RT @raphacondorjlt: Kristian House was our first finisher, coming in at the head of the remnants of the peloton.
RT @raphacondorjlt: What a race! Congrats to @AdamBlythe89 & @NFTOProCycling taking the win ahead of some of the best rider's in the world.
Kristian, Gen and Geraint at the London-Surrey race today. Pic by Greatest Auntie Susan. https://twitter.com/edguinn...
RT @BCreports: Kristian House (@raphacondorjlt ) wins Sheffield GP, part of the Elite Circuit Series. Report, photos, interviews etc http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/road...
#WorldCup loved the scout salute from the little mascot
Congrats to @raphacondorjlt for the solid win of the @TourSeries and for the new hair replacement tonic for the mighty John Herety
RT @AussieLarry: Photo of the series - manager of RCJ getting drowned in champagne by his riders http://www.velouk.net/2014... #tourseries https://twitter.com/AussieL...
RT @NocturneSeries: Here's Grant and Kristian House after the ceremony ... @raphacondorjlt @condorcycles See you at #LondonNocturne! https://twitter.com/Nocturn...
RT @vincentpope: Become a freeman along with Grant from @condorcycles + Kristian House from @raphacondorjlt https://twitter.com/vincent...
RT @raphacondorjlt: And also to our own Kristian House, of course, who also receives the honour of becoming a Freeman of the City of London.
RT @TourSeries: House joins our two leaders to a massive cheer, they do like him here in Durham #tourseries
RT @TourSeries: Pearl Izumi Tour Series gets set for toughest round #durham #tourseries http://www.tourseries.co.uk/news...
RT @raphacondorjlt: Great riding by the team to take the win at Peterborough Tour Series, and extend our overall lead.
RT @TourSeries: Kristian House takes the first Sprint, nabbing the Costa Express Fastest Lap that time around #tourseries
RT @condorcycles: Fancy some fast and furious cycling? Round 1 of @TourSeries is available on ITV Player. → https://t.co/jxgo81rwiW . https://twitter.com/condorc...
"Yes it's true. Some of the "thicker ones" didn't fit in my binder." Sincerely Willard
Where can I get a binder full of women like Mitt has?
Baaaadd Candy Crowley :) Sorry you had to be watching.
RT @richardwolffedc: Eastern Afghanistan: where Paul Ryan hopes to win over undecided voters. #msnbc2012
RT @mat_johnson: Biden interrupting, calling liar, and laughing in his opposition's face. All stuff a black man, even a President, could never get away with.
PolitiFact Rhode Island | Whitehouse says companies get a tax break for moving jobs overseas http://www.politifact.com/rhode-i... via @PolitiFactRI
the British TV announcer said "the pugnacious almost Texan Kristian House" takes back the green jersey!!! Yea Kristian
RT @raphacondor: Kristian House has taken points on all climbs today- he'll be back in the Skoda KOM jersey tonight
RT @raphacondor: House takes the third and final KOM making him the official leader in the Skoda KOM competition tonight.
The New Austin, taking shortcut through McDonald's parking lot to freeway and come face to face with a new Bentley coming out the drive thru
Yea kristian
RT @TourSeries: Kristian House has now won in Kettering (2010), Durham (2012) and Aberystwyth (2012).
RT @flamencogeno: Yeah!!!!!!!! RT @TourSeries: Here comes House winning alone in Durham
RT @TourSeries: What is certain is that Kristian House has taken a stunning individual win here in Durham, more soon!
RT @BCreports: Road: Lincoln GP: House leads over the top again, clearly going for prime prize! Downing 2nd, Craven 3rd. Others: Sulzberger, Bialoblocki...
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