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Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Brown

Director of Assessment and Scholarly Communication, Binghamton Univ. Libraries; Mendeley Community Advisor
lost one of the nose cushions for my glasses. #annoying
caught Halloween on the Lawn- do not remember this from my UG days. #lac12
gah? - Meg VMeg
enjoyed LAC2012. Brain is full of ideas for when I get home. #lac12
Enjoying LAC 2012 - great presentations so far. Bonus: free glow stick. #lac12
off to LAC2012 on Sunday. First time back in C'ville since 1995...
Check out the impact story at My Collection: via @ImpactStory
RT @LibSkrat: Jonathan Band, I <3 you. http://www.librarycopyrightall...
Hey, the twitter feed is working! - Elizabeth Brown
And finally, my Google Scholar Citations Profile is: (no profile number)
My Researcher ID profile (from Web of Science) is:
surprised how many of my earlier science publications are not in Scopus #ORCID
Google Scholar Citations profile seems to be easier than setting up an ORCID ID
My ORCID ID #: 0000-0001-7983-5868 (works are not accurate just yet)
RT @DigitalKoans: Thomson Reuters Launches Data Citation Index
Presentation: Data management plans (Anthropology) -
Data management plans archeology class 10 18 2012 -
Data management plans archeology class 10 18 2012
Upon request, this is Mr. Gray (AKA Luke). He gets "crazy eyes" when he's excited.
Luke (1).jpg
Besides the wild behavior, he's a very sweet cat. Hopefully he will calm down after he's fixed. - Elizabeth Brown
Mr. Gray cat got too close to a lit candle last night and singed his top whiskers. What a goofball.
oh noes! - Meg VMeg
he is the goofiest cat ever, and is so curious he's always getting into trouble. Plus he's still a baby (5 months). - Elizabeth Brown
OMG PICS???? - Meg VMeg
am pretty sure I'll be going to ACRL 2013 next spring - it's my first one.
RT @tmvogel: Torgo on my iPhone? Yes, please! RT @mashable: World's Worst Movie Gets a Retro iPhone Game #MST3K
getting ready for the SLA 2012 conference #sla2012
see you there! - LibrarianOnTheLoose
thanks! I should be at the LSW meetup. My flight gets in tomorrow mid-morning. - Elizabeth Brown
yay Beth! - Meg VMeg
RT @jokrausdu: [Tag] Abandoning the Orphans: An Open Access Approach to Hostage Works by Lydia Loren :: SSRN
I didn't know you were UVA? - Meg VMeg
Yes - CLAS 90. I sent in my response, along with thousands of others, I'm sure. - Elizabeth Brown
Good. - Meg VMeg from fftogo
what's the best place for following this story, in your opinion? - Rachel Walden
The Washington Post has had the best coverage, IMO. Also the Chronicle. - Elizabeth Brown
RT @educause: Also, we plan to follow up the Symposium with a preview of the Analytics Study Research Hub... stay tuned. #ECAR12
RT @figshare: Share your dynamic #research #impact metrics on your blog or university profile - figshare Profile Badges #altmetrics
RT @jokrausdu: [Tag] 2012 Open Access Week Kick Off Webcast Slides (SPARC)
RT @rtennant: "Two Huge Linked Data Announcements" from my employer OCLC
backyard chipmunk has learned how to climb up and down the entire back porch screen #chipmunkwednesday
First chipmunk at our house to do this - he/she is quite the climber! - Elizabeth Brown
looked up from this morning's breakfast - saw a black bear walking through my backyard #bearsaturday
RT @yasmeen_azadi: Scholarly Communication is not just publication: My data are your data #ScholCommJMU
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