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Ed Dale
30DC Day 06 is live! The Biggest Day Of ANY Thirty Day Challenge EVER!
I am dying with NO KEYWORD data for a niche. I would say 70% of the time I get "insufficient data" over the past 4 days. - Tim Steward
Me too! I submitted a problem ticket for this. I am having the same problem with the work around solution too. - Debbie
I like the option to spend some $ Well done. - Bjorn Weisser has fallen over from the traffic. - Ken Horovatin from twhirl
Absofreakinglutely brilliant!!! I can't believe the awesomeness of the first six days. If it continues at this rate I'm going to have to up my meds. - anniebinns
Insufficient data is from Google - I tried manually and get the same thing. Samurai is just pulling what Google is giving it. - Brian Shelton from twhirl