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Robert Scoble
There is a video being passed around of a woman dying after being shot in the streets of Iran. You know how to find it. I won't post it. It's just too horrific. My thoughts with her family and those who struggle to be heard.
ya just saw it :/ - sean percival
saw that. :/ - vijay
that's the one Milad was talking about :|||||| - Shandiz
What the hell can we do instead of just agreeing that real time is awesome ! - sami
It's interesting that journalists always struggle to show just how much to show. It's a tough one. Sami: if you aren't in Iran you can't do much other than to declare your solidarity. - Robert Scoble
horrific. - Carlos Ayala
I agree with you (I didn't post it). then italian television showed it at 8pm... they suck... - ezekiel
The only reason a video like that exists, is because people are morbid enough to go watch it. These people are like real life trolls. We should just ignore them, maybe they'll go away. Yea, don't judge me, I mean, we have never tried that, have we? For all we know, it might work. - Javier Altman
Andrew sullivan live blogging what he is hearing from Iran - Teri Gidwitz
Javier: I don't agree with that. Sometimes you need to show other people the truth of life and death. Here they are showing what really is happening on the streets. On the Internet you can choose which truth you want to pay attention to. - Robert Scoble
Has anyone stopped to think that maybe passing these types of vids around could be further inflaming an already violent situation on the break of something much worse?? I am all for transparency but, when do we in social media draw a line and say that its not our place to interfere in other countries politics?? - Joe Hall
Maybe can we all decide for a worldwide gathering on a certain date to push our governments to do anything to help. - sami
the most important channel of italian public tv decided to show the video, at 8 pm, during the news, when a lot of people is watching... i'm glad here on ff we have this attitude, and WE THINK before posting... - Ivana
sami: the worst thing for the US government to do would be to get involved. That will allow the Iranian government to turn the protesters into villians. - Robert Scoble
Not if governments where pushed into involvement by their citizens, Rwanda, Darfour, Bosnia, This has to stop, you know well that our governments will do nothing if no money is involved - sami
This is when clicking 'like' is not really appropriate. I've seen some horrid videos on the internet over the years, no matter where the 'line' is drawn it will always be broken. Sad but true. - Chris Marshall
The Supreme leader chap called Britain (my country) the most evil nation on earth which I thought was a bit harsh. - David Lloyd
Robert: I don't disagree with the dissemination of information. I think we all have a responsibility to know what is really going on in the world. All I'm saying is that media can be morbid because the media knows that blood, gore and icky stuff grabs peoples attention. It's very sad, but it's very true. And all I tried to say was, maybe the only reason why this crap happens is because... more... - Javier Altman
I was so shocked when I saw that. But in a way it illustrates what is keeping everyone glued to the topic: ghoulish bloodlust, electronically sanitised for the mass market. Meanwhile I'll keep tweeting to encourage a donation to to pay for an independant exit poll - the only practical suggestion I have come across for those outside of Iran to do something affirmative to try and help this dreadful situation. - Anita Hunt
this is not interfering joe/ we need your help / we need you all to reflect these films and photos / we need to be heard - Shandiz
Just watched the video: what a world. - David Lloyd
Or we do something know to help them now, or our governments will go to war because of the Nuclear threat - Our choice ! - sami
we know iranian gov. is killing people... that would justify not a 'us' intervention, but for sure a UN intervention... - Ivana from email
Anita: That is exactly my point. Because people consume it, it exists. Maybe if we stopped consuming it, it'd stop existing (or at least become rare). It's just a thought. It'll never happen though, human beings are way too drawn to blood and gore. - Javier Altman
@Javier I don't agree with you. I was just having this discussion with someone. The media in the U.S. censors tons of stuff because they think it's too much for the American audience. On the other hand, other countries don't censor their media. I know that in Latin America, they show everything because they feel people should understand what is exactly going on. I am not sure if this... more... - Shevonne
The protesters have already been labeled villans. I watched this yesterday when it was broadcast on CSPAN. The crowd chanted "death to America" and "death to Britain". Sadly this clip on CSPAN only has been viewed 104 times according to the counter on the site. - Robert Kenney
i just watched the video..and i feel that such videos should be shown so that the world gets to know the real situation in Iran . we cant just continue to be armchair activists ...something needs to be done ..NOW !! - Ray
Shevonne: Please understand that I'm coming from a different background, as I was born, raised and still live in Latin America (Argentina and Chile, to be precise). If you saw some of the footage they show on TV here, dismembered bodies after a car wreck for no other effect but to keep people watching, you'd be disgusted. I have not watched this video either. I don't need to watch it to... more... - Javier Altman
@Javier I guess it depends as to the person's motive why he/she is posting it. I think the majority of the people (not going to say everyone cause you never know) are forwarding it so people can see that there is more to the story. The first time I saw the video on here was a Persian FFer, and I don't think she posted it for the shock factor. I think it's so everyone can understand what is going on. - Shevonne
Javier: I think the importance of this video is to help us conceive of the horror on an individual level. It's so easy to say Iran, Iranians, Iranian Government - to coalesce these ideas into an oversimplified whole. Those oversimplifications allow concepts like "Axis of Evil" to exist. When you are confronted with the harsh reality on a personal level, it's harder to ignore that these are individuals like us with families and friends, who are suffering at this moment. - Chip Ramsey
Shevonne makes a good point; there is so much disinformation flying around people post pics and vids as 'proof' to the outside world of their actual situation. For example: several hours ago there were reports of a bomb at the tomb of the last Ayatollah but not one pic or vid. - Anita Hunt
Shevonne: True, I'm not saying people posting it are all doing it out of a morbid sense of entertainment. I just think it's redundant. Maybe I'm too much of an optimist, but I want to believe that people don't need to be shown this kind of horror to understand it. Then again, that's just me. - Javier Altman
Chip: I'd hate to think that people need to be shown this horror on a personal level to understand how it works, what it is and what implications it has. I don't have to show you a video of me killing your dog so that you'll understand how much you'll suffer if I actually go and kill your dog. Aren't we smarter than that? Oversimplifications do exist and they suck, I'm not going to... more... - Javier Altman
+1 Javier. Just because I can see it, does not mean I need to. Just give me the overview so I can understand the gravity of it without all the gory details. The same reason I have refused to watch the beheading videos from the radicals. I understand what i means to be shot, beheaded, blown up, and have seen enough of this footage unintentionally to be satisfied that I have a grasp of what it means. I get it. - Robert Kenney
so sad and horrifying may her death and all those involved not be in vain. - Kim Landwehr
It is a difficult clip to watch - it makes me feel helpless. I pray for those in Iran fighting for their freedom. - Robert Freeze
we need something more than pray :| - Shandiz
Javier: I understand your point and wish that were the case. Let me put it this way, I will be going over to a friend's house in an hour or so. Most of the people there will not be talking about Iran, nor will they care to talk about Iran. 1) because they have negative preconceptions of the region and 2) because they don't want to talk about anything that makes them uncomfortable. This has been going on for me at work as well. My experience has been that very few people are really paying attention. - Chip Ramsey
@Chris: we need to be heard as much as possible throughout the world. we can't just rely on BBC/ CCN or other news networks! - Shandiz
Chip: But that's life, for the most part. People generally don't care about things that don't affect them directly. Showing a video won't change that, it'll only make them want to stay away even more -- if they are uncomfortable talking about it, be jumping of joy at the idea of watching a video of something like this, don't you think? - Javier Altman
Javier: My point is you can't ignore the video. You can't shake the video. But, you can easily ignore my desire to talk about the situation at a party. You can easily ignore Anderson Cooper on CNN running a 5 minute news story about Iran tucked between stories about legalizing marijuana and a celebrity couple getting a divorce. - Chip Ramsey
just saw the video, may her soul rest in peace and her death not be in vain. I really feel for all the poeple in iran, that there rights to choose for a president are being ignored, and their protests being beaten down.. shame to you ahmejinejad.. excuse my spelling - Sebastiaan van den Akker
Chip: It's true, you can't shake the video that easily, and I suppose the rest of your argument holds water as well. One thing though, even if you make these people who obviously don't want to get involved at least be aware of the situation, what do we gain? These people are not the ones who are going to go out of their way to complain, to participate, to make an effort from their own... more... - Javier Altman
The video has been published on Facebook with a brief description of the incident that ends with the words, "The film is shot by my friend who was standing beside me. Please let the world know." Initially I was against such footage being shown but if such a video makes the world take notice then so be it. - Chris Marshall
Chip: maybe you could wear green to the party ;) - Anita Hunt
Javier: It becomes a matter of peer pressure. An exercise in social psychology. We see it happen every day with politicians and religious leaders. Once a story gets promoted to a certain level, even the people on the sidelines get involved. Anita: Good idea, but that may clash with what my wife is wearing. (joke) - Chip Ramsey
Chip: It usually happens when it affects that person's own community or country at most. It's rare that the people in the sidelines get involved with something that is so foreign to them. Still, I honestly hope you are right. - Javier Altman
Saw it almost immediately. Was considering tweeting it, but I have to agree with Robert here. All those interested will find it on their own. I would, however, appreciate it if someone would point me in the direction of the facebook post that tells the story behind the vid. May she and all those who have ever lost their lives standing up for the right to speak or as collateral in any power struggle - rest in peace. Lest we forget... - Danica Radisic
And so once again the media (real-time this time) is busy weaving and plotting justification to invade another country, demonize another nation (Obama 'world is watching'. Similar warning from then president, Bush, before Iraq invasion). I'm glad I know enough technologists are transforming the world for the better instead of fueling an already inflamed situation. Those who are claiming... more... - Moushumi Kabir
There are those who watch a video for the morbidity of it, there are those who watch because they need to see truth, and there are those (like me) who watch a video because they care about the subject (and had no idea the content would be what it was) There is nothing inherently wrong in posting, showing, or viewing a video. Only the intention behind the action is right or wrong. Many... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob, I agree, intention is important. Sadly, given our history/record, I can't help but sense a hidden agenda, more when emotions seem to be selective for the same crime based on nation/religion/ethnicity/color, etc.. If not, why are there no tears for fellow Americans: Katrina survivors, homeless, unemployed, etc.?! We all know the agenda is to instill a gov of our choosing. What... more... - Moushumi Kabir
I hope (among other things) to know her name... someday... - Carlos M. Gomes
carlos, I've heard her name was Neda? - motownmutt
it is not horrific, it is beautiful and tragic--she is the face of the revolution - Eleanor Wynn
speachless and sad - Susan Beebe from BuddyFeed
Moushumi: I agree with you about the desire to interfere (by politicians/military) when we have plenty of issues at home. However, the people here have the desire for the people of Iran to have the same freedoms and voice that we have here. It is our duty to stand with them, and encourage them. Hopefully in doing so, we all succeed, and there is no need or reason for bombing or... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
I've only seen the Techcrunch picture of that scene. Horrific is right. - George Hall (Australia)
Thank you so much, Robert: 'Free speech' means spreading infos 'wisely' and respectfully too.. - Thierry R. Andriamirado
Rob: let me quote a fellow American who articulated it best "....It's a sensitive issue in the US, given the ongoing threats of "humanitarian" invasion, whether it be by our military or Israel's. The 24/7 news coverage we're getting is obviously aligned with the perpetual pre-war propaganda effort and an anti-Iran bias that has much more to do with oil, Islam, and the 1979 revolution... more... - Moushumi Kabir
What was I complaining about again? This vid is unspeakable even though I'm failing to be objective about it. - dhamza
Moushimi: What I would like to see come out of all that goes on this week, is sufficient change that any and all threat of western military action in Iran is removed, once and for all. What is sufficient to do that? I don't know. These protests, if /un/successful at changing the mode of leadership in Iran, will likely lead to intervention. However, if the protests change make some... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: why is it our business whom the people of another nation chooses to elect? Our allegiance should be with our constitution, not with any foreign nation. In some countries it's considered treason and rightfully so. Singapore is a prime example: 0 political disturbance and 0 interference in internal politics of other nations. Nothing personal but just to clear my point: Would Robert... more... - Moushumi Kabir
Maryam told me that the name Neda means beautiful voice. I keep thinking of her dad who was one of the ones holding her as she died. It is my worst nightmare to watch one of my children dying. A beautiful voice has been silenced. - Robert Scoble
The allegiance is not with any foreign nation. It is with /people/ who wish to be heard. People transcend the borders of any nation. My allegiance is for the right of the people to express themselves without being silenced. (cutting off all communications infrastructure silences them!) And as a nation who has suffered the /very same thing/ recently, when one of our own /stole/ an... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
That is terrible - Dan Schawbel
Robert: It is when I saw that video that I decided I could not just stand idly by. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: bottom line, there is an agenda behind 'supporting' Iranians. I want my government to focus on domestic issues, plain and simple. I want my fellow Americans to channel their energies in solving domestic crisis, health coverage for ALL Americans, jobs created for the rising unemployed. I want solidarity with these issues not the internal politics of a nation I've absolutely no right over. It's that simple. - Moushumi Kabir
Want or not, your government is going to continue to worry about international issues. Want or not, your country is on the brink of military incursion into Iran. Would you rather that? Would you prefer us to be completely isolationist? No nation is going to fix all of its own internal ills. If there is any agenda behind supporting Iranians, it seems that it would be a CIA sponsored... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Rob: on his day, I'm honoring my dad and following his teachings: cleaning up my own backyard and staying away from hypocrisy/double standards. It really is very simple, try it sometime! :-) - Moushumi Kabir
I don't feel that I'm engaging in hypocrisy or double standards. I would do the same as they are in my own country. And, if I happened to be in their country right now, I know where I would be. I'm not sure what you think is hypocritical about that. It is every person's right to be heard. I feel it is my duty and obligation to support people who choose to exercise that right, whether or... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
This is the first time I have been so conscious of Iranian women, defiantly beautiful, with perfect make-up, a shock of hair showing out from under the hijab, they remind me of the Tianamen Lady Liberty and our own Lady of the Harbor. - Phil Boiarski
Rob: allow me to share my Iranian friend's sentiment and message, "Friends: As a conscientious citizen of the world, I am very disturbed by the events that are taking shape in Iran, the country of my birth. As I have been telling some people in my recent discussions over the situation in Iran -- we all have to be very careful as to what we claim to oppose and what we choose to support... more... - Moushumi Kabir
Moushumi: well said. That's why I totally disagree with USA Republicans who are pushing Obama to do more. He has been perfect on this issue and should stay as quiet as possible. Iranians need to do the hard work here and it needs to continue to be seen as an Iranian issue. My wife still remembers being bombed by Iraq with USA made bombs. Lets not continue to make mistakes as Americans and I hope it all works out for Iranian citizens. - Robert Scoble
Russ, I will. And I pray for all the fathers who have lost children either through death or divorce. May they be reunited, if not here in restoration then in the Resurrection. May they be granted comfort and peace and hope. - Melanie Reed
I have to agree with Robert - The LAST thing I want to see in this is US military involvement. Whether that is to step in and be "peacekeepers" or to step in to overthrow the current regime, I don't think that these are admirable or desirable goals. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
And Moushumi, I don't understand why you think that supporting the people's right to be heard is hypocritical, or objectionable. I do not advocate violence, and I do not advocate military conflicts. Peaceful deomonstration is the proper means to change minds permanently. Why should I not support the people's right to do that. Go back and look through my tweets, and see what I think.... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert, Rob, I agree with you. As we got nearly the same problem in Madagascar: US, South Africa, other Africans, France (?) military involvement and so on! Believe me, pple just wanna live in -peace-, and those kind of unhealthy buzzes and wishes are simply inadmissible! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
The Iranian people don't need me to speak for them. But I am happy to help them have the means, and carry their message further. They don't need a "twitter revolution" but if there is revolution, the news of it won't be on CNN, and it won't be in the New York Times, or even on al Jazeera - at least not the news of it happening while it happens. That news will be on twitter, and on FriendFeed. I support people delivering the news. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Also: I truly believe that thought and words carry the ultimate power. If we all sit here and think about, and talk about violence as a solution, it will come to that. If we all sit and think about, and talk about the power of speech over the power of guns, that is what will come to be. Support speech with me. And remember Moushimi, supporting speech is not the same as taking sides. I would support both sides' rights to speak. - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Robert I respectfully disagree. The us is the home And beacon of freedom loving people everywhere. It seems to me that most of the protestors want a strong show of support from the us administration. The eu has been much for forceful in their condemnation of the regimes behavior. I am a proud republican and want Obama to so much much more than he has. Like it or not we are accused of meddling anyway so we may as well truly meddle. - Zachary Adam Cohen
Rob, you said it all! US and European governments can't continue to 'ignore' facts and truths spread on the Internet when their own people are buzzing about them. That's why too many unfair infos can lead to horrible 'mistakes'. Horrible but sometimes wanted or even provoked mistakes! We are talking about billions $$$, but about billions of lifes too! - Thierry R. Andriamirado
"Gandhi contrasted satyagraha (holding on to truth) with “duragraha” (holding on by force), as in protest meant more to harass than enlighten opponents. He wrote: “There must be no impatience, no barbarity, no insolence, no undue pressure. If we want to cultivate a true spirit of democracy, we cannot afford to be intolerant. Intolerance betrays want of faith in one's cause." [] - MikeAmundsen
Zachary, talking about 'home and beacon of freedom', once again I'll try to talk about nothing but just what I know: Madagascar, as an example. Believe me or not, but we in Madagascar have 'notions' of freedom too! We too have deep culture of 'how to protect peace' etc.. We too are Human, we too love our country as you love yours. We have brains (yes we do!) and can recognize it when... more... - Thierry R. Andriamirado
the best running commentary on the US foreign policy (among other things) is done by one Fred, at - Michael Bravo
There is a world outside US and Twitter. It doesn't reside in 'color' and has a mind of its own. It's called Asia - Will Obama walk the walk as he talked the talk in Egypt? He should know Asia/Arab/Muslim world are watching him too. - Moushumi Kabir
Robert Scoble
Maryam's relatives In Iran tell us they hear chants of "God is great." here is why that is significant:
They are yelling that because that is the same chant they would say during the revolution 30 years ago. They do that to make it clear their protests are aimed at the leaders, not at Islam. - Robert Scoble
Commercial break. - Blake
Who needs CNN? I've got Scoble on my radar. - Jason A. Nunnelley
i agree, God is great - joebrooks
they've been saying God is Great all week during the night. - geoff hines
"Allaho akbar" is what the cries say throughout the city. - Robert Scoble
it also helps people let others know they are all in it together. the loader the chants, the more people feel support among their countrymen. - Shayan
This is a way of telling the Supreme Leader that god is great but you are not. - Robert Scoble
Shayan: yup. Are you in Iran? - Robert Scoble
Robert, it's a defiant chant? - Jason Nunnelley
Jason: very defiant. - Robert Scoble
btw robert thanks for making CNN realize how much their were failing us.We appreciate it very much that you brought attention to the situation when it was starting to pick up - Shayan
islamic govt certainly cant ban ppl from shouting god is great; also carrying a koran might prevent you from being beaten in the streets... - Miko Matsumura
They are saying (from their subconscious): I can call on the bogeyman (that we both know doesn't involve himself in our petty issues) just as much as you - Greg Marlin
Miko, I'm not sure about the Koran protecting you from a beating. - Jason Nunnelley
These events are quite different than those we usually hear about coming from mideast. They tend to be about sunni vs. shiite, but this is people vs. government - Blake
Shayan: my voice was one of thousands. - Robert Scoble
yes I think it's reasonable to be skeptical of it, but possibly worth a try... - Miko Matsumura
they can't ban ppl from chanting GOD IS GREAT as they are doing this on roof top so its kindda uncontrolable/ and holding Quran is not that helpful as police or guards and plain cloth forces don't care - Shandiz
Robert: no. i wish I was there now. kinda feel helpless not being able to do much from here. I was there during the last student uprising (1999) and many died in vain last time. hope it's different this time around. - Shayan
Shayan, I think it's different than 99 this time. I hope the outcome is, and hope the government avoids bloody conflict -- I should say continued bloody conflict. - Jason Nunnelley
Shayan: I remember that. That time we didn't have YouTube. - Robert Scoble
Firk God / Santa Claus if you want to know how to make mayhem, message me and I'll give you the plans we should have implemented when Kenya rigged the elections (Zimbabwe and Iran only exist because the world let Kibaki steal) - Greg Marlin
the main benefit of the chants is that folks can express their support for the cause without being identified. most families would turn the lights out and start chanting. if you are identified, it doesn't matter what your chant says. you are still in danger. so is your family. - Shayan
It is such an amazing indication of how incredibly powerful social media is now. If this doesn't open the eyes of traditional journalists, I don't know that anything will. - Erik Boles
FriendFeed needs a troll button. :) - Jason Nunnelley
Robert, Shayan: what roll do you expect international attention will play in the conclusion? - Jason Nunnelley
Jason/Robert/Erik: exactly. I was telling some writer at San Jose Mercury the other day. last time something like this happened all the government had to do was shutdown 3 newspapers to kill the news. this time they are fighting thousands of citizen journalists. This is absolutely amazing... - Shayan
Shayan -- the peoples voice cannot be oppressed any longer. You hit the nail on the head. it used to be a one way statement, it is now a two-way conversation. - Erik Boles
there was a video of a woman reciting in the dark "where is this place?" also talking about the volume of Allahu Akbar chants on different nights - Eleanor Wynn
Jason: the international community's attention helps in many ways especially by putting pressure on the regime's friends such as Russia and China. It also gives people on the ground hope that somebody is hearing their cries. Human solidarity always helps those in peril and gives them more conviction. - Shayan
Jason: Iran's leadership has lost all respect in the world. Not that it had much but this will have deep impacts for years to come. There will be more resolve on nuclear issue now. Today Neda. Tomorrow YOU. - Robert Scoble
they are risking their lives, we are just watching intently, it is all we can do - Eleanor Wynn
Technology is a huge force that tyranny has a difficult time defending against. - David Damore
because it comes from so many hidden places - Eleanor Wynn
I believe the informational freedom (note people: freedom is taken, not granted) is most powerful in its ability to spark action in Iran. If the Iranian people stand together, they may create change. It is harder to kill a very large crowd than a single person. However, until recently, my fear was that the few brave Iranians were exposing themselves as targets for the government. With the numbers growing and continuing, they appear more hopeful for real change. - Jason Nunnelley
they just don't stop or go away - Eleanor Wynn
Jason: I would suspect you are correct. Initially it was just a protest, then as govt. operatives started killing people, it brought realization to the people of Iran, and they realized they had to stand together, for as long as it takes. - Erik Boles
Have you read the Peggy Noonan article in the WSJ yet? "Whose Side Are We On? You Have to Ask? - With Twitter's help, the youth of Iran take on the ayatollahs." - David Damore
David, technology is a tool that catalyzes other forms of action. Talking doesn't topple regimes. At some point people have to develop a plan of action and execute it. What they do, that is a big and scary question. This regime isn't going away any time soon without a big fight. - Jason Nunnelley
Quoting for the WSJ article: "Half the people in Iran are under 27." - David Damore
the videos are extremely compelling, more than still, you are there with the person filming and the people being filmed - Eleanor Wynn
and so many points of view, unlike news where it is the same clip over and over - Eleanor Wynn
Eleanor: I think that is the really powerful tool here. So many raw, unedited, unrehearsed video's directly from the streets. We have been at the mercy of big news post production for so long. - Erik Boles
that is the video, in the dark, the woman reflecting with the chanting in the background - Eleanor Wynn
Erik: I agree, after Twitter, going to the TV set seems lame - Eleanor Wynn
Eleanor, TV is lame. Diddo on that. - Jason Nunnelley
Funny, CNN is talking about this now. Sounds like lots in the city were chanting this last night. - Robert Scoble
Robert, what are the objectives of this revolution - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Aaman: to be heard. - Robert Scoble
To be precise, it might be too soon to call this a revolution, but in its nascent form, are there any signs of a leadership emerging, or stated principles? FWIW, I feel Mousawi cannot be the true face, unless he is seen as representing the principles of the original revolution - Aaman (Clone of FF)
The only thing that matters in Iran now is, will the military stay loyal to the govt. Everything else is irrelevant. - Bob Morris (polizeros)
Robert, Aaman: I'd assume there's some element of justice here as well. The people were granted a vote, told the election results would be respected, voted, and believe now that the government defrauded them. They have a moral standing, even under the most strict of loyalist perspective. At this point, since the government established elections in law, the government broke the law. Now... more... - Jason Nunnelley
It's one thing to be angry with your government. It's quite another to know the law of the land is on your side and your government is in violation. - Jason Nunnelley What is happening in Iran is not happening to just Iranians but to all of us. It is happening to the world. - Aaman (Clone of FF)
Perhaps I don't understand FriendFeed...I see "Here is why that's significant:" but I don't see any link or text after... - Tony Zito
@Tony Zito: The reason is in Robert's first comment. He posted the topic, then continued with the immediate comment to explain. - Mark H
The great thing about this whole episode is that it shows that Iran is a country of normal people - makes it very difficult for any future US government to bomb the hell out of it under the 'enemies of democracy' card. - Martin Bryant
A Prayer for Iran: Out of chaos Thou dost create divine beauty; amidst dire disorder Thou dost plant the seed of harmony that blossoms into sweet Peace. May you be Free. May you be happy. May you realize all that is good. - Meryl Steinberg
Free spirits cannot be chained - by any force of arms. The forces of tyranny may silence voices but they cannot silence the spirit. - Lorin Olsen
Well Said Lorin. - Garin Kilpatrick
Robert Scoble
My Iranian brother in law: "I've never seen anything like this, CNN is nothing but Iran all day."
this is's a world revolution - blackysky
See what happens when people complain for 2 days straight? :). #CNNFail really affected them. - Grant Gochnauer
Well, world revolution is a little far fetched. Possibly the start to a Middle Eastern revolution! - Ian Holton
They're doing a good job making up for last wkend's non-coverage. And they're supposedly having Amanpour on at midnight, instead of Larry King interviewing the Jonas Brothers' parakeet. - DB
Robert - can you confirm rumor of tanks rolling in at Azadi Square tonight? I know you said you are connected with some in Iran right now. Trying to confirm for @BreakingTweets - Breaking Tweets
Breaking Tweets: I haven't heard that, but my family is expecting this government to do something like that. They say this regime is brutal and won't allow these protests to continue. - Robert Scoble
the army and Revolutionary Guard(and therefore their tanks) are not in the streets yet, they are riot police and Basiji militias beating and killing our brothers and sisters - A.J.
Robert, thanks for your reply. If you hear anything more, please let us know @BreakingTweets. We have heard the same about the regime and how they won't let protests continue. - Breaking Tweets
Breaking Tweets: I have seen many more tweets that suggest confirmation of tanks than tweets saying this in unconfirmed. (not much to go on but...) - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
It should be Iran all day.... something revolutionary is happening. I'm very excited. Go Iran! - Kevin A. Burton
Funny, CNN is doing a money show right now. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, I turned on and checked CNN and their sister station (the old Headline News) and neither is covering this now.... - Steve de Mena
I'm afraid it's going to end just like China's student revolution, big tv coverage, then big death at tianamen, then we all forgot about it and nothing changed except a growing debt to China. - Steve C, Team Marina
@Steve C. I have the same fear about these events fading into anonymous history. We still don't fully know who was the student in front of the tank line in Tianemen... or what happened to him :-( - Carlos M. Gomes
June 2009 is the 20 year anniversary of Tank Man, or the Unknown Rebel, the nickname of an anonymous man who became internationally famous when he was videotaped and photographed during the Tiananmen Square protests on 5 June 1989. TIME included the “Unknown Rebel” in its 100 most influential people of the 20th century. - sherry reynolds
where in the heck is MSNBC--crap programming--the world is changing and we have next to nothing on TV - Eleanor Wynn
@Eleanor Wynn - You do have a remote control or a channel knob, don't you? - Guess Who
Robert Scoble
CNN right now: bla bla bla bla Twitter bla bla bla Iran bla bla bla bla. Where is friendfeed and Facebook? Easy CNN doesn't want to get kicked off of the SUL.
I have heard a lot more mention of Facebook in the videos/ interviews I've heard than either twitter or friendfeed in regards to the #iranelection. - Tony
you assume they even know what FB/FF are - Lynette Young
they have been talking about the FB page alot..but no friendfeed - Deb
SUL= Suggested User List. Twitter has about 30 million users. Facebook has about 250 million. Friendfeed has about 1 million. Where is the editorial balance? - Robert Scoble
CNN has mentioned Facebook fairly often, esp. concerning Mousavi's page. Don't know if many Iranians are using FriendFeed to give updates, upload pics/video, etc., so FF may not be a significant part of the equation in this story. - DB
DB: there are tens of thousands of Iranians on friendfeed. The search engine is a lot better here than on Twitter. - Robert Scoble
I read FF was blocked in Iran, but twitter was not, something like that. - Nyan Min
Robert - Fox News 'just' mentioned YouTube, Facebook, Picasaweb and Twitter. JulieBanderas was canvassing opinion on Twitter last week. I posted about it here : (CNN lost me for now on this one in the states) - Charlie Anzman
I think Twitter is easier to reach when the government is blocking your internet. - Bas
FF is still too early adopter for them. They are committed to Twitter and won't dilute the focus with another SM tool for quite some time. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Lots of Iranians are on FF...but are we sure that CNN even knows about FF? - phil baumann
Twitter is also blocked in Iran. - Robert Scoble
great job at #140conf - I was there. A lot of micro expressions by @ricksanchez - you held up. But right now they're reporting the right news - all social media! - iTbay
And then again, most of the news (regarding #iranelection) is coming out on Twitter, not FF. -- correct me if I'm wrong. - Bas
Bas: you are wrong. - Robert Scoble
It's coming from all over. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Bas: friendfeed is being used by tons of Iranians. Look at all the Farsi posts. - Robert Scoble
We could have the Sony Beta JVC VHS here Robert with FF. Best does not always make it to the top. - JP Holecka - Jaypiddy
Why don't you tweet links to the FF posts to peeps like @JoshLevsCNN and see what traction you get? - phil baumann
hah robert - i recently noted that Fox News is now "Twitter decide" - maybe they want on the SUL :) - Allen Stern
Robert, why aren't you showing up in their "Blogger Bunch" or whatever they call it to tell them about FF? - Holger Eilhard
Could see FF being a more pliant and journalism-friendly medium than Twitter. More context/background could be added to developing stories here on FF than Twitter. The two together create a lot of synergy. - phil baumann
Robert Scoble: FF may have thousands of users there, but are they using it much to post info during the post-election period, esp. compared to Twitter & FB (I don't know; just asking). Maybe Twitter is easier to access & use on a cell phone than FF? Anybody seen any numbers on usage of FF vs. FB vs. Twitter? - DB
Mainly facebook groups and mousavi have come my way on twitter. I've seen this one more than any other in tweets for several hours today - ( ) it's the shooting of the woman. - Mac Sharp
who cares where the news is coming from: Twitter vs Friendfeed - this is for future debate. Right now Twitter, Facebook, Youtube are in the minds of millions; @anncurry is creating great buzz with Twitter & Youtube & @jeffjarvis is stating Google social responsibility for showing more youtube videos re #iranelection - the debate should focus area this right now! Friendfeed is great though! - iTbay
The Iranian (expatriate?) who called CNN from the Netherlands whose fiance has pictures on iReport called in and said "Twitter, FriendFeed, and Youtube are being blocked." So there was a FF mention. - Chris Lasher
Has anybody tried notifying CNN about using FriendFeed as a source? - James Rishabh Mishra
FF isn't in the mainstream I've always said it's the wannabe facebook lol - orionstarr
orionstarr: that's funny because Facebook keeps copying FriendFeed's features. Just this week Facebook copied another FriendFeed feature (Farsi support). - Robert Scoble
Is there a "FF Room" for the breaking news of the protests? That might gain some attention. - LPH™ and his dog P™
Nobody has to inform CNN about FF. They are a professional outfit. And as long as they are on the SUL, they have a conflict of interest. But it's their choice. - Nick in Manila
Seems CNN haven't quite gotten the point that Iranians have been huge fans of using Friendfeed. - George Hall (Australia)
If CNN were really serious, they'd be using the Friendfeeds from Iran a bit more. - George Hall (Australia)
After searching a bit - there is an interesting FF room on Iran: - LPH™ and his dog P™
lots don't know the diff between Twitter, Facebook and etc. - Eleanor Wynn
Pulling back up a bit, isn't this a key learning from the last week? The revolution within the revolution? - Scotty Perkins
There is one difference everyone must note. Friendfeed is designed for discussions and interaction. But right now, do we need discussions or do we need broadcasting. For all its faults, Twitter is a broadcasting engine. And right now, Iranians are using Twitter as the only means of getting their message out. But when will the Iranian government shut Twitter access down? And if they do, will the broadcasts shift to another channel? - Lorin Olsen
Lorin: Since twitter is such a simple service, served by any kind of simple means, it's exceptionally difficult to shut it down completely. Twitter is great for broadcasting, but not good for controlling widespread rumor and / or panic. FriendFeed is much better for this, but Friendfeed doesn't have the simplicity, and so is easier to cut off. In short, will the Iranian government... more... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Facebook has been blocked by the Iranian government - so there's not as much going on there. However, Fox News hasn't stopped talking about Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other sites - not just Twitter. - Chad Smith
So far, BBC TV Persian Service has paid very good attention to all social media. They have a program called "Your Turn"[translation] that shows the perspective of the users and they have a very active user on FF ( I think we don't see CNN cover FF because their audience isn't using it. BBC Persian is using all these services because their audience is very active in all of them. - Khosrow
Robert Scoble
This is real life. has a private account that we've translated. He said "its very horrible when "she' looks through the lens and moments later blood come out of her mouth and nose." My thoughts with Iran protesters.
the film was horrible :((((((((((((((( - Shandiz
Miriam: thanks, my heart goes out to you. - Robert Scoble
I believe Milad lives in Tehran and has been very active here on friendfeed. - Robert Scoble
:(((((((((((((((((((((((((( - sajjad
I cant stop crying. - Mary
Maryam: My wife (also named Maryam) has been crying all week. I'm trying to get her to come here, but she's been getting her news on Facebook. - Robert Scoble
How can we help? Putting pressure on the US government to strongly condemn the Iranian government's action seems like the right thing to do, but is that really what the Iranian people want? Do they really care what our government says? Would that type of "help" just make things worse for them? - Chip Ramsey
Chip: that would be a major mistake because then the government of Iran could paint the protesters as being "Pro American" which would lose them major internal support. - Robert Scoble
The prayers of all freedom-loving people are with the Iranians now. For us, this is an exercise in ethics. For those in Iran, it is an exercise in life and death. May God show His mercy and guidance to those protesting - and those currently in power. It is God's desire that His children would love one another (in His name) and not hurt one another (in His name). If we would focus on our God and not ourselves, then we might have a chance to live in peace. - Lorin Olsen
Wow, way to twist the thread, Lorin. But you're right; people in the middle east, especially Iran, don't focus enough on religion, and if they would just believe in whatever you believe, everything would be okay. - Bill Jackson
@ Onur :they aren't civilians! if you look at the photos u'll see that they're equiped with batons and parapet!!! there is no way that normal people reach such things/ those ppl are just not wearing police or Basij cloths so they can get close to people easily/ - Shandiz
Any loss of life is a tragedy. I wonder why 0 solidarity with Iraqis or Palestinians? Former: we waged an illegal war and are directly responsible for thousands of deaths (counting) and destruction of an entire country, The latter: people democratically elected government, internationally monitored and declared fair, but unaccepted by us and punished another entire... more... - Moushumi Kabir
:( - Mil∂d
real life, real death - Eleanor Wynn
Sean McBride
Obama's Ally on Iran Policy: Pat Buchanan (John Nichols, The Nation) -
"So when President Obama shied away from joining other world leaders who have aggressively criticized Iran's disputed election and condemned post-election violence -- an approach The Hill newspaper describes as "hands-off" -- he got high marks from Buchanan. While most Republicans, led by the ever-bombastic John McCain (in alliance with the ever-bloviating Joe Lieberman), have been pillorying Obama for not doing enough, the paleoconservative commentator is hailing Obama as a savvy player on the international stage." - Sean McBride from Bookmarklet
"Declared Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, about as close an Obama ally as you will find in Congress: "It's an ironic moment in history when I say I agree with Pat Buchanan, but I agree with Pat Buchanan. The president is being very smart and strategic here. Sometimes it's more important to use a velvet glove than to pound your chest and in this instance the reformers are going to be more effective if no one senses they're being driven by the west."" - Sean McBride
Probably an agreement on tactics rather than strategy, since I assume Buchanan is still in the isolationist camp, and Obama is more of an internationalist. - John E. Bredehoft
Stopped clocks, and all that... - John (bird whisperer)
John: isolationist vs. internationalist may be a false dichotomy. Traditional Republicans and conservatives have always been strong proponents of pragmatic and realist engagement with the rest of the world -- it's good for business, and good for the American economy. What they oppose are ideological international crusades -- and I think that Obama is firmly in that realist camp.... more... - Sean McBride
A meaningful dichotomy: foreign policy realism vs. foreign policy messianism. - Sean McBride
I agree, when it matters Obama acts wisely. But what exactly is up with Dennis Ross? - LeaNder
Dennis Ross is part of the AIPAC/neoliberal faction which seems to be substantially dominating Obama and forcing him to abandon the progressive base which put him in the White House. - Sean McBride
I have to say Obama avoided a minefield--he is right--they should not be able to pin this on the US, too obvious, the UN is the right mediator - Eleanor Wynn
Robert Scoble
CNN: you should be ashamed. Horrid news judgment today. Absolutely horrid.
Totally agree. If it wasn't for the internet, I would have no idea what was going on in Iran. - Derek Coward
about what? Iran? I've been at a car wash for my daughter all day - andywergedal
Do elaborate - Bryce Roney
I can't believe how bad CNN is. - Robert Scoble
Yeah, ridiculous indeed. - Soso Sazesh
People actually watch CNN? - Jim Hague
I read conflicting reports that Mousavi has been arrested? Is this true or not? - Carlton Prest
From what I've heard on the news updates- he has been taken into custody. This is not good. - Jim Hague
CNN has been terrible forever. I follow them on twitter simply to see how much less informed I feel with every post. - zzzz
Is there a link to the article or video? - Ron Hixson
I gave up on CNN years ago. - Steve Lowe
Huff Post has some pretty good coverage - Soso Sazesh
Yes, no coverage of Iran. Larry King is on with stupid motorcycle show. - Robert Scoble
What are we talking about here. Reference plz? - Mitchell Schneider
the most amazing thing was filtering Twitter hashtag and watching the updates come in sometimes hundreds within 10-15 minutes periods. an incredible way to immerse into the real-time interest cloud. - Thom Kennon
Robert, I came to the same conclusion of CNN years ago. - Taylor Marek
I love this tweet from the CNN tweetbot: Tehran on fire"... "Palin vs. Letterman Who's Right?" with panel discussion {priorities: fail;} - BryanSchuetz
We are talking about Iran's election outrage - Soso Sazesh
There is a letter from Mousavi in both Farsi & English circulated for hours. He is under house arrest. There are reports of Ministries on Fire. Twitter has been lit up for hours. - Donald Wilson
One of Australia's sunday morning TV shows wasn't any better, it's lead story was that a bank was introducing muslim-friendly loans - Bryce Roney
The real-time coverage from Tehran today was on Twitter - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct
Let's agree that most TV news networks decided long ago that they would control the news. Remember swine flu? People blame the fuss about that on Twitter, yet it died everywhere as soon as the MSM stopped making it a big deal. - Carlton Prest
Blogs have been active, but TV networks have been dead. Including CBC in Canada. Unbelievable! - Donald Wilson
Pavan - they did nothing and they should have - Soso Sazesh
A brilliant guy at my gym, a BU professor, refuses to work out to CNN, insists we change the channel. - Halley Suitt Tucker
So hard to believe we have to go to Twitter to stay on top of such important news as the protests in Iran. - AirDye®
That gym prof has the right idea. - zzzz
What the hell's going on with the US media. The unrest resulting from the Iranian election IS IMPORTANT! - Don Whittaker
How great to actually see some WOMEN in the streets! - Halley Suitt Tucker
@don they are too busy working out who would win in a fight between Sarah Palin and David letterman - BryanSchuetz
It's the weekend. There is no one in the newsroom on the weekend. When I worked there, we had to absolutely drag someone in for the Princess Diana accident...the community was going nuts and there we were, with no broadcast news, no confirmation, no nothing. - Karoli
Were the elections free and fair? - David Lloyd
Front page on - Kirk Harnack
Not according to the letter from Mousavi, and from reports coming from Iran. - Donald Wilson
@Mark They were corrupt beyond farcical - Ed Shahzade /NextInstinct You can watch France 24, Al Jazeera English, Euronews and Press TV, the Iranian propaganda channel. Coverage on all of those - Andrew Leyden
RT @IranRiggedElect More photos from Iran #iranelection - Donald Wilson
I have to say the Nambu search ( searches twitter, friendfeed, one riot, yahoo news) has been great for keeping on top of this, and it's essentially real-time: - BryanSchuetz
So....are you all (we) making MSM obsolete? - Cynthia Chrysler
RT @mistabaka Follow this blog for amazing pics/vid of #IranElection Pls RT. 5 hours ago - Donald Wilson
so far I think the best coverage is here: - and he has more on his facebook page - glfceo
wut's going on folks? - Eric Nakagawa
CNN is a mock news feed. It's a misinformation provider. - troglodyte
It isn't just CNN. If you look at online newspapers and other outlets before going to bed tonight you'd walk away with a different story and all sorts of analysis about how we will continue to deal with the old regime. That still may be the case, but you can tell this was a - Warner Crocker
Go to (a great site, btw) and type the Twitter search terms in. You can watch them come in real time, no refreshing. - Obayoo
con't... we're out of here for the weekend story. - Warner Crocker
CNN does have this on their site: - invariant
We don't bother with broadcast TV, so I can't watch any of the stations, but currently has it listed as the top news story, as does both with firey photos. - David Sky
CNN has access to Twitter and more. So why can't they give the proper attention to this story? - Donald Wilson
It's actually all so called TV news outlets. Internet is a better source of news. To be fair though, sometimes, on duty journalists/editors do not have the last say in what's covered as 'news'. Simple politics and ratings. I usually tune in to UK TV channels than I do US for news, that too very rarely. Sad but true. - Moushumi Kabir
I see more news from my Iranian friends than news TV news outlets. - Moushumi Kabir
Cnn lost. - Stalyn☂
My last thought on this, no matter what happens, US definitely needs to stay out. It's Iran's internal matter just as 2004 re-election of Bush was our internal matter. As shocking as it was to the rest of the world (I still struggle with the fact ppl I know actually voted for him - twice!!), US did vote for Bush the second time. - Moushumi Kabir
For people interested in tracking what is happening regarding the irannian election on Twitter, here is a dashboard: An amazing showcase of how new forms of communication make it much harder for dictatorships to control people! - Edwin Khodabakchian
It's difficult to get a right news even for me who know Persian, Iranian Tv doesn't support anything about street riots at all, Face book and You tube are filtered over there! No SMS! No mobile, even FF is filtered for them ! :| - Shandiz
sucks to live in a country without freedom :( - David Lloyd
Agree w/ Moushumi Kabir!US MUST stay out of this. - Shandiz
"Horrid coverage" -- otherwise known as typical. Shame shame! - Andy Sternberg from fftogo
Good "on the ground" coverage over at allvoices - Joel Richman
What did CNN do-so that a word. That's twice in 2 weeks. - politics news
Download Livestation to see more coverage - Eric Haber from Nambu
re: Teriss - comparing to at 10:08 PM Central, CNN has NO MENTION of Iran and twazzup has 3 of 10 Hot Topics about Iran ... looks like CNN is NOT the place to find 'Breaking News'. - Don Strickland
Really strange. - Jim Hague
I really like Don Lemon but he seems to think CNN isn't doing anything wrong, which bugs me. - Shawn Farner
CNN finally pipes up and mentions Facebook pictures inciting violence in Iran - but no update. Oh, yeah, and the fact that access to internet has been cut off. Is that the only news?Now on to the Letterman/Palin fight! I am heading back to online updates. - Liza + = ?
I often find US cable TV insular when it comes to foreign affairs - coverage of Barack Obama's recent speech in Egypt was a case in point. But CNN ignoring the Iranian protests is shameful. - Peter Dowley
I was always kinda of excited about the prospect of a 24 hour news network. Imagine how many more stories or how much more in-depth you could got on a single item. That really didn't happen. Covering stories, particularly any story happening outside NY or LA, is expensive. So we saw CNN put on a bunch of shows with pundits. They leaned to the left, so FOX could come along and lean to... more... - Matthew McCowan
Twitter is susceptible to manipulation by propagandists--for example the protests in Moldavia. In that case it was a legit election that the protesters just didn't like the result of. A flash mob does not a majority make. - Joe Knapp
Joe: good point, but many of us didn't fall for that crap and even then it cleaned itself out pretty quickly. - Robert Scoble
CNN died in 2001, when Tom Johnson retired. Quite a few of the top talent left around the same time, not wanting to be part of Jamie Kellner's efforts to be more like FOX. Cable "news" is a ghetto, and I never, ever, ever turn it on. Robert, you'll enjoy this: - John Craft
Looks like CNN is finally picking up the coverage today. Christiane Amanpour is live in Teheran. - Nils Sandin
Just starring to catch up to last nights events. Amazing the lack of big media coverage on Iran. - Robert Wilkins
Been watching CNN International in China for two days and I can't agree with you. The reporting seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter. Saying they should be "ashamed" is a bit invective. - David Geller
"CNN International . . . seems to be matching what I'm seeing on BBC and reading in NYTimes and Twitter." - CNN-I is a totally separate production team, and has a totally different business model from CNN-"Domestic." - John Craft
Crowds gather for Ahmadinejad victory rally - David Lloyd - "Iran's Ex-Foreign Minister Yazdi: It's A Coup" - John Craft
Robert Scoble: three bloggers have been on top of Iran developments: Andrew Sullivan, Juan Cole and Robert Dreyfuss. It seems safe to say now that we have just witnessed a coup in Iran. - Sean McBride
Amazing video from the BBC of the demonstrations. - Joe Wood
What's new? - Kreg Steppe
Yep, "CNN- The Lamest International News Team on Television" - Dean Kakridas
CNN: Cable No News network. - Robert Scoble
interwebz wins again! - stefan
who makes the decisions over there at Cnn? - Denise
All these comments are so stupid and ill-informed. Not a single one of you has ever tried to take a camera crew into a totalitarian country. I have. You don't just walk around. Easy to twitter for one person. Very hard to get pictures! Go and try it, and until then. Shut up! - Prokofy Neva
@Sean, i agree we have witnessed a coup--the sustained fight lasting a week with people in the street every day, making police run away, NYT editorial by Reuel Marc Gerecth has a good analysis of what it means, and AlJazeera has a good analysis. the action on the streets is having a huge effect, not just on Iran but on the Middle East. - Eleanor Wynn
Prokofy Neva, agreed that no new organizations can get in there, but any of the news channels could rebroadcast key videos, photographs and analysis of this very major geopolitical event--it is really disgusting to go through the TV channels and see the dreck that is on when something major is happening--our local news channels will cover a weather event non-stop, why doesn't a major channel cover this/ - Eleanor Wynn
the citizen journalism tells the story in a way noone else could. you are right there in the middle of the crowd with all the changes of pace and direction, the shaky camera itself tells a story and the sounds. it is like actually being there--that is why the twitter and youtube coverage is the real coverage--they don't have to process, package and add a local angle to it that waters down the effect - Eleanor Wynn
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