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RT @obrien: Au revoir, Silicon Valley: Why I'm leaving the @latimes and moving to the south of France:
RT @burritojustice: Some asshat who moved next to the Chapel is already complaining about noise.
RT @kimmaicutler: Baby boomers, not millennials, represented a larger proportion of recent San Francisco transplants from 2006 to 2013.
i’ve never bought the “eagle plot hole” in LOTR. sauron and the Nazgûl-birds could have easily stopped it.
hard to imagine a tax designed against land "preservation" getting approved in any bay area city. maybe state level?
wtf who made this? RT @meowmeowbeat: Yo London, enjoy our latest export. Good luck with this one. Pssst. @parislemon
been thinking the same RT @SFGate: Why does Hollywood like to destroy SF in disaster flicks?
BuzzFeed Writer Resigns In Disgrace After Plagiarizing ‘10 Llamas Who Wish They Were Models'
most innovative bay area city? MT @SFBayAreaEcon: Fremont's new 'innovation district' plan near BART station, Tesla
a day in the life of a city bicyclist:
RT @mediagazer: Journalists shouldn't gloss over the fabrication and plagiarism at Mail Online
everyone in california given own state
RT @om: With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility
this is the perfect moment for idiots to make offensive sports-related metaphors
sigh. people in Mt View still think blocking all building development is the solution not the problem:
haven't had one of those in a while.
Hey! Want to catch up at some point soon? It has been a while. And also, the new thing I'm doing might be familiar to you.
unintended Content Marketing results: people start tuning it out just like other ad formats; editorial gains value
another reason to dislike michael bay: his sycophancy towards the chinese government
TIL the Big 4 accounting firms (Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte, PwC) are opposed to the hong kong democracy movement
santa clara is about to discover that 49ers traffic gridlock is a very serious thing indeed
RT @portugaltheman: Game time. We have to root for USA today. Our home. Such love and respect for Portugal. Pleasure to share a field with you.
RT @jimprosser: "It's so hard to figure out who advances in the World Cup!" says the country that gave the world the BCS. #USA
one of those rare moments in sports where everyone leaves the stadium a winner
RT @JustinNXT: Or, how @FiveThirtyEight, @UpshotNYT, and @sbnation are trying to tell US soccer fans "It's gonna be OK, buddy"
RT @Megan: 18-29 year olds apparently took Eats, Shoots & Leaves very seriously:
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