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Took a half sick day. Feels like a head cold :(
Front-end Web Developer </> Jobs +@frontenddevjob @codylindley //Also looking for FED where I work @devwithpurpose
RT @mashable: Here's our guide to the Twitter profile redesign -- anyone can now switch to the new look.
RT @DevWithPurpose: Honored to be a part of this launching this to teach the next generation how to be smart with money! #SmartMoneyKids
Creating defensive objects with ES6 proxies +@slicknet
Inline SVG vs Icon Fonts [CAGEMATCH] +@chriscoyier
RT @reverentgeek: OH: I'm not arguing. I'm just explaining why you're wrong.
A little reading break over lunch
My allergies finally got the memo that it is spring #sniff #sneeze
RT @lukew: Screen resolution doesn't tell you how a device is used.
Picturefill Version 2: A responsive image polyfill +@filamentgroup
Understanding CSS Timing Functions +@Stephen_Greig
Here is a debt snowball visual +@DevWithPurpose
Enjoying my new lock screen background ;)
RT @hammadi_naim: watching Fixing Common JavaScript Bugs @pluralsight authored by @elijahmanor This is what I call great learning materials for #javascript
github-selfies now supports animated gifs! example:
RT @iamdevloper: 1990s: <table></table> 2000s: <div></div> 2014: div { display: table; }
Nashville Business Journal names The Lampo Group (@DaveRamsey) one of 2014 Best Places to Work +@DevWithPurpose
Happy Easter!
RT @daniel_norton: @LeanKit for iOS just got updated with Taskboards & Drill-Through Boards. Now in the AppStore
RT @simevidas: With ES6 Set/Map in IE11, Safari remains the only browser that doesn't support them. Code demo:
RT @shawnjan8: My work on refactoring picturefull to match the latest spec has been released in 2.0.0alpha! Big thanks to @scottjehl
RT @jordanmoore: A good read from @stripe on using CSS animations to establish context when transitioning into different states —
RT @razvancaliman: CSS Shapes Editor in Brackets - A lot of time and work went into building this. I hope you find it useful.
"Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." --Vince Lombardi
Guy Builds Spider-Man's Webslinger Using an Electromagnetic Launcher
Enjoying the 3rd monitor! +@DevWithPurpose
Animating SVG with CSS +@chriscoyier
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