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Elizabeth Brown › Comments

Rochelle *boom* Hartman
Those of you who talk about "inbox zero," do you mean getting rid of unread messages? Or do you literally get your inbox empty?
My goal is to file or delete all the messages. Right now, I would be delighted with Inbox 100. - maʀtha
A lot of us are referring to Merlin Mann's Inbox Zero series: . For my part, I try for less than a screenful of un-dealt-with inbox. I'm not there at the moment, I admit. - RepoRat
Yeah, filed or deleted so there's nothing in the inbox. I get there every once in a while. I get twitchy if I have more than a screenful of un-dealt-with stuff in my inbox. - lris
what iris said. - holly #ravingfangirl
Yep, nothing at all in the inbox once a day is my goal. - Steele Lawman
I make up for all of you with my email hoarding ways. ;) - ellbeecee
Inbox 914. - DJF
you're not even close to me there, buddy. Inbox 6,000 and counting. (I can hear the gasps across the country from my admitting that. Breathe, everyone. :) ) - ellbeecee
I follow the Getting Things Done method of do, delegate, and defer, so I aim to file or tag for follow up all messages every day. I get there at least every three days. At this time of year, I give myself a pass to have a few more. - GretelSK
I'm not an evangelist for inbox zero--when it comes down to it, 6,000 messages in "inbox" isn't that different from 6,000 messages in "saved mail." So it all depends on what makes you feel less anxious and what allows you the freedom to do the stuff you want to be doing, rather than fretting over email. - Steele Lawman
My goal is to have no scroll bar, with everything still in the inbox a legitimate "to do." Everything else gets filed or deleted. - Kirsten
I'm with Kirsten - right now, I'm all unread with about 50 unfiled message. (some I leave in inbox because they make me smile, like this from lolhusband >^•.•^< ) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Right, for me, less in the inbox lowers my anxiety. If I remove stuff from the inbox before I deal with it, I forget about it entirely. - maʀtha
Something that's helped me get my work inbox down is a 'for meetings this week' folder. I can stick stuff in temporary holding there and I try to clean it out every other week, by then the meetings have passed - Hedgehog from Android
Same as Kirsten - everything in my inbox is something to deal with, and I never leave more than 10 in there. - Lily
Thank you ellbeecee! DJF! I am ashamed to admit this, but I actually started printing out emails relating to stuff that needed to be fixed on the new website. It really helped me to be able to touch and scribble "done" or "followed up on...." I've also learned that I'm very good at GETTING organized, but dreadful at staying that way, so I have made friends with "search Inbox" and tried not to feel less loser-like. - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
My inbox is like 2700. I love search. - laura x from iPhone
Filed, deleted, and followed-up-on. My inbox is my workspace, though I do call "inbox zero" only when the items flagged for today or overdue are completed, and when there are no new messages to process. - Holly's favorite Anna
I have a "pending" folder, which I guess is kind of cheating? But it helps lower my anxiety as well. - YvonneM
I like to have less than a screen of stuff pending, and archive or delete the rest each day. Time out of the office is tough, though. - Elizabeth Brown
I lol at the idea of inbox zero, though I live to delete. - kaijsa
after this thread I did go delete some. when I left for the desk at 4, I was down to around inbox 4000. - ellbeecee
*fistbumps Ellbeecee and Laura X* It must be a Laura thing. ;) - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
I too am a "search" person. I periodically clear out list messages which helps knock things down. I think of the email addresses I use most often, the one with the least messages has around 750 (unread), the next couple have around 2800 (unread). Then there's alter ego's email which has around 18,000 (unread). Basically, I skim the subject lines and often don't bother to do anything beyond that. - Katie
It *is* a Laura thing! Personal inbox 6,431. Work - who knows but there's 2176 unread ... - Laura Norvig from iPhone
Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
I'm looking up how to stiffen a knitted piece but still be able to wear it so it can't be stiff as bark. *sigh*
Spray starch? - Marie
Yeah, the more I read the more I think that's the only solution. Thanks for the confirmation! :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
:) - Marie
you could felt it - but that would change the size/dimensions - Elizabeth Brown
Oh no, that would ruin the lace. :) - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
if it's wool, iron on interfacing? but lace... probably not - Christina Pikas
Yeah, I'm knitting this cowl: but I doubt this yarn will stand up as well as the cotton used for the photo. - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart
Oh yeah - felting would not work for lace. I like the spray starch idea. - Elizabeth Brown
User talk:Scholarly kitchen - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
For the delectation of all, or at least sundry. - RepoRat from Bookmarklet
oh my. thank you. - jambina
Wow! - Galadriel C.
reading the various appeals, "generally being a jerk" also seems in play - RepoRat
awesome eta: ka is clearly not reading the criticism which they're taking pains to explain to him - Christina Pikas
He thinks he is He Who Must Be Obeyed. - RepoRat
Meanwhile, Wikipedia actually has an article on Skitch, one with all the "neutral viewpoint" of a press release and no Talk page at all. I didn't realize advocacy blogs were either (a) suitable as Wikipedia topics, (b) appropriate as source material, unlike other online sources. (I think we've all figured out that ka has a certain form of reading disability, so that's no surprise.) - Walt Crawford
shall we all go flag it? *g* - RepoRat
Reading the comments has been immensely enjoyable. - Andy
Sometimes I think I am an asshole. Sometimes I realize it's true. But damn, I am not in Kent Anderson's class. - RepoRat
Nice: "As such, this unblock request is denied and your next request will likely be the last. Sorry, you can't be unblocked without actually doing some reading" - awd
That's terrible: That's discrimination against the willfully ignorant and self-important assholes. (Although Wikipedia has plenty of self-important assholes involved, at least they're willing to Read the Rules.) - Walt Crawford
The page has now been deleted - Graham Steel
Also interesting that the entry for the SSP is under "Investigation of potential copyright issue," - Joe - Systems Analyst
whoa. - jambina
the claim appears to be that the SSP's own web page was infringed upon. The claim was lodged manually, by the same editor who deleted the SKitch page. I'm the last person to defend either SSP or SKitch, but this is starting to look a bit sketchy-vendettaish. - RepoRat
user Meyercarol has since disappeared... i agree with you RR - jambina
I agree with RR here as well. - Walt Crawford
My Favorite link in the response section: - Elizabeth Brown
Carol Meyer tweeted my (ill advised) ssp talk a few years ago. Got stuff annoyingly wrong. - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I think Scholarly Kitchen and Wikipedia deserve each other. - Steele Lawman
Are there any 2nd career librarians here? What, to you, are some of the pros & cons? I'm working on a blog post & running out of ideas.
isn't is more difficult to find first career librarians? i was a naval officer so anything would be better than that! I think there's some value to working in a domain before becoming a librarian. More breadth so better/easier question answering. Also, I use my knowledge gained from my previous career in my job. just friday i was talking about the employment of the 5" gun for countering small boats :) Plus you get better leadership and management training in other fields - Christina Pikas
You understand a broader picture of the working world, I think - in that you see clearly how skills are transferable across environments. (this is all I've got at the moment :) ) - ellbeecee
Pros: I have a full-time job with benefits, which I didn't have in my first field. Cons: at 43, I'm just now earning tenure. - Catherine Pellegrino
Going from highly experienced professional to fresh out of school is a bit of a shock to the system - DJF from Android
I'm a 3rd career librarian (1st was acquisitions in book publishing, 2nd was development for a large nonprofit). I don't see any cons, just pros. I think I learned a lot of things in prior careers that have served me well in librarianship where some of those things aren't commonly taught (e.g., how to communicate well, project management, working really really fast under tons of pressure). - Stephen Francoeur
Thanks for the feedback. These are all good points. - YvonneM
Cons: I could have been having fun being a librarian much earlier in my life. - Stephen Francoeur
Colleague who would've been great for this is no longer available, but an article he was quoted in about second careers was quoted extensively in his obit. - Betsy
@Stephen....Totally agree! Thanks, Betsy. Bill sounds like he was amazing :-) - YvonneM
I can't say that I had a career prior to librarianship, but I did have multiple professional jobs. I think that working in different kinds of organizations (particularly outside of academic institutions) is extremely helpful in understanding professionalism, workplace culture, and as Christina said, broader/better information/experience in management and leadership. - Galadriel C.
I'm almost 2nd career? I'm ABD in religious studies, before deciding to become a librarian (with a pitstop as a textbook editor while I made the transition to library school). The advanced graduate work has been invaluable to me as a librarian. My understanding of the nature of research and scholarship comes from that, and in no way from my LIS degree. I don't think I could work with grad students and faculty very effectively without that background. - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
May I use quotes in the blog post? If so, let me know. Thanks! - YvonneM
this is my second career, and i actively look for 2nd career peeps on hiring committees. they bring real world views to the academic bubble AND often understand that a deadline is a deadline. - jambina
Pro; Prior work experience helps put things in context. Con: I make a lot less money than I did as a software engineer. - kristin buxton
Third-ish here. Adjunct teaching after PhD then a jump to the telecom industry where I did writing, project management, web publishing, and crisis comms work. Mostly pros here too: transferrable skills in a lot of areas, a tendency to think in terms of deliverables that need to be completed on time or early, and an ability to work fast in a fire drill/goat rodeo. Sometimes a con: committees structures can puzzle me. - Heather
the main con is the management might try to exploit existing experience from past career and give similar tasks but that's the main reason why the person switched - to do something different. I have seen this apply also for people switching between libraries too - aaron from BuddyFeed
pro is because you have actual working experience in the industry you can be a pretty good subject liaison in that area. - aaron from BuddyFeed
Second here, though I didn't get out of grad school for the first (research zoologist). Definitely helps liaising to science faculty. I may have that degree, but I do understand first hand the research process. The teaching experience was invaluable, too. - Rebecca Hedreen
Second here too - I was formerly a chemist. I made the change because I wanted to interact more with people than machines. I'm glad I switched careers. - Elizabeth Brown
Second here too, a political scientist in my former life. Made the change because I had more fun teaching my fellow grad students how to use JSTOR than in thinking about my dissertation :) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Meg VMeg
Man, I hate Snickers.
WHAT. MEG. - holly #ravingfangirl
They are my dad's favorite. He used to take most of our snickers from our trick or treat haul each year. He told us it was a lesson on "commission" because he is the one that took us out. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I don't really like candy. - laura x
It's like all I can taste is the corn syrup. - Meg VMeg
How about guffaws? - Steele Lawman
Giggle : melts in your mouth, then in your heart - Pete
I like Hee Haw, does that count? I also haaaaaaaaaate candy corn. - Meg VMeg
I'm mostly with laura x on this one...although, admittedly, I'll eat leftover KitKats after tonight as long as they last. One snack-size bar a week. On Sunday mornings, when it's a couple of hours between when I get up and when we have breakfast. - Walt Crawford
More for me! (There's a stash of mini-Snickers in one of my desk drawers) - Hedgehog
I like Snickers well enough, though they're not really a favorite. (I mainly like dark chocolate candy.) - John (bird whisperer)
Mounds for me. (When faced with the vast choice of candy bars, I have to go all the way through the jingle to remember the name. "Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Almond Joy's got nuts. Peter Paul Mounds don't.") - Betsy
I never liked them much either. Oddly, I did like Milky Ways as a kid, because they are similar to them. - Elizabeth Brown
Can I just get a HELL YEAH MEG V MEG ROCKS? Or maybe a simple Happy Birthday?
hell yeah meg v meg rocks! also happy birthday! - Sir Shuping is just sir
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stephen Francoeur
I love me some Meg! Happy Birthday! - Rochelle *boom* Hartman
* warms up the confetti cannon * - Julian
... and she does indeed rock. - Julian
Happy birthday, Meg. - Betsy
Happy! - Jenica from iPhone
Happy happy! - ellbeecee
Happy birthday, Meg! - Mary Carmen
HAPPY MEG DAY! - holly #ravingfangirl
happy happy happy happy! - lris
Happy birthday :) - Pete
I LOVE MEGVMEG - jambina from FFHound(roid)!
happiest of birthdays!!!! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Happy Birthday Meg! - Hedgehog
Happy birthday, Meg! - Jason P
HELL YEAH MEG V MEG ROCKS - Joe - Systems Analyst
Happy Birthday! - Elizabeth Brown
Happy birthday, Meg, and many happy returns! - Lily
Aw, thanks! - Meg VMeg
Happy B-daaay!! - Kathy
All of the above and another hell yeah, - barbara fister from iPhone
Many happy returns. Rock on. - Megan loves summer
Hellz to tha yeah! Have a great birthday! - LB: Ratchet Bear from Android
HELL YEAH! - MoTO Moca Blend from Android
You guys are the best. - Meg VMeg
Belated birthday wishes; I hope you had an awesome one! - Galadriel C. from Android
Hope you had a wonderful birthday and that the party continued all weekend! - Jen
Christina Pikas
Gov't call for proposals has a requirement that proposer have an h-index over 18 (or... ). topic is Psychology. our psychologists think that's pretty rare. A way to search for psychology and sort by h-index? researcher id and scopus don't appear to have a way
It might ! I'll give it a try - thanks! - Christina Pikas from iPhone
good gawd. I will *never* have an h-index of 18, especially with a time limit imposed. how the hell much do people publish in a year? yikes. - RepoRat
Grad students who list you on their papers? - Hedgehog
yeah, if you run a lab or a bunch of clinical trials, I guess I can see it. - RepoRat
what is a "normal" h-index in LIS, I wonder, limiting to the universe of libns/rschrs who actually publish? - RepoRat
i would say LIS probably has three groupings of normal... humanities/archives types, computery (IR, HCI, NLP) types, and standard LIS... I would guess the computery parts are higher - Christina Pikas
Lol. I have an h-index of 2. This is unlikely to climb very much higher. - kaijsa
are they looking for really old proposers? That's kind of a crazy barrier. - barbara fister
Also, 18 by whose count? - Hedgehog
I agree that H index is essentially an age index. If you are an older academic, you are more likely to have 18 articles with 18 or more citations. - Joe - Systems Analyst
some uses try to control for that by adding "in the last X years," but even so, the floor is pretty high and n00bs not welcome! - RepoRat
the plugin doesn't work for me - javascript error - but figure 3 here: shows this would be about right for the 20 years since phd mark in social psychology - Christina Pikas
I have an h-index! Of 1. On Google Scholar. Still, I was excite. - Deborah Fitchett
... isn't social psych where all the making-stuff-up allegations are flying? Diederik (sp?) Stapel's turf? - RepoRat
Google Citations does an automatic h-index count... - Björn Brembs
You can rank "most cited authors" within a discipline here but does not spit out h index - I wonder whether you can get this from or from Would be interested in knowing what solution you find - it would be useful for our library citations working group - Kubke
h-index of 18 suggests to me they are limiting to tenured academic faculty. Depending on the area of psych the h-index could vary a lot, so I would try to see what area it covers. Our neuropsychologists have pretty high h-indexes, other areas would probably be lower. - Elizabeth Brown
Where was this call for proposals, btw? - Sarah from FreshFeed
sorry - just saw this now: - Christina Pikas
Thanks! - Sarah
I need to bounce some thoughts off of someone who knows a bit about comparisons between Web of Science, Scopus, and Google Scholar. Anyone? I'll DM you if you are willing to be my rubber wall...
sorta? I'll follow you. - Christina Pikas
MEG - kendrak
CogSciLibrarian at the gmails. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Happy to help. I was just about to post a tangentially related question! - Meg VMeg
I can help too. - Elizabeth Brown
I might be able to oblige. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Meg VMeg
Anyone know offhand of any databases that let you search by author address/affiliation, other than Web of Science and Scopus?
Dissertation abstracts.... - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Oh, good one, I didn't think of that. - Meg VMeg
Scifinder, maybe? - John Dupuis
PubMed has an affiliation tag that you can search in advanced search - Hedgehog
but I think maybe the affiliation data isn't in older records? - maʀtha
PsycINFO does - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Did ProQuest keep that aspect of the CSA databases (that weird CSA scholar add on...) it ate? - RudĩϐЯaЯïan
Scifinder but it's crap - Christina Pikas
Inspec, Compendex both do as does NTIS probably geobase - Christina Pikas
both inspec and compendex added all author affiliations like maybe 5 years ago so before that it was just first author affiliation - Christina Pikas
Theoretically, Google Scholar, if the affiliation is distinctive. - Elizabeth Brown
Thanks you guys, this is great! - Meg VMeg
FFeeps -- Do you eat breakfast? If so, what are your favorite breakfast foods?
My favourite things to eat in the morning are not breakfast foods. I'm not a big breakfast person. - Heleninstitches
I do, but usually not until late morning. I usually have toast with Vegemite. My favourite breakfast food is bacon but I'm scared that if I eat it every day I'll end up having a heart attack :o( - Melly
I usually eat a yogurt for breakfast. If not that, I'll have oatmeal or toast and eggs. - John (bird whisperer)
Fried egg over medium, bacon, cinnamon rolls. Coffee (surprise surprise). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
I eat oatmeal or shredded wheat every morning, but I love poached eggs on thick sourdough toast with goat cheese and roasted red pepper. - Jenny H. from Android
Coffee and lately an egg sandwich. Did I mention coffee - WarLord
Oh, right, coffee. That goes without saying. :-D - John (bird whisperer)
Every day is oats in some form, either oatmeal or homemade granola, with almond milk and some fruit. (my favorite oat format is baked oatmeal with blueberries, lemon curd, and ginger, doused in almond milk) I'm a massive fan of egg white frittatas with red peppers, basil, and fresh mozz. Or a scramble of egg whites, zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and smoked gouda. And now I've gone and made myself extra hungry... - Hookuh Tinypants
Favorite Breakfast ==> Bagels and lox with cream cheese, onion and capers. Most days I eat cottage cheese and fruit. - Eric Logan
I try to, but it's really hard for me to eat first thing. I just don't have an appetite until later. Maybe yogurt, or a piece of fruit, but that's it. Now brunch, OTOH... - Derrick
A big cup of half coffee, half chocolate milk, and (this summer) a dish of ice cream, also half coffee and half chocolate. Eventually I'll get tired of the ice cream and do something else. If I can wean off a couple sleep meds, maybe I'll go back to just the big coffee. - Mary B: #TeamMonique
Almost always a large bowl of cereal and plenty of milk. Sometimes a smoothie too. Very occasionally scrambled eggs and toast or english muffin. Never coffee. - Brian Johns
Yes. Absolutely. Always. At home, either yogurt & a nutrition bar or (corn bread or bagel) & a nutrition bar, plus orange juice, coffee and, during stone fruit season, one or two pieces of fruit. On the road, a FULL breakfast. Always. I can't imagine skipping breakfast. [Weekends: Waffles & fruit Sat., omelet & fruit Sun.] - Walt Crawford
My favorite food is cereal but I can no longer imbibe. Soggy Life cereal was my comfort food. I now eat a low carb pancake every day. I change it up by putting peanut butter and s/f chocolate sauce on it. - Janet
I usually have fruit, protein, fat and coffee or tea. The usual is an apple, veggie sausage and a piece of cheese. I've found that if I have a decent amount of protein and fat, I stay full longer, wake up better, and don't trigger any heartburn. - Jennifer Dittrich
Coffee. - Georgia
My favorite food can depend on my mood. Sometimes it is just a cup of coffee, but a nice french toast plate or a great omelette are my favorites. - Eric - Watch Me Now
I wish I did, but I often don't. favorite weekday breakfast is coffee and pastry. favorite weekend breakfast is juice, coffee, 2 eggs overeasy with biscuit and sausage. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
No breakfast for me (except coffee). Food in the morning makes me nauseas. - Kevin Johnson
Smoothies; oatmeal - Brent Schaus
I generally alternate between oatmeal topped with mixed frozen berries, apple, chopped walnuts and coconut oil and an egg white scramble, with onions, peppers and zucchini... often supplemented with hummus and pita bread. Plus very strong, black coffee. There has to be coffee! - Ken Morley
Cereal or a breakfast bar (both high-fiber cause I'm responsible) plus a half-half mix of yogurt and milk. Been adding some blueberries in there recently too. - Andrew C (✔)
What I eat for breakfast and what my favorite breakfast foods are are two different things. :-) - Betsy
Pancakes, waffles, oatmeal, peanut butter honey toast, eggs and toast - JAson FLeming from Android
In theory, this is my breakfast: Ahead of time, I make a bunch of single serving baggies that contain ingredients 1-6. In the morning, I grab a baggie and add walnuts, some sliced fruit (e.g., two or three strawberries), and 3/4 cup soy milk. Also drink a glass of soy milk. This all depends on (1) making the baggies ahead of time and (2) not getting up late. - Betsy
My favorite breakfast is leftover bbq pork egg foo yung. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
A few years ago I had a very brief burst of productivity and made six breakfast burritos for myself (ham, cheese, potatoes, salsa) and froze them for later. They were pretty good, but then I never did go back to doing that again. - Andrew C (✔)
Just woke up...had spaghetti. - April Russo
Thanks everyone! - LoisMarketing
Yes, flakes of some kind normally. I eat at work during on weekdays as it speeds up my time at home and also is too early to me for me. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
My latest favorite breakfast is a bowl of instant oatmeal with a spoonful of Nutella. I used to slice up a hard-boiled egg and have it on toast with a slice of cheese. - Elizabeth Brown
Mary Carmen
The only dates we could get for our birthing class were 10/26 & 27. Cutting it close to 11/20...maybe the baby will be late. On the positive side, less time for me to dwell on what may happen and freak out.
First babies tend to come at 41 weeks. Penny came a week early, so who knows, but that was the statistic I read. I think you'll be just fine! - Georgia
Thanks. The doc told us that they are usually late and that they won't let me go longer than 7 days post-due date. - Mary Carmen
have I told you the story of how our daughter was born on December 7th but we had no idea Carol was pregnant until 10/26? We did a one day birthing class. push her out shove her out way out! <clap> - A Gunny named Slickback
Yup, you told me. That is still nuts. - Mary Carmen
Oh my, that is crazy!!! - Georgia
Is your due date 11/20? She'll share her birthday with me (poor thing, Thanksgiving tends to run all over it some years) - Shannon - GlassMistress
That's what they are predicting. We shall see. - Mary Carmen
That's my niece's birthday. It's a good day. :) - Katy S from iPhone
Not to freak you out, but since the class usually focuses on standard delivery, I highly recommend educating yourself on c-sections as well. Things can happen and in the end the goal is healthy baby and healthy mama. =) - Yvonne from FFHound!
my son came exactly on his due date 6/27 - VALZ SCARLETTS MAMA
Grab a video - knowledge is power. My son was 5 weeks early and it was a little crazy not knowing what to expect. - Jen
My class was 2 hr once a week for 4 weeks. It covered everything including c sections and inducing and natural birth and how a doula can help and recovery afterward - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I've been watching tons and tons of videos on all different types of births: c-section, natural with epidural, natural without any meds, water, etc. - Mary Carmen
We took the birthing class for our son 3 weeks before his due date and then he showed up 11 days late. And he was our second! Our first was exactly a week late and our youngest was 4 days early. I think you'll be fine :) - Elena
I think you are ready then! You got this :) - Jen
Remember to choose a "focusing object." And practice your breathing exercises, etc. with it. It should be something soft and squeezable. My wife choose an Opus stuffed toy (after the penguin character in the old Bloom County comic strip.) It should be soft not only for you to squeeze during labor, but for purposes of safety when you want to throw it at your husband at some point. (I say this because experience.) - Jkram|ɯɐɹʞſ
I loved, loved, loved our Birthing From Within classes. I think Jeff even enjoyed it - getting to meet other expectant first-time parents - and it is sooo not the kind of thing he would normally do, but he really got into it. - Laura Norvig
I think you'll have the class in time. Lots of early deliveries (pre-38 weeks) are C-sections. I think I was the oldest first time mother in my class (I was 34). - Elizabeth Brown
Per @grimmelm: "In a brief 5-page opinion, the 2nd Circuit just vacated the Google Books class certification and remanded for consideration of fair use."
Will post link when I see one. - RepoRat
tl;dr version: "Settle the fair-use question, THEN consider whether the class holds together." @grimmelm thinks this means that the appeals court believes Google will win the shit out of a fair-use assertion. In any case, everybody grumbling that Google wouldn't stand on fair use? Google's gonna stand on fair use, unless something weirder than I can imagine happens to prevent it. - RepoRat
Ah, interesting. Was the main reason the AG wanted to have a class was to cook up a settlement they would favor? It nearly worked. The other piece that fell out of this is orphaned works - the settlement would have monetized them, yes? Court said nope. - barbara fister
Well, the AG was gunning (among other things) for Hathi's complete dismemberment. If Google wins a fair-use assertion, Hathi is gold. I have trouble figuring out the AG's overall strategy and goals, though, because they keep doing weird unsavory sideshow shit (e.g. the "section 108 means no fair use!" thing, which, OMGWTFBBQ). So Imma sit back and wait for @grimmelm and/or Andrew Albanese to explain it all to me. - RepoRat
(My sense, tho, is that AG felt it needed class certification to be up to Google/Hathi's weight? And to get around the problem of fair use being a case-by-case basis thing?) - RepoRat
holy shit - DJF from Android
It would be SO NICE if Google actually wins on fair use... And if SAG (Some Authors' Guild, they sure as hell don't represent me or Cory Doctorow or...) lost bad, so much the better. - Walt Crawford
@grimmelm at slightly more length: - RepoRat
Wow, that is on a tumblr... - Joe - Systems Analyst
Techdirt's take: Good point about the AG potentially turning around and using the no-single-class argument against Google! That would be hilarious and also frustrating, which is the AG all over. - RepoRat
my take on the AG case was they asserted libraries could only rely on section 108 for copyright exemptions and 107 didn't apply. Which is nonsense, section 107 applies to everyone. - Elizabeth Brown
this was AG versus Hathitrust case - sorry for being clearer. This is one complicated set of cases! - Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth: Well, you have to consider that AG is mostly fiction the world they dream of, there is no Section 107. - Walt Crawford
That's true Walt - forgot that point. But still, section 107 is pretty clear on to whom it applies... - Elizabeth Brown
Kevin Smith fills in the understanding gaps (mine, at least!): NOW I see why @grimmelm was saying this was a "fair use is go" signal. - RepoRat
laura x
When did you first hear of global warming/climate change?
1990...? Most likely because of Captain Planet. - Julian
Early '90s - Jed from iPhone
Sometime in the 90s, but I didn't really appreciate what was going on until later. - John (bird whisperer)
uh... it's been part of my mental furniture for so long I honestly have no idea? But the intro-to-meteorology class I took freshman year of undergrad is an odds-on bet; that would have been 1991. - RepoRat
I was chairperson for Earth Day at my school in 1971. :) - LoisMarketing
I learned about the greenhouse effect in a 4th grade science class, so 1985-86. - laura x
sometime in 1978. - Big Joe Silence
Probably in the 1980's and probably from tv (news programs? I thought school at first, but now I can't see how that would have happened), though in my mind, it was conflated with the hole in the ozone layer. I wish I had been taught more about atmospheric stuff as a kid, it's so fascinating. - Meg VMeg
no idea. like RepoRat states, it has always been there. - TMB
You know what? Now I know. It wasn't undergrad; it was an oddball oceanography elective taught by an eccentric (in the best sense!) Ph.D who had done fieldwork via SCUBA all over hell's half acre. That was... 1985ish. Also introduced me to plate tectonics (tsunami!). - RepoRat
I don't recall there being a point where I didn't know about it. - Soup in a TARDIS
'80s. Environmental science class. It's actually possible I heard about it even in the '70s. I don't exactly remember. - Spidra Webster
When was the Rio summit? We had a big thing going in school before that.... We were going to save the rainforest, one leaf at a time! ETA Wikipedia says 1992. - Heleninstitches
I'm a lot like RR, except I think I knew about stuff like the ozone layer and the rainforest and acid rain and save the whales before I knew about actual global climate change. - Catherine Pellegrino
I learned about the greenhouse effect in the 80s before the term global warming came into common use. - Starmama from FFHound(roid)!
My experience is similar to Catherine's: while growing up I learned more about other environmental issues like CFCs and plastic pollution. - John (bird whisperer)
In the '80s there was a thing in the British education system called "combined science." It was an experiment in continuity, whereby a class had one science teacher for the two-year period leading to GCSE exams, and that teacher would teach all the sciences (with occasional switches to more specialised teachers in certain areas) in the same time previously allotted to any one of the... more... - Steel Penguin Slippy from Android
In the mid-80s; Earth Day in elementary school was a major thing. - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
1989/1990 - took a meteorology class and recall lectures from at least faculty member on topic (anti-global warming, as I recall); I remember acid rain and river pollution were earlier (mid-1970's to 1980's) but don't remember global warming being specifically mentioned or discussed. It was more related to industrial pollution and dumping chemicals into the water supply. - Elizabeth Brown
1991-92 - I fell in with Earth Day celebrations in Windsor, ON. I think, because of the industry down that way, the green movement possessed a kind of specialized knowledge. - Brent Schaus
In the early 80s. Lots of greenpeace activists around, plus greenham common, the threat of nuclear war etc. made me very conscious. And watching so many wildlife programs where habitat threat was a big thing. - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Early 90's. But, the concept of global warming being caused by humans has less of a time stamp. The first major paper to point this out came out in 1992. Edit to an open version, There were other earlier papers (such as this from 1990,, but I think that the 1992 science paper is the research that got the bulk of the attention. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Don't remember. I was too busy worrying about the nuclear holocaust - maʀtha from Android
Global what now? - Steele Lawman
early 90's. - imabonehead
sometime in the 1990s - Björn Brembs
Elizabeth Brown
getting ready for #SLA2013 - I leave Saturday afternoon
We should get some of those carne asada fries at some point. - Meg VMeg
I haven't heard of those - they sound tasty! - Elizabeth Brown
yes yes yes yes - jambina
also went to an excellent sushi place last year in SD - not near the conference though - Elizabeth Brown
i am going to pokez for potato flautas. - kendrak
and if you can get to Extraordinary Desserts it's amazing: - Elizabeth Brown
How did I miss seeing you at SLA??!! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
i missed pretty much everybody. :( - kendrak
Sorry I wasn't able to arrange for an LSW meetup this year. - Joe - Systems Analyst
I missed a lot of people this year - not sure why, as the attendance was lower than in the past. - Elizabeth Brown
Steele Lawman
Is "Impact Factor" essential cultural knowledge for an academic librarian? I mean, I know it has to do with citations to work that appears in the journal, but when I read that Journal X "has an impact factor of 3.9," should I know what that means?
Articles published in the journal in 2010 and 2011 had been cited 3.9 times on average during 2012. There is also a 5 year impact factor, since many journals have articles that are not cited so quickly. - Joe - Systems Analyst
So the average citations per article in the preceding full year, for articles published in the two years prior to that year? - Steele Lawman
Yeah, it's currency at mpow for faculty talking about tenure. It has been nice hearing conversations recently about how we need to move away from m it. - Hedgehog
Worth noting that citation patterns are highly discipline-dependent. (I mean, I know we all know this, but...) So if somebody comes up to me and says "the Journal of Irreproducible Results has a 3.9 impact factor, is that good?" my answer is "hell if I know; lemme hit up Thomson and look up the spread for the discipline." It does immediately tell me that JoIR has been around long enough to have its IF evaluated, which is sometimes useful info. - RepoRat
"the Journal of Irreproducible Results" *dies* - maʀtha
these days it seems like that's every journal in creation, but yeah, it's my standard journal analogue to Pretty sure I didn't invent it, either. - RepoRat
The discipline-dependence of IF became a big problem in Australia, when a nationwide research-evaluation exercise declared it was going to base itself on a single across-the-board IF scale. The humanities, whose journals tend to have WAY lower IFs than the sciences (hard, social, bio-, name it), squalled en masse. - RepoRat
Someone needs to come up with a humanities equivalent for monographs based on who is in the acknowledgments to what book. - laura x
RR did not invent The Journal of Irreproducible Results because I think I remember my parents having a bound collection of articles from said journal when I was a kid. cf: - Catherine Pellegrino
Interestingly enough,a while back I found people were looking not just for the IF itself but also the ranking by IF in their subject area for each journal. That makes more sense at least. The Australia system sounds a bit crazy, at the very least they should try metrics like SNIP or maybe eigenfactor/article influence that at least try to compensate for discipline differences if they going to compare like that. - aaron
There is very little about country-wide research-evaluation systems that is not crazy, honestly. - RepoRat
Yes, terrible awful no-good idea that is the antithesis of curiosity and intellectual freedom. UK does this too. Please stop. - barbara fister
So when someone says "The Journal of Profit Maximization" has an IF of 3.3, the sensible questions to ask are, "how does that compare to other journals in the field?" and "what is the trend over time for the JPM?" I mean besides "why did you think I'd care?" - Steele Lawman
Yes, those are exactly the questions to ask - DJF from Android
Yep, 'zackly. - RepoRat
I'm pretty sure that what it "means" depends about 20% on what impact factor other journals in the same discipline get, and 80% on the cosmic radiation that powers random number generators. Alas, it's important to NZ's national "Give us meaningless numbers about your research and we'll dollop out university funding accordingly" programme too. - Deborah Fitchett
Thomson is about as transparent with its algorithms as Google, so, yeah. - RepoRat
I would say yes, IF is important to understand as an academic librarian, and like others mentioned it's a measure of the journal as a whole, not the individual articles. Whenever I've seen this discussed on my campus, the faculty don't talk much about IF and use citations as a measure for impact for P&T cases, when they can be counted. That's actually one of the real limitations of... more... - Elizabeth Brown
"That's actually one of the real limitations of faculty performance data, that some fields rely heavily on citations and others do not." This confuses me. Someone is trying to find metrics to compare faculty quantitatively across disciplines? Why / how / what is this I don't even? - Steele Lawman
Well sure, if you can compare the disciplines, now you can decide who is succeeding and gets money. - Hedgehog
it's a bit more complex than that, as there is citation activity within a discipline and between disciplines. The trend in higher education is to look at activity/productivity within an academic department and also between departments on a campus, nationally, globally. The idea is that you can use this data to identify areas of higher potential growth. The problem is that not all... more... - Elizabeth Brown
laura x
I'm doing a list of Quick Reads for adult summer reading. Please name your favorite books that are either 1) UNDER 200 pages or 2) have VERY SHORT chapters. Fiction and nonfiction are fine.
Girl With a Pearl Earring may skate in just over 200 pages, but I recall blasting through it much faster than most novels when I read it. - Catherine Pellegrino
All my friends are superheroes by Andrew Kaufman; The chairs are where the people go by Sheila Heti; The Clock of the Long Now by Steward Brand are three that come to mind... - copystar
Well, this will spoil the surprise I had for you, because I'm mailing it as soon as I get my ass down to the post office (and I am going to imperiously and ineffectually demand you not read it until you get that copy), but I'm utterly in love with Maggie Nelson's Bluets ( It's 112 pages long and the chapters are paragraphs. (It's not *actually* poetry either, although it is sometimes poetry-like - it's fiction and/or memoir.) - Marianne
Blockade Billy, by Stephen King. - Julian
84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff (it's less than 100) - Katy S
Animal Farm - Hedgehog
The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury (technically a collection of connected short stories, if that's okay). Also, I'd love to see your list when you're done. :) - Katy S
The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch - Kathy
Broetry by Brian McGackin - Katie
The Bride Stripped Bare by Nikki Gemmell (very short chapters) - ωαřмaiden ❤Bassetmom❤
Someone at Fiction-L has been collecting these, too, for a quick turn-around book club. - barbara fister
Ordinary Love and Good Will, Smiley - maʀtha
Annie John, Kincaid - maʀtha
I think most Jane Austen novels are a little over 200 pages, and I think they also have fairly short chapters. Pride & Prejudice comes in at about 256, and has 61 chapters. My other favorite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion. - Laura
ooh, a lot of kincaid is short. My Brother is my favorite (nonfiction) and it's 208 pp... it read very quickly. - Marianne
Second on 84 Charing Cross Road! I also adore Cold Comfort Farm by Stella Gibbons, which skates in at 234 pgs. Paletas by Fany Gerson, Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland? Classic short stories like the Yellow Wallpaper, ....I do not read many book under 200 pages. This is hard! - MontglaneChess
House on Mango Street, Cisneros - maʀtha
also a lot of Diana Athill is very short. Somewhere Towards the End is seriously wonderful (and again, 208 pages; what's with me and 208 page books?). - Marianne
I was surprised to see that The Martian Chronicles was as long as 250 pages. A college acquaintance of mine wrote a wonderful short book called Treasure Island!!! - Steele Lawman
Room with a View, Forster - maʀtha
Could alo include some flash fiction collections - maʀtha
Various Steinbeck - maʀtha
To the lighthouse, Woolf - maʀtha
Night - maʀtha
Is the goal to come up with books that are fun and not intimidating? - Steele Lawman
I just read Tale of the Unknown Island by Saramago on Sunday, VERY short - maʀtha
In honor of DJF, Three Men in a Boat - maʀtha
P. G. Wodehouse - maʀtha
Teaching a stone to Talk, Dillard - maʀtha
Stewart O'Nan's The Odds (179 pp). Iain Pears' The Portrait (224 pp but it's effectively double-spaced). - Marianne
All The Days & Nights - William Maxwell; Kindred - Octavia Butler; The Writing Life - Annie Dillard; On Chesil Beach - Ian McEwan - MoTO Moca Blend
The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamed - Heleninstitches
Carlos Ruiz Zafon's shorter books - Heleninstitches
Paul Torday's might come in under 200 pages. Always intriguing... tho perhaps a bit British! - Heleninstitches
Cowboys Are My Weakness by Pam Houston, just under 200p, flies by - Julie Kane
@Steele: Yeah, I've refrained from listing a bunch of titles because they might be less accessible: The Bluest Eye, Henry James short novels, Faith & the Good Thing, and the book I'm reading now, Beasts of No Nation (Iweala), which is definitely not light summer reading and is stunningly good. - maʀtha
On Bullshit, Frankfurt. Less than 100 pages, but written by a real philosopher. - Steele Lawman
The Little Prince. - Deborah Fitchett
Where'd you go, Bernadette? - Elizabeth Brown
Any of Tove Jansson's non-Moomin stuff. Novels are short, others are short story collections. - Pete
Just read Buddha in the Attic. Not my favourite per se, but it's very good, quick, and unusual. - Megan loves summer
Thank you all! The goal is to have a variety of short books and/or quick to read books. Some will be fun and some will be more intimidating, but I figure an intimidating 180 page book is much less intimidating than, say, an intimidating 680 page book. - laura x
we would like to see the finished list, please :) - maʀtha
Mary Carmen
Why must ALL THE CATS want to lay on me while I feel so sick.
Anne and I were talking about this this morning -- while I was sick, the cats all spent four days launching themselves onto and off of my belly and my goodies at high speed. - Jason P
Sometimes, I think they're trying to comfort me. Other times, I think they just want to steal my heat while I can't move. - Jennifer Dittrich
When I was pregnant all the pets wouldn't leave me alone. I think it's the change in body smell/ phermones. - Elizabeth Brown
Yes that. And it hurts. In a few months they won't be able to sit on my belly. - Mary Carmen from iPhone
I wouldn't count on that, Mary. My parents' cat (who was staying with us while my wife was pregnant - the cat was staying with us, that is, not my parents) used to climb up on my wife's pregnant belly so much that we swore the kidlet was going to have paw prints on her forehead when she was born. - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
EBSCO and Ex Libris slapfight. Pass the popcorn.
Like Terrell Owens, I have my popcorn ready. - Julian
*munch munch munch* (We're in the middle of this: we're an Ex Libris shop, looking to activate Primo Central soon, and the bulk of our database content comes from EBSCO.) - Catherine Pellegrino
Highly entertaining. But, evidence of exactly why we need to remember and act like we are in the midst of a bunch of business deals, not altruistic nonprofits (even if that is our role - which may also be debatable). - Lisa Hinchliffe
Yes. One of the things I like best about this is Orbis Cascade Alliance's tone. - Catherine Pellegrino
Now entering The Octagon... - Marie
What language is that signature from Matti in? - Joe - Systems Analyst
Hebrew. Ex Libris is based out of Israel. - Catherine Pellegrino
I'm not allowed to talk about why we didn't implement Primo at MfPOW a few years back. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Stephanie, did you sign a non-disclosure document about it? - copystar
The Orbis Cascade Board of Directors are my new favorite people. - Jenica
Now that makes sense (concerning the sig.) - Joe - Systems Analyst
this rocks. - jambina
In related news, does anyone know if ebrary content is indexed by EDS? - Meg VMeg
not any more. (I don't know) - DJF
Could someone explain this to me like I'm five, please? - Andy
EBSCO owns content. Ex Libris would like to include that content in its Primo discovery layer, so that users at libraries who subscribe to the EBSCO products can find it using the library's single search box. EBSCO says, "No. If you want to access the EBSCO metadata, you need to subscribe to OUR discovery layer." - DJF
Ebsco, like Proquest, is in the position of providing both content and a discovery tool. They are taking the lead in ensuring that their content is best/only accessed via THEIR discovery tool. As a result, Ex Libris's discovery tool can't effectively access EBSCO content. And all commercial entities in the game are failing to play nicely with each other. - Jenica
(Two of us assessed it about the same at the same time, so you know we must be right. AND AWESOME.) - Jenica
I support Orbis Cascade's position that if EBSCO and Ex Libris won't play together, then neither of them gets any money. Of course, in this particular case, that's not really fair to Ex Libris, who has no control over what EBSCO lets them see. - DJF
I'm in love with the fact that a library organization is standing up and, in public, plainly asserting its right as a paying customer to demand better of the industry. Fuck. Yes. - Jenica
Gotcha. Thanks! - Andy
Also: discovery layers are serious business. - Andy
I think EBSCO's fucking this up. They need to build a wall between the discovery business and the content business, and fast. Because if the content business is not indexed in a neutral way, then people using Primo or Summon will not find the EBSCO content. If people don't find the content, it doesn't get used. And that's how databases get cancelled. - DJF
O_o - Hedgehog
The timing of this memo is odd as we learned a few weeks ago that EBSCO has agreed to re-do the API. I'm more upset with ProQuest They won't even offer us an API to use with Primo. - Jen
One comment I've heard regarding this situation is that their library holdings are only a small part of EBSCO's portfolio. Of course you would think Proquest, who has a higher percentage of library content, would care more. - Elizabeth Brown
It's a good thing I wasn't eating popcorn when I got to "and use sub-standard API" at the bottom of page 2, or it'd be all over my keyboard now. It's like when you're trying *really really hard* to be the unbiased voice of reason in a debate but then a "plus your product sucks!" just slips out there. - Deborah Fitchett
It would have been handy to have all of pop into view last month when we had Serials Solutions, EBSCO, and ExLibris deliver back to back one-hour discovery layer pitches to our consortium. It was my first full-on vendor experience post MLIS and I was alternately amused and appalled by the EBSCO hard core FUD. - Heather
Heather, FUD is EBSCO's primary product line. We've all seen that in action. - DJF
I used to work in a comms unit that supported sales guys and anytime the FUD was rolled out it was a clear sign of a product line in trouble and/or sales reps that didn't understand or respect their audience. Sales rep tactics appear to be a transferrable skill. - Heather
"there is an inherent conflict of interest when content providers attempt to control a library’s choice of discovery." But since their interest is to make money, as much as possible, and control as many markets as they can, where's the conflict? I'm glad there's pushback, but why would we NOT expect a company to vertically integrate and resist sharing? In some ways its more a conflict of public interest for libraries to rely on these bozos. - barbara fister
You nailed it, Secret Agent Fister, when are libraries going to wake up and realize they do not need to buy in to feeding the pigs? (codicil: when are the damn faculty going to stop giving their work away to the pigs) - awd from Android
Must say I first read Ebsco's response and it was a very good attempt to cloud Pmatters, I was almost convinced..., shows how much I know about discovery :P Anyway I never quite got why it's always about ebscohost , Proquest does the same. Or is it because their databases have metadata that can be obtained in other ways? - aaron
Yes, Barbara, yes. If you're a librarian, Ebsco's position looks ethically sketchy. If you're a business analyst, they appear to have a sound strategy. Ex Libris's positioning of themselves as The Good Guys Fighting The Good Fight for libraries pisses me off, because i don't believe for a second that, if they "win" and Ebsco opens up their data, Ex Libris won't turn around and try to... more... - Jenica
Aaron, what is the link to the EBSCO response? - Joe - Systems Analyst
how did ProQuest / Serials Solutions / Summon get around this? - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
They go to the journal publishers and get the metadata. It's not 100% of say CINAHL, but maybe 90%+ but of course it's very "thin metadata" (ebsco's term), sometimes not even abstract or subject headings and usually no full text. It can make quite a difference sometimes. - aaron
Thanks Jackyn. - Joe - Systems Analyst
A message went around at my Primo-using library this morning saying that use of our EBSCO full text resources have declined 64% and use of their indexes 73%. I think we'll be looking for this content elsewhere... - Megan loves summer
phew. well, I can't say I'm sorry to see this chickenshit tactic backfire. - RepoRat
I like most of my EBSCO contacts, but the guy they had delivering the FUD sales pitch when we looked at EDS last year really turned me off. - Holly's favorite Anna
Mary Carmen
"Blister in the Sun" is 30 years old. You might as well tell me that I'm 90 years old.
Agreed. - Jason P
Teenage years feel so many decades away now. Sigh. - Stephen Francoeur
Gah. I remember seeing those guys play a small patio at UCLA like it was yesterday. I wish my body remembered my youthful vigor that well. - Spidra Webster
They played in front of the Fenwick Library at GMU in 1997. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Today was also the day that Nirvana first played Smells Like Teen Spirit live, 22 years ago. So says boing boing. - Joe - Systems Analyst
Ugh. - Yvonne from FFHound!
One more confirmation - I am old. :) - Elizabeth Brown
*giggles at the youngsters playing old. checks geritol stash* - MoTO Moca Blend
but we don't care about the young folks talkin' bout the old style, though, right? b/c young wimmins around here are wearing my junior high wardrobe. so even though I'm old, I can show them how to tie the front of their shirts so that the knot lays down more easily. - t-ra: lose,find,repeat
Not the first time I have felt old. And Blister in the Sun is still an amazing record. - ♫Jorge Covert, Trainer♫
Hit that new Twitter music service if you really want to feel old. - Eric - Watch Me Now
*remembers before when most (all?) of this thread was born* - MoTO Moca Blend
Offers to share my walker wtih Barry, me too. - Janet
HA HA </nelson> - Mo Kargas
Galadriel C.
JoVE Update: 1. The JoVE rep is contacting UConn faculty falsely saying that I am conducting an evaluation of JoVE and that faculty feedback is needed to help complete this evaluation. The rep names me as the faculty member's librarian even though such correspondence typically (but not always) occurs between faculty and subject librarians.
2. If UConn were to subscribe to all of JoVE for more than $25,000 per year, JoVE will *not* waive researcher publication fees ($2,400 for subscription accessible publications or $4,200 for an open access publication). - Galadriel C.
Wow. I just...what the hell is going on with them, that their sales reps behave this way? - Kirsten
seconding that WTF. I'm so glad they're completely out of our price range. - Catherine Pellegrino
whoa. NO. - Jenica
life is simpler when you can so easily tell that the salesperson is lying - DJF from Android
jove has a history of some really pushy salesmen lemme see if I can dig up a link- there was one really obnoxious example but i think that particular salesman got canned. - Christina Pikas
It should be noted that the above e-mail was sent to the faculty *before* I received and began "evaluating" JoVE's most recent quote. - Galadriel C.
Further correspondence with JoVE --- Me: "Additionally, please know that I completely understand that JoVE relies on subscription revenue and that acquiring new subscriptions is integral to your work. As such I know that it is part of JoVE’s practice to contact faculty and ask them to recommend JoVE to their institutions library; I received a message from a faculty member who had been... more... - Galadriel C.
JoVE: "In regards to our contact with the faculty, we reach out to them because we know the value of their feedback in the evaluation process and want to help by answering any questions or gaining that feedback. Thank you for sharing that feedback on this manner not carrying as much weight with you - that is helpful information. What would be the most useful to you when evaluating a new resource? How am I able to help you with this evaluation process?" - Galadriel C.
Creeps. - RepoRat
oh, i guess you've seen it then: - Christina Pikas
In self-defense, I suggest you make your chain of command aware of this little contretemps. Wouldn't put it past JoVE to try to smear you. - RepoRat
Me: "As for feedback from faculty, yes we do value their feedback greatly when considering resources that will best support their teaching and research. However, when this feedback is solicited from JoVE under the false pretenses that I am actively conducting an evaluation of JoVE and actively seeking feedback from faculty (see attached), then we cannot consider this legitimate. " - Galadriel C.
@Repo - Thank you and done! I sent a message to my supervisor and the Vice Provost of Libraries yesterday after I received the forwarded e-mail from a faculty that included JoVE's e-mail illustrated above. - Galadriel C.
*joins the Galadriel C fan club* - Marie
"Your librarian is looking for feedback from you. She just doesn't know it. To rectify that situation, we are enlisting you as our unpaid sales team. Thanks, Prof!" - barbara fister
JoVE isn't the only one to do this. I have several vendors who contact my business faculty without asking/informing me. Then I get the joyful task of telling them that they don't have any money to spend on the fabulous product they were just shown. - ~Courtney F
Oh, it doesn't surprise me when vendors do that. It's the part where JoVE told the faculty that a trial was underway, which was *cough* not entirely accurate, that is the problem. - DJF
I have good business relationships with many vendors who make a point of *not* contacting faculty though I think our business librarian's experience may by similar to Courtney's with certain venders. JoVE is just an excellent example of how not to endear libraries to your product. - Galadriel C.
It's frightening the number of emails I get from JoVE. I got one today, in fact. They also tend to call very regularly. Although I don't recall the sneak around behind my back thing before. Maybe I should watch for that one and especially warn our life science librarians. - John Dupuis
What subject area is it? I mean, I know I'm a CHMINF-L fangirl, but if I were you, I'd post it there (or I'm happy to do so), because that's where they got in trouble last time (and their rep actually responded), and people will remember. - Meg VMeg
It makes me mad when they try to make the faculty end-run on things, but their false statements really pushes this over the edge for me. I mean, they could expect a response like, "We make it a policy not to do business with vendors we catch lying to faculty." - Rachel Walden
JoVE's subject areas include biology, medicine, and chemistry. I'm going to work with subject librarians to 1. post to subject-specific lists that I'm not on and 2. warn faculty in their subject areas. However, if anyone here wants to post on lists of their choice about this, please do so! - Galadriel C.
I told my head of CollDev about this in a meeting this morning--she mentioned that they have a library advisory board due to last round of kerfluffles. Any idea who sits on that where we might strategically forward this email? - Hedgehog
Excellent idea Hedgehog - Here's the roster of advisory board members: I recognize names, but do not know anyone personally; perhaps I will send a note to all of them. - Galadriel C.
Silver Lining: Just received a note from a faculty member that JoVE contacted - "At least, I’m glad that I had an opportunity to communicate with you and learned some about the library system from you (and an example of bad sales tactics). Thank you very much for your time and warm and thoughtful responses." - Galadriel C.
win! - maʀtha
also, @JoVE: EWWW! - maʀtha
Galadriel, have you talked to Nicholas about this? I hear him in my head saying "by JoVE!" (which you've probably heard already, but still: heh) - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
Galadriel: right, I wasn't sure if they were pushing a particular product, or the whole suite. Christina: not canned. - Meg VMeg
Meg: Ah, got it! From what I can tell, they are contacting faculty members with links to specific videos/articles. However, the quote that they sent me shows the cost for everything along with breakdowns for each section as a stand alone (general, neuroscience, immunology and infection, clinical and translation medicine, bioengineering, applied physics, chemistry). - Galadriel C.
I would contact the advisory board with concerns. My take on JoVE is that they don't seem to understand the academic library political arena very well, and are thinking more like a business start-up, where I'm sure the more aggressive tactics would be OK. - Elizabeth Brown
Looks like JoVE will be an exhibitor at the Medical Library Association meeting in a couple of weeks. - Rachel Walden
do you have a slideshare account? do you get crazy good traffic? i've put some stuff there and never looked at usage until today. one of the presentations i put up has over 1400 views. O_O
Hunh. I just checked and of the three I have up, all from around two years ago, one has over 2000 views (slides for my 2011 Tools of Change presentation), one has 495 (reader's advisory presentation for a regional online conference), and the third has just over 1500 views (slides for romance genre presentation for reader's advisory class at UIUC GSLIS). - Katie
Slideshare emailed me the other day to say that my collective download count (over a crapton of presos) topped 100K. So yeah, stuff gets read over there. - RepoRat
i'm shocked, frankly. i've always thought of slideshare as an afterthought but it seems to be a viable sharing mechanism. - Marie
Yup. I'm always surprised watching things tick up. - Hedgehog
Finally something where my numbers aren't silly (as they are for my blog, for example): 144 views in the five months since I uploaded my IL PPT. Given no publicity, that sounds just about right. - Walt Crawford
Whoa, 2 of mine are 700-800, and 1 is 1700. How lovely! - Meg VMeg
It suggests that SlideShare's recommender engine is doing its job. - RepoRat
I like those e-mails they're sending now. I smile when 8 more people have looked at my slides! suckers - Christina Pikas
Cool. I do have some with 1-2,000 views. But, I bet some of them might just land on the first slide after a google search, and the person doesn't really look at the whole thing. - Joe - Systems Analyst
mine are more in the 300-500 range … but that's way more than I'd predict. - Stephan!e•CogSc!L!brar!an
I've noticed this phenomenon with mine as well. Kinda cool. - LibrarianOnTheLoose
I like Slideshare, but I always wondered why more people don't put up transcripts or some sort of slide-by-slide descriptions. The site sorta makes room for it... I hope I'm not the only one who wishes I had a bit of context for some of those slides. - Lily
'cos for a lot of people it's extra work. for most of my conference talks, I write out extensive talk notes, so it's easy for me to put those up, and I do. but even with my decks, many don't have talk notes because they're class decks and I talk directly from them. - RepoRat
The site doesn't make transcripts that easy. I had detailed notes for my latest slides, but the transcript ignored these entirely in favour of the almost-useless words extracted from the slides themselves. (Can one edit the transcript if one goes pro? I won't but it'd be nice to know anyway...) I could add the notes slide by slide as comments I guess - would people actually use this? - Deborah Fitchett
You can check my stuff for a sense -- for several of my presos I post two versions, one slides-only and one with talk notes. The latter get more hits. - RepoRat
How do you do that, technically? I see it's saved as pdf; can't figure out how to get the slides+notes exported to pdf to start with. (Oh wait, are you sensible and use something other than PowerPoint?...) (Plus my notes for my latest were truly copious but if I have a functioning workflow in mind then I can figure out formatting and stuff accordingly.) - Deborah Fitchett
I use Apple Keynote. :) - RepoRat
I've seen some interesting stats for my talks - also found out one of my slideshare presos was uploaded to scribd by someone else. I'm also surprised at the number of views for some of the instruction sessions. - Elizabeth Brown
yeah, some of the stats on my dead boring class slides are like WTF? - RepoRat
Post your Google Scholar profile links here:
Oh and I am supposed to do a class on Google scholar profiles and Google scholar metrics on top of the usual Scopus/Wos for citation analysis at the end of this month. Me thinks, I am going to get lots of questions.... done all the reading but...going to be interesting .... - aaron
i think i might put a copy of this in my annual review packet this year. i wonder if anyone uses this to supplement their web of science citations, for tenure? seems like goog picks up more than wos does because it's not concerned about what's indexed. - Marie
Barbara huh? Did you set up 2? Both are verified with institution emails?? - aaron
No "verified" email since I'm not institutionalized, but: - Walt Crawford
aaaaaaagh, now I'm spending the entire dang afternoon reading stuff that's cited me recently. - RepoRat
For comparison, here's my profile in Microsoft Academic, which I see needs some cleanup, as the profile includes articles by others. - Stephen Francoeur
i've really enjoyed perusing all your profiles. any other peeps want to share theirs? - Marie
we have some influential peeps all up in here. - RepoRat My sparkline looks not unlike Dorothea's until you realize that hers goes up to 40-something on the Y-axis and mine goes to...two. :D Also I just now saw the completely poker-faced abstract of "Library Survey Survey" in LISTA. lulz. *disappears inside his own navel* - Steele Lawman Added my book chapter :-D Must get other stuff up there... - Hedgehog
I got really lucky with my undergraduate research projects in Chemistry. :) Otherwise my citation counts would be fairly low. - Elizabeth Brown
Wow, y'all are super impressive. Here's my less illustrious profile - LibrarianOnTheLoose
Confirmed: Elsevier Has Bought Mendeley For $69M-$100M To Expand Its Open, Social Education Data Efforts | TechCrunch -
Surprise! Not actually a surprise. - DJF from Bookmarklet
*chuckles quietly to herself* - Meg VMeg
OH MY LORD - kendrak
yeah, well. - DJF
Oh sheesh - maʀtha
I bet the folks at Swets are shitting bricks too, since they partnered with Mendeley to provide the "Institutional Edition" Mendeley. And that's what Elsevier wants as much as anything else - DJF
Interesting - as a Mendeley Advisor I was sent a reassuring letter about the merger. They are giving the advisors more group space and larger private groups. - Elizabeth Brown
Elizabeth Brown
in transit to ACRL, scoring free wifi in the Detroit airport #acrl2013
not sure how I scheduled a trip with a 4 hour layover. On the plus side it seems pretty quiet in both airports. - Elizabeth Brown
Katy S
Lemon Chess Pie: King Arthur Flour -
Lemon Chess Pie: King Arthur Flour
I'm contemplating making this. I need to make a dessert for a retirement party and I know she likes lemon. - Katy S from Bookmarklet
Yes - maʀtha
I know that she loves lemon meringue pie, but 1) I don't want to transport meringue, and 2) I don't want to be up at the crack of dawn making it (it doesn't do as well overnight as some other pies). - Katy S
Katy, I'm moving in with you. Scoot over. - Monique the crochet freak
Monique - Did you see the cake I made for Easter? ETA: What I made: What it was supposed to look like: - Katy S
Of course, I still might go the lazy route and make almond blondies. - Katy S
Should that be lemon cheese pie, rather than chess? It's confusing me... - Heleninstitches
Helen, chess pie is a US (mostly Southern US) deal: -- generally, it is the cornmeal that sets it apart from other custard pies. - Jennifer Dittrich
Ooh... wonder why its called chess pie? - Heleninstitches
oh, wow, memories. I worked in a cafeteria one summer that made a kickass chocolate chess pie. - RepoRat
the recipe actually talks about the history of the name, if you click on the link. - holly #ravingfangirl
it says where it came from and what's in it... but not why it's called 'chess' pie... But What's cooking America says... The origin of the name, Chess Pie, is uncertain, but there are plenty of guesses and a bit of folklore surrounding the name. The most probable explanation is that since the English lemon curd pie filling is very close to lemon chess pie, and they believe the word... more... - Heleninstitches
Ha ha - I love the idea of this Some say gentlemen were served this sweet pie as they retreated to a room to play chess. ;-) - Heleninstitches
Aah, Holly - I thought you were referring to the Wikipedia link... now reading the recipe link! Long day travelling *sigh* - Heleninstitches
Lemon chess is one of my favorites - haven't made it in a while. - Elizabeth Brown
LB: Ratchet Bear
We need a new refrigerator, either with the freezer on the bottom or a side-by-side model. What do you have an love? Why?
have freezer on the bottom now and like it much better than the side-by-side one we used to have. very convenient to have all the fridge at eye level. somewhere i read a study that they are more energy efficient too. LG brand. - jambina
We're really happy with our new Kenmore Elite (top end) fridge. Side-by-side, but they make really nice ones with freezer on bottom, too. For us, the major disadvantage of freezer on bottom (aside from not fitting in the space we have) is the lack of water/ice dispenser in the door - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
Freezer on the bottom will be more energy efficient because cold descends. - Spidra Webster
The Samsung or Kenmore super-large models (they're both made by Samsung) are pretty amazing, but kinda huge. I've loved the Samsung model I have, but it almost didn't fit in my house. I have a freezer on the bottom one, and still have a water/ice dispenser in the door. - Jennifer Dittrich
We saw some impressive Samsungs yesterday, and I'm going to do some reading about them. Thanks! - LB: Ratchet Bear
We've been pretty happy with our Samsung freezer-on-the-bottom (with *no* icemaker or water dispenser in the door, 'cuz that's the way we like it--actually, "no plumbing connection" suits us just fine). The Kenmore (I think) in our old house was also bottom-freezer and fine, but noisy. - Walt Crawford
Well, we just got a chest freezer because the one built in with the fridge was not big enough anymore. We haven't used it yet, but one thing's for sure: Lots of moar space for magnets. - Uli
(We) loved (the) freezer on the bottom Kenmore (that) we had - JAson FLeming from Android
^Yoda, is that you? - Katy S
My next one will be freezer on the bottom for more energy efficiency and the additional fridge storage. - LoisMarketing
We have an LG something or other which we like ok, except that the ice & water come out of different places so people inevitably get water on their feet the first time they come over. Bad UI. - Jaclyn aka spamgirl
My parents have the freezer on the bottom thing. I HATE it. Too much bending. I worry I'm going to have a sudden heart attack and die face first in the bird's eye peas - Soup in a TARDIS
we originally wanted a freezer on the bottom but ended up with a side by side 1) less expensive 2) water/ice in the door (we use all the time). also we got shiny black because way way less expensive than stainless for a better fridge. ymmv - Christina Pikas
If you do go for stainless steel, be warned that you might not have anywhere to put magnets (we didn't realize that when we bought our new fridge - magnets don't stick to the front of our fridge). - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE
our latest fridge is an Amana with French Doors and a bottom freezer bin. The Mr. refuses to get anything other than a bottom freezer model (he's 6'2" and can't see the food in the fridge with the freezer on top) and the side by side models can be harder to store pizzas and flat items. I really like it. - Elizabeth Brown
Justin, Mr. Industrial Arts Applied Science Guy, dislikes when the bottom-freezer models don't have full drawers around the freezer basket -- he says you're just dumping excess cold onto the floor when they pull out and there's no "bin" around the bottom to hold the air. I have no idea if he's being Mr. OBSESSIVE Industrial Arts Applied Science Guy, but it's what I know. :) - Jenica
@Beth - I kind of like that Mr. is 6'4" and doesn't like to bend down. I can hide my treats I don't want him to scarf in the bottom drawer :) - Christina Pikas
Christina - the bottom freezer is quite handy for hiding ice cream. :) Although honestly the treats I need to hide aren't in the refrigerator. - Elizabeth Brown
LB: Ratchet Bear
We need a new washer and dryer. I'm not picky about whether the washer is a top-loading or front-loading model as long as it doesn't leak. What do you have and love?
I have a Fisher and Paykel washer/dryer. I miss my GE. Don't ask me why I went with this set, I really dislike everything about it. - Janet
I have an LG WaveForce top load washer. We bought it last year when our Maytag started leaking. We got a really good deal on it since the newer models were coming out. My dryer is still the pair to the Maytag. There was nothing wrong with it so why replace it? - Elena
I would recommend avoiding Whirlpool if you buy a front loader. While ours is very nice, they apparently have a lot of issues (we had to replace the tub assembly once already - in less than two years). I've heard good things about the LG models, but don't have personal experience with them - COMPLICATED MR. NOODLE from WinForFeed
I have a Consumer Reports subscription just for these kinds of things. You might consider a sub to the web site. - Eric - Watch Me Now
We have had Whirlpool Duets for over 5 years now without any issues, but that doesn't mean that Whirlpool hasn't cheaped out in recent years. I'd definitely give LG a go next time we are on the market for a washer or dryer. They've been putting good stuff out all around if my TV and vacuum cleaner are any indication. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
I would not bank on Consumer Reports' information being very accurate or useful. They've gone down hill in recent years. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Friends have had many problems with front loading washers, primarily the bad odor they harbor. I'd stay with traditional top loading for now. :) - LoisMarketing
Who else does testing on appliances? I can't think of anyone Alex. - Eric - Watch Me Now
My dryer is top loading and I do not like! - Janet from FFHound!
Front loading forever. Samsung makes a very nice model. - Soup in a TARDIS
I have a top-loading Fisher and Paykel washer with the matching dryer. It's one of the earlier models and I love it, although it sounds like an airplane taking off if you have it on the fastest spin setting. This is the second FP set we've had (we moved four years ago) and have never had any problems with them. I think all of their models are Energy star certified. - Elizabeth Brown
I <3 my front-loading high-efficiency samsung. We call it the spaceship in the basement, because, like Elizabeth's, it really sounds like it's ready to launch. And if you leave the door cracked when not in use, there's no odor problem at all. - Jenica
American Chemical Society introduces ACS ChemWorx -- the first secure, integrated research management environment serving scientists worldwide -
I have not very coherent but troubled thoughts about this. Something along the lines of this is a private society that would like to then make money off your articles/data/research... or keep an eye on what you're reading and working on. - Hedgehog
do not like. just more hooks into the faculty to get us to throw money their way. already advised our dudes to stay away. - jambina
"research management" sounds like it's beyond the scope of the services appropriate for the library to support. I encourage faculty to subscribe to this sic individually, if they think it is of value. - DJF from Android
Seems like a cross of Mendely and RefWorks and Facebook/ResearchGate. - Joe - Systems Analyst
the comments I have seen so far indicate some are curious but may not switch over because of the inertia. I think this it's pretty late to start something like this. - Elizabeth Brown
John Dupuis
IEEE has a PLOS ONE-style journal. Yay! No CC-BY license? Boo! Require copyright transfer? Double boo!
Here it is: check the info for authors... - John Dupuis
gah - jambina
oh, and look, the editorial board has 26 men and 1 woman. - Marie
lol - Meg VMeg
So much #fail. I was supposed to be in on some early stakeholder consultations but they kept postponing and it never happened. Same with Heather Piwowar. - John Dupuis
Some days I think it would be handy if someone had trademarked the term "open access" so it would be possible to prevent people misusing it by applying it to things that are merely openly accessible. - Deborah Fitchett
I sent an email to the consultations contact. - John Dupuis's a low, low, $1,750 per paper. How can IEEE possibly even survive such a low-cost publishing model? I sometimes wonder whether "predatory" is being applied to the wrong segment. - Walt Crawford
Looks like the consultation might end up happening after all. Better late than never I guess. And I hope not too late to make a difference. - John Dupuis
Go, John, go! - Marie
Good for you, John! - Heather Piwowar
(sigh) why does this sound all-too familiar? (/sigh) - Elizabeth Brown
Salad idea I copied from a colleague: chop salad ingredients ahead of time to keep in the fridge. When you want a salad (or are getting lunch ready), it just takes five minutes to assemble it. Yes, it's obvious, but I hadn't thought of it. Now I eat salad more often and only have to chop twice a week, at most.
What do you put in your salad? - Betsy
My salad ingredients: cucumbers; bell peppers (green and red); mushrooms; a can of chickpeas and a can of black beans, drained and mixed together; cooked chicken strips from Costco or Chicken-Less strips from Trader Joe's. The greens are usually a spring mix or a mix of spring mix and baby spinach. The tomatoes are either grape tomatoes or small tomatoes that I chop when I'm assembling the salad. (I used to slice a hard-boiled egg instead of the chicken strips.) - Betsy
I like to add raisins/cranberries and nuts when I can. - Elizabeth Brown
All of the above are wonderful, of course, but I'd add arugula to the leafy mix and definitely an avocado adds a nice richness. A great idea for the protein is a can of Italian tuna, the kind packed in olive oil. We drain most of the oil, but it does add to the flavour. Nut-wise, we mostly use chopped walnuts. Especially in the summer, we often will pair a giant salad with a nice French bread and that's supper. Yes, that even works with my 17 and 20 year old sons. - John Dupuis
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