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Worried about illness this winter? Clean your air naturally w/a cold air diffuser. 5% off w/code A246SAVE5 (all caps)
Woot! Christmas shopping in Sept! New Wii price drop $199.00 & at get a free $25.00 gift card w/purchase
Great price on Fit flops 50% off
Wishing you all a very happy 4th of July!!! Independence is sweet!!!
Lots of rain = lots of mosquitoes. Fight off mosquitoes naturally w/make at home essential oil concoctions #fb
@groobers ya think ? LOL Suffice it 2 say they have evil bus. practices & don't take into account long term , good standing relationships.
ok - Rant over :-)
RT @BankOAmericaSux: @rippedmannequin Bank of America sucks, with or without the Hello Kitty checks
RT @BankOAmericaSux: RT @michimia About to go cuss out Bank of America. Yippee!
RT @schleppydotnet: Bank of America sent me a new debit card 4 the THIRD time becuz my account was comprimised. it's time 2 switch banks.
RT @BankOAmericaSux: @KatieeDid Best thing to do....get rid of Bank of America and bank somewhere else. They are an awful company
RT @bethyAlemayhu: i hate bank of america
RT @mkaaybeto: bank of america steals your money!
RT @BankOAmericaSux: before you choose Bank of America, PLEASE PLEASE think again. You will regret it
RT @BrianReich: Bank of America makes it surprisingly hard 2 conduct banking online, offline, by phone, whatever. Don't u want my money?
RT @projecthektorr: I hate Bank Of America, they always fool me.
RT @ShredderFeeder: This week I will be ending my 15 year relationship with Bank Of America. They are evil. Pure EVIL.
RT @LauraVonawesome: is boycotting 2 bills! bank of america can go straight to fucking hell!
RT @PozzieMusic: Don't open up a business account with Bank Of America! They suck!
RT @tylerg24: I'm so fucking pissed i hate bank of america
RT @tylerg24: close your accounts with bank of america they steal your money
Cut up my Bank of America credit card 2day & am so happy that they'll no longer get my 10k + of business a month! Bad Business B of A!
@Jaredmw1 Congratulations on your 7 years . If you are feeling a bit itchy know that the wifey is the best one to scratch it. :-)
RT @Foodimentary: For those with a real sweet tooth. June 16 is National Fudge Day! {oooh, just what I needed an excuse to eat fudge yea!}
Tummy troubles? Soothe digestion with one of the oldest and most highly regarded herbs - Peppermint.
@agoodsaid well, okay me, but still........:-)
I am feeling deep hatred toward Bank of America right now and their ineptitude!
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