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Our Edmodo shop is open!! Get your merch at 20% discount TODAY with code: EDMODOCON #edmodocon
A huge THANK YOU to our platinum sponsors for making #Edmodocon an amazing event! @Microsoft @DiscoveryEd
THANK YOU to our sponsors for making #Edmodocon an amazing event! @nextlesson @CK12Foundation @dove @gosphero @WNContent @NatGeo
RT @AnIowaTeacher: How many edchats talk about giving students a global voice? #EdmodoCon is ALL about this - student voice & how we help them find it!
RT @MrsTsMG: "I wanted to get to know my students. I wanted them to trust me. Using Edmodo, you can do this." #EdmodoCon @Edmodo #edtech
Selfie time! Tweet or Instagram a selfie (#Edmodocon, IG: @edmodopics). The most creative pics win a messenger bag!
"Connecting, conversing, & collaborating with my Ss when they need me...Not about the tech, but the process of learning" @place_s #EdmodoCon
“From Tech Illiterate to Tech Savvy: How to Foster Non-Cognitive Skills in Edmodo” with Valerie Shull starts in 5 minutes! #Edmodocon
"Limited computer access doesn't mean no technology" #EdmodoCon
RT @KatiSearcy: Presentation today at EdmodoCon. Formative Assessment. Free, fun , easy tools. #edmodocon #fultonvanguard
Check out the Sphero community group here for a chance to win a Sphero pack for your classroom! #Edmodocon
RT @rogersjochs RT @scottmpetri: Birthday messages. What a great way to personalize and let students know you care. #winning #EdmodoCon
Hi @slider320! Find out how you can win a Sphero here: #edmodocon
Up next! Redefining Learning with Limited Tech with @place_s #Edmodocon
RT @craigyen: Hurrray! Avatars coming for profiles. Great for our elementary students. #EdmodoCon
Throwing an Edmodocon Party? Tweet (#Edmodocon) or Instagram (@edmodopics) a photo. The best Edmodo parties win swag!
RT @MrsTsMG Q: How do you make sure Ss on task, not abusing tech? A: Proximity, request responses, interaction on Edmodo #EdmodoCon #edtech
"Part of using technology is teaching students to use it appropriately" #EdmodoCon #digitalcitizens
"The teacher doesn't have to be the keeper of the knowledge" #Edmodocon
Need help viewing each session? Check out our FAQ here:
Challenge: Who are some iconic AUSTRALIAN artists? #edmodocon
RT @schoolmarie Edmodo that response to that question. Edmodo that photo. Edmodo that test. Edmodo is a verb! Just do it. #EdmodoCon
RT @NextLesson @1moniqued @missjessm "If you can Google the question, it's not a very good question." #EdmodoCon
RT @RoseAnn2TEACH "Edmodo is like an onion" @missjessm @1moniqued #EdmodoCon
In five minutes: "Edmodo That! Unique Ways to Connect and Learn", presented by @1moniqued and @missjessm #Edmodocon
RT @harbeckc Love that so many #EdmodoCon folks tried to take poll they almost took @edmodo down.
RT @craigyen Uncovering Student Ideas in Science, Vol 4: 25 New Formative Assessment Probes #EdmodoCon @RobrtMiller
RT @KatieAnn_76 @edmodo is the perfect social media to bring history to life! #EdmodoCon
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