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RT @marshallk: Whenever my empathy 4 the poor wavers (be honest, hard skilled labor can do that to u) I remember the Veil of Ignorance
RT @BillGates: Good to see such strong interest in #stopkony - a key step to helping those most vulnerable.
Stop wasting time trying to organize your photos, let do it automatically for you via @MediaBoxIO
Locked out of my #GMail. Holding my breath.
RT @MediaBoxIO: is a platform to manage your photos online. We're launching soon.. sign up to get early invite @ (plz RT)
RT @channahboo: OH: The only intuitive interface is the nipple. Everything after that is learned.
I wish most apps would update themselves like Google Chrome, without asking me... And also that iOS would have a "keep me updated" option...
Lose yourself in @EllieGoulding’s #Lights, an interactive & colorful music experience using #webgl
RT @HackerNewsYC: USB Stick Contains Dual-Core Computer, Turns Any Screen Into an Android Station
What’s going on with the Hebrew search in Apple’s App Store?? -
Nice!! Amazon releases on November a $200 Android Kindle Fire, a $79 e-ink Kindle and a $99 e-ink Kindle Touch. These are damn CHEAP!
Started reading Public Parts by @jeffjarvis. Amazing timing with my feeling of creepiness re Facebook's recent push to share share share...
I'm in... Make today #endmalariaday. Tweet to help beat malaria
Oops, premature optimization. Nearly burnt a day for nothing...
“@timoreilly: Fascinating look at the connections between religion and epidemics” - reminds me "Guns, Germs, & Steel"...
RT @tferriss: A leader is best when people barely know he exists. When his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves. - Lao Tzu
Just pre-ordered @jeffjarvis 's Public Parts. Can't wait for it to get on my Kindle on Sept. 27! WWGD was Very inspiring.
RT @hackernewsbot: New leukemia treatment "exceeded our wildest expectations"...
RT @hackernewsbot: Next-Gen Web Apps: Google unleashes Native Client into Chrome...
If it takes merely the same time to do a mockup / to layout the final UI + screenshot it, why should I mockup? #Balsamiq
RT @JoeG2001: Five years ago @23andme charged $1,000 to map your DNA. Now it is only $99. That is technological innovation at work.
Did some catching up on TED. 'Ending hunger now' and 'The origins of pleasure' are good
RT @Forbes: Civilization Launches Farmville Killer on Facebook
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