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Dead Cities. Everyone at the beach. Obre Los Ojos. @ GDL
Cellphone encoding. Wheat allergy. Sugar issues. Heavy metal poisoning. Getting it worked out, yo. @…
Just posted a photo @ Hotel Petit Hafa
RT @qpeeps: Wealth. Traffic. Pollution. Noise. Modern life. A teaser from our short video 'Lost My Mind'
hermitage @ Funky Nayarit
RT @qpeeps: Wealth. Traffic. Pollution. Noise. Modern life.
RT @chadenelsen: VIDEO: They Found WHAT Inside A Whale? #riseaboveplastics
RT @jimmoriarty: The future of action sports cinematography; the rise of drone-powered surf-cam videos #tomorrow
RT @recesssantacruz: harmless neighborhood eccentric: Limited Edition Prints from the Fincident For Sale... http://harmlessneighborhoodecc...
RT @austinkleon: Holy crap. This map from Papanek’s DESIGN FOR THE REAL WORLD…
Hey guys look another radioactivity map!!! “@BoingBoing: This map shows the 8.2 Chile quake, and tsunami waves.”
childreninspiredesign curated some of my photos. Looks great framed and up on the wall. Good job!
RT @jamesdrush: calculate the effects of a nuclear bomb on your home town
RT @theloop: George Lucas explains how he invented lightsabers -
RT @jimmoriarty: Hobie Alter, Architect of Southern California surf culture, died today. May God shine upon him.
nowness @ Funky Nayarit
Having a little business side @Instagram account that you post to, to feign like you actually use social media for biz is the new black.
RT @brenton_clarke: Having a personal side @Instagram account that you're not afraid to post things that won't garner a lot of 'likes' to is the new black.
is there a way to map your back/play/forward audio keys to spotify? (mac)
RT @KorduroyTV: Video: Ellis Ericson talks shaping and surfing in “2 Weeks in Bali.”
RT @bcbishop: Inventive design, visuals, and a killer sci-fi setting. It's impossible to watch Prospect and not be inspired.
Um, no one noticed that @WeAreDeLaSoul's album giveaway didnt include The Grind Date? "Shopping Bags weigh down her arms..." Thas my joint
Just in case you missed the memo, this is going replace the mobile internet:
RT @elihorne: Kill some time today and make some music with Patatap (ht @iamnatasha
has it ever not taken 3 attempts to plugin a mini usb? seems like 2 should be about right, but I always take 3. #techfail
Amos Barshad's epic Wu-Tang "where are they now" exposé. Prepare to lose your whole Sunday. hot mess.
Dear Apple: Reading List should be broken out to its own iOS app for longform reading. That is all.
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