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Glen Taylor’s StarTribune: Crunching Minneapolis’ False Alarm Costs -
.@sppdPIO Have you seen this?
RT @SenateDFL: Sen. @ScottDibble to #Vikings owner: release the results of investigation into claims made by Chris Kluwe:
New bus shelters are coming. @StribRoper's reporting gets stuff done, eh?
RT @congressedits: Assassination of John F. Kennedy Wikipedia article edited anonymously by US House of Representatives
RT @MorningGrind950: WHOA! RT @ChrisWarcraft Was really hoping to have a completely different sort of press conference today. So it goes.
RT @javimorillo: .@Vikings go all Nienstedt: reconsidering releasing @ChrisWarcraft report because it's "embarrassing & damaging."
RT @JayGabler: That thing where you judge the people in your building's apartments by whose electrical meters are moving fastest in the basement.
Fate? Or, the finest cosmetic cloud seeding ever displayed? You be the judge: Either way, #bragMPLS, obvs.
RT @LaXicanista: GOP congressman who "warned" about unvaccinated migrants opposed mandatory vaccinations via @motherjones
RT @chris_steller: We used to have the last multipurpose domed stadium built in America, and it was paid for. #bragMPLS
.@millsfleetfarm Can I get an RT?
#mpls @AllStarGame special. Half off on new sports stadiums to anyone who can prove that they don't need the money. #askmpls for more info.
Study: tax subsidized baseball boosts the "psychic income" of white males. What about actual income of black women?
RT @MPRnews: How three archbishops hid the truth about the Twin Cities sexual abuse scandal: #BetrayedBySilence
RT @panndder: My All-Star Game week hope: we should aspire to work as hard to protect our citizens as we do our guests.
Some 2,500 earthquakes in Oklahoma linked to fracking: //Things ALEC apologists won't believe for financial reasons.
Did this guy make his flight? Or, do we need a body bag in the G Concourse? #askmpls
RT @TheBeerMeMan: I need to buy some booze, where can I find a liquor store that's open on Sunday? #askMPLS
RT @TomALloyd: Absolutely dumbfounded by this reply from a student, when I criticised his generic mass-email asking for a job.
RT @conorsen: In 1997-98, Michael Jordan made $33mm when NBA league revenues were $1.7bn. In 2014-15, LeBron will make $21.1mm w/league revenues >$5bn.
When a Hattiesburg, MS man who's not named Brett Favre says that something sounds expensive, does that make it so?
RT @MotherJones: The only people more wrong about science than poor Republicans are rich Republicans
RT @stpauljim: ROI from bike infrastructure is enormous, even before including saved lives: Bike lanes save money and lives
2.4 million people in Florida live within 4ft of sea level: //The future seems salty for them.
.@citizenstewart reminds us that we thrive when we all have opportunities. Not when we focus on locking people up.
RT @stevetimmer: @javimorillo When people show up at borders as refugees fleeing violence anywhere else, we call it a "humanitarian crisis." 1/2
Willful ignorance of the difference between weather and climate is a common ALEC politician trait. #mnleg
RT @WentRogue: SEX WITHOUT LIMITS USING DANGEROUS CONTRACEPTIVES! Lock your doors and keep the kids inside!
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