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A PR guy for The Wilf Family of Fraudsters' NFL franchise doesn't take complements well: #wilfare
RT @david_u: @laurabesh @andersonj embarrassing, is the state giving $ to a family convicted of fraud & violating civil racketeering statutes @edkohler
RT @Kirk__K: @edkohler Doesn't take a PR pro like @andersonj to know that $1 billion swindle must be offset by genuine good deeds. #TomPettersFoundation
.@DYbarraMpls you're quoted in a 2012 labor article that used @Vikings' 7,500 stadium jobs figure. Do you think that's honest? @andersonj
.@andersonj I guess helping kids helps you feel better about shifting tax money that could be helping kids to The Wilf Family of Fraudsters.
.@DJLindJr I think you know that I'm not anti-stadium. Just anti- #wilfare, and how folks like @andersonj helped mislead the public.
.@JohnnyDrag it's interesting that the Vikings charity focuses on helping sick kids rather than domestic violence. cc @andersonj
.@andersonj imagine what a billion dollars could do for sick kids if it wasn't wasted subsidizing The Wilf Family of Fraudsters? #wilfare
.@andersonj misleading the public to secure corporate #wilfare for The Wilf Family of Fraudsters. It's a living, eh?
.@andersonj Notice that "7,500 jobs" has changed to 7,500 people logging hours on site? Impressive deception of the public, man. #wilfare
RT @sumnums: (G)Über is totally in favor of free markets and lack of regulation, as evidenced by their efforts to use govt to enforce concept monopolies.
Fire up an inquisition. Discriminate against people based on race, gender or sexual orientation. Get after it.
RT @WentRogue: Most succinct comment on this @cocacola #greenwashing petition: ARE YOU KIDDING ME? #mpls
A company that's profiting from driving residential energy efficiency through peer pressure:
RT @bryan_in_dc: Driving in the city's great, but my parents worry that a cyclist will hit me. #ReplaceBikeWithCar
.@SashaKohler learned about high frequency trading on the deck of our hotel room this morning when a crow stole her waffle.
RT @creativitymag: Honey Maid Turns Messages of Hate Toward Inclusive Ad into Something Totally Beautiful
RT @tildology: Extreme Capitalism Depends on Government Subsidies, Corporate Welfare and Worker Insecurity via @wordpressdotcom
How to lose a loyal customer, @delta style:
Interesting post about HFT from @mcuban: The Idiots Guide to High Frequency Trading
.@VikingsVendetta comes across as a fairly typical government handout dependent @vikings fan: #wilfare
RT @MidwestDairy: How do u build the best grilled cheese sandwich? #Cheese Alise @amsjost shares her pro tips:
This could b @dbrauer's take on Kersten's crappy @StarTribune column benefitting from the anti-bullying bill passing:
RT @PaulBegala: .@BuzzFeed: GOP Sen candidate in MN uses photo of gorgeous lake. In Canada.
Powered paragliding seems like a decent way to commute when the wind cooperates.
Good ideas: "Here Are Some First Steps for Northwestern’s Union"
RT @rochelleolson: Twins' Hoy says owner Jim Pohlad looks at the field every game and asks, "how can we improve" the facility?//More tax $'s
Andy Sturdevant tells the story of #mpls' smallest used car lot, Mini Motors on East Lake St:
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