Apparently the Baltimore Ravens players are too proud to wear pink in support of breast cancer awareness...
It always amazes me how twitter aware celebrities are. Great Interview with Dwayne Wade. via @huffingtonpost
Best LOST Finale Party Invitation Ever [PIC] -
"It is really funny/weird that the ticket # is 005 2115497747, that is the same ticket number used in Kill Bill Vol 1 for Beatrix Kiddo's ticket to Okinawa:" - Eddie Bovak
Nice View [Pic] -
"Travelogue on how to get there: ..." - Eddie Bovak
RT @ryanshrout: #Catalyst 10.2 giveaway courtesy of AMD - win free Mass Effect 2 Key!! RT our article within 24 hrs to enter!
Great review of Parallels 5 on MacTech: | Anyone at #macworld that can step by their booth and grab a coupon code 4 me?
Can't sleep... Must stop playing with my phone...
Local Hollywood video has gone out of business. My grand kids will likely never even step foot in a video rental store.
best opinion piece I have read about iPad so far:
Contemplating buying dragon age for myself, but will it just be another time suck?
I nominate @COLOURlovers for a Shorty Award in #apps because Themeleon rocks! It colored my twitter profile... Love it?
really annoys me when other people schedule meetings in my office, especially when I am already booked for another meeting.
Out of ikea, only $1200 poorer
On the way to ikea, pray for my safe return
getting ready for an ICC raid, looking forward to seeing the new bosses.
Applying for a columnist position, hope they find my writing up to snuff.
RE: @sfoskett I have active sync working with exchange, but I randomly have meetings that just don't show up on the iPh…
LETS GO PENS! Penguins Win!
Great Profile Pic @brutusram , were you a Chimney Sweep in Iraq?
Congrats Pittsburgh PENGUINS! 4-2 win over Detroit Red Wings
I think I am going to wait and see what apple announces, @brutusram read the engadget review before you buy your pre:
My daughter won't believe that the guy playing "Baggage Handler #2" in "trading Places" was soon to be US Senator Al Franken.
@playspymaster I want an invite!
Interesting take on why HTML 5 and apps like Google Wave will "spawn a thousand Operating Systems" on #io2009
Did Sun's UK CTO @wayne_horkan put his "Foot in Cloud" or "Cloud in Mouth" not sure which one is funnier?
I really enjoyed the rebuttal from @boeke on regarding The McKinsey's Cloud Computing Report authored by @ayewill
Great article on Cloud Spout, refuting McKinsey's gloomy cloud computing report.
you know the economy is bad when your two career choices are: Wack-a-mole operator or temporary tattoo kiosk clerk
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