cssnext: Use tomorrow's CSS syntax, today http://cssnext.github.io/ playground: https://t.co/hH8bmGCMOn
Adding new content to my "Grunt-ify Your Front-End Development" talk for #anglebrackets #devintersection Will post slides later today
Whew, finally got contact out of eye. Wearing glasses to give eyes a rest, then put a new pair contacts in ;) +@warrenparsons @mspspeak
Ug. Went to put contacts in this morning & 1 got lodged up in eye socket. Can't see well, it's irritating, and can't get it out... yet ;(
RT @nathansmith: Chuckling at "disallowYodaConditions" in JSCS… https://t.co/unhgFdMCrh — Awesome way of describing it. https://twitter.com/nathans...
I'll be presenting on "The Case for jQuery" at 3:45pm in GB124 at #anglebrackets #DevIntersection
NOTE: You can use the 'n' key to navigate through the presentation http://elijahmanor.github.io/talks... or just use the arrows, but that can be confusing
Watching @DanWahlin talk about "AngularJS in 60ish Minutes" at #anglebrackets +@abracketsconf
I'll be speaking about "How to Pick Good JavaScript Libraries" at 12:00pm in GB124 +@abracketsconf #anglebrackets #deveintersections
RT @lifehacker: The time you spend analyzing a strategy, the more time you're wasting. http://lifehacker.com/stop-wa... https://twitter.com/lifehac...
RT @teleject: see @rmurphey @elijahmanor @getify +many more at online, live JavaScript Summit next week - http://environmentsforhumans.com/2014... #jssummit
Some nice React Components implementing Google's Material Design http://material-ui.com
Firefox Developer Edition https://t.co/4Ou9u3FdXN
Loving that reveal.js supports an external markdown source! https://t.co/bBFHRzyB1Q example: https://t.co/Kw7uDit0Y2
Family took a nice walk around our neighborhood this morning... ahh the Fall https://twitter.com/elijahm...
I didn't even get a sip of hot coffee when my @pluralsight mug slipped from my hands & shattered on the floor :( https://twitter.com/elijahm...
RT @f12devtools: Identifying detached nodes and their references with Internet Explorer in three easy steps. https://twitter.com/f12devt...
An easier way of using polyfills https://t.co/AKTAhPW8Ah +@triblondon
How to Speed Up Lo-Dash ×100? Introducing Lazy Evaluation http://filimanjaro.com/blog... +@filip_zawada
RT @YDKJS: Are you up to speed on promises? Are you sure? https://t.co/5tqLvAtaQE What about generators? https://t.co/l0GKqSXV33
ohh snap! brackets IDE has a creative cloud extract tool to pull items from a psd http://brackets.io/ http://www.adobe.com/creativ...
Styling Cross-Browser Compatible Range Inputs with CSS http://css-tricks.com/styling... +@danieljackstern @chriscoyier @real_css_tricks
Chrome DevTools Tips: Live-Edit JavaScript when paused in debugger http://devtoolstips.com/post... +@devtoolstips
RT @burkeholland: It's been a while since I said how much I love Prism from @LeaVerou for syntax highlighting. We use it on TDN! https://t.co/UqdjRhlX9h
RT @hopefulcyborg: If you love MDN and want to know when we add something new: follow @NewOnMDN
RT @ddprrt: "What's bower?" "A package manager, install it with npm." "What's npm?" "A package manager, you can install it with brew" "What's brew?" ...
RT @IEDevChat: We’re redesigning the F12 tool navigation in response to your feedback, have a look and tell us what you think! https://twitter.com/IEDevCh...
TIL: In Lo-Dash you can sort by multiple properties… _.sortBy(characters, ['name', 'age']) https://t.co/3R9JuG0Yha
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