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RT @WiredFeed: iPhone Experiment One Single Life Toys With Gaming Mortality: In free iPhone game One Single Life, designer Anth...
RT @Alea_: How to Get a Real Education
Got a taxi driver to sing and drum on the wheel one of his son's songs in English & Spanish. Wish I could record it from my wrist watch. :)
OH a girl on the train: The guy that a week ago thought I dumped him because he had no money? He won the Lottery! And he calls me first!? :)
Leumi Call won't accept my new password because I try to change it from an iPhone?? @LeumiDigital
166 people highlighted this part of the book. I love Kindle :)
Site is down. @dreamhost 's control panel inaccessible. Hmmp. Hope it will get fixed soon.
Listening to Bob Dylan (The Time They Are A-Changin') on MixApp. Come listen with me:
Checkpoint - it sucks. You sold me a defective Sofaware, then ask me to pay $100 and for support. Take responsibility of your defects.
Listening to Manu Chao (Bongo Bong) on MixApp. Come listen with me:
תחזית: מקררי העתיד יגיעו עם ווב-קאם, כדי שנדע מה כבר יש בבית כשאנחנו בסופר. והכי מגניב זה שנוכל להדליק את המנורה מרחוק!
I REALLY need a Push-To-Talk button for Skype. I'd even give up the Scroll-Lock button in my keyboard for this... Maybe it's hackable
RT @DanielDecker: What’s Holding You Back? Great post via @travisro on the Don't Settle blog.
RT @timoreilly: RT @twhb on Facebook: Read this article with some patience, and you'll be rewarded with a mind-blower:
RT @hackernewsbot: This may be the best resume I have ever seen...
RT @elliotloh: The Flipboard team a) celebrates when they get rid of a button and b) has deleted more lines of code than they ship in the finished product.
My answer on Quora to: What are the best APIs for creating location-based Wikipedia mashups?
Quora: What are the best ways to discover new podcasts? 4 Answers:
RT @GreenCourse: Yep, it's hard to believe, but some politicians are still considering another COAL plant for Israel. We can stop this:
RT @jorendorff: "So this SEO expert walks into a bar, grill, pub, public house, Irish bar, bartender, drinks, beer, wine, liquor"
RT @naor: If you're into guitar playing.. HTML5 & Guitar Tabs.. (via @techcrunch) #fb
Having a really bad experience with my @Lenovo W510 in Israel. Problems from day 1, late service, and now it freezes. What a lemon.
RT @ahoova: Hysterical and scary - How to steal corporate secrets in 20 minutes: Ask #cio #it-leaders #dataleakage
RT @ShlomoSwidler: RT @joedevon: A visual guide to net neutrality: <--fantastic! Via @temojin
RT @MotherNatureNet: Awesome, indeed! RT @derekmarkham: Mindblowing: Waterdrop filmed at 10000 frames a second
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