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I can tell how busy @KristianNairn is by how long it's been since he last updated #TappedOut. #GamerWorldProblems #EasterEggs
Oh boy, #MichelleTheCat just discovered I, in fact, have two hands and thus should be using both to pet her with.
I'm either wearing the furriest scarf or I am in the middle of an MMA championship bout and am being choked out by #MichelleTheCat
I just earned the 'Cerveza Matador' badge on @untappd!
I just earned the 'Lager Jack' badge on @untappd!
4 Devs and a Sysadmin wish you a Happy Easter! @highspeedsoul @mbklein @ciconia
Yes... finally got approved at work so I can go to RailsConf... now to go buy my ticket... SOLD OUT. BAH!!! #ProgrammerWorldProblems
Say what you will, but @FeliciaDay is kinda an awesome friend. Thanks again for that bday gift!
Photo: And this is why Thanos is in love with her.
Ever seen a guy do the dougie while drumming? Well, you will... #themaddrummer
Trying to stay hydrated. I'm still not 100%.
Of course @yeseningles' cats are being super needy while she is gone on spring break. #ObamaTheCat #MichelleTheCat
#randomthoughts I wonder if Haitians are simply worshippers of Anne Heche. (at least if you sound it out)
Chicken and waffles!!! #bdaylunch #411 @ Chicago's Home Of Chicken & Waffles Evanston
BIRTHDAY LUNCH FROM WORK! #birthdaymonth #411 #birthday #YotE @ Chicago's Home Of Chicken & Waffles…
RT @eosadler: Re-watching The Guild and was so excited to recognize @egspoony!
Cheesecake Factory has made everything better. #YotE
That was a long work day. It felt long because everything was going wrong on the eve of my birthday. Thanks Obama.
#randomthoughts Somewhere in the world someone is doing the Cha-Cha Slide.
9 Disturbing Skills You Need To Survive LA: via @TarynSouthern (she's like my friend I think I haven't actually met.)
9 Disturbing Skills You Need To Survive LA: via @TarynSouthern (she's like my friend I think I haven't actually met.)
RT @REstrada_13: Valar Morghulis! ▶▶▶▶ @egspoony #GAMEOFTHRONESSEASON4
Loaded potato waffle. #FoodPorn #OMNOM #ValenciaFilter @ West Town Bakery & Diner
THIS! Unicorn Blood double Espresso cc @claregrant @rileah @milynnsarley @ West Town Bakery & Diner
You haven't seen a live show till you've seen a @toowhitecrew show. They are fantastic! #90s
My birthday is next week Friday so I got myself an early present. #YotE #birthdaypresent #BttF #Lego
14 Ridiculously Funny GIFs From The World Of Wrestling - Love these hilarious gifs!!! #Wrestling
RT @Eric_S_Collado: @egspoony That must be some conversation thread that led there. How about... making a "sinker"?
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