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Got a song in your head you can't get rid of? Post a link here to share with everyone else!
LB put a spell on you.
Current earworm: "Sunglasses at Night" by Corey Hart. Yeah, I don't get it either.
Big Joe Silence
Def Leppard's "Let It Go"
back in '81 i was sure he was singing "Wonder Woman" instead of "one good woman" on the bridge. - Big Joe Silence
also, how much more misogynistic could this song get without verging into descriptions of physical abuse or outright rape? *cringe* (FWIW, i never liked this tune but had it constantly inflicted upon me by friends.) - Big Joe Silence
i wonder if anyone has done a mashup of this and the "Let It Go" from the Disney film "Frozen"? - Big Joe Silence
Spidra Webster
LB put a spell on you.
Current earworm is a mashup of "Jolene" and "Hello, Mary Lou." I have no idea.
LB put a spell on you.
Melly - #TeamMarina
I came in like a wreeeeeeecking baaaaaaall.
Melly - #TeamMarina
Why you gotta be so ruuuuuuuuude.
Big Joe Silence
just walked past the pantry and saw a box of Zatarain's Dirty Rice Mix. suddenly i started singing the phrase "Dirty Rice Mix" to the chorus of Foreigner's "Dirty White Boy". i obviously need counselling. perhaps an exorcism. :P
No. You need a Certificate of AWESOME. :D And now I'm singing it too. (and also craving Zatarain's) - Hookuh Tinypants
LB put a spell on you.
Mr. B just earwormed me with, "My Hero, Zero." You're welcome.
LB put a spell on you.
This ”Alice the Camel" #earworm brought to you by I have no idea what.
Spidra Webster
Earworm all this week has been "I'm Alright" thanks to looking at Caddyshack clips last week.
Big Joe Silence
"Listen, baby, you can hear the engine ring. We've been up and down this highway, haven't seen a goddamned thing."
*beats head against door frame* - Big Joe Silence
Surely make you lose your mind. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Big Joe Silence
the theme to "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension"...
Best. Thing. Ever. - Stephen Mack from iPhone
bumping for no reason. - Big Joe Silence
April Russo
LB put a spell on you.
What the... A "Peace Train" earworm?!
Big Joe Silence
Billy Joel - Uptown Girl
*slams steel door on own head until concussed* - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
ear-wormed by early 80s Robert Plant. "Burning Down One Side"
track 1 from his first solo album "Pictures At Eleven". - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
while getting the mail out of the letter slot by the door, i started idly yargling "In The Year 2525" by Zager and Evans.
our oldest (looking at me funny): "2525? I'll be 20 by then!" - Big Joe Silence
me: "..." - Big Joe Silence
LB put a spell on you.
"Cat, hat. In French chat, chapeau..." #earworm
" Spanish el gato in a sombrero... " - LB put a spell on you. from Android
Big Joe Silence
Van Halen - Runnin' With The Devil (David Lee Roth's isolated vocal track)
Oh, that's a good one. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
"GoddamnitbabyyouknowIain'tlyin'toyaI'monlygon'tellyouonetimeAhhhyaaaa!!!" is the perfect ringtone. - Big Joe Silence
You could get a lot of good ringtones and PC system sounds out of this. :-D - April Russo
Spidra Webster
Someone talked about a fifth interval and now A Fifth of Beethoven is in my head.
Big Joe Silence
AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
i remember recording this off the radio when i was a kid. in 1976. 0_o - Big Joe Silence
i wasn't even a fan of this band, i just liked the song for some reason. - Big Joe Silence
LB put a spell on you.
Current earworm: "Code Monkey"
LB put a spell on you.
Today's earworm is a mashup of "Maria" from West Side Story and the Subway "Five Dollar Footlong" jingle.
LB put a spell on you.
Gah! "Eye of the Tiger" earworm from an email!
I'm just gonna listen to it. - LB put a spell on you.
And topping it off with "Burning Heart." - LB put a spell on you.
LB put a spell on you.
Inspired by the "Remember, remember" posts, do any of you get earworms that are poems (or parts of poems) instead of songs? The Guy Fawkes one gets me on occasion throughout the year, as does Milne's "Disobedience," a/k/a "James James Morrison Morrison Weatherby George Dupree..." Am I alone?
I regularly get the opening lines of Beowulf stuck on repeat, and sometimes the opening of Canturbury Tales. Also, Eletelephony pops up in irregular intervals for no apparent reason: - Kirsten
Thank you, Kirsten! I'm glad it's not just me. :D - LB put a spell on you.
Usually the first one or two sentences of either a HS novel (It was the best of times and the worst of times) or the first paragraph of my anatomy/physiology book, especially the pancreas chapter. - Janet from FFHound!
I get bits of dialogue from novels. - Rebecca Hedreen
Big Joe Silence
the song echoing through our house the past couple of days. our oldest has added some verses, too. - Big Joe Silence
Big Joe Silence
♫ "See the man with the lonely eyes. Oh, take his hand, you'll be surprised." ♫
Nobody knows what it's like... - m9m, Crone of FriendFeed
the jarring transition from "Give A Little Bit" to "Behind Blue Eyes". *HEADEXPLODEY* - Big Joe Silence
LB put a spell on you.
Which of you is to blame for this "Groove Is in the Heart" earworm?
Oh dear. Not me. - t-ra supports #LOLSpidra from Android
Na-na-nanana! Grooooove is in the heaaaaaaaart! - Zulema ❧ spicy cocoa tart from Android
I'll swap you Stevie Wonder's "Uptight" .... - LoisMarketing
Me. I danced to it this weekend. ;) - Jason from iPhone
I'll take it in exchange for "What does the fox say?" - (Curtis) Alan Jackson
Jason! It's all your fault! - LB put a spell on you. from Android
Dig - Johnny
Big Joe Silence
why the Hell do i suddenly have "Boogie Fever" stuck in my head on repeat?? 0_o
Cause you've got to boogie down? - Friar Will
quite possibly. - Big Joe Silence
but be careful, cos i think it's going around. - Big Joe Silence
Luckily I feel no inclination at the present time to boogie. :^) - Friar Will
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