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RT @thebrawnyman: Introducing: KentCoin. Its like BitCoin but they are mined every time @elitistsnob's dad says "You're killing your mother"
Hey, ASP and C# finally serve a useful purpose. #DeveloperHumor
One of the downfalls of working as a mobile developer is you appear to always be messing about on your phone or iPad. #WebDevLife
RT @bravasfood: Tomorrow starts the Dog of the Week with the WWCDdog: Chorizo mac n' cheese, cornbread crumble & pickled jalapeños.
RT @HistoricalPics: 1920 construction of Lincoln memorial
The secret to perfect #bacon. Yes, we have the technology. We can make it browner, crisper…
Apple does the unthinkable: opens OSX beta previews to the public. They are becoming Microsoft.
Happy Fuck The Earth day!
OH: "*sniff* So much drainage today". "Which part of your body are we talking about?" CC: @awelfle
Computing Conundrum: I really need to take a vacation, but there is no time or bandwidth to do so. #FirstWorldProblems #WebDevLife
RT @played_well: Well played church well played. @strange_signs
RT @iamdevloper: Google, define: internet hacker:
Easter. Brought to you by God, and the American Diabetes Association.
RT @nerdist: The Lego me is still creepier than the Creeper me. #Wondercon2014
RT @Carnage4Life: Former Microsoft developer talks about heydey of the MSN Messenger vs AIM reverse engineering chat wars - #history
RT @iamdevloper: Proposing that outputting “Hello World” gets changed to “Hello…is it me you’re looking for?”. Much better.
Obligatory teaser: Experimenting with a redesign of my website. #WebDevelopment #UInerdery
Just had the most amazing burger in my life at Rock Bottom Pub in Indy. #FoodComa
OH @ #rebuild2014: Q: “Why do you hate agency work so much? A: “Clients. Next question?”
Ha! “Back when Digg was relevant…” - crowd responds with mixed moans and laughter. #rebuild2014
Mig Reyes from BaseCamp is giving a fascinating keynote, with great personal advice for developers. “Do the work that matters to you.”
RT @awelfle: I’m a content strategist in a room of designers and developers. If you need me, I’ll be in the corner in a fetal position. #rebuild2014
Interesting observation about attendees at #rebuild2014. Majority of developers are using MacBooks. #WebDevLife
The most shocking revelation so far at #rebuild2014 -> @awelfle’s socks.
RT @JavonBell: re:build conference w/ @reusserdesign in Indianapolis. A day committed to web development, design, and…
And we are seated, waiting for keynote to begin @rebuildconf. #RWD #WebDevelopment
Heading to the @rebuildconf with the @reusserdesign team. #RWD #WebDevelopment
RT @davidcaolo: Now CNN is just pissed.
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