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Whenever I’m on my downstairs WAP and walk upstairs. My iPhone stubbornly stays connected to the downstairs WAP w/ one bar of signal
RT @britsurfmuseum: Bruce Palmer surfing the Severn Bore alone in 1975 @britsurfmuseum @mattwarshaw #UKsurfheritage
My prob w/ Interstellar is reading so much click bait about the probs w/ Interstellar. How about 21 probs w/ Dark Money in politics instead?
RT @dean: Ted Cruz is the Obamacare for reason and logic. #DefinitionsbyTedCruz
RT @datachick: Scotch is the Obamacare for beverages. #DefinitionsbyTedCruz
What age is proper to show your kid SW Episode III? (Some pretty gnarly scenes)
RT @jayrobinson: Don’t read this article until you’ve seen Interstellar. But if you have, it’s a good one.
little mexican peelers always bring warm smiles. Ryan Graves enjoying the cult of single fin pintails.…
RT @jaywatsonphoto: "A Shared Moment" Nice long boarding w/ surfer Israel Preciado + film making from Mexico by @qpeeps #surfing
Sunday night rain @ Some Radom Toilet
how does OS X Mavericks use up 7.5 GBs of ram with only Messages and Safari open with one tab? #timetogetnewcomputer #thispieceold
Meat-based relationships > code-based relationships @ daddy want to play?
Brother Tyrone tywillyums is whipping up something new notesbrand, go follow/support. #notesbrand.
but I, for one, welcome our creative learning bot overlords.
seeing my computer work, while I'm watching tv and eating popcorn is what modern life should be about.
there's a certain pleasure i take when i use automation tools on my computer to do tasks it would normally take me hours/days to do.
I still think Time Machine is by far the most brilliant piece of software Apple has ever written. It's amazeballs. still.
holding @ Playa Peñitas
Saturday research @ Playa Peñitas
Low End Theory the best Tribe album? or Wut?
I made this for you. I thought you could use a hug. @ now status
that's the rent i pay.
RT @donttrythis: I rarely ask tweeps to RT an article, but RT the FRAK out of this: How to be polite. EVERYONE should read.
RT @501stLegion: First glimpse of the @starwars #EpisodeVII Stormtrooper & Snowtrooper (via @IndieRevolver)! The future of the #501st!
dear @Support, i'm a real person. can you unfunge this?
Pretty much the only reason I have to use SnapChat is to follow @CaseyNeistat. He's livecasting from Ferguson. Good use of Google Glass too!
my web skills are dead.
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