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.@millsfleetfarm Can I get an RT?
#mpls @AllStarGame special. Half off on new sports stadiums to anyone who can prove that they don't need the money. #askmpls for more info.
Study: tax subsidized baseball boosts the "psychic income" of white males. What about actual income of black women?
RT @MPRnews: How three archbishops hid the truth about the Twin Cities sexual abuse scandal: #BetrayedBySilence
RT @panndder: My All-Star Game week hope: we should aspire to work as hard to protect our citizens as we do our guests.
Some 2,500 earthquakes in Oklahoma linked to fracking: //Things ALEC apologists won't believe for financial reasons.
Did this guy make his flight? Or, do we need a body bag in the G Concourse? #askmpls
RT @TheBeerMeMan: I need to buy some booze, where can I find a liquor store that's open on Sunday? #askMPLS
RT @TomALloyd: Absolutely dumbfounded by this reply from a student, when I criticised his generic mass-email asking for a job.
RT @conorsen: In 1997-98, Michael Jordan made $33mm when NBA league revenues were $1.7bn. In 2014-15, LeBron will make $21.1mm w/league revenues >$5bn.
When a Hattiesburg, MS man who's not named Brett Favre says that something sounds expensive, does that make it so?
RT @MotherJones: The only people more wrong about science than poor Republicans are rich Republicans
RT @stpauljim: ROI from bike infrastructure is enormous, even before including saved lives: Bike lanes save money and lives
2.4 million people in Florida live within 4ft of sea level: //The future seems salty for them.
.@citizenstewart reminds us that we thrive when we all have opportunities. Not when we focus on locking people up.
RT @stevetimmer: @javimorillo When people show up at borders as refugees fleeing violence anywhere else, we call it a "humanitarian crisis." 1/2
Willful ignorance of the difference between weather and climate is a common ALEC politician trait. #mnleg
RT @WentRogue: SEX WITHOUT LIMITS USING DANGEROUS CONTRACEPTIVES! Lock your doors and keep the kids inside!
SBA loans are a great way to help people start bizs. Still, it's hard not to chuckle about this @mngop Senator fail:
RT @dbrauer: "Nienow has declared ... hobby equipment a boat and other household items as exempt assets." Hobby equipment & boat?!
Things that look pretty ugly until compared to the brain damage caused helmets hitting after every snap in the @NFL:
.@millsfleetfarm is in the news today:
RT @KimZetter: "At least 80% of all audio calls, not just metadata, are recorded and stored in the US," whistleblower William Binney
RT @ericwanderson: .@MNLegEnergy asks: "What kind of society do we want to be?" my take: #renewable, #resilient
RT @_FloridaMan: Florida Man Taking His Talents to Cleveland |
RT @panndder: Four states - Vermont, Alaska, Hawaii, and Maine - do not allow billboards. As Governor, I'd make Minnesota the fifth.
If you commute from the NW suburbs, you could help this 9-year-old out by taking the bus:
RT @billmckibben: Now more Americans working in the solar industry than mining coal
RT @dbrauer: Why @laura_yuen is great: “Rice alleged 149 people registered at mailbox address. Now admits to misinterpreting data”
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