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RT @luckylori11: SURVEY: What Would Your Dream Work/Life Balance Look Like? @BlogHer wants to hear from you -
Touching Cover of "I Touch Myself" to Inspire Breast Self-Exam: Singer's Last Wish [You will need all the tissues.]
“@MizzCesca: AMAZING Cover of "I Touch Myself" to Inspire Breast Self-Exam Singer's Last Wish | BlogHer” [Killed me!]
RT @LisaEkus: Thrilled that @SallyEkus will be on another panel at this year's @BlogHerFood conference! proud mom/boss
Good advice from Kevin Liles #DreamProject2014 "You think you're breathing, but you're not really…
Me, JLo, Keith Urban, Harry Connack Jr in a hotel room #365feministselfie #americanidol
RT @LisaStone: Congrats @canva on landing @guykawasaki: "Ignore title and pedigrees.  Elitism is the enemy of evangelism." Amen
RT @loriannlarocco: Strategies for success!They are inside you- just like @ElisaC @LisaStone @JoryDJ of @BlogHer #opportunityknocking
Colin Firth is still so yummy. That is all. #TheDailyShow #laterupdate
Heading to ATL tomorrow to speak at my 2nd The Dream Project 2014 Will I see any of you there?
Oh jeez, was trying to AVOID actually seeing the US Airways NSFW photo. All for naught. My eyes, MY EYEEEEEEEEES
RT @SocialEspionage: Empower Your Business @DreamProjectUSA I'm speaking on a panel w/@BlogHer's @ElisaC [JOIN us!]
RT @jenleereeves: Everything that happened w/the @USAirways twitter error was wrong. But the tweets @BlogHer collected are funny:
I just bought: 'The Lusty Vegan' by Ayinde Howell via @amazonkindle [@Ayinde is awesome, and his book will be too!]
I just bought: 'The Lusty Vegan' by Ayinde Howell via @amazonkindle [@Ayinde is awesome, and his book will be too!]
Awesome #birthday dinner at #AmberIndia including Cauliflower Bezule and Aloo Asparagus #yum
What will I do with my day off, you ask? Catch up on my beloved Entertainment Weekly, I'm 5 issues…
Day 100 #365feministselfie with guest selfie-er @Marianiles post-Movie Club. We saw Bad Words.
When #backyardkitty is not giving me the side-eye, he is an adorable bundle of fur :) #365felinistselfie
"Oh mom, putting spaces between your letters on FB won't protect you from spies. SMH" #kittysmh
RT @THEGingerSass: It's that time of the year where I get ready to bombard @ElisaC with #hairdresserselfies. [YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]
Co-sign!! RT @Leighbra: @ElisaC @andersoncooper I could get fully behind Anderson Cooper as Indie.
Large and in charge (and unimpressed with #kohlrabi) #backyardkitty #365felinistselfie
Plated. @missmayim's Shepherd's Pie filling, topped by @thelemonbowl's Cauliflower-Kohlrabi mash…
Instead of baking this hybrid @missmayim @thelemonbowl Shepherd's Pie with Cauliflower-Kohlrabi…
...A Mashed Cauliflower-Kohlrabi recipe by @thelemonbowl to top @missmayim's Shepherd's Pie filling.…
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