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RT @scottsimpson: 2150: UN Commission Report concludes disastrous climate change was thwarted by hotel guests reusing their towels.
.@Vikings fans are even cheaper than the team when it come to stadium construction payments:
States' rights are great for sustaining bigotry, but flop as a tactic for protecting lungs and lakes from pollution:
The Vikings stadium #wilfare project stayed under $1b while selling it to taxpayers. Now, $1b barrier broken:
Microwave popcorn that's a "campfire favorite" confuses me.
RT @bluedoorpub: #ohmycod today's the day. Cod battered in @indeedbrewing #daytripper. See you at BDL all day today for our fish fry!
RT @NMMGreenwich: This is a ship-shipping ship, shipping shipping ships.
.@johnkriesel sent a message to the "cheap ass ownership" of the @vikings by giving them $1b in taxes over 30 years.
If MN sports fans are smart vote with their wallets, why did you vote for huge #wilfare subsidies, @johnkriesel?
RT @sumnums: All of the top 5 "business tax climate" states are among the worst 10 US states in economic performance since the recession.
RT @RepRyanWinkler: OK, I admit it. Raising MN's minimum wage could cause problems along the border--problems for Wisconsin.
RT @MSPBJnews: Deephaven couple charged with taking welfare while wealthy will be in court Thursday @mspbjHammer
Uber for lottery ticket purchases. "When you have money to burn burning money. "
RT @JoeWidmer: @edkohler There should be a Tumblr for the disconnect btwn models & likely customers. It’d be full of Casino ads showing “happy” people.
Liking Cheerios goes don't ask; don't tell: cc @GeneralMills
Watched/overheard HS math tutor wiki Bieber to prep for small talk with student, then change the subject to Audrey Hepburn. #bonding
RT @Stowydad: Can't rave enough about @MinnPost's campaign finance dashboard. Helps put jumble of numbers in perspective
An explanation of why Minneapolis has a Lakeside Ave (here: ) w/o a lake: #DarnInterstates
Peak Uber biz model could be Uber for Car Sales. New cars delivered to your geolocation in under an hour for a 20% service fee.
RT @pattho: "some people make better choices than others, and we reward those people with the homes of their vanquished enemies"
Efficiently moving people in a metro has the dangerous side effect of using less Koch Bros products:
I found the lede in the 12 paragraph: "There is no evidence of widespread flight to low-tax states by the wealthy."
RT @StarTribune: Jon Tevlin: Craft beer sales on Sunday have a new opponent.
That #turboxtax enabled tweet to my review doesn't actually take you to my review (I wonder why?) so here it is:
RT @beccadilley: Real Minnesota "salads"! @ Longfellow Market
RT @hrtbps: "OK, here are the stats. Make a graph so it looks like gun deaths have fallen since 2005." *graph guy sweats*
RT @daveberggren: A police chase ends in Mpls... And somehow this happens...
RT @fasolamatt: @edkohler Philadelphia's new approach to "bandit signs": robocall the number every 15 minutes #snipe
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