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HP to split into two companies, laying off more than 55,000 employees. And you thought YOU were having a bad day.
Robert Downey Jr. confirms negotiations taking place for Iron Man 4. Get excited!
Microsoft just laid off 2,100 employees. Sounds like they have openings! I should apply. Guys?
“@reusserdesign: ACCOUNT COORDINATOR NEEDED! Sometimes, our developers get lost under...” - PLEASE HELP US!
RT @reusserdesign: ACCOUNT COORDINATOR NEEDED! Sometimes, our developers get lost under a pile of paperwork, and we don’t…
.@reusserdesign Won two awards for best #rwd and mobile website for Peg Perego and Fort Wayne Airport. #WIN
Breaking news: HP is building yet another shitty cheap Windows laptop:
RT @LastWeekTonight: John Oliver on the militarization of our local law enforcement...
Current status ->
Public service message: @reusserdesign is seeking an account coordinator. If you or someone you know… coordinates:
RT @reusserdesign: JOB OPENING: We’re looking for an account coordinator to join the team! Read more about it: And please RT & share!
function morning() { $day = 'Monday'; $sleep = false; $status = 'tired'; $productivity = null; $alert = 'HELP'; } #WebDevelopment
“@iamdevloper: imagine having to come out to your parents that you write asp code” — HA! This is absolutely true.
Windows 9 Preview coming next month. Normally I wouldn't care, but anything that heralds the death of #Windows 8…
Just once I would like my network connection NOT to fail right in the middle of a Git repository commit. #FirstWorldProblems #WebDevelopment
RT @rands: For the record, USB connectors now look HUGE and CLUMSY.
One of the perks of being the only person at work is exclusive access to the office speaker system. Now playing ->
Microsoft internally considered changing the name of IE to escape its bad reputation. That won’t fix the problem.
RT @BrothaDom: "@toonzone: Some very relevant fan artwork for this weekend." hey @mjrodolico
RT @iamdevloper: A monkey hitting random keys on a keyboard, for an infinite amount of time, still won't be able to exit Vim. Infinite Vim monkey theorem.
.“@awelfle: Wow. Now this is an amazing site. @elitistsnob How come ours doesn’t look like THIS?” - I'll try harder
Microsoft announces plans to abandon all versions of IE < 11. But will they stop breaking the web? No #WebDevelopment
All I can think right now is… “And still Rosie Odonnel lives”. So unfair.
“@monteiro: Hey @ABC, go fuck yourselves.” - Way to demonstrate integrity, ABC. Vampires.
RT @monteiro: Hey @ABC, go fuck yourselves.
One of the cool things about being part of @SweetwaterSound: I know the guy who recorded @gomeztheband’s “Airstream Driver”. Great song.
RT @generikb: If this tweet gets 5000 retweets, @BdoubleO100 will wax his chest and upload the video on Youtube!!!!
I respect this brash hackery.
RT @iamdevloper: Feeling nostalgic? Enjoy the Windows '95 default wallpaper:
RT @addyosmani: ES6 Maps are awesome for enabling non-string values as keys (e.g numbers, objects and arrays):
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