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RT @JoeWidmer: Some damn-fine journalism resulted in swift action. A+, Times.
RT @itsjaniec: Ferguson cops once beat an innocent man then charged him for bleeding on their uniforms
RT @JoeWidmer: Today a strange confluence of events conspired to prevent this story from getting the traction it deserved.
RT @MNCompass: UPDATED neighborhood profiles w/ population, housing, jobs data & more! #MSPnhoods
RT @cheeriogrrrl: Now that we've met the #Ferguson #Police Dept, does anyone believe the officer politely asked Michael & his friend to move to the sidewalk?
RT @WesleyLowery: Apparently, in America, in 2014, police can manhandle you, take you into custody, put you in cell & then open the door like it didn't happen
RT @TeresaKopec: Not Iraq. St. Louis. RT @ryanjreilly: I counted 70+ SWAT officers. Guns trained on crowds. Insanity.
RT @walterwkatz: The shooting in #Ferguson highlights why the federal government should be underwriting body cams for all cops rather than military gear.
RT @mzmyslowski: Why Nigerian scam emails are so poorly written.
RT @mmfa: How Fox frames an immigration story for two different audiences:
Poor home seller has an agent who doesn't know the difference btw #mpls streets & avenues. 3-mile mistake?
RT @chrissyfarr: Q: "Is there an alternative to whistleblowers?" NSA's Anne Neuberger: "The Freedom of Information Act." Cue hysterical laughter. @longnow
RT @StribRoper: Made a map of 2014 non-fatal Mpls shootings for @_mattmckinney story today. See it here:
RT @WorkingAmerica: BREAKING: @Walgreens Listens to Consumers, Will Stay Headquartered in U.S. #1u
.@CMAndrewJohnson: a city councilmember who's not afraid to wade into the comments to clarify things:
RT @LunaGemme: The irony of americans being afraid of immigrants bringing disease to the country they inhabit.
If “frozen-pizza mecca” sounds like a dubious honor, then you’ve never had a Heggies — the beloved pie that debuted 25 years ago at lodges around Lake Mille Lacs and has since become a sort of regional sriracha, a cult foodstuff available at dive bars and grocery stores across the five-state area. Heggies makes tavern-style ’za — thin-crust,... -
RT @copenhagenize: Stop the babble about cyclists/peds with headphones and read this: RT @SorenHave: @Trinebramsen
Homophone teacher fired: //Bert & Ernie have pushed the homophonia lifestyle for a long time:
Ayn Rand’s libertarian “Groundhog Day”: Billionaire greed, deregulation & the myth that markets aren’t free enough -
.@nflcommish: A 2-game suspension is plenty for the first time you knock your fiancé unconscious:
Not Congress’ finest day. -
Not Congress’ finest day.
RT @StribRoper: Council passes resolution pushing for bird safe glass at Vikes stadium on a voice vote.
RT @astradisastra: Sallie Mae VP confirmed they sell private loans to debt buyers but refused to sell to @strikedebt for us to abolish.
RT @Phil_Radford: HELLO IRONY! Oil refinery asks gov't to protect it from rising seas @kuminaidoo @LeilaniMunter
I almost blew up a Starbucks barista's head ordering a medium iced chai vanilla latte.
RT @LibyaLiberty: It's because we invented algebra, isn't it. RT @AlArabiya_Eng: Poll: American opinion of Arabs, Muslims is getting worse
Remembering Reusable Grocery Bags with IFTTT -
RT @TomCrann: more from @birdchick from her blog on the stadium & birds:
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