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RT @PrimedMover: "Rooftop solar is the democratisation of energy." An ostensibly left-wing idea that on further inspection is right-libertarian.
RT @Jacob_Frey: DUI Arrests Dropped in Philly After Ride-Share Companies Came to Town // Well:
RT @bbierschbach: .@MinnPost is hiring a web developer:
RT @TheDeetsBlog: New Post: Lyft and UberX Receiving Permission to Legally Discriminate
Lyft and UberX Receiving Permission to Legally Discriminate -
RT @JoeUrbanist: Time to decommission Highway 55 and put the "Avenue" back in Hiawatha Avenue. @CMAndrewJohnson @StreetsMN
RT @BrentToderian: Bus stops the #1 preferred amenity for "older adults" too. Via @AARP All generations value #transit. @wisemonkeysblog
RT @jim_kruzitski: So comforting to know that Hennepin County subsidized a baseball stadium for #70.
RT @TheWorIdCup: The Brazil World Cup logo predicted this!
RT @MellFamey: .@PatGarofalo furiously checking his notes “@froomkin: ALEC Pols Caught Plagiarizing ALEC Bill, Drafting Error & All
RT @heavytable: Town Talk Diner will re-open as "Le Town Talk French Diner and Drinkery." As a Longfellow, hard to contain my glee. ^JN
RT @Loh: Horace Dediu at @asymco is mapping the smartphone chasm with a laser:
RT @MinnPost: Is the new Green Line slow? Well, that depends. Where did you start and where did you end? by @edkohler
RT @mspbjHalter: Auditor: Running Aces shorted horse owners $437K
RT @thenation: The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids gets some of its largest donations from the makers of OxyContin and Vicodin.
RT @sethdmichaels: Holding an AR-15 and saying "look how tough I am" is like climbing a ladder and saying "look how tall I am"
RT @alisonannyoung: West Virginia company left 300,000 residents without clean water for days after chemical spill. The fine? $11,000
Credit card expiration dates should just be "Whenever teens next hack a big box retailer."
RT @BillLindeke: "After 15M mi traveled, Citibike program has still caused not a single fatality for either pedestrians or riders."
RT @TrueBS: The danger posed by podiuming with hats instead of caps: #CapsNotHats
RT @scttdvd: A bus shelter for hundreds of daily riders: $6k. A single surface parking space: $5k.
RT @alexcecchini: Suburbs get bus shelters at lower threshold than cities (25 daily boardings vs 40). Also, pricey parking ramps
RT @leoniehaimson: Neither standards nor testing nor weakening tenure address opportunity gap; these are red herrings unlike equity in funding & class size
RT @tomelko: Don't Shred On Me: The open carry guitar movement
Twins fans will show up once the weather's nice, right?
RT @minnesotabrown: Does anyone realize more will be spent to keep Highway 53 open than on any Range project for 40 years?
RT @conradhackett: Richest 10% in US take larger slice of economic pie than in 1913, at peak of the Gilded Age.
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