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RT @NASA: "G-o-o-d morning, Discovery!" Robin Williams awakened a space shuttle crew in 1988: #RIPRobinWilliams @collectSPACE
RT @NASA: "G-o-o-d morning, Discovery!" Robin Williams awakened a space shuttle crew in 1988: #RIPRobinWilliams @collectSPACE
Trippy. When Einstein Met Tagore
"Everything I know about business in one minute."
Trippy. When Einstein Met Tagore
Love People, Not Pleasure
RT @maesaslaw: "Intellectual brilliance is no guarantee against being dead wrong." C. Sagan
RT @Penenberg: Undocumented immigrants paid $100 billion to Social Security over last decade and most won't collect.
Dig this. Simple and effective: "The Rule of 3 and 10"
RT @wolever: Google Analytics: fewer than 5% of visitors use IE 8. those 5% represent 25% of our revenue. Crap.
RT @garrytan: People are marching against Google buses when they should be marching for more housing permits.
RT @maxvoltar: Any (SF) freelance designers looking for an 8 week (really cool) gig? DM me.
RT @brainpicker: "All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” Blaise Pascal #LitJuke
RT @percolate: "We often talk about how mobile is the second screen. But it's actually the first." - @James_Gross #Transition2014
"When people feel uncertain, [they’d rather listen to] somebody who’s strong and wrong than somebody..." http://westcoasttechmeetseastc...
RT @gapingvoid: Of all the arts, music to me is the most miraculous.
RT @bfeld: Feld Thoughts: AngelList Syndicate Feedback From An Experienced Entrepreneur
RT @Veronica: So this weekend, @ryan and I attempted to cancel Comcast over the phone. This is how it went down:
RT @evankirstel: Before GPS, behold, the 1920s RouteFinder
Amazon, a Friendly Giant as Long as It’s Fed
RT @garrytan: Saturday afternoon tech reading: the Ethereum White Paper
/3 @carouselapp and finally how do you not give the user control to dismiss this notification?
/2 @carouselapp not to mention requiring me to perform 2 other actions I've already done but you're not aware of?
/1 @carouselapp you seriously going to leave a bouncing notification at the top of the app screen until I share a photo with someone?
RT @BBCr4today: Earth (bottom right) from nearly a billion miles away, taken from the 10-year-old Cassini probe orbiting Saturn
Gas tax hasn't changed in 21 years (18.4 cents a gallon) -- almost doesn't seem believable.
RT @cdixon: "Marijuana-related arrests plummeted in Colorado, freeing up law enforcement to focus on other criminal activity"
RT @Digidave: Always wanted @lessig to run for office. But running a SuperPac to end all SuperPacs is close 2nd. I donated:
RT @benadida: OK I'm digging deep. I'll give $10 to @lessig for every retweet I get. Up to $2000. Contribute at
RT @mnshah: The Plan To Take Our Democracy Back via @youtube
RT @mnshah: The Plan To Take Our Democracy Back via @youtube
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