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RT @vegan: "If you see a woman in a store smelling a purse, she's probably #vegan." - @MsRajt
#backyardkitty is quite impressed with my Day Four hair. No, really. The frizz is a challenge on Day…
Congrats to Safra Catz becoming Co-CEO of Oracle. #womenintech
RT @heathr: I memorized her jokes in high school then later lost my taste for her stuff.But once I did stand up,the more I did it, the better she seemed
RT @Yamiche: Eyewitness says people on the street were screaming to police officers that the man killed had mental health problems.
RT @chrislhayes: People here not disputing the knife, but all asking "why not shoot him in the leg?" "I thought they were supposed to have training"
RT @ShaunKing: 8. Every single eye witness (that has spoken publicly) tells the shooting story the exact same. The officer story is preposterous at best.
RT @ShaunKing: 7. Mike & Dorian ran for their lives. Dorian hid. Mike kept running. After this I believe NONE of the officer story.
RT @ShaunKing: 6. If Mike had no gun residue on his hands, this means the officer fired the gun and Mike thought he was about to die right then and there.
RT @ShaunKing: 5. The gun "goes off" in the car. We don't know who shot it, but guns don't go off. Someone pulled the trigger. This is SO KEY.
RT @ShaunKing: 4. 4 eyewitnesses describe a fierce struggle at that window. I wish a camera was there. Both men seem to fear for their lives right there.
RT @ShaunKing: 3. Dorian Jones said the officer slammed open the door, that it hit 300 pound Mike, and closed back. In anger he grabbed Mike. I believe it.
RT @ShaunKing: 2. The police chief emphatically said, very publicly, that the officer DID NOT know about the shooting. Why do that? Somethings wrong there
RT @ShaunKing: 1. The storeowner did not call the case in against Mike. Wasn't going to. Wasn't going to press any charges. And the whole tape isn't clear.
RT @ShaunKing: I'll go in chronological order here. It's actually more than 5 reasons why I don't believe the officer narrative...
RT @davewiner: You know I think Steve Ballmer should have been an NBA owner from the beginning. Programmers don't really respond to yelling that well.
RT @mat: This is one of the most fucked up images I've ever seen in modern America
RT @jelani9: It's not just the people watching #Ferguson on tv who are in disbelief. I'm here and still find all of this incredible.
RT @FreedomofPress: We are keeping track of the journalists arrested in #Ferguson and filing #FOIA requests for their arrest records.
RT @elonjames: I'm sorry I didn't have a full light kit on me so I could have all the video too. I barely got the audio because we were FUCKING RUNNING.
RT @elonjames: For those saying "Where's the video?" Seriously? The audio isn't clear enough? Are we just making excuses for bullshit now? #Ferguson
RT @txvoodoo: @elonjames why..why am I listening to americans in a small town residential area teach each other how to deal w/ teargas. SO WRONG
RT @elonjames: I was broadcasting live and folks want to argue with me. God forbid you're just a regular citizen in #Ferguson. Your truth is irrelevant.
RT @Awkward_Duck: The neighborhood we were in when we got gassed. Yep, look at all these chaotic people ._. #Ferguson
RT @elonjames: Here is the clip from tonight's live broadcast when the police gassed a residential block in #Ferguson. #TWIBnation
RT @drowens13: So many reporters with significant conflict zone experience expressing shock at how this situation is being handled #Ferguson
RT @MotionToStrike: According to Pew Research Center, majority of white people must be fucking kidding me right now.
RT @Timcast: A local woman just stopped her car near us to direct us to a Church with shelter food and medics. #Ferguson
RT @EricWolfson: Can't. Make. This. $#¡t. Up. MT @TheBaxterBean: Fox Panel On "Race In America" Is Composed Of White People #Ferguson
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