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Elaine Young, Ph.D

Elaine Young, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Marketing at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. Teaching courses in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Digital Communication.
Oh #ccmkt350 I'll let this count as a Tweetchat assignment! #GBvsSEA
Talking about @hootsuite in #ccmkt350
Look out @unmarketing we are talking about you today in #ccmkt350
At @champlainedu convocation on Friday we will be honoring Mary Alic McKenzie of the Boys and Girls Club. #campchamp
RT @champlib: This is waiting for you when you get back next week. #champview #campchamp
RT @TUSK81: Jesus Christ. Amnesty getting ordered out of #Ferguson by police. (Photo via @sdkstl)
MT @RegularPuke: Media and Amnesty International escorted away. #Ferguson police are doing things too shameful to let the world see.
RT @Nettaaaaaaaa: All this for a peaceful protest #Ferguson #stl
This is what a police state sounds like MT @elonjames: Live broadcast when police gassed #Ferguson. #TWIBnation
#campchamp MT @USATODAYcollege: Attention freshmen: Read these great tips (and win a copy of a great book) -
RT @chrisregniertv: Bottom line in latest clashes between pd/protesters in Ferguson: 31 arrests, 2 shot, 4 officers hurt by thrown rocks.
RT @Kris_SacreBleu: Getty photographer Scott Olson-just arrested in #Ferguson took this photo which is an ICONIC photo, history will show
RT @deanna: Thank you, @Colorlines: "Following the Facts About #Ferguson: Monday Round-Up" please RT
RT @prisonculture: The people of #Ferguson have been protesting nonstop for 10 days straight. Facing down tanks & heavy weapons. Sit with that for a minutes.
Just retweeted two posts about no fly for Syria and one for Ferguson, MO. #wtf
RT @AP_Politics: FAA blocks US planes from flying over Syria, replacing advisory not to fly there.
RT @AP_Politics: FAA extends ban on low-flying aircraft in Ferguson, Missouri, for a week.
RT @WesleyLowery: Scott Olsen's work in Ferguson has been breathtaking. Journalism is not a crime
Wow. Sad and painful truth. RT @sarahkendzior: To protect one killer they will destroy a whole city. #Ferguson
RT @gregpinelo: @jaketapper telling truth right now. Peaceful protesters faced with basically an army. "This doesn't make any sense."
Right. #languagematters RT @polypel88: @ejyoung67 @ChrisWarcraft and the power of codified language. Terrorist = open season killing.
RT @mattyglesias: A handy guide to the different military equipment used by cops in #Ferguson:
And here we go...again. RT @YourAnonNews: BREAKING: Riot police in #Ferguson attacking crowd with LRAD sound weapon
RT @TheFix: How Jim Jeffords single-handedly bent the arc of politics. A great remembrance by @pkcapitol.
College admissions cycle is crazy. I'm gearing up to teach incoming students. My admissions colleagues are heading out to recruit for 2015.
662 first year students will be coming onto campus this weekend. #campchamp
So this is interesting. @DonLaackman is "crowdsourcing" his inaugural address in October. Asked the #campchamp community for input.
New @champlainedu president @DonLaackman kicking off the new academic year. #campchamp
#ferguson is just getting worse and worse. How did we become a police state? Media getting arrested? WTF!
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