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RT @addyosmani: rebeccapurple has landed in Chrome:, WebKit & Firefox. Available in Canary (& Opera next) soon
RT @DrScienceCat: If you can think of a better fish pun..
RT @lifehacker: This awesome, free book will teach you everything you need to know about JavaScript:
OH: I invent new words… like "plagiarism" +@RagingPacifist @DevWithPurpose
RT @brucel: Used Gimp to make an ad for JS Promises
Abby (8yo) reading to my 2 sick boys on our back porch
Abby (8yo) told me that polar bears don't dance... so I proceeded to show her this
Abby (8yo) told me that polar bears don't dance... so I proceeded to show her this
RT @ChromiumDev: Cut/Copy/Paste DOM nodes, New in Canary's DevTools. Nice feature idea, @OliverJAsh! GIF:
RT @sgalineau: And the answer is: one cold wash cycle is 8,204 steps, 11 floors, 3.92 miles.
Been on floor next to sick child the past 3 nights. Hard to see your child in pain. Wish it was me and not him :(
q. Why did the jQuery developer flip the table? (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ a. He over-Reacted
RT @mashable: Fist bumps spread fewer germs than handshakes, study says.
RT @unscriptable: wish me luck. about to confront some blatant copy-n-paste engineering
dev1; What methodology do you use to get things done? dev2: The Procrastidoro Technique®
Southstreet: @filamentgroup's core tools & workflow for delivering rich cross-device web applications
OH: What happens when you cross a joke and a rhetorical question? +@RagingPacifist @DevWithPurpose
Guide to Responsive-Friendly CSS Columns +@katydecorah @chriscoyier @real_css_tricks
Installed some apps on my iPad & now I see this on my iPhone... but they won't download or delete :(
So what’s the different between Responsive Web Design, Adaptive Web Design and RESS? +@aarontgrogg
Anyone know of a very fold-able treadmill that would fit easily fit under my couch?
If you leave your computer unlocked... you may find yourself hasselhoff-ed +@DevWithPurpose @damon_bauer
RT @terkelg: The Principles of Adaptive Design by Brad Frost #webdev #design
RT @Gizmodo: A multi-function clip that hides a toolbox in your hair
RT @IE: Introducing a new @SettlersofCatan experience from #IE. Play #CatanAnytime, on any device.
5 Javascript Apis to Empower Your Mobile Web Pages +@AurelioDeRosa @sitepointdotcom
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