The "Yelling queue" are elite customer service reps at network solutions dealing w irate yelling customers calmly. I bet they got paid well.
I've had coffee but I feel someone has switched it with decaf. #grimpy Espresso IV STAT! #SOATraining
"Maybe you might need a RESTful implementation, and THAT is a whole 'nother complexity." I don't think she knows how it works... :-/
I'm at an SOA training and the trainer is kinda biased against REST. Like bad. But her goto implementation is SOAP... so yeah... :-/
RT @rascality: “So Americans voted for the party that got them into the mess Obama just dug you out of?” via @NerdyWonka @McKellogs
I'm more than disappointed with @Gizmodo's article about morbidly obese pop chars. Eating disorders are not cute.
Also, who else here thinks that Q should suddenly find some interest in the new and improved Kirk? Played by the same dude... #StarTrek
Interesting conversation happened today. Star Trek. The new stuff. Did it invalidate all of the main continuity? Is it parallel? #StarTrek
RT @egspoony_ebooks: I CAN'T BE UNSEEN!
Video: I need some #GoatSimulator in my life. BEST GAME EVER!
Seriously, you guys, who wants to work with me? YOU CAN WORK WITH ME!!! #Rails #ProjectHydra #Code4Lib #Library #Dev
RT @yeseningles "Ahhh! I ate my ball... Again." - @4everyourslala
Surfing on #LakeMichigan? That a thing? @ Northwestern University
RT @mbk_ebooks: Jon Favreau is unacceptable.
Steak Diane, spinach salad, and awesome cheesy potatoes. This woman. I'm lucky. Luck-y.
#TappedOutShmoikel He is in fact The Curious Case of Shmoikel Mountbatten Hapsburg Hohenzollern Mulan Pocahontas.
Too soon #sharknado2 too soon... #planecrash
#sharknado2 home of the book-writing Tara Reid.
#sharknado2 home of Coors Light.
RT @mbklein: .@ItsMeYourFrend: "@egspoony's out of office message today just says 'Out due to infection.'" Me: "Oh no! It's EGBOLA!" @highspeedsoul
I think they play a lullaby whenever a baby is born at this hospital. I just heard a lullaby. #miracle #childbirth #westsuburban
Cashier asks personal q's about living nearby & working at far village. "Why not work for this village?" "They did a criminal check." lawl!
Hey @feliciaday, now you can say, as @ActuallyNPH might, that @GeekandSundry is, wait for it... (part of) @Legendary... #ComedicGold
In case you missed the life news... #YotE #yay
In case you missed the life news... #YotE #yay
Another Elvis is singing and a fifth Elvis is driving a Cadillac around the park. #ElvisNight #sideburns
3 Elvis. Elvi? Three Elvises sky dived onto Cellular Field. Now Vegas Showgirls dancing to Viva Las Vegas. #sideburns
Sometimes I just want to take a step back and think about childhood again. #TakeMeThere #WondersAndWishes
Anon: "I think the word I used the most at 17 was 'finger blast'" Me: *takes phone out* Anon: "You put my name on the tweet & I'll end you!"
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