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Keith Coleman
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Inserting images - http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009...
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Inserting images
"Well, it's about time." - Keith Coleman from Bookmarklet
Have features been graduating out of labs? I'm looking forward to seeing some of the more helpful, less controversial features graduating to the beta version. (Heh. Graduating to beta...) - Kevin Fox
++kfox, start graduating stuff! :) - Jenna Bilotta
to find is Settings-Labs-Inserting images - Michael Holzinger
Bret Taylor
Unix time will be 1234567890 on Friday, February 13 at 15:31:30 PST
The end of days? - Dave Winer
No, it should not be end of days, but there may be a problem in 2019 (I think it was about storage limit of bigint or mediumint) - AlpB.
Don't worry, we always have failover to IMP1 http://www.cs.ucla.edu/~lk... with auto-reboot of teh interwebz. - michael silverton
Or Saturday, February 14 at 00:31:30 CET - On Valentine's Day :) - Wojciech Polak
Try it out yourself. In Ruby: Time.parse('2009-02-14 01:31:30 +0200').to_i - Soyapi Mumba
Soyapi: +0200 is EET, CET is UTC+1 - Wojciech Polak
Wojciech: It's also CAT which what I'm on :) It works long as the hour and the Timezone correspond - Soyapi Mumba
Notice that it falls on Friday the 13th in the Yucatan. The Mayans predicted this. ;) - John Craft
"Catch of the day" - http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Google latitude t-shirt found from TechMeme's coverage of Google Latitude. What's your catch today?
Joel Alenchery
Headup puts semantic search in your browser - http://news.cnet.com/8301-17...
Bret Taylor
Infrastructure for Modern Web Sites « random($foo) - http://randomfoo.net/2009...
"One of the things that I did when I wrapping up at Yahoo! was to begin to take a look at the current state of web frameworks. I ended up picking Django, but I have to say, I was disappointed with the state of what’s out there. Friends will have heard me bemoaning this sad state of affairs - that while Rails and Django might make CRUD easier, that the ORMs weren’t suitable for scaling beyond “toy” sizes, and that more importantly, they didn’t seem to address almost any of the pain points of building and maintaining a modern website." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
Java has some nice ORMs. I've found that Guice + Hbernate/JPA gets you ORM scalability with minimum code, without the Spring monster. But I'm not willing to go the JSP/Seam/Tapestry/Wicket route, too much junk. I think marrying REST JSON/ProtocolBuffers/RPC with a GWT front end and hibernate backend solves alot of the issues surrounding server-side template frameworks, and their attempts to hide HTTP stateless-ness behind abstractions like continuations or in-memory UI widget trees. - Ray Cromwell
And if you're willing to get your feet wet with Scala, it has a nice activerecord-ish ORM and web framework called Lift, but I still prefer the REST approach. - Ray Cromwell
ORMs are very low on my personal list for infrastructure that I want/use to develop web sites. Deployment tools, A/B testing infrastructure, etc, get much less attention than they deserve relative to things like ORM. - Bret Taylor
I just find it hard to trust ORM, I have in the past been burnt by systems that made it incredibly hard to deploy changes - and I have typically been involved in systems where database optimisation mattered, and the choice of presentation/templating layer was key to productivity, as did reliability, easy change and deployment. - Iphigenie
Bret, I'm with you on not really caring for ORMs. But what about the rest of the FriendFeed implementors? I get the impression you all are using something to abstract away database calls. - Bruce Lewis from fftogo
It seems like a lot of hit below-the-line stuff can be handled by services like App Engine. But then he runs into the potential issue of his above-the-line stuff not working as the kills most Django apps that would address those issues. - Brett Cannon
Bret Taylor
Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Offline Gmail - http://gmailblog.blogspot.com/2009...
"Today we're starting to roll out an experimental feature in Gmail Labs that should help fill in those gaps: offline Gmail. So even if you're offline, you can open your web browser, go to gmail.com, and get to your mail just like you're used to." - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
This always irritates me a lot: "We're making offline Gmail available to everyone who uses Gmail in US or UK English over the next couple of days, so if you don't see it under the Labs tab yet, it should be there soon." You guys need to change your push process so things are available when they are announced or at a predictable time so I don't need to keep checking back for 48 hours... - Bret Taylor
Long time coming! Sweet. - Shawn Farner
Woo-hoo! Way cool. But yeah, very disappointing to not have it *right now*. - Richard Chen
@Bret are you suggesting that they roll it out silently, then tell people about it, then switch the feature on for everybody all at once? - Adewale Oshineye
Let's see if Bret still says that once there are 100 gazillion FriendFeed users each with 100 gazillion gigabytes of data. ; ) - DeWitt Clinton
Yes, more or less. (I think it should be available "imminently" or announced after it is actually available - that is what we did for most consumer products at Google). It is really weird to tell your users a feature has "launched" when it is not available to them, and there is no predictable path or timeline to use it. It seems like one could get the feature-turning-on process down below 30 mins or so. - Bret Taylor
DeWitt: I am not saying it is easy, just saying it is worthwhile. - Bret Taylor
I'm going to guess -- with no inside knowledge -- that flipping the bit on the accounts is easy compared with the scaling problem of having those millions of people all downloading all of their email at exactly the same time. But I could be wrong. - DeWitt Clinton
But more to the point: holy crap, offline gmail launched! - DeWitt Clinton
Has Google Reader always had offline support as well? Just noticed the little green online/offline toggle in the upper right menu... - Ken Sheppardson
@Ken: yah, Reader launched with Offline support the day we launched Gears at the fist Google developer conference a year and a half ago. - Bret Taylor
Bret: Nice. I completely missed that. Just installed Gears earlier today to use RTM offline, next thing you know... heh. - Ken Sheppardson
arf... still waiting for it in my labs. - Justin Hart
WARNING: Anyone with access to your computer will be able to read your offline emails, due to the lack of encryption in Gears databases - lautaro
lautaro, true but presumably you should put some kind of protection on your computer in general, lest someone be able to read/delete all the files on your computer. Only use Offline Gmail on computers you can secure or in trusted environments. Treat it like files on your computer. - Kevin Fox
I has it! Woo!! - Nick Humphries
Everyone should have it; if you don't, reload Gmail and it should appear. (That's generally true of everything we do for Labs, fwiw. The fact that you have to turn it on manually counts as a 'slow rollout'.) - Ryan Anderson
@Ryan Anderson Actually not the case. Neither refreshing nor logging out and logging back in again brings the offline feature into my labs choices. - Ben Greenberg
@Ben, sorry, I appear to have misread some mail earlier today, ignore me. - Ryan Anderson
@bret -- it's tough to manage a large number of users enabling offline simultaneously, each downloading thousands of messages/attachments on initial sync. We could do as you suggest, and only announce the feature after the rollout was complete, but that's problematic too (it still wouldn't do much to stagger the initial load, plus the press would break the news before we did, which is confusing for users...). Any ideas? :-) - Todd Jackson
@todd Boarding a long flight at 2pm EST tomorrow and hoping I get the tab to go offline before then. Hint... hint.... :) - Christopher Sacca
Todd: Re "Any ideas", absolutely... let users know when they can expect to have the functionality enabled on their account. You could either use the Cable Installer Method ("sometime between 8AM and Noon on Tuesday"), or the Rolling Blackout Method ("you're in block 4. We're on block 2 right now"), Alphabetical Order ("you're an M, we're on E")... Time Zones... State... whatever... - Ken Sheppardson
Also, maybe you could find out how many users actually use the Labs features and how frequently they use Gmail. These users would be the most likely to appreciate the new features. For instance, my roomate has the new feature and didn't even know about it, so he wouldn't have missed it. (I guess it's hard to determine who reads the Google Blog though :P) - Brandon Titus
What you *could* roll out to everbody is a little button in Gmail Labs so that a user could indicate they've heard about the feature and would like to be added to a queue such that if you explicitly ask to use the feature, it moves you up to the head of the line... or the tail of the list of other people who've specifically requested the feature. - Ken Sheppardson
I agree with Ken on this. I feel like people who aren't really interested get the feature first and this irritates me. - Brandon Titus
Anyone have any guesses as to how this will work if you have multiple Gmail accounts being used on a single computer? Or if I have a Gmail account and an App account that I’d like to have both run offline on the same computer? - Chris Stevenson
Good question Chris. Looks like there is a bug with using it with multiple accounts anyway (not exactly what you were looking for, but interesting. http://groups.google.com/group... - Brandon Titus
Can't wait for it to work outside of the US & UK... - Eitan Burcat
Can't wait for it to actually get to my account...another friend of mine just got it. Too bad he uses Mail to manage his Gmail account instead of actually using the web interface. There needs to be a way to opt-in to get priority position on the role out. - Brandon Titus
Instead of these "offline web apps" I rather use real desktop apps, thank you... - Jemm
@Brandon Titus - Thanks for the link! Reads like I should avoid this if I have more than one account used on a computer to be safe. - Chris Stevenson
Options to limit the time for which messages are downloaded, the disk space used, and ESPECIALLY TO NOT DOWNLOAD LARGE ATTACHMENTS would be a plus. 500+ attachments were downloaded from my gmail account. No options to avoid it. http://tinyurl.com/t3hsUk - iSteeve
what's the difference between gmail off-line with thunderbird/outlook? I prefer thunderbird, which works both offiline and online. - xia
Take a bow Gmail. You have done a wonderful job. It was delayed but after using I know why it was delayed. :-) - Sidharth Dassani
Gmail Offline status after 12h of synch: "Finished downloading messages, 1463 attachments still to be downloaded" & 1.53GB less on my HD :( - Xavier Donat
Paul Buchheit
Let’s all grow up | Zen and the Art of Programming - http://antoniocangiano.com/2009...
"Acting bitter on the Internet seems to be increasingly gathering the popularity amongst an audience that’s used to being amused and entertained by cheap attacks. Concepts like respect, courtesy, or civility - let alone class - appear to be all but forgotten. It’s worth caring about this toxic environment, where nastiness and negativity are not only tolerated but to a certain extent encouraged, because of its effects on the community." - Paul Buchheit from Bookmarklet
Amen amen amen. - Dave Winer
Garyvee is a great example. Some people like the guy -- I find him super-annoying. So the solution is really obvious -- don't watch. The whole idea of blogging and the other tools we use is to give everyone a platform for their ideas and it also makes famous people more accessible which is great, because maybe people can learn that everyone deserves human respect. - Dave Winer
This topic was on my mind yesterday (http://frethink.com/2009...). Civility and respect are rare commodities in online communities. Relative anonymity encourages irresponsible behavior. - Jack&Cleo
Yogi – confessions of a MS Silverlight fan - http://blog.headup.com/2009...
"the next thing I knew I was sitting in front of a keyboard fiddling with Silverlight." - Funny man,... I can sooo imagine this moment :P - Eitan Burcat
Great post Yogi - Tal Keinan
Karen Padham Taylor
He finally did it! on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
He finally did it! on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
LOVE IT! - Lindsay
竟然离开了键盘,哈哈,打倒叛逆分子~ - 阿石
Clever! - Jeff P. Henderson
I wonder where an ESC key goes when not attached to a keyboard... - Maggie
Jon McAlister
The real cause of the financial crisis - http://www.semyon.com/crisis...
definite food for thought - mikepk
Brilliant analogy. I'm not sure one can outlaw money management tho, such a ban would probably result in even more complex arrangements and schemes to route around the ban. I think ultimately, someone will figure out a structure that is legal, at least in some jurisdictions. It's like the attempts to regulate political campaign spending. - Ray Cromwell
but where are we going - Bob Sonin
"The managers who have the discipline to understand and avoid the Martingale tricks will not be able to compete on the basis of their returns over a few years, and will eventually lose their funds and their jobs." -MIT Blackjack Team - DeWitt Clinton
Fortunately the above statement is not always true. There are just enough discriminating and intelligent investors to keep the disciplined and relatively ethical managers and advisers in business. - DeWitt Clinton
Where do I find these magical manager DeWitt? The problem is that people make the system complex enough that they no longer understand the risks. Even worse, the screw up the whole market, as we are now seeing. - Paul Buchheit
This is just one small counter-example of course, but the guy who runs Marijke's firm is both ethical and very talented -- his client base is testament to that. He does well because he's knowledgeable and adamant about not letting their clients fall prey the short-term greed the author here discusses. Happy to make introductions sometime if your interested; I bet you'd like him - smart, long-term. But to the general point, wealthy people stay wealthy because they're not stupid - they find people they trust. - DeWitt Clinton
I'd be interested. Who is Marijke? - Paul Buchheit
My fiancée. I'll email you... - DeWitt Clinton
"Of course there's a catch that few people notice. When the unlikely one in a thousand event happens and you do lose ten in a row, the actual amount that you've lost is over $100,000, all risked to win a mere hundred bucks. You might not have any way of doubling up again. You might even need some sort of bailout." - Clare Dibble
Asa Zaidman, our product manager, talks about “headup this” - http://blog.headup.com/2009...
headup your google - a chat with Guy Halawi, our development team leader - http://blog.headup.com/2009...
yuval kesten
Don't you think we look alike? Maybe just a little bit?
This is Cantor BTW... - yuval kesten
maybe in other body parts ? - shlomi
Tal Muskal
headup your google - a chat with Guy Halawi, our development team leader - http://blog.headup.com/2009...
Omer Perchik
Jonathan Lee
BioPower Systems - Biologically Inspired Ocean Power Systems - http://www.biopowersystems.com/
BioPower Systems - Biologically Inspired Ocean Power Systems
"BioPower Systems is commercialising ocean power conversion technologies. Through application of biomimicry, we have adopted nature's mechanisms for survival and energy conversion in the marine environment and have applied these in the development of our proprietary wave and tidal power systems." - Jonathan Lee from Bookmarklet
A. T.
Race to prove green tops gasoline - http://www.france24.com/en...
"A Japanese professor has invented an electric car with a top speed of 370km/h in a bid to prove green cars can outperform their gas-guzzling rivals." via RAPatton - A. T.
Tal Muskal
The semantic conundrum or “How do you know what you don’t know?” - http://blog.headup.com/2008...
Obama: "The truth is that promoting science isn’t just about providing resources—it’s about protecting free and open inquiry. It’s about ensuring that facts and evidence are never twisted or obscured by politics or ideology. It’s about listening to what our scientists have to say, even when it’s inconvenient—especially when it’s inconvenient." - Nivi from Bookmarklet
Kevin Fox
Wells Fargo makes me feel "secure".
Picture 9.png
Your money is "safe" with them. - Paul Buchheit
Mmm... Sun logo... - Brian Johns
really don't believe in changing the favicon, do they? - Prolific Programmer
Bret, I went there first, but it wasn't immediately obvious how to "submit". - Kevin Fox
Why is it always Sun and BEA favicons that show up on these sites? I see those two all the damned time. - Joel Webber
Anything with apologetic quotes denotes SERIOUS BUSINESS. Don't let the flimsy appearance fool you. - Jeff Ventura
Whoa that is lame! hahaa! - Susan Beebe
LOL. It's the airquotes from Friends! - Anika
*snicker* - FFing Enigma
Bret - that's a great blog. Hadn't seen that before. - Hutch Carpenter
I don't trust any bank. They're all licensed bandits. felt that way long before they helped screwed up the economy - Ian May
I just subscribed to that blog too... labeled it "funny"... awesome - Susan Beebe
Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Toxel.com » Unusual USB Flash Drives Collection - http://www.toxel.com/tech...
Toxel.com » Unusual USB Flash Drives Collection
Toxel.com » Unusual USB Flash Drives Collection
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silly stuff--it's late... - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio) from Bookmarklet
Rob H.
Philipp Lenssen
Let Me Google That For You - http://blogoscoped.com/archive...
omg, i don't like it, i love it! daily i get people asking me questions that i answer with a google query... can't wait to use this haha - Dan Bedford
I need a ubiquity script for this :) - Eitan Burcat
hunter walk
why does clicking on this not work on the iPhone? I just get YouTube's homepage. - Michael Leggett
Bret Taylor
Barack Obama on 60 Minutes - http://www.cbsnews.com/video...
Great interview. Just watched it. I was especially happy to hear he is not a fan of the BCS system and wants a college football playoff :) - Bret Taylor from Bookmarklet
It has been a long time since I have seen 60 minutes, but for some reason, I found the editing very unsettling. I'm sure it was done to tighten up the duration, but I'm left wondering what was taken out. - stretta from twhirl
The Obama bully pulpit is in gear. - Rolf Schewe
I don't know if Rolf's comment was directed at me, but, for the record, I'm an Obama supporter and pretty far left even compared to my friends and neighbors in the solidly democratic city of Cambridge MA. If it was directed at me, I resent the implication that I must suppress any legitimate observations of how the mainstream media filters its content. Blind loyalty, lack of critical thinking and unquestioning acceptance is what got us into the mess that we currently find ourselves. - stretta from twhirl
stretta: You overanalyzed what I said. Wow. It was a general statement to Bret's BCS point. The bully pulpit is not necessarily a pejorative phrase, http://tr.im/19aq It just means that the president is in a spotlight position and can use it to their advantage, i.e. his BCS point will spark discussion and gain attention. Hopefully he will use that pulpit to frame important issues and set the public discussion/agenda in a positive way. - Rolf Schewe
Thanks for the clarification, Rolf. - stretta from twhirl
stretta: As I just did, people usually prefix their message with (persons name): or @person's name (Twitter style). Otherwise I assume it is aimed at the author of the post or the general comment thread group. - Rolf Schewe
Chris White: Good luck with that in a long thread with many commenters. I know people will do that sort of thing but I'll sure miss it and assume it is not aimed at me. You can't reliable insert a comment after one you are answering. Yeah, context may help but you can easily get confused. My first post here is case in point. - Rolf Schewe
Your method is right, Rolf. That's the best we can do. - Christopher Galtenberg
Christopher Galtenberg: Indeed, unless they add a reply mechanism to each comment and indent it or something. - Rolf Schewe
Yeah... tho a single stream is cool -- I'm more likely to read -- we can just use common conventions to have internal dialogue - Christopher Galtenberg
Also, iiuc, the Presidential bully pulpit only refers to statements the President makes himself, so this itself makes clear what Rolf's initial comment was referring to. - j1m
Christopher Galtenberg: I agree. Maybe instead of indenting, the reply mechanism I mentioned can prefix the comment box with the persons name in a standard way instead of doing it manually like I am now. Who knows, I know the FF staff will eventually tweak little things like that in the future. - Rolf Schewe
I thought this interview did very well. He did a good job promoting his humility. Talking about his apartment in DC, etc. I liked that he mentioned the unemployment rate during the Great Depression of 25-30% to contrast it to todays bad economy. - Thomas Hawk
"I'm not stupid, that's why I got elected president man!" - Obama on 60 minutes
Evan Williams
Dear coffee shops of America: Let's just assume no one needs a receipt, unless we're told otherwise.
What's even worse is when you buy a doughnut or cookie or similar, and they try and give you a bag to put it in. I'm not entirely feeble, I can carry one item, thank you. - James
The bag isn't for carrying ease. It's to hide the shame. :-) - Kevin Fox
maybe we could make it "green" to not give out receipts. that way stores could reduce their carbon footprint by not giving out receipts - Jonathan Jesse
What if they found a way to print receipts on bacon? Okay, okay. Prosciutto? - Kevin Fox
Haha. Costas give me TWO recipts for my coffee. I can only surmise that one is for the coffee, and the other is for the extra shot. So one is under "C" and the other goes under "E". Enron prevention, FTW - Roberto Bonini
For those who prefer, i'd like to see digital receipt cards, perhaps integrated into smart payment cards, we can then verify against our online statements, and also upload to whatever budgeting, business expense, and income tax software we use. - John Lam
I like when I get a receipt for lottery tickets. If need be, you can be damn certain that I can prove I bought a lottery ticket, because I'll have. . . . the WINNING TICKET! - Dave Roth
Tal Muskal
Knowing What you Don’t Know - or “Why Extension”? - http://blog.headup.com/?p=35
Distribute Your Content With Amazon CloudFront - http://aws.typepad.com/aws...
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