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Elaine Young, Ph.D

Elaine Young, Ph.D

Associate Professor of Marketing at Champlain College in Burlington, VT. Teaching courses in Internet Marketing, Social Media, Digital Communication.
Re: Hire This Grad: Fall 2014 -
"Cindy thanks for the feedback for Jake. Great information to share with him as he and the rest of the students continue this work in progress." - Elaine Young, Ph.D
RT @bekiweki: Today's #RaganSocial chat is all about corporate writing and avoiding grammar pitfalls. We have a special guest host, @GrammarGirl!
RT @PageHallock: This video gives a lot of interesting info about social media #Socialnomics #ccmkt350 @ejyoung67
RT @PageHallock: This video gives a lot of interesting info about social media #Socialnomics #ccmkt350 @ejyoung67
RT @BBCBreaking: How Scotland has voted so far, as #indyref counting continues
Wow. RT @dwallbank: BREAKING: Glasgow Yes: 195K No: 169K 53-47%
Thanks for coming Sam! RT @samwinchell: Thanks for having me #ccmkt355! Tweet me if you have any unanswered questions :)
Awww thanks Kyle! RT @KyleSimulator: Missing you in class today @ejyoung67 </3 #ccmkt350
Oh #ccmkt350 I'll let this count as a Tweetchat assignment! #GBvsSEA
Talking about @hootsuite in #ccmkt350
Look out @unmarketing we are talking about you today in #ccmkt350
At @champlainedu convocation on Friday we will be honoring Mary Alic McKenzie of the Boys and Girls Club. #campchamp
RT @champlib: This is waiting for you when you get back next week. #champview #campchamp
RT @TUSK81: Jesus Christ. Amnesty getting ordered out of #Ferguson by police. (Photo via @sdkstl)
MT @RegularPuke: Media and Amnesty International escorted away. #Ferguson police are doing things too shameful to let the world see.
RT @Nettaaaaaaaa: All this for a peaceful protest #Ferguson #stl
This is what a police state sounds like MT @elonjames: Live broadcast when police gassed #Ferguson. #TWIBnation
#campchamp MT @USATODAYcollege: Attention freshmen: Read these great tips (and win a copy of a great book) -
RT @chrisregniertv: Bottom line in latest clashes between pd/protesters in Ferguson: 31 arrests, 2 shot, 4 officers hurt by thrown rocks.
RT @Kris_SacreBleu: Getty photographer Scott Olson-just arrested in #Ferguson took this photo which is an ICONIC photo, history will show
RT @deanna: Thank you, @Colorlines: "Following the Facts About #Ferguson: Monday Round-Up" please RT
RT @prisonculture: The people of #Ferguson have been protesting nonstop for 10 days straight. Facing down tanks & heavy weapons. Sit with that for a minutes.
Just retweeted two posts about no fly for Syria and one for Ferguson, MO. #wtf
RT @AP_Politics: FAA blocks US planes from flying over Syria, replacing advisory not to fly there.
RT @AP_Politics: FAA extends ban on low-flying aircraft in Ferguson, Missouri, for a week.
RT @WesleyLowery: Scott Olsen's work in Ferguson has been breathtaking. Journalism is not a crime
Wow. Sad and painful truth. RT @sarahkendzior: To protect one killer they will destroy a whole city. #Ferguson
RT @gregpinelo: @jaketapper telling truth right now. Peaceful protesters faced with basically an army. "This doesn't make any sense."
Right. #languagematters RT @polypel88: @ejyoung67 @ChrisWarcraft and the power of codified language. Terrorist = open season killing.
RT @mattyglesias: A handy guide to the different military equipment used by cops in #Ferguson:
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