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Elizabeth Scott

Elizabeth Scott

Hey there, I'm Elizabeth. I write young adult novels.
RT @BrianSWise: Everyone on "Fargo," especially Martin Freeman, was terrific; @NoahHawley wrote the best show on TV. #FargoFinale #RenewFargo @FXNetworks
RT @theradiosilence: Lester Nygaard makes decisions that Walter White would be ashamed of. Incredible tv @FargoFX #Fargo
It was and I so get it. But slj is or was very bad to call out. They tanked my post LDG books. All of them.
RT @heatherbrewer: A lesson in politeness: please don't tag authors when you post negative reviews. That's like pointing at someone in public & laughing. Rude.
RT @Rectify: . @Rectify Season 2 starts 6/19 on #SundanceTV. Download discounted Season 1 now on @iTunesTV
RT @LaurenDeStefano: No I didn't write this because I wish I was born a boy:
I have met John Green once, maybe twice. He is a very nice man who was extremely cordial to me. He has done...
Love kdrama for many reasons but sometimes I think it's to see Lee Min Ho in orange jeans. And mostly pulling it off too #orangeisthenewjean
I always wanted to and I'm proud I did MT: @TrishDoller: "I had no idea in 2006 that I'd ever be writing books with sex in them"#notsorry
MT:A guy gets it, imo: ‘fat girl’ speech from Monday night’s ‘Louie’ that @louisck wrote via @washingtonpost"
RT @sarramanning: I wrote a piece for @GdnChildrensBks on why I stand with (and write) the stoppy girls.
RT @mittenstrings: If you’re going to be called a prophet, eventually someone’s going to expect you to lead us to the promised land:
Despite being laid up from a back injury, the mister tells me he wishes he had Hannibal's ability to wear plaid. #firstworldcreepy #Hannibal
RT @skeetermeeter: The ever wise and amusing @laurenmyracle on angry parents, lonely kids, and 'Why I Write Banned Books' @HuffPostBooks
RT @SarahSMoon: <3 this re: Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott. RT @reynje: I Am Angry and I'm Not Sorry: A Rant:
RT @catagator: So has there been anything more from the top on the sex abuse scandal within DFTBA beyond that consent video or was that everything?
If you're a fan of Rectified, you'll like The Red Road. Except I only know three people who watched Rectified. #thereadroadfinalewasawesome
RT @PageMorganBooks: Just read @nataliewhipple's blog post about the honest, unromantic side of publishing & yes. Yes. Yes. http://betweenfactandfiction.b...
RT @pstokesbooks: If you steal our books, it looks like no one bought them. And publishers drop us. And then you don't get more books from us. This HAPPENS.
RT @TLT16: So the next time you write a review that says they were stupid, selfish, or impulsive. Replace that with they acted like a teenager.
RT @catagator: Watch this TEENAGE GIRL talking about the allegations within the DFTBA community. PLEASE
RT @catagator: Watch this TEENAGE GIRL talking about the allegations within the DFTBA community. PLEASE
RT @catagator: For the afternoon crowd, a history of ladies in YA fiction, or, a history of censorship:
MT: Awesome "@catagator: And it is a TEEN GIRL who shuts down the show in the comments on @sarahockler's post today:"
RT @TrishDoller: "To the adults who claim to love YA lit . . . why do you hate the teen girls who populate it?" @sarahockler
MT:"@catagator: I'm (yours truly) wondering why some readers don't like "unlikable" (angry, etc.) girls in YA."
MT: @catagator: Some girls are not okay and that's not fine: I wrote about tough ("unlikable") girl characters --"
Dear March, You win, okay? Just go out like a lamb. Please. Seriously, this month is kicking my ass. Not...
never knew what it was! (Still don't :-) #noIamnotkidding
And we have a winner! It's miss-flapper, and the answer was--Dani's mother, from Stealing Heaven. Dani's mom's name is never used b/c I
Okay, hint--it's not anyone from Love You Hate You Miss You. ARC of Unremembered up for grabs-open internationally!
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