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Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Director of Assessment and Scholarly Communication, Binghamton Univ. Libraries; Mendeley Community Advisor
Note to self: do not watch The Killing on Netflix after dropping daughter off at the local fair with her friends.
Visited the shrine of library shoe goddesses: John Fluevog Toronto on Queen Street.
excellent (did you meet Franklin?). (though the true shrine is in Vancouver.) - jambina
Whoa, did you buy those? They are lovely. - Meg VMeg
I don;t think I met Franklin - was with my daughter and just browsed. This is part of her fashion education. Also did not get to by those shoes with the furniture heels, but they are just as fabulous in person. - Elizabeth Brown
Holiday cake success
Multi-tasking success - weeded business card collection while "watching" webinar.
Spices restocked and organized.
Ooooh, pretty - Hedgehog
Thanks! I think I'll make this the background for my ipad. - Elizabeth Brown
Stocked and organized spices are so satisfying! - Galadriel C. from Android
oooooooh. i love this. - holly #ravingfangirl
Yeah, this was fun to do. The mister just gave me a blank look afterwards. - Elizabeth Brown
Pared down my social profile - noticed someone was using my old blogger username!
and she was an 18yo college student. Moral: make sure your old accounts are deleted. - Elizabeth Brown
getting ready for #SLA2013 - I leave Saturday afternoon
We should get some of those carne asada fries at some point. - Meg VMeg
I haven't heard of those - they sound tasty! - Elizabeth Brown
yes yes yes yes - jambina
also went to an excellent sushi place last year in SD - not near the conference though - Elizabeth Brown
i am going to pokez for potato flautas. - kendrak
and if you can get to Extraordinary Desserts it's amazing: - Elizabeth Brown
How did I miss seeing you at SLA??!! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
i missed pretty much everybody. :( - kendrak
Sorry I wasn't able to arrange for an LSW meetup this year. - Joe
I missed a lot of people this year - not sure why, as the attendance was lower than in the past. - Elizabeth Brown
Copyright basics and update 5 9 2013 -
Copyright basics and update 5 9 2013
Better late than never - most of this is from library conferences. #mapmeme
states visited 5 16 2013.jpg
in transit to ACRL, scoring free wifi in the Detroit airport #acrl2013
not sure how I scheduled a trip with a 4 hour layover. On the plus side it seems pretty quiet in both airports. - Elizabeth Brown
next altmetrics project: have lunch in the campus dining room and see how many Linked-In messages I receive afterwards. #altmetrics
RDS2013 poster avail online: Digital Curation and Preservation: An Integrated Approach:
Fall 2013 Color report (Pantone):
Luke and Apollo (9 mo.) - they like the ladder!
waiting for "Nemo": 0 snowflakes falling as of now.
We have sleet! - Meg VMeg
we now have snow - not that heavy yet though. - Elizabeth Brown
We have 1-2" now. It is so gorgeous. - Meg VMeg
This program looks interesting - lot's of great speakers! Columbia Research Data Symposium, 2/27/2013:
omg you should come! we are submitting a poster. - Meg VMeg
Excellent! I may submit one too. - Elizabeth Brown
yayyyyyyy - Meg VMeg
yeah, that does look cool. - Joe
turns out I am going - will see some familiar faces! - Elizabeth Brown
That looks like such a great symposium! - Hedgehog
woohoo, see you there! - Meg VMeg
got my first ACRL News magazine today - feel like a proper academic librarian now. :)
Physics information sources 1 30 2013 -
Physics information sources 1 30 2013
sorry for the slideshare semi-spam. I was cleaning up my CV and realized some things were not online.
joined ALA right before Xmas and do not remember exactly what sections I joined - I think it was ACRL and ACLTS
RWA sounds like a bootleg NWA EP or 12" single to me. I realize this is hopelessly dating me as a member of Generation X.
thankful Ms. 10 can play Hava Nagila (on trumpet) for her band concert and the Mr. for rubbing the knots out of my neck when I get home
will need to stop by optometrist's office on my way home today.
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