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"Yes it's true. Some of the "thicker ones" didn't fit in my binder." Sincerely Willard
Where can I get a binder full of women like Mitt has?
Baaaadd Candy Crowley :) Sorry you had to be watching.
RT @richardwolffedc: Eastern Afghanistan: where Paul Ryan hopes to win over undecided voters. #msnbc2012
RT @mat_johnson: Biden interrupting, calling liar, and laughing in his opposition's face. All stuff a black man, even a President, could never get away with.
PolitiFact Rhode Island | Whitehouse says companies get a tax break for moving jobs overseas via @PolitiFactRI
the British TV announcer said "the pugnacious almost Texan Kristian House" takes back the green jersey!!! Yea Kristian
RT @raphacondor: Kristian House has taken points on all climbs today- he'll be back in the Skoda KOM jersey tonight
RT @raphacondor: House takes the third and final KOM making him the official leader in the Skoda KOM competition tonight.
The New Austin, taking shortcut through McDonald's parking lot to freeway and come face to face with a new Bentley coming out the drive thru
Yea kristian
RT @TourSeries: Kristian House has now won in Kettering (2010), Durham (2012) and Aberystwyth (2012).
RT @flamencogeno: Yeah!!!!!!!! RT @TourSeries: Here comes House winning alone in Durham
RT @TourSeries: What is certain is that Kristian House has taken a stunning individual win here in Durham, more soon!
RT @BCreports: Road: Lincoln GP: House leads over the top again, clearly going for prime prize! Downing 2nd, Craven 3rd. Others: Sulzberger, Bialoblocki...
RT @BCreports: Road: Lincoln GP: House has won the Brian Cossavella Prime competition with five laps left, 2nd over the top last time, Holloway 1st.
RT @GlennPearsonKoS: Kristian House building up to Tour of Britain with King of the Mountain jersey win: @raphacondor
Unfortunately fox news is on the tv but ..... Yum! — at Smitty's Market
I'm at Pho Hoang in Austin, TX
Photo: — at Smithsonian Museum of American History
Oye the humanity — at Smithsonian Museum of American History
Photo: — at Booeymonger
Another day another fast to break — at Booeymonger
Shopping in crazy Rodmans — at Rodman's Discount
Signing up. Yo Ho Ho matey — at Annapolis Waterfront
Still breaking fast. So many so little time. Crunch! — at Lobster House
Breaking my fast — at Atlantic Ocean In Rehoboth Beach Off The Avenue
When the cats away! yakki mandoo, that's what I do. — at Korea House
Grubbin — at Hat Creek Burger Co.
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