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RT @addyosmani: Runnable JS, CSS & HTML snippets arrive on Stack Overflow with revision history & an editor
RT @ThingsWork: This is how a dandelion works
RT @mashable: Twitter profiles on iOS just got a major overhaul.
MT @bejonbee: Presented rough-draft today of my @CoderFaire @reactjs presentation with @DevWithPurpose //Great job!
RT @bejonbee: nnoremap <leader>t :!npm test <cr> — run #npm tests from #vim @elijahmanor @shojberg
RT @umaar: DevTools Tip: Pick colours from a page using the new eye dropper tool in the Elements Panel. (Currently in Canary).
Karma Is Not Just For AngularJS +@OdeToCode
RT @brackets: In case you missed it, @dangoor wrapped up last week in Brackets - including a sneak of Split View.
Clever Ways to Find Good Developers
Reviewing Git feature branches when you don’t have pull requests +@scichelli
RT @History_Pics: All this technology is making us antisocial.
CSS "position: sticky" Introduction and Polyfills +@AurelioDeRosa @sitepointdotcom
RT @Jack_Franklin: OH: It fails my internal linting.
Favicons, Touch Icons, Tile Icons, etc. What All Do You Need? +@ph_bernard @chriscoyier @Real_CSS_Tricks
#protip `grunt --help` or `grunt -h` will show a list of available tasks
RT @CoderFaire: We’ve got 2 FULL DAYS of learning this year…and a party at the Zoo1 Get your ticket today.
The dilemma of mobile apps development +@commitstrip
Colour Changing Card Trick //Wow, apparently I am sooooo unobservant! ;)
blogged: Clever Ways to Find Good Developers
RT @remotesynth: A great and complete guide to styling HTML file inputs by @tjvantoll, including how to use shadow DOM.
RT @devLink: DEVLINK 2014 is next week! Do you have your ticket?
RT @addyosmani: Chrome DevTools Console & Command-line API pro-tips:
RT @addyosmani: ES6 Method Definitions land in @FirefoxNightly, removing the need for `function` keyword when defining object methods
Clever Ways to Find Good Developers -
RT @b4nn0n: Sure, you only use Vanilla JavaScript; but do you use organic, fair trade, artisanal Vanilla JavaScript?
An Introduction to Git Hooks
RT @HugoGiraudel: We just released SassDoc 1.3.0: Small yet cool improvements, hopefully!
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