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This deserves a press conference held in Oklahoma City:
It's amazing how much $ people pour into making their local universities more competitive. Wait. Football? Pathetic:
RT @MarkMuro1: RT @debcha: The NYT Style section makes a lot more sense if you see its mission as fueling class warfare: /via
RT @BillLindeke: every city should have a homeless Jesus statue
RT @WSJecon: In 1981, an hour's pay at the minimum wage bought 12 White Castle sliders. Today, it's 10.
This should be Limit 1 Per World:
.@jrodanstine @Kramer9Guy FYI: "winning" public @Vikings stadium funding to make up for your lack of #purplepride doesn't make you a winner.
RT @jrodanstine: @edkohler @Kramer9Guy hahaha. Greed. What a fool. That stadium is our trophy that you lost and we won. Fight battles you can win- daily tip
#wilfare dependent self-described Libertarian Vikings fan considers my distaste for his entitlement programs "sick":
RT @BillLindeke: great op-ed on SWLRT and investing in bus quality (i.e. people who actually use transit); this needs to be repeated!
.@stcloudstate failed @jasonfrank3. He argues that subsidizing the @Vikings is more important than public education.
RT @tomscheck: Remember the green light for Sunday growler sales in #mnleg? It's on the rocks. The reason? The Teamsters.
RT @elizabarclay: Today I learned from the comments on our site that many people do not like to be told they're cooking eggs wrong.
RT @curtisgilbert: City pays out $400k+ in brutality settlements for one officer, yet he's never been disciplined.
RT @Stowydad: Late-session #Vikings stadium related bill intro. Hard to see a path for it though #mnleg
Self-described Libertarian, yet pro NFL #wilfare, folks are among the most intellectually confused people in America:
RT @RandBallsStu: Rioting over a college hockey semifinal is the storming-the-court-at-the-NIT of riots.
RT @RandBall: It's not ok to riot. It's definitely not ok to riot for a semifinal win
RT @BostonGlobe: During last night's E. Boston fire, firefighters came upon a BMW parked in front of a hydrant.
Becker, MN is Minnesota's West Virginia. #mnleg
RT @NiceRideMN: Your Nice Ride Membership just got upgraded.
I give Hackbarth credit for consistency. Voting for #MNLEG immunity from DWI arrests & authoring a bill to lower legal drinking age to 18.
.@CodeBabies new book "ABCs of the Web" received our highest rating: 2 tongues out.
RT @ElisaJaffe: Seattle's newest delivery guy hauls up to 400 lbs on bike. UPS guy who circled for parking was envious #liveonkomo.
RT @RepRyanWinkler: I'll see your MnSure and raise you a Franson, Newberger and a Gruenhagen.
RT @catwahler: RT @vcortesusmc This Marine took the girl to the ball she was bullied in school not ever again #SOT
RT @kwatt: "Vowed not to cooperate with a legislative panel" later admits reasons for questioning are accurate. Love it.
As Lyft and Uber ramp up their price war, I'm looking forward to a dot com bubblicious "free rides for life" offer from one of them.
RT @JuddLegum: Young man just won MVP of game in front of 80K fans, adorned w/corp logos says he sometimes "goes to bed starving"
RT @thegrugq: Sometimes it helps to understand the technologies you're dealing with. Devil's in the details...
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