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On my computer at the grocery store. This is weird even for me.
Love the @whiteoaktavern @GooseIsland pint night, the glasses are awesome!!!
So tasty. Sorry @acdha! - Drinking a Bourbon County Brand Stout by @GooseIsland at @whiteoaktavern #photo
My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Tracy Bonham (23), David Bowie (18) & Nine Inch Nails (17)
Salt-n-Pepa as a service.
Salt-n-Pepa as moving music.
Finally getting around to learning the Gmail keyboard shortcuts, and they're making life so much sweeter.
ARGH. Seriously, just had my *working* amazon image terminated by someone else. WHY?!?!?!
Hi twitter. Sorry, I've been away. Programming.
I’m hearing the Sag Harbor fireworks as well as others going off left and right, I kind a wish I was out there watching them. :(
Wow, feel like my thumb is burning off thanks to the smallest jalapeño I've ever handled.
Making black beans and rice from scratch for the first time. It smells amazing. We'll see how it tastes in a little while.
Surf is tiny today, even pst storm. Impressed.
Of course, this is the remniants of a hurricane. But it’s still cool.
In a 4 sided room with windows on 3 sides. Feeling/smelling the Atlantic, sea-based winds, and I couldn’t be happier.
First time I’ve had the broccoli rabe sausage from the local italian market unadultured. It’s absolutely amazing!
Then, on the 8th day of this semi-vacation, I finally put on real pants.
Darn, I should have cleaned out the gutters earlier this week. :/
Ha, New Yorkers can be jerks.
As a bicyclist, I’m seeing this yet again. It’s still awesome and crazy tho.
End of Shostakovich’s 2nd String Quartet… amazing. Gonna have to get to know that a little better. Geeh would like that one…
Speakers finally came… blasting some loud 4th of July Shostakovich String Quartets, and the early ones at that!!!
Hurricane coming, likely the last good beach day for a while.
Post-Jaws, pre-dark bike ride home beer! (@ Indian Wells Tavern)
“You yell shark, and we’ve got a panic on our hands on the 4th of July…”
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