anyways good job guys ^^] - TiTi
Enjoy your fat paychecks, guys. You've sold us out. - Akiva
Bravo Bret! Been following your successes ever since we had the opportunity to work together on the / Google Maps Canada deal. Congrats! - Sebastien
I wished it was Google or even Yahoo!, instead... - Tyson Key
i really hope ff stays as it is. fb is kinder carder while ff is a great tool. - jkkmobile
Not sure what to make of this. It could eiter be a big win or a huge fail. - dorn
It could have been Microsoft, which would have been worse for everyone. :( - Tyson Key
Can I take this opportunity to say I HATE facebook? - Alex Scrivener
seems the only ppl happy here are the ones in the biz or who stand to profit from the merger. - Big Joe Silenced
I guess we should get ready to get poked by our supposed friends and have various shit thrown at us? Plus 5,000 requests by apps that nearly all suck. - Joey Gibson
duh - aybars badur
I HATE facebook - Pedram
this is simply awful. - Big Joe Silenced
Painful. And apparently I completely misunderstood what FF was trying to accomplish both technically and as an organization. I guess Facebook must have dangled a pretty big bag of money in front of them. - Ken Sheppardson
FriendFeed is Dead! Long Live FriendFeed! :/ - Tyson Key
Facebook is going to acquire the web! - gigicogo
To me, FriendFeed is like Porsche and Facebook a Kia. I'm curious to see which will become which.. - Moushumi Kabir
Oh noes! - Burcu Dogan
Congrats Bret! - Robin Dindayal
I will reserve judgement, i don't like or use FB but if FF maintains it's current goodness i don't care who cuts the checks. - Steve C, Team Marina
I hope this doesn't turn into an APP filled hunk of crap. I love FriendFeed, it was the untouched gem of microblogging. I don't want Mafia Wars invited in my FriendFeed!!! Congrats on the sale though. - Jay 'Farmington'
Where's the "dislike" option? - Gregor Morrill
+1 Gregor - Tyson Key
accipicchia che pessima notizia - massimo mantellini
I just realized this is like when K-mart bought Sears ... - DarknessFalls
/ponders the meaning of " will continue to operate normally for the time being." - Philipp Lenssen
And I will officially be leaving FriendFeed today. - Michael Forian
omg - John Mueller
@Philipp: until the new masters start flexing their muscles and bringing in their own people to enforce their own vision. - Big Joe Silenced
I read the blog post and one statement stands out to me " will continue to operate normally for the time being." The time being. This is not just bad, I think it may be #FAIL - berchman
OMG! - Zac Bowling
big mistake :(( - emresezgin
Oh. Hell. No. - CannonGod
Oh My God! They Killed FriendFeed! - Tyson Key
It's a win/win! congrats all. - Alan Le
Congrats to you. - Evan Travers
Congratulations. I look forward to seeing what this new partnership means for users. - Aren Grimshaw
FF will surely be integrated into FB at some point? - Kol Tregaskes
damn Ken is spot on! +1000 Ken! - vijay
not good. - Jacque
Oh. My. Gosh. - Enrico L
Facebook obviously liked FriendFeed a long time ago. Why would they have copied so many features (feed item comments and the "Like" action, to name a couple) otherwise? It was only logical for this to happen eventually. Doesn't mean I like it, but acquisition is part of the game. I have the same feeling I did when SocialThing! was acquired by AOL, though. - dgw
"Relationship Status: It's complicated" comes to mind. ;) - Tyson Key
Wow, I finally sign up, and read this. This could end up being a very bad thing for FF fans: "Your FriendFeed friend just signed up on this poll, would you like to too?" - Brian Bommarito
sad... - Marvin
This will give FriedFeed the attention it deserves. Otherwise it would have been a geek thing forever. - Michael Netsch
aw, this sux!! Congrats to the Friendfeed team though! - acedanger
please don't merge logins!!! please - earlyadopter
They are deceived when they suffer themselves to be drawn after the image of things, without seeking for the true reason of them. - The Complex Days
I hope it works OK to you guys! - Rodrigo Jaroszewski
+1 Netsch - I still like FF more but this finally legitimizes FF to the mainstream. - Daniel J. Pritchett
Friend request una beata fava. Pecunia non olet. - Federico Bolsoman
Yeah, I really can't wait to see what value the Ashton Kutchers and Oprahs of the world have to add to FriendFeed. - Akiva
Please tell me this is a delayed April Fools' Day joke. - Rochelle
Facebook & FriendFeed: don't cross the lifestreams! D:< - CannonGod
I guess this means I'll have toget a facebook account after all.... Hope the API stays up and running.... - Roberto Bonini
"Were rich B!tch!" - Chappelle - adolfo foronda
What a bunch of greedy assholes. - zio bodhisattva
Does this mean that we'll be seeing an influx of webcam spammers, a la Twitter? Along with abolishment of the rooms feature, crappification of the search feature, and more "privacy features" that really just put more nails in the openness coffin? - Tyson Key
Some people will do whatever their friends request........ - Michael Muller
I really don't see why people would be anything but excited about this Facebook freindfeed deal. Great news as far as I am concerned. The Friend feed team is going to go over facebook and make it that much easier to connect, share... isn't that what the social web is about? - Kevin Murray
I know a lot of people who use Facebook and enjoy it and that's fair enough. It's just not my cup of tea. The chaps from Friendfeed will get rich and the technology will get absorbed in Facebook but I can't see Friendfeed continuing in anything like it's present form. - Paul Nash
Don't be so negative, something good might eventually come of this... - Tarmo Aidantausta
Congrats! I know you all must be crazy excited right now. - Michele Lorito-Chase
chance for FriendFeed to become more mainstream... congrats FriendFeed team! - Jeroen De Miranda
Nothing could make me happier than if they integrated the good tools from FriendFeed into Facebook, which is where all my friends are. So a big "yay!" from me. - Ian Betteridge
happy for you guys, but not for all of us - Flavio
congratulations. this is going to be interesting. - Dave Beckett
I think I preferred the non-mainstream version of FriendFeed... - Tyson Key
I'm turning on my black shirt, my black trouser, my black socks, my black shoes. Although I probably must be happy for you. - Ton Zijp
NASTY NASTY BAD BAD. But we'll see... - Daniel Morgan
Game over. - stark
Reminds me so much of fall... - Marcos
Facebook is like a giant who listens to nobody. Please keep your attitude but I don't think you will be able to do so. - Burak "cyrus" Bayburtlu
Noooooooo...... - Sung W. Lim
yeahhh - Çağrı
I don't know, Like it? or dislike it? - Ömer Balamir
What happens to all the content that we've created and imported here, and the associated metadata? Will all that disappear into the ether? - Tyson Key
If the FriendFeed guys can make FaceBook useful and responsive again, this seems like a pretty positive step! - Robin Barooah
I have big loss of data concerns. See Is there any way to archive all my FriendFeed posts, likes, comments, and pictures ( off-line? Can some snapshots of FriendFeed be made (Once a month starting Sept 2009)? I'd like to see the cross-links between my posts & other people's posts, even in 2020. - - Mitchell Tsai
Mitchell: the FriendFeed site is not shutting down. Your data will not go away any time in the near term future - we are committed to our users. - Bret Taylor
I just overheard a coworker mention FriendFeed. This is how the world ends... - CannonGod
Then provide us with a way to easily make a back-up of all of our posts and all of the posts we have Liked and Commented on. - Akiva
Same question as Mitchel Tsai. How do I export my data? I don't want it to be handed off to Facebook. - zio bodhisattva
Near term future? - Kol Tregaskes
I don't see good things coming from this. Although I like Facebook, I liked Friendfeed more. Partly because of the environment and the smallness of it. That is now going to be ruined. So, 10-1 odds that Friendfeed will be no more within a year after it gets intergrated into Facebook? - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I doubt it Robin. Bret can only give us assurances about the "near future." Here's what I think will happen. Just like Twitter acquired Rael Dornfest and his awesome web services, Stikkit and I Want Sandy vanished (and so did he), Facebook will acquire all the talent from Friendfeed, shut this service down and Facebook will continue to suck. - Jim #teamFFrank
Same question as Mitchel Tsai. How do I export my data? I don't want anything to be handed off to Facebook. And I don't want to lose anything. - zio bodhisattva
Congrats obviously, but im not sure about the feeling,, different user groups which can not integrate but collide.. hope there wont be an huge integration in the future. - Yunus Tunak
I'm happy for FriendFeed! But, at the same time a bit worried about the future. Hope you guys convince FB to not be evil too. - Vishal Verma
Let's hope this is like Disney's acquisition of Pixar - wherein the Pixar guys ended up in control of the animation studio... - Robin Barooah from IM
Where the f*ck is this option to undo ? - Laurent
I seriously thought this was a joke. Looks like its not. I don't like it, sorry. - Michael Lynton
Does anyone want to start a bounty to purchase Facebook? ;) - Tyson Key
Congratulations! - John Craft
can't be, shouldn't be... - Kemal Y.
It is! Change is inevitable, my friends. - Bill Sodeman
Jim, I'm less cynical than you - the FriendFeed founders wouldn't do this just in order to become 'talent' at FaceBook. - Robin Barooah
I feel if I should be wearing a black arm band. But I guess when I think about it.............. - Kevin J Hatton
Oh No! I don't like this at all :( - Peter
I still think Apple will acquire Facebook, Twitter Friendfeed and Google Twitter. - Thomas Power
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! - Stephen Francoeur
My condolences to all Friendfeeders! RIP! - Evgeni Leshtanski
AAAAwwwful! - carolh
I can't believe it! damn! facebook tos will apply to friendfeed too? should i start to move to another service? why anyone would think that facebook public is friendfeed public?! damn! friedfeed was my favorite! I can't understand this move! they want to kill friendfeed or what? - paula simoes ☃
"I bet I can find 1.000.0000 people who dislike this deal."...Welcome to FriendBook. - Jacque
Well, huge congraulations to you and your team, you deserve every success. To be honest I had presumed this would happen sooner or later - the only business model cool little startups have is to hope they get bought by someone bigger for their brains and technology. I'm going to be in San Francisco in a couple of weeks and was going to stop by your office to bring you a cake and thank you for a great product - maybe I still will if you're still there and there's still a FriendFeed! - Alex Lomas
damn, damn, damn... - Kemal Y.
Grats Bret and the rest of FF. To all the naysayers... Lets see what happens before we start bitching.... - Rasmus Lauridsen
wow!! dazed and confused!! - Roberto Arancibia
I don't hate Facebook, but for sharing things Friendfeed is MUCH MUCH better! - Mathew™ aka Youngblood
I wonder if that Ben Darnell guy who *just* left the Google reader team knew about this beforehand? Wonder what he's thinking now? ( - Daniel J. Pritchett
Just great. I'm certainly not very happy about this. Let's just hope FB doesn't ruin FF. Ugh. - axolote
Who cares? Nothing's gonna change in our pitiful lifes. - bluretina
This ties in nicely with the fact that you soon will have the opportunity to make your Facebook profiles public and get followers there. - Michael Netsch
чатег номер два - старина хэнк
Congrats Bret! this is so great! many congrats!!! - Jason Pollock
Is it April 1st somewhere in the universe? - Robert Felty
#ROFLMAO Is there anything more important than money? It seems NOT #ROFLMAO - Lora Lufark
I don't mean to be negative but there's got to be a win-win logic to each merger&acquisiton. Audience high in only quantity is clearly not a win for friendfeed in the long term by considering its unique selling points. Let's wait and see who will benefit from friendfeed's death now. - ayca
Seriously, what is this? It's like Bret just announced that he's killed all your mothers or something. It could turn out good, it could turn out bad, but at the end of the day, who cares, it's just a website (I mean honestly, come on). I could see it going either way, but in the near term, this is a pretty big win for the FF team, so congrats guys. - Chieze Okoye
OMG! - keso
To be honest, my heart sank a little but I am happy to congratulate you and the team for building such a good brand. Well done. - Kevin J Hatton
Wow, I specifically use friendfeed b/c it is not facebook. Sounds great for the friendfeed team, but not necessarily for friendfeed users. - Evan Parker
Born to be sold, like in the old "new economy" era. Remember the late nineties? - Federico Bolsoman
Sudden desire to check out Strands again... but hey, kudos on the incoming $$ for FF team - Leslie Poston
This is wisdom. Bracing for Google Wave is a good idea............. - Kevin J Hatton
this is clearly a talent aquisition... why am i not excited about this? could it be because facebook has been blatantly stealing features from friendfeed shamelessly. Likes were clearly not an original facebook idea...realtime feeds is another i could go on... - Tate
While I'm sad, because I suspect this means the best things about FF will disappear or I'll be forced to use FB in some way, if the buyout was for some awesome amount of money, I can't say I blame 'em for taking an offer -- I would. - Andy Bakun
I came to FriendFeed because I don't like facebook. Now the question is, will facebook become more like friend feed? or will they just take friend feed and turn it into facebook? - Tom Ray
FF could be a good R&D arm for facebook. - Andy Bakun
Fucking morons. FriendFeed is doomed now. Think logically. Facebook has NO REASON to keep FriendFeed alive. It will simply take FF's best features, suck the life of out of it, then trash FF. Way to go, FirnedFeed, damn. - Jeremy Buff
Big Fail! - onurc
This announcement should have been held off until the plans for Friendfeed were known. Regardless, this is *bad* for FF users. Best case: it continues on, but with stagnated feature development. Worst case: it's gone. - tollie williams
wtf ?! - Umut Balkan
I need to install "super PUKE" application ! - Bart LePoole
FFail. - rowlikeagirl
I don't want my FF feed on Facebook :( I use both, but maintain both profiles separate - Leandro Ardissone ⍨
Sigh... Happy for the team if this is what they want, but baffled by the move. The users that are going to leave because of this will make FF a graveyard and the users it gains, well... Hello spam? Sorry, but I don't like it. - Vince DeGeorge from iPhone
JEREMY+++++1 - AlpB.
Wow! - felix
Jeremy +1 - batuhan
so what's next? where should we go? - Flavio
It's been fun here. - Capn' One Eye - adrift
Dang, and just as I was starting to get used to how FF works. FF is useful on it's own. I hope this only improves FF's system, rather than having it disappear into Facebook's wake. - Don Faulkner
furthermore they are 2 different things: I follow a lot of people here that are not in my facebook list, which is for IRL friends! - Flavio
I don't know where to go next either. I had just settled down to make imaginary friends for all my non-FF tweeps, etc. now, I'm not sure if I should bother. - Don Faulkner from IM
I hope friendfeed continues to operate normally but it does not look good. - Ashish
integrate best features of ff to fb, then try to innovate in fb if possible, then kill ff... that's it, cheers, all the best. grrrr... - Kemal Y.
niczak has good points. FF & FB aren't exactly competitors, but they aren't orthogonal either. Let's hope FB's smart enough to see the difference and improve both platforms. - Don Faulkner from IM
Nicholas: The upside for Facebook is they just bought an engineering team that's built many of the feature's Facebook's going to need to stay competitive. The upside for FriendFeed's engineering team is $$$ and the ability to build system for a wider audience. FriendFeed's user base is small enough that it'll either get absorbed into Facebook or move on, and FF will become a footnote on the Internet timeline. - Ken Sheppardson
first (heard about it yesterday), now this. I wasn't a heavy user (yet), but sad to see it go, even if I think url shortening is silly. - Don Faulkner from IM
As FB said they're interested in the people and not in the site, what if the community will keep running FF without its current staff? - Flavio
Congratulations! - Sam Grover
rutgerblom, I don't expect they do either, thus my angst over this. - Don Faulkner from IM
if there's a team willing to do it and money, and if we accept some ads as everywhere else, we could make a new FF without FB - Flavio
I have worked hard in avoiding signing up for FB. Does this mean I now automatically will be on FB by virtue of my FF account? - Tony Vota from iPhone
I'll have to go with Flavio's position too. Given this news (plus and who knows who's next), I'd tend to favor community supported or federated services for things like this in the future. - Don Faulkner from IM
I am purposely not on facebook because I don't really want to talk to people I have not talked to in 20 years. - Andy Bakun
Congrat Bret!! :)) - Cihan Cepni
trouble is (from my perspective), that the philosophies of the two platforms are at odds. FB wants to bring people to the site and keep them there, while FF is a hub, bringing people in and then sending them back out. (That's part of why it's hard for the newcomer to understand, IMHO.) - Don Faulkner from IM
This almost confirms FF will disappear: - Kol Tregaskes
Does this mean I can throw someone a sheep on FriendFeed now? - Pinksy
I sure hope so, Rutger. I glad for their success too. I just hope there's a next best thing out there for us. - Don Faulkner from IM
Congrats all. Nice work, in spite of any naysaying out there. Keep up the innovation. - Tomas Remotigue
lame. - andy brudtkuhl
post the picture to failblog... - Kemal Y.
Quote «Taylor and Cox say that the Friendfeed product will live on independently, and eventually Friendfeed will be merged into Facebook. But the Friendfeed team is not being kept whole. Some employees will now report to Cox, others to engineering head Mike Schroepfer. In my opinion that means, long term, the Friendfeed product itself is unlikely to be a big priority.¶ But Facebook is... more... - Philipp Lenssen
+1 Kol for the techcrunch article! - Don Faulkner from IM
techcrunch: "Cox agreed, noting that Facebook is focused on being a platform and a service, and not just a destination site." I certainly hope so! - Don Faulkner from IM
Brilliant move by both Facebook and friendfeed. Congratulations!!! I have theories of what they have planned, but I doubt you would verify any of them. This is going to go so well with their SocialTV which they have been developing. I'm so happy for you! - Michael Fidler
Really saddened by this news. - Doug Beeferman
Noooooooooooooooooooooo! - Zulkarnain K.
I don't see what's so bad about it since no one knows right now what the outcome will be, everyone is just making assumptions that could possibly be wrong..... Might help just sitting back and seeing what happens first before complaining. - ChaCha Fance
Nooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrghh! I´ve resisted getting a facebook acct for so long... - ɯɥøq sɐɯoɥʇ
I wonder how the discussion over on facebook would compare to this? - Don Faulkner from IM
Drat! - Gee Ekachai
Congrats, FF! I'm approaching the situation with cautious optimism. A lot of my friends only share stuff via the Facebook wall/feed, so if Facebook is able to make their feed more like the FF feed (i.e. good, instead of sucktacular) through this acquisition, it's mostly a win for me in the end. - Brian Chang
/me pokes Rutger. (just getting in practice. ;) - Don Faulkner from IM
Where will we go for the FFunderCats, bacon memes, and angry artists fighting over photo reshares now? ;) - Tyson Key
@josh: do you think FB will throw away all the crap people use? various quiz, pick 5 and so on? - Flavio
@jc: our data will not go away in the near future. what will be in few months? in a year? - Flavio
Let's see if you can do a bit better than just not being evil this time around. - Tim Tyler
Wooohooo!!, seems like we are being sent back to "good" old Facebook. Congrats Bret!! - DanDan
Looks like I'm going to repeat the same thing many others did. My first reaction was "Oh my..." I have refused to join Facebook due to its philosophy while I have been with FriendFeed from the beginning for its. I'm sad and somewhat apprehensive. - Sean Leather
Hmm. Interesting. - Ralf Becker
Add me to the fearful group. - beersage
Please say that will be shutting down, and the combined company will still be called FriendFeed... I bet it won't happen, though. - Tyson Key
"Regarding FB/FF - Here's how it's [probably] going to work. You will most likely have an account merge, all of the services FriendFeed supports will now be aggregated on Facebook, and all of your FriendFeed friends will be in a "list" on Facebook. The FF Groups will become Facebook Groups. The FF lists will become Facebook Lists." - Ozgur Uckan
Nothing like an early retirement payout :) - Owen Greaves
Congrat Bret - Nimaa
Panic attack. Congratulations, however! :) - Starepolsky smok
Congratulations Bret. For me this merger makes a lot of sense. Facebook will provide the "quantity" of users, which friendfeed deserves :). - Karthick R
FriendFeed + Facebook... Oh noes FriendFace is coming (! Now sorry for that link, and seriously, thanks for your work, guys. Please don't let the spirit of FriendFeed to be blown away =) - Anton
hey, that is great guys! interested to see how you integrate. - Brian Walsh
Mind blown. Never expected this. I'm also disappointed, yet optimistic at the same time. - Angus Burton
Kinda curious to see how this will all pan out...although i wouldnt want the friendfeed stuff just integrated into facebook. I feel like im among a group of people who i genuinely share interests with here...dont want to lost that. - Cass
Best case: Facebook will continue to support and develop FriendFeed. Worst case: this is great news for Amplifeeder. - David Gaw
aieeeeeeeeeee - Richard Akerman
Well done, well deserved, I hope FB's means and infrastructures empower your guys to even better things. But if quizzes appear in "my" friendfeed, evil things will haunt you and your descendents for 3 generations. - Iphigenie
:( - Eph Zero
Well done Bret! - Alemsah Ozturk
♪ ♪ This is the end.... beautiful friends ♪ ♪ - All for design
Well, I don't see the point of sticking around here if I have accounts in both and this is going to get swallowed whole into Facebook anyways. Put simply, goodbye. - Micah Collard
It was fun while it lasted. - Mr. Gunn
NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This place will be just like twitter... - count
Congrats to the FF team - you've built a wonderful product! - Michael Nielsen
Whattttttttttttttttttttt??? - Nibi
friendfeed is a beautiful product, only god knows what facebrook will do to it. Hopefully the ability to upload files (such as mp3s) will not be removed. Zuck is a tool. - Nibi
Congratulations. I'm sorry to say that I don't plan to move with you. - Lars Juhl Jensen
I don't like this.... - Zekeriya Pehlivan
"Like" to follow this thread. Not because I like what happened. I'm horrified. FF could disappear now. - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Same here, Kamilah. - Tyson Key
If FriendFeed had invented the "don't like" button, today would have been the day to press it. - Vishal Verma
and I just bought BuddyFeed for my iPhone this weekend. :( - Don Faulkner from IM
Oh, joy, Facebook's privacy policy is upon us! - Joris
WTF?? NOOOOO!!! Why do such good things have to be ruined by greed? Screw Facebook, and goodbye Friendfeed. - Jason R. Hunter
congratulations! - Loic Le Meur
Facebook is lucky to have such a talented group of people ... Congratulations FriendFeed! - Rob Kurrus
doesn't look like a bad joke, better be for the good then, but... Well congrats anyway guys, you did something AWESOME now let's see where Mark takes it - Dobromir Hadzhiev
That's too bad. Liked the openness if FriendFeed, and the lack crap that is on Facebook. Once FriendFeed dies, it will be Twitter only. - Mike D.
Congrats, but concerned that FriendFeed and its tools may disappear. Merging the tools with Facebook seems impossible. - Mike Reynolds
So, what does the acquisition of FriendFeed by Facebook mean to us, users of both websites: Can I make a friend request from FriendFeed, and be approved for both, on one click - Reyna Carlos
Exciting news guys. I am actually looking forward to your collaboration with / work for FB. No matter what people may or may not like about FB, it does succeed in reaching a more "diverse" audience compared to most other Web 2.0/social web companies. Paired with your team's excellence in realizing features that succeed in pleasing the geekiest of Web 2.0 affine individuals, I think you are steering towards exciting waters :) - Mustafa K. Isik
*heart sinks* actually a bit of shock - I think that Facebook will leave Friendfeed as-is but I don't think there is hope for future innovation in Friendfeed since their best superstar team members will be pulled onto 'more important' Facebook issues... - Pon
:-) + :-( very happy for the team, huge achievement, hoping to see export of innovation but not a shut down of this unique community and location - Majento
Congratulations, and best wishes for your future together! :-) - Ruchira S. Datta
Wow, I was beginning to use Friendfeed as my defacto social site...Facebook is more for real life friends. They'll just take what makes Friendfeed great, add it to Facebook and slowly kill this site. - Manuel Mas
What is the big deal? I think it'll make FF bigger and better. You should be happy about that! - orionstarr
Somebody has to got pay for it. - orionstarr
I am disappointed. I don't want to have to go to Facebook to do what i do here. I can not imagine they will port over all the features we enjoy here. We lose a lot for only a slight benefit to Facebook. - Robert
It could be worse, myspace could've bought them lol... - orionstarr
Awful news for users but congratulations to you guys. Ideally, FB will run FF as a distinct service but I'm not hopeful. I don't want the diversity and noise that facebook brings - people doing quizzes on which movie star they resemble and playing silly games. I also wanted to keep my day to day social activity distinct from the targeted information and discussion I use FF for. - Rajit
Only just started taking a serious look at FF after hearing acquisition by FB. Sounds like I'm laggard rather than a leader in use of web 2.0 - ManojRanaweera
I think how Pon said it is what I'm feeling: *heart sinks*. - Andy Bakun
Congratulations, i am really happy for you guys!! :) - Mona Nomura
I'm not a Facebook fan, but can't begrudge the FF gang their chance to reap the rewards for all their hard work. However, it would be a shame if FB ruins the good thing we all have going here. - Ken Morley
Congrats to the FF team... I hope the service doesn't disappear into a fold of light and heat. - Brandon
if all the things that make FF great are brought to FB then I'll be happy to use it - Mike Chelen
The community won't be there. Been on FB longer than any other, don't have nearly the relationship or sense of community there that I do here or on Twitter. - Karoli
Karoli: that is due to the effectiveness of the FF platform and interface, which help to join conversations and find interesting people more so than FB does - Mike Chelen
Mike: I suspect that FB wants FF for the search possibilities, not the community-building aspects. But we'll see. - Karoli
i guess congrats are in order, but I'm going to now go and remove everything I have that feeds into FF, and I have to ask -- do I have any rights over my archive? I have a private feed, and I have no interest in offering up my lifestream to the FaceBook data-miners. I hope the FF folks get what they hope for out of the deal, but my FriendFeed experience has been effectively killed. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
I just learned about the FF acquisition by Facebook - WOW~! Congratulations Bret, Paul and FF team!! holy cow ........Mooooooooo! Where's the FF Acquisition Party? :) - Susan Beebe
Friendfeed after Facebook - Ozgur Uckan
Wow thats cool! - AbZ from Nambu
RT @alirizaesin FriendFeed, R.I.P. Home tweet home!.. - Ozgur Uckan
Congrats to facebook. Now, Twitter is the best. - miocaro
Congratulations to the FriendFeed guys on the Facebook Acquisition. Not a big fan of Facebook, so I hope my favorite Uber Aggregator, Realtime Social, Microblogging site of awesomeness is not entirely absorbed into the Facebook infrastructure. I wait with baited breath to hear what "normally for the time being" means ;). - Tom Horn
Can I now have comments propagate in both directions as far as Facebook/Friendfeed is concerned? - Piaw Na
*checks date*. Damn .. not April 1st, must be for real. While I'm happy for the FF team, since I guess this is what they wanted (congrats guys!), I can't help but think this is the beginning of the end for a great service and a vibrant community. There are reasons I don't spend any time on Facebook and do spend lots of time on FF, and some kind of "FF integrated into Facebook" just won't cut it. I hope this service will live on for at least a few more years. - Andrew Perry
Gratz to the FF team but as a user I'm not completely happy. In short, I like the FF team/product much more than I like the FB team/product. Best of luck to all. - timepilot
Все, блядь, пиздец! - eugenio
WOW - very happy for all of you :-) - Kishore Balakrishnan
Bret, congrats on the acquisition. You guys put in a lot of hard work to create this community. I just hope you learned the mistakes Pownce made, Jaiku etc, and ensured that you didn't sell out your community, but that you helped it evolve into something as great as this into something better. Good luck in future endeavors! - Mike Lewis
Yay for you guys, I mean that seriously, I 'like' what this means for you personally, but -1000000 cool points for doing it with FB. Sad day. - Threepwood
Karoli: FF search is so useful because it is integrated with all the other great features that help to find relevant content. if FB wants to have a similar capability, they must also develop the underlying architecture. - Mike Chelen from IM
Sadness - yasin
Gimme my OPML export - Sriks7
Money is the root of all evil - Shakeel Mahate
shakeel, the reasons for friendfeed to join facebook are probably about other things besides money, since many of the FF staff left high-paying jobs to join in the first place - Mike Chelen from IM
Congrats, team! It's bittersweet, though. - Anne Bouey
So now we will have FriendFeed blocked at work too. Darn. - Mark Scrimshire
"Your data will not go away any time in the near term future" is not exactly inspiring for the long term for those of us who came here to escape Facebook for a) it's walled garden and b) privacy concerns. Nice for the Founders to make a pile of cash but for the many of us, it feels like we got sold down the river. Sad. - Sally Church
cacarr: updates for FB have progressed rapidly in the past, count how many months since new features such as api calls and site redesigns have have been implemented - Mike Chelen from IM
Congratulation to the FF team! You guys deserves this. I just hope that Facebook does not change the directions of FF. - Vinko
congrats, I'm happy for friendfeed... - amelia arapoff
Congrats you guys, well deserved. - Shey
I hope this means better integration: liking here will auto-like on fb and such :D if that's the case, I won't mind the ads *wink* *wink* - Franc, a rememberer
Franc, cant stand facebook ads in their current format, hope they will be fixed eventually :P - Mike Chelen from IM
Grats, dont spend it all in one place..... - Robert Higgins
congrads. I think it will be good for BOTH companies. - Logan Lindquist
boo. - kelly
The Borg has struck. Alas. Prepare to be assimilated. (Will FB add my FF subscriptions to my FB friends list?) - Dennis Jernberg
Boo - Amit Morson
Now that you guys have $$$ you should swap out the not so very pleasing default avatar! - See-ming Lee 李思明 SML
BOO! Hiss! Mondays really do suck. - Dale
Congratulations to all the FriendFeed team. I hope you'll be able to keep the FriendFeed spirit up at Facebook. Kudos for all the great work you've been doing. - Paul Papadimitriou
Congrats and good luck.. - Can Koklu
Thanks for all the fish. Saving the so long... for now. - abacab
Goodbye FF, it was wonderful.. - Francesco Cugurra
I use FriendFeed and Facebook so it would be awesome to see FF features in Facebook. Congratulations! - krzychukula from IM
judging by the nearly 600 comments as i type this, including my own earlier one, FF could use a Don't Like button as well. or would, if we were going to be using it much longer. - kelly
Nice, i like to wish you all the best for your new job (and it's really hard, i know). I'm happy, but... don't let die FF!! - fabio
Hope FriendFeed remains open. Love the spirit of FF - Bernaldo Barrena
Seriously, what a coincidence! Just on Saturday I claimed to be both twitter- and facebook-free. I loved FF product and personally helped to bring at least a dozen of my friends into the community. I'll stick around for a while though. - eugenio
This deal makes sense, now fb developers do not need to figure out how ff does it because they can just ask! Congrats facebook and ff! - Garin Kilpatrick
I suppose Facebook had to do it, with Twitter and Google Wave as competitor... - Alexander Kruel
обычные дела. - eugenio
Congratulations Friendfeed :D - paniaguai
Ok. I'll quit friendfeed, so. Goodbye. Ciao - valerio fiandra from iPhone
I am noticing a lot of people going to re-esumate their account now! - Flavio
I don't think FB acquiring FF is bad. But I don't think it's good either. We'll see. :-) In the meantime, keep up the good work! - Alexander Gieg
How long until ex-FriendFeed employees start jumping ship from Facebook? I wonder... - Tyson Key
Thomas Power still believes that Facebook/FF/Linkedin (2010) will be acquired by Apple (2011) and this is a transitional acquisition in the SN market cycle. The world is shifting to Mac, iTunes, iPhones and FB own the next generation. Apple have $29bn of cash on deposit price is not an issue. Google must jump for twitter while MS fiddle in the sticks with Yahoo. BillG will be back at the MS helm 2012. - Penny Power
:( Happy for FF people, sad for the service. Was going to move from fb to ff this week.. - Martynas
congrats! - Ronald
thts good!so i can workin both in my Fb online next - Arini dewi muchtaram
Flavio: never heard of before, but I'm going to go check it out. I'll reiterate, though, that I'm now shy of any service like this, since it can disappear just as it's getting good. I heard about last night (via Maybe it's time to move from centralized to distributed again. - Don Faulkner
Just finished setting up my at Lifestream does what it says, and no more. FF's search blows lifestream away. FF is more flexible about adding source feeds, but lifestream does fine without the flexibility I suppose. FF still wins, or would, if I thought it would be sticking around. :P - Don Faulkner
good for you, bad for us - Zachary Earl Strader
I also hate facebook, not because of their silly quizzes and pokes, but because I suspect they would like to maintain massive user base as the determining factor in choosing a social network. I would love to switch to orkut as I use so many other google services, but I can't because nobody else does. That should not be my criteria.... I thought friendfeed would try to make social networks work together. - Ru Viljoen
I don't understand why everyone is so negative about the situation? - orionstarr
@orionstarr - it's like Starbucks buying your neighborhood coffee shop and saying it still cares about the customers. You know it's just not going to be the same as what you've come to love. - Robin Barooah
Presumably FF will go on the back burner - and the team will try and "fix" Facebook. - Tim Tyler
sad, sad, sad. - scott willeke
Congratulations! That's huge. I hope all is well. - Juan Bruce
bad bad bad - kakilang
bye bye friendfeed! - Jonathan Crossland
Why-eee!!! ??? What next? - Wayne Lewis
I've watched Facebook morph from a relatively organised and well implemented social networking tool into the hulking mess it is now - and I really, really hope that a similar thing doesn't happen here with the inevitable changes this will bring about. - Leslie Moore
Come on guys, out with the long-term game plan, this is tedious. - Andrew Eglinton
NOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I mean Cool. - sofarsoShawn
Teach Facebook how to be FriendFeed. Let the small but fast teach the big but slow. Don't forget what Paul says - don’t be evil. - whatidiscover
Friendfeed is not as huge as Facebook but you're doing such terrible work on it. Friendfeed is facing so many many problems these days though facebook doesn't seem to have one. Why? - Sing for Absolution
Never commented on this post. 2.5 years later, from a purely selfish persepective, the best thing that ever happened. It allowed me to drop out of the "Which social network is best", Scobilian crap and get down to the main reason I'm here... to communicate with my friends and share experiences. - Johnny
Funny. Two years later to the day, Rochelle took me to court to sign our temporary divorce papers. The day after my birthday in both cases. Huzzah! - Akiva
There's nothing new under the sun. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
i never believe in spell casting, until when i was was tempted to try it. i and my husband have been having a lot of problem living together, he will always not make me happy because he have fallen in love with another lady outside our relationship, i tried my best to make sure that my husband leave this woman but the more i talk to him the more he makes me fell sad, so my marriage is... more... - Mccart Brenda
:( - miocaro
Vicki Berry
"The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have." Vince Lombardi
Vicki Berry
"Life isn't a matter of milestones but of moments." -- Rose Fitzgerald
Deborah Cole
If peeps cant find out what the Heck ur talking about in ur tweets, what's the point? You're only training ur readers "learned helplessness"
Destiny Soft | SEO
5 reasons why you should use Twitter on your business online strategy: -
Robert Scoble
If you had ONE startup to tell @aplusk 's 3 million followers about, what would it be? My answer here:
Other than FriendFeed? Aloqa. I think that is going to be big.Aloqa is a mobile platform and is how lots of businesses will get on iPhone and Android. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I would tell @aplusk about @Wantsa. I haven't told you about it yet, but i know it's going to be big. Like, big big. - Colleen
Obviously, GOGII (my employer). Our app textPlus is on fire and the stuff we're building on top of boring SMS is freaking amazing. Our founders did JAMDAT (sold to EA), so we're loaded with mobile wizards. Plus, I'm hiring a Teen Ambassador to mentor to properly serve our entire community. /rant done. - drew olanoff
Collen: what does that do? - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Nice this is blow-mind following techniq. - Compuworki
Hi Robert! Check out ...we build social stores for everyone..a good idea to open business easily, helps ppl out..Argentinean startup THANKS!!! - Agustin DL
Why, @offbeatguides of course! They're normal people who travel, and they want something to help them enjoy their travels more! ;-) - Ask Offbeat Guides
aahh and it's free - Agustin DL
I would never ever want to talk to any of his followers, dear lord, omg, where's the Tylenol. - James Watters
@Robert - wantsa ( is a recommendation engine... operates much like a search engine does, only it lives within social networks like Facebook, Ning and others. People recommend businesses, services and people, and businesses have the opportunity to post offers (deals, discounts etc) that come up when a user searches for a product. Not only does the business get to... more... - Colleen
Aloqa has a fatal error in their sigup for other phones :-( - Amit Morson
I would have to say @Pelotonics since it's what I've been working on everyday all day for the past year. We have a online project management solution (very crowded space, I know), though we have an eye towards integrating the tools you use for your personal productivity into the group setting. Like Evernote, Google Docs (we're going to be the first company to be able to truly push GDocs into the corporation), etc... - Daniel Marashlian
The GetVocal ( Surf-By-Tel voice browser allows you to surf the web with only your telephone and your voice! Their voice portal technology dynamically converts any website's HTML code to speech on-the-fly making our solution perfect for mobile professionals and/or visually impaired customers. - Chris Matthieu
Amit it is Android only so far. iPhone coming in next month. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
I'd tell them about One of the best kept secrets outside Phoenix. - Tyler Hurst
Posterous - Noel Gomez
TwitSnaps, Robert...In another one month's time we are going to do something remarkable with - K N Ajit Narayan
i will probably get a ton of backlash against this one....but im mega bullish on @foursquare - Tristan Walker
Yea, I'm loving @Foursquare - Daniel Marashlian
Colleen, how are services/companies joining the Wantsa network? Are they user entered or do they get entered from Wantsa? - Daniel Marashlian
Tristan: Foursquare has a lot of potential but I don't know that it delivers. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Actually, I will have to wait for a Windows Mobile version, if they are planning one. - Amit Morson
Robert, agreed...still early. But if done right, it can change the way we think about LBS. Execution heavy, but im a believer. Smart guys steering the ship - Tristan Walker
Jay: that is interesting, I will be in Texas in a week and we should go and see them. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
what do u think is missing from it? - Tristan Walker
Next time you're in the Marina del Rey area, come see the GOGII/textPlus team, I should be out there for my regular week at a time sessions on off chemo weeks soon. - drew olanoff
Tristan: more locations. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
@Daniel It can happen either way. There;s a suite of managed services and businesses can do it themselves as well. Visibility is based on the amount of money they are willing to pay wantsa for the lead/survey etc (the biz tells wantsa what it is worth to them to get that lead) and a portion of that amount is donated to the charity of the user's choice, without a penny coming from the user's own pocket. - Colleen
@Daniel @Robert, Wantsa is currently an App in Facebook (but the UI needs updating), has launched on the social network and is currently in talks with Ning's biz dev director to place us as a Family app with core integration coming down the pipe in the next 6 months (estimated) - Colleen
But Robert, you can input locations into the system as well. A pain, certainly but theyll figure it out soon enough. - Tristan Walker
I tweeted this - my favorite would be Better World Books (@bwbooks) an online bookstore ( which raises money for literacy worldwide via used book sales, esp of books donated to local libraries - highly successful business model, does good many times over, mission driven (oh and funded by Good Capital here in SF) - Shannon Clark
5G Cell Phones which everyone will have soon - Jeff Grant
FourSquare is aiming to be the unofficial AddressBook in the cloud. Notice that when you friend someone they get all of your contact info and vice versa? Perty smart. - drew olanoff
drew i agree....the service at scale will be REALLY powerful for small businesses as well. This is the kind of LBS theyve been looking for - Tristan Walker
Jeff: Wow, that is the way forward! Are those currently available? - Daniel Marashlian
@foursquare - it just feels right and it feels like it has plenty of potential to grow organically and become a great resource for so many different avenues - Kathleen Forden
Aloqa needs some pricing info. If I have to make a call on that, I usually figure it's too expensive. - Kathy Fitch
The register for later announcements about other phones froze for me, as well. (Of course, their system is probably getting bombarded, right about now, so . . .) - Kathy Fitch
The others sound great, but @aplusk 's followers need to be aware of TribeHQ - a micro-blogging platform (not twitter) that has evolved the micro-blogging concept. In essence, different professional groups (tribes) - eg nurses, engineers, florists, teachers, embalmers connect with others in their occupation, with the tribal buzz, and enter into direct... more... - Paul Jacobs
DM me on Twitter for contact info for Texas Tribune if you need it, Robert - Jay Rosen
Robert, I'm surprised you didn't mention any of the recent partnership/acquisitions by Rackspace. What do you like there (that you can talk about). - Michael Fidler
I would let him know about @GoldMail. GoldMail is software that allows business people to quickly and easily create personal and powerful voiceover visual messages by making slides from virtually any content (including PowerPoint slides, PDFs, Text documents, and photos) and recording their voice over them. They then send a link to their message using any email service or post it online. - Kathryn Leuenberger
@aplusk is all about the democratization of media, so - (Sharing video on Twitter with the 3GS) Plus, it's my start-up ;)! - Colin
Michael: I am a fan of JungleDisk. Great backup to the cloud. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Kathryn: funny I have a video of Goldmail's founder I am working on. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Scoble, I signed up for a Rackspace Cloud Site Friday, mainly because of you, and their service is anything by fanatical. It's terrible. And I'm not complaining just to complain. I owned a Furniture store for years, so I have a lot of respect for people who own and run businesses - Stephen Pickering
Robert, WideTag Inc , we're building the next Internet, the Internet of Things. Any devices, from you Smartphone, toward your laundry or your car, will be interconnected, a Machine2Machine new comunication era. Our WideSpime infrastructure can deliver 16k/sec transaction per single core, something in near-realtime. - Luca Perugini from iPhone
FriendFeed, by far - LANjackal the answer for finding business hours - Greg Birch from iPhone
Is FriendFeed a startup? It's been starting up for a looong time now. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes - Francesco Balducci
I forgot to leave my suggestion before. I see a lot of new startups here, but if I was going to suggest one, it would be posterous. - Michael Fidler
Holy crap the spammers are on froendfeed is nothing sacred - Mark from iPhone
I'm not sold on these location based services. Maybe in SF it's ok. I suppose this is a bit like Augmented Reality. - thinkQuick
It's November 2009, there's no spam on friendfeed and @aplusk is making a magazine on Http:// and sharing it with is 10 million friends. - GreenerMags from iPhone
Well, if @aplusk is all about the democratization of media, then maybe an open source app for making media - ? - Mark Kennedy
rhetorically: do @aplusk's followers really care about tech or cutting-edge sites, or are they more or less celebrity gawkers? btw, aloqa looks very interesting. it's time to start making the Web better on mobile devices - .LAG liked that
Annoys me on my iphone when I go to sites and it takes me to a gimped baby mobile version of their site - Mark
Liking this for the acknowledgment that Twitter followers has an aspect of traditional media reach. Which it does. - Hutch Carpenter
why is he called Aplusk? - Mark
A+K - Mike Doeff from iPhone
Tell them about Etherpad. - Vezquex
Why not tell them about something that is both a startup as well as something good for this planet? My vote is for @Jolkona ( (Note: I have no affiliation with them) - Trevin
Thanks to everyone who posted here. I'm having great fun exploring all of these sites and services. - Kathy Fitch
@realDVORAK says my recommendation is a crock. Say it here bub and give us YOUR suggestion! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Let the clash of the titans commence..... popcorn anyone :) - Jim Connolly
Does Dvorak even use FriendFeed? Thought he was a Twitter guy these days? - Jim Connolly
Robert, you know that @realDVORAK is not actually John C. Dvorak right? John is @therealDVORAK - Steven (optionshiftk)
Good spot Steven. - Jim Connolly
Oopppsss, didn't know that. Thanks! - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert: Are there any fake Scobles? - Jim Connolly
Yeah, I just barely caught it.. it was convincing though, especially with the poser using the term "crock" which is a typical Dvorak phrase. - Steven (optionshiftk)
Robert - what about Blackberry users - we can't switch to Friendfeed 100%....Any suggestions? And can't give up bberry. OOPS - meant to post this to previous thread...But seroiusly, help for bberry friendfeed users...? - Liza + = ?
Jim: there are a few inactive ones. - Robert Scoble from iPhone
Robert: I thought there had to be a few out there somewhere. - Jim Connolly
@scobleizer - Blown away by such substantive engagement! Challenge your base with an opportunity to show off in front of an audience that they can relate to! Here's the rub - googling for a list of startups is both naive and futile, and would hardly expose sentiment. This seemingly simple question energized the base and satisfied the questioner's true intent - to query a group of early... more... - tony felice
Kol Tregaskes
I haz a job!!!! :-D
I start next Friday and able to work from home for the majority of the time. It's an admin role for 3 months but it's better than nothing, which is all I have now. :-) And back to the previous company I worked with doing the task I did several years ago - so in my comfort zone. Thank goodness, such a relief! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats Kol! - travispuk
Thanks, Travis. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
WELL DONE - Mo Kargas
Ta, Mo! - Kol Tregaskes
Yay! Awesome news Kol, congrats! - Charley M
Yippee. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, Charley. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats! Great news! - Wang Yip
My current job started 3 months then became perm. Never know what will happen - Mo Kargas
AWESOME. Congrats, Kol. What a way to kick off the weekend, mate! - Derrick
Mo, the contract might get extended but I don't think it's a role I'd take on perm unless they give me something more to do. - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations!!:) - K.D. from Shawshank
Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Neya
Derrick, agree. I can chill out for a bit. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
YEAAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! I am so happy for you! - Shevonne
Thank you, K.D and Nia. - Kol Tregaskes
Awesome, Kol! Congratulations!! - Holger Eilhard
Shevonne, I'm pretty happy too, hehe. Thank you. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ta, Holger. - Kol Tregaskes
Yay!!! Congrats Kol =D - FFing Enigma
WOOT!!!! - Ha3rvey (on hiatus)
I'll be keeping an eye out for another role in 3 months but glad to have something after such a long time and so much searching. And in the end the job comes through my previous work, i.e. of word of mouth. The best way, by far, to get work. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Tina, Michelle. Woot indeed. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
woohoo! awesome! - Imabug
AWESOME! congrats Kol!!! :D - vijay
Thanks, Vijay. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Well done Kol. Someone needs to tell K.D to get busy living or get busy dying - Toby Graham
Thanks, Toby. - Kol Tregaskes
That's great. Congratulations! :) - jan geronimo
Awesome!! Congrats Kol :D - Praveen Vasudev
Jorge, ta. - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, Jan, Praveen. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I'm going to sleep well tonight. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations, Kol! - Brome
Congratulations, man! - Anika
Thank you very much, Brome and Anika. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ta very much, Rene. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats. - Meryn Stol
Woo hoo! Good for you (and anyone else that lands a job after being out of work)! - Larry Hawes
Congrats! - AJ Batac
Congratulations! :) - Niki Costantini
Thank you, Meryn, Larry, AJ and Niki. I'm not sure I'll be around much: - Kol Tregaskes
Hurrah! - Iain Baker
oh wow! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! This is so great! I'm overjoyed for you... it couldn't happen to a nicer or more deserving guy. Maybe it will turn into something longer term with increased responsibility? Now all you have to do is post a PICTURE of you doing your new thing. ;-) - Jim #teamFFrank
Awesome congrats :) - Rodfather
Iain, :-) Jim, thank you!!! Hehe, you'll be lucky. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yep, Karnatos. :-) Ta, Rodfather. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats, Kol. - Louis Gray
Thank you, Louis. No more Spymaster. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Sincere congratulations, Kol! Please don't stop posting, though, ok?! - Zackatoustra
Thank you, Zackatoustra. I'll be posting very little I'm afraid, certainly no much during the week: - Kol Tregaskes
Good news, well done :) - M F
Thank you M F. So this surely must deserve me know your name now? ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Eric. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yay! - Tyson Key
Gratz! - Rasmus Lauridsen
Ta Rasmus. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Good "job"! :) - Steve Lynch from twhirl
Hehe, thank you, Steve. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
I'm chuffed for you, Kol, well done! - Andrew Terry
Gefeliciteerd :-) - Willem (@wim66) ☠
Thank you, Willem. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, William. Indeed it is. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Ta, J. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Sweeeeeet! At least it takes the pressure off for a few months. - Jandy
Jandy, yeah but hopefully next week's activities might ease things if I'm out of work again but that's another story for then. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
congrats on the new job kol - (jeff)isageek
Yay!! Now can I babysit? - Myrna
mridul, thank you. I'll be at home but won't have any time during the day for anything other than work. It really is a bum-on-sit role admin role. - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks Jeff. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
oh guess Kaz doesn't need a baby sitter then. - Myrna
YAY! - Alix May
Yea! Congrats! - ‘-.-’ Tutivillus Grift
Yay!!! Hope I hear back from someone soon as well. - Ronald S from iPhone
Hehe, Myrna, he's staying right next to me. Thank goodness I can work from home. I'll still be able to walk the dog at lunchtime. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
ALix, :-) Thank you, Tut and Joey. - Kol Tregaskes
Tomit, good luck to you! - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats! - Bill Sanders
Thank you, Bill. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Whoo hoo! - Justin Korn from iPhone
Hehe, Justin. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations! - Brett Kelly
Thanks, Brett. - Kol Tregaskes
Yay for Kol. - Jack&Cleo
Yay indeed, Jack. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, Anna. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Finally! Congratulations! - Mahendra (SkepticGeek)
Congrats:) - Abhishek
I am so happy for you! Congratulations! - Anne Bouey
Thank you, Abhishek, Anne and Emma. :-) Emma, how about you? Any news? - Kol Tregaskes
yayyy.. congratulation :) - Gtp19
Thank you guys. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
congrats - Jaap Willem from fftogo
CONGRATS! - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Good stuff Kol - hope even better things will follow on from this stint. - Patrick Jordan
Way to go Dude. Hope your good luck rubs off. - Brent - Yes I am
Congratulations! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Congrats! - Mike Reynolds
John, hope so but also hope that I can find a longer and better job in the meantime. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thatnks, Jaap, Dobromir. It certainly is, Rutger. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Me too, Patrick, Brent. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Mike. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
That's excellent, Kol. Congratulations. :D - Bette Cooper
Thank you, Alex, Bette. Yeah great news. At last! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yay, Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))) - Susan Beebe
Wow. Congratulations - James Myatt
That's wonderful news! - Kisha from BuddyFeed
Woo congrats Kol!! - Simon Wicks from iPhone
I haz congratz fer U :) - directeur
Congrats Kol! :) - Dee @
Sweet, Kol, congrats! - Shey
Congrats man. I have an interview on Monday, wish me well :). Happy for you - LANjackal
congrats Kol. - Oguz Serdar
Missed this...congratz man. Good luck with the new spot. - Carlos Ayala
CONGRATZ! I will hopefully be making a similar announcement in the near future. - Rahsheen
congrads, mr tregaskes - chaz2b
you deserve it, hope it's just the beginning! - Charlie Barone
Yay! So good to hear. Congrats! - SportyGeek Adj.
congratulations :) :)) - Sajida Hina Khan
Right on! - Jeremy Brooks
Congratulations! - LB needs a break.
Thank you, Susan, Caroline, James, Fikisha, Simon, directeur, Dee, LAN, Oguz, Bindu, JA, Carlos, Rah (I'm sure your announcement is not far off), Chaz, Charlie, Timothy, Sporty, Sajida, Jeremy and Laura. Gosh, thank you everyone! Hope I didn't miss anyone there? :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Way to Go - Kim Landwehr
Kim, :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats, Kol! What a blessing! - ɐ ɯıʞ sıɹɥɔ from iPhone
Indeed, CW. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Chris, I couldn't agree more. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats! - Phil Glockner
Congratulations! - Mona Nomura
That's just wonderful! - Bonnie Foster
Thank you, Phil and Mona. - Kol Tregaskes
CONGRATULATIONS, KOL!!! :-D - Ordinarybug Heather
Wahooo! Kol. - Micah
Congrats!!! - Lu Tao
Great news, I'm really happy for you. - Michael Fidler
Thank you, Heather, Micah, Lu and Michael. I celebrated by listening to the live ffundercats podcast for the first time ever: :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, Bhowmik. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats Kol! - Amit Morson
Ta very much, Amit! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Hmm, bit late to the party but want to add my congrats anyway. Well done :) - Nicola Quinn
Hey, Nicola. Thank you very much! Hope you're well? - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats! - Ton Zijp
Thank you, Ton. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congratulations :) - Vicey
Thank you guys! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Mark. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, Nicholas, Ahsan and Andy! :-D - Kol Tregaskes
CONGRATS!!!! - Live4Emma (L4S)
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! \\O// - rowlikeagirl
Thank you Carlos and rowlikeagirl. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Carlina, me too. Thank you very much! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Yeah doing well thanks. What's this 'Johnny' business? - Nicola Quinn
Nicola, see Johnny's comment here: ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
lol got ya :) - Nicola Quinn
I thought this was your job - NoahDavidSimon
LOL, Noah. Alas not. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
That is great, and helps to give the rest of us a little hope. - R. Ferguson
Congratulations Kol!! - Dan Smith
Attaboy, Kol :) - Ivan Zuzak
Ruth, I hope so. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, Dan and Ivan. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Nicola, see what Johnny has done: :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats! I'm glad to see companies are still hiring. I'm still looking, but this is encouraging! - Danielle Closs
Congrats!! :) I'd have commented earlier but my only net access is via iPhone and I can't stomach the slowness enough to be checking up on ff as much as I used to. - alphaxion from iPhone
Danielle, thank you. It's an urgent requirement and only for 3 months but I'm not complaining. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
alpha, no worries. Thank you. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
can you be my suger daddy - sofarsoShawn
Congrats Kol! Nice to have some money to pay the bills... - Mitchell Tsai
Hehe, Shawn. - Kol Tregaskes
Mitchell, it will be but I have a long wait, I get paid a month after my invoice is put in and that's a month away. So at least a 2 month wait! :-( - Kol Tregaskes
at the very least - could work on other income producers in the time - long time to wait but if the money is worth it, [correction sent to wrong one] - Raymond Marr aka Knatchwa from IM
Raymond, much easier said than done. It's worth the wait. - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats, Kol! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Thank you, Thierry. - Kol Tregaskes
Thank you, Esther. It was a far more worry-free weekend, for sure. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Congrats! :-) - Mathew A. Koeneker
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Susie Blackmon
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Robert Scoble
Hanging out at Google's building 43 (photo): -
Hanging out at Google's building 43 (photo):
Looking for people fanatical about the Internet. Already met with Kevin Marks to learn what is happening with Friend Connect and activity streams. More fun soon, I am sure. Then onto Facebook for a tech talk. - Robert Scoble
Nice chatting with you Robert! - Nathan Johns
Dave Winer
I was about to say Amazon needs it's own "friending" ability, but then I saw that they already do. Who knew? - Daniel Sims
Very astute point, as usual, Mr. Winer. Tangent: and how good are some comments on Amazon? that good: - jacek
Dave, you're describing an evolved, enlightened Beacon here. Amazon had that Grapevine offering, but looks like that's been scrapped. BTW - I've previously thought this would be something FriendFeed could do as well: - Hutch Carpenter
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