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RT @_GRRM_: I'm in a rush to finish the next book, so the entire second half will be written from Hodor's perspective.
RT @jennydeluxe: Zoosk, a little known dating app, made almost as much money as Twitter in 2013
this quora page made me uncomfortable a year ago. the feeling has only grown
oh yeah, @kimmaicutler finally published her encyclopedia. don’t save it for later, read it right now if you haven’t.
step 1: send polluting industries overseas. step 2: receive downwind results incl storms step 3: ?
RT @elcush: In March, UC Berkeley's bananas-est housing co-op was shut down. Before that, I snuck into a party there:
"Which makes sense since pot is a gateway drug to Gold Medal Ribbon.”
more evidence it has been getting hotter over the recent decades via @enigma_io
RT @jacksonwest: DEAR DISGRUNTLED SAN FRANCISCANS: Let's have scam artist business bros teach us how to get rich with real estate:
RT @ryantate: Kudos to @eldon on being two years ahead of the NYT on Chorus. CMS geeks, your moment is here
RT @Digidave: A solid workflow can be the difference between success and failure for a newsroom. Yet we almost never talk about it.
sometimes it seems like oracle is just trolling us
wish it would keep raining until july, like it does back home
RT @jfwildermuth: Good news for SF cyclists: New director of citywide planning backed bike-friendly city as Portland's planning chief.
Inside the Purge at The Newark Star Ledger, The Paper That Makes Chris Christie Squirm via @thedailybeast
RT @qhardy: "Burning heretics is a major pain point...Mongols are disruptors...The Black Death is going viral." -13th C. tech conference
RT @bobpatters: @eldon without the restrictive housing policies what would become of the beloved Atherton police blotter?
RT @dgouldin: @eldon @semil Not In My Bay Area
no sir, haven’t forgetten RT @JasRoss: @eldon Don't forget Marin as well.
seriously, if you live in SV and have ideas for how to change SF housing policies, vote for those changes where you live!
every single article i see on SF housing ignores this point. i don’t understand why.
reminder: Silicon Valley cities have restrictive housing policies that have fueled the SF housing problems today.
RT @abrahamhyatt: Announcing the launch of Oakland Police Beat, a data-driven investigative news site covering the @oaklandpoliceca
RT @CaseyNewton: This @peterhartlaub list of the seven most ironic post-arrest Leland Yee press releases is a comic feast
the tech community @susanmernit envisions for oakland is like the one some of us had hoped for in SF last decade
RT @michelemclellan: Great post by @susanmernit on age/gender-snobbery in tech -
Twitter killed Stephen Colbert’s joke via @Salon
never gets old ♫ Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (40th Anniversary Celebration/ Super Deluxe Edition) – Elton John
fwiw, over the years friendly former googlers have advised me to avoid gmail for reporting about google
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