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Oracle 12c Pluggable Database - How to Plug, Unplug and Clone #oracle #12c
RT @max_webster: @eddieawad When I look at my bug workflow, I imagine MySQL 5.6 capturing a stream of events via InnoDB+memcached plugin. Easy to script.
100 workouts done! Thank you @Gympact for the extra motivation!
Ever been in a really crowded pool? #oracle #sga #tips
RT @oracletechnet: "Comments are Deodorant for Stinky Code" and other great analogies from @DustinMarx
Decision taken, I'm ditching my office chair for a standing desk
RT @SQLPerfTips: Multi-column indexes used multiple times: - Chose the column order wisely, even for the primary key.
How does one become an #Oracle e-Business Suite DBA? Here is how to get started
Kicking the tires of the #Oracle E-Business Suite Management Pack in Enterprise Manager
RT @bobevansIT: Oracle 'Onshores' Manufacturing Jobs to Oregon --my new post on #onshoring #Oracle @GovKitz
What's it like to live in a Facebook-less world?
Find salaries paid by many companies
Most Popular Programming Languages of 2013
"If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself." ~~ Albert Einstein #quote
Did you know that days 5 till 14 disappeared in October of year 1582 according to the Gregorian Calendar
RT @oracleunixdba: New install #oel6 user equiv grid setup not working. Big changes for ssh on oel 5.8 v 6.2 w/uek???
RT @orana: 5 quick and dirty Linux tips you may not know about
RT @cf_sarahk: @eddieawad @thatjeffsmith Thought twitter was all stupidStuff till I heard how much the CF community uses it. I found Oraclers via overlaps.
RT @markrittman: Why Microsoft Excel might be the most dangerous piece of software in your business
How to Fix #Oracle Data Block Corruption Using DBMS_REPAIR Package /via @OracleCommunity
.@OracleAlchemist @eaviles94 @ddfdba @mathewbutler Thanks for the tips regarding sizing #Oracle SGA.
1 machine, 64G physical mem, 1 busy OLTP database, sga_target 6G, sga_max_size 6G. Any reason not to increase sga values? #oracle #dba
Tech salaries "see biggest jump in a decade"
Is this a valid SQL optimization technique?
Read The #Oracle Daily ▸ today's top stories via @UweHesse @Greencognito
RT @donttrythis: Hey, Portland! The @MythBusters Exhibit opens TODAY at @omsi. Tickets are available here:
select description from thinking_in_sets; #sql #tip
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