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RT @awelfle: OH in the #webloft: “That’s why you don’t eat cake that looks like a puddle of dog.” //@elitistsnob
#VeteransDay: a day when those who proudly served are honored all across the internet with really shitty clipart.
Public service announcement: @reusserdesign is seeking a digital strategist. Spoiler: pants are required. I asked.
RT @reusserdesign: We’re hiring a digital strategist! If you love the web and have strong strategy experience, let’s talk.
RT @iamdevloper: Venture Capitalists are “evil” in the same way that McDonalds are “evil” for making you fat.
RT @gwardwell: "The Evil Dead is coming back in 2015 with a new TV series starring Bruce Campbell" - @GroovyBruce, hail to the king!
Three things are inevitable in life. Death. Taxes. And @thebrawnyman mocking your developer tools. #WebDevelopment
Audi's "Spock vs. Spock" TV ad is simply the best thing ever. Prepare for your heart to explode. #StarTrek
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: Good news, everybody. Industry-standard secure servers.
And as a bonus for installing their antiquated software, Adobe serves you with ads after install completes. Classy.
Each time I install #AdobeFlash it feels like I'm downloading it through a time portal to1998. #WebDevelopment
Adult Swim's spoof of 90s' sitcom intros is simply the best thing ever created by human hands. Watch it now. NOW!
Totino's pizza is basically faux Italian dog food for humans, but were this their ad I would eat it, out of respect.
PHPStorm is 40% to anyone upgrading from a competing IDE. I recommend this app highly to any #developer.
“@_FloridaMan: Florida Man Asks 911 Operator on Date; Later Tells Police He Was Looking For Prostitute" - Ah, Florida
RT @thinkgeek: Today in Geek History: It's National Nacho Day. Now, go forth! You know what you must do to celebrate.
RT @Hunckler: Hand drawn Motherboard.
HP to split into two companies, laying off more than 55,000 employees. And you thought YOU were having a bad day.
Robert Downey Jr. confirms negotiations taking place for Iron Man 4. Get excited!
Microsoft just laid off 2,100 employees. Sounds like they have openings! I should apply. Guys?
“@reusserdesign: ACCOUNT COORDINATOR NEEDED! Sometimes, our developers get lost under...” - PLEASE HELP US!
RT @reusserdesign: ACCOUNT COORDINATOR NEEDED! Sometimes, our developers get lost under a pile of paperwork, and we don’t…
.@reusserdesign Won two awards for best #rwd and mobile website for Peg Perego and Fort Wayne Airport. #WIN
Breaking news: HP is building yet another shitty cheap Windows laptop:
RT @LastWeekTonight: John Oliver on the militarization of our local law enforcement...
Current status ->
Public service message: @reusserdesign is seeking an account coordinator. If you or someone you know… coordinates:
RT @reusserdesign: JOB OPENING: We’re looking for an account coordinator to join the team! Read more about it: And please RT & share!
function morning() { $day = 'Monday'; $sleep = false; $status = 'tired'; $productivity = null; $alert = 'HELP'; } #WebDevelopment
“@iamdevloper: imagine having to come out to your parents that you write asp code” — HA! This is absolutely true.
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